So here we got the el patron confession session, with the car guy coffee, pod cab, , [ Applause, ], [, Music ].

So let me explain what it is we do what you’ve already we discussed this earlier? You find a way to you know, address the negative unveil, the positive connect it to the battery and then do give power to the battery give power to the machine that is going to charge us forward so right now.
Being that it is that you have so many free things going on, you have so much action that you’re actually taking you got a book.
You got a second book that you’re working on a couple of the things that we won’t talk about now that are brewing in the background.

What is it that you would say that, right now, every car dealership needs weather.
I mean whether you’re someone on the floor or you’re running the store.
What is it that they actually need right now to jumpstart their game? What kind of tip would you give all car guys and car gals at whatever level to jumpstart their battery if they’re? In still motor dead battery just went dead, the cooling 19 thickness, what we had in giving them a joke into action.

I got it.
I got it the one in the box.
Sorry about that, alright! Good! If you need right now, you need to come up with a game plan.

Okay, number one! You need to outline that game plan.
How you gon na tell the customer because remember this is new.
Obviously it is digital retailing, but we’re being forced to do it in basically two days right or in a week you just came like no more.

You know, selling 101 right.
Everything is over the phone and everything is you know, zoom calls or whatever so number one.
You need to make sure you have that message on the website that you are open or remotely you need playing to people.

How is it gon na work right? Are you talking to one person? Are you submitting a lead and you got ta, explain on how is gon na work? So are you delivering the cards to them? Are you not delivering a vehicle to them, so there’s customers a call at the beginning of a call and say: hey.
Are you guys open, I’m sending out videos, okay, a thousand texts a day saying? Yes, we’re open call me for an appointment.
Yes, we’re open I’ll, deliver the car to you.

Yes, we’re open, we’ll pick up your trade or we’ll pick up your car to service, so that communication, whatever is that you dealership, is offering for whatever you mandated and whatever state you are.
That communication has to be somehow send it to you CRM or you should send out an email blast and hit your entire database and let the customers know what it is, that you’ve game plan is whether you’re, open or you’re mandated to close or whatever.
It is.

My customers know hey, I know you taking calls right, your calls are being rerouted to your cell phone.

What can you do or what can I do about my lease return? Or what can I do about this? So they already know that they calling me they either.
I’m remotely or I’m doing it by appointment only so that way, you know it’s not about hey.

Are you open? Hey? Are you this? That’s one thing BDC should definitely be up and running because those leads got to be engaged with those customers.
Okay, you haven’t touched a leads for four weeks: you’re gon na lose those leads.
Those people are sending leads to other dealership as well like myself.

If we didn’t stop the advertising, we’re still getting those customers at the same time, so the true cause of the world.
I go to three customers, the one who reaches them first and right now, people got nothing but time guys, so they always answering their phone.
So you can’t really say I can’t get them on the phone, their home they’re either working from home or they have no choice but to be you know, staying at home mandated so they are at home.

You got to talk to them.
You got to see what it is that they want, and the number three thing is have it have a digital retail tool on your website that makes the customer get their payment.

If you don’t give them their information guys, they will find a dealership that will okay, I’m giving them everything over the phone, their payment they’re out the door number.

What the payment is, what the tray value is, I’m getting the pictures of the tray and when they come and do the tray, I say everything is subject to appraisal.

So if I didn’t see nothing on the pictures or they there’s a check handling on the car, I’m gon na see one to get here and I’m letting them know.


I’m gon na check the car when it gets here, so we can do the deal.
So everything is subject to appraisal, but most of the time I’m okay with it.

You know I always leave room, obviously a few dollars here and there, so we don’t lose the overall.

We transparency is the number one thing right now: if you’re not transparent with the customers, okay, you’re gon na lose them you’re gon na you’re gon na get a guy like me on the phone.
It’s gon na give me everything in five minutes and they’re gon na be sending me to cut it off right after that, just like I did with this Mustang guy I went upstairs.
Did the video walk-around call me right now he said: okay, how much is it? I said this: is your numbers out the door is this.

He said I want a big cash.
I said if you want to finance it, I said you can give me 10 grand down.
Call me back, he says: what do I send you to credit up, got the credit up.

He was calling me while we were doing the show, so I already saw the credit up coming to my arm.
My right one he’s coming tomorrow to pick up the car.
He knows the numbers already, so it’s very simple, it’s very simple! You got to be you don’t forget about what you know, because we have to look over and guess what, when this thing is over people is not gon na want to come into the dealership.

Some people going to be scared and remember if they were forced to buy the car online today right and we made it look easier.
What makes you think I think I want to do it again that way right? Why do I have to come to the dealership? If I bought it online – and they brought me the car here, so this is gon na change – customer behavior man – I’m starting to see that already you know we’re forcing them to do it online right.

But after that, they’re not gon na want to come into the dealership, so I want to be out of the game and have a process and a system that works so that way, I can do it down line boom.

Yeah, that’s wonderful and that’s that’s why projects like you’re talking about having sales people from the past in Florida and they can sit literally be, are they’re all like a BDC themselves and just all people set this stuff up for you.

That’s a great it’s a great thing and I agree: I agree 100 %, even when it gets back to normal.

It’s people are gon na.

Why didn’t you know right right and it’s so it’s people are gon na.
Want still want this, even if there is a people who come on the line, they’re still gon na be people who want this, so you got to give it to him.
You got to give the people what they want.

You know so to communicate because every other dealership was still set.
I remember as soon as this all happened and everybody’s kind of scared stamped and trying to figure out what we do now what we do next I wanted.
I wanted to work the second day of it brought in all the camera equipment.

Lined it up made the whole storyboard put together the whole little commercial.
That’s still the front page of our or actually dealerships like that.
Yeah hey! This is how we process enough.

You have to give them a visual, you have to give them an understanding, and our very first episode was about process.
Well, before all of this happened, you have a process inside of your store and every source process is their own process right and the easier that you can explain that process to your customer on.
This is how you’re gon na write transparency right.

There also there’s no emotion attached right.
I just had a deal on a charger.
I got me insurance and everything been three days.

This guy grinding grinding finally got him done and he he just text me is like I’m not gon na take the car.
I was like what do you mean? I just canceled, the insurance.
You know I just financially.

I don’t think it’s right, you know because he doesn’t know what’s going on right, his job might not have a job.
It’s not anybody right now, so it’s very easy to walk away from the car.
So you know this is like the new thing right.

You got.
Ta like it so I’m trying to like what I say to this guy visited thing: the new objections that I’m learning and I want to get off this with my guys right away, so they can get it right.
How do I become that? Because this is them? Do you weigh in Chinese for them to say no walk away from it, because there’s no attachment there’s no deposit, there’s nothing right, so you got to learn it and forget about what you knew right before this thing so so be ahead of this thing, I’m not Saying that you know some people at all we’re gon na get over this and everything’s going to back to normal he’s, not back to normal guys, okay.

What was the last time before 9/11, you took your shoes off to go on a fucking trip.

Never never right now any airport in the world, and you got ta.

Take your shoes off.
That’s the new norm right! No, it’s gon na happen like that for us after this thing is over, so you want to be ahead of it and just learn how to either get a little happy medium.

But transparency is gon na, be key.

Um, I’m gon na tell the customers what it is.
Unfortunately right now because we’re not super staff right we’re a little kind of like cherry-picking, but you know this thing is gon na boom, so whoever’s ahead of it and whoever got the technology like.
I got to challenge you in a website.

Do a zoom call with the customer, you don’t say right from the room, so I have that on my website.
Right now you pick a little icon.
I can get on a zoom call to the customer split the share.

The screen and I can go over the numbers with them right there in the world right now, with over 200 million downloads.
Just so you know and it’s a shitty app by the way.
Okay, it’s hacked a lot, it’s crazy, but it’s the number one app in the world right now: peace! Well, you know – and that’s that’s about all – that stuff great information.

Rudy Wow.
Yes, I mean awesome.
This is all the stuff that people needed here.

There’s a lot of dealers that are, we all know, and you probably know some dealers that are just hurting right now.
They’re like completely like hands, are up in the air.
I don’t know what to do next.

They don’t know what to do it during a headlights.
Type of deal it’s like to me, it’s, like you know that one car that everybody kept walking past and knew that the cars dead to get a jump.

What we’re doing right now is we’re constantly staying ready, we’re constantly staying moving and the blends that are going to be stuck are the ones that went in to stop Logan instead of trying to figure out a solution and even if you’re, wrong car guys your car.

Now is out there: you go those GM’s general sales managers, sales managers, clean-up department.
You have to find a way to make something better and if you’re not trying to find a way.
Well then, it’s just gon na get worse, but my pad does not move the water doesn’t go to which you have to find a way to make a streamline of new customers move into your store and into your dealership into yours.

Your your CRM into your database, whatever the case is, you have to keep that plug in proof, and you can’t expect you know, that’s how I measure my success.
I guess that’s why I keep succeeding because I’m not afraid of failure, and this thing yes, I might.
I have the answer.

This is my opinion.
Okay, all right everybody, but I might not have the answers, but you know what I’m willing to try it, I’m going to do your if it works.
It works.

If not, I’m gon na learn from it, tweak it and move on.
You know I’m saying, but most people and so people run out.
Just like you said you know they’re like what do I do like I’m stuck.

I just gon na write it out, like no man, I’m not gon na just write it out, like I’m gon na, learn from it and be ahead of it.
So hopefully, when this thing is over soon we’ll be in a better place.
Yes and that’s exactly right, wise words from a wise man, obviously there’s plenty of reason and there’s plenty of negativity: that’s out there, you can either dive into it and let it consume you or you can go ahead and turn on the light and vanquish all the Darkness around you and make solutions happen.

We have then unveiled the positive.
Instead, look we got to be ahead of the game.

Tell your process to your people.

If you don’t have a process, find a process put something together, guess what you can do you can change it if it didn’t work change it, but I’m telling you what’s not gon na work, not working.
I’m trying talking how it’s not gon na work so guys.
This has been your jump box with elk, patrolled the car guide and the subprime hero.

We will be right back BAM boom.
It’s recording them.
Alright, welcome back for us to have another car guitar guy, as you mention this session.

That’s right almost on time, but because we’re exactly in the same, but we have patron Rudy trimming got it got.
I got it all right.
Well, great! I’m excited to hear what it is in this confession session that he has to share with us Rudy.

I saw you take it away all right, so I’m gon na have to put a little warning.
You know when they say do not try this at home.

Do not try this at the dealership.

Okay, so remember, I said the guy Mike sharp, that used to be at the dealership for a long time, yeah.
I was notorious for ripping up the registrations for the customers that did not buy a car from him and he will make him come and waste their time when to tmv cuz.
They wasted his time so one Sunday, a big was these guys pretty much spend the entire day with me.

I think I just drove him in three four different cars, so I kept his license and I cut his license.
I came back and complained to my GM and I gave her the little pieces and it was a big [ Laughter.
] we better just by moralist story, is that the old man used to get away with it and nobody did anything.

You know what I did it is that I got caught.
Nobody heard that story, that’s a cool story.
Thank you for that story.

We appreciate it.
No problem e that car got confession sessions certified right there I loved it man, it was cool.

That’s a that’s! A good story, that’s something that a lot of people would probably do or haven’t done on me.
I should say I don’t do it.
You get suspended for two weeks, two weeks, a lot of money salesman put it that way, and we are those people.

Man, no doubt car gals, you know the deal.
This has been another fun car guy confession session.
With el patron we will be right back .

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