Richie Bello’s special guest

Ron, how are you today? First of all, I want to say to you, welcome and thank you for being on this show today, because I mean I’m so glad that I was able to bring you in such I’ve been following you for quite some time, and I see you got a lot Of talent, in what you do, you’re a great motivator Ron tell me a little bit about how I know that you’ve been in the car business, what a decade or a little bit yeah yeah.

How do you like the car business man, if I would have known about this 20 years ago? I wouldn’t have sold newspaper advertising or radio advertising.
You know what it just went right straight in the automotive business.
Wait and what is it that you do would not deal with I’m the finance director here also on the 3rd Sales Manager.

So if the sales desk gets backed up, they bring their deals to me and I’m also their lead sales trainer here.
You do a lot of subprime deals.

What do you do conventional deals? Ah, we do do some subprime.
We’ve got Santander regional credit acceptances, our big one that we use.
Oh wow, that’s good and Ron.

Let me ask you: do you have a training program in your dealers? What Carly we do we do and I’m I’m kind of like part trainer with them also with with the organization and and they use some of my content and put on their show, arming on their platform.
So people get to to watch my training videos as well.

I’m so glad that you brought that up.

I see you a lot on social media right.
Are you doing any? I mean any promotions on social media.
You do with any ads or you’re doing it just organically.

What is it that you’re doing? I just turn on the the camera and I just post my content on on Facebook on LinkedIn.
I use you know actually just use my cell phone and get on iMovie and I record my my content put in my logos and then I start just sharing them all over social media and the groups whatnot.
That will help me great Ron.

I’m changing my banner now.
How do you win during these times? You know, would coronavirus? Do you have a process that helps the consumer? You know get to digital retailing? Do you have anything in place right now? You know when it comes to digital retailing.
We do have where customers can like on the product side.

We sent them an email.
If the program that we use is Darwin, we send it to them.
They can pick out any kind of protection than they want.

If they they see that gaps important to them – or you know, you’re, tired, ding and dent your windshield, and they can.
We sent it through an email or a text message and they get to pick and choose.
We actually get to see on the screen.

What their pick and choose him! So we could be on the phone with them explaining a little bit what the product does for them as soon as they pick and choose they’ll see what their payment is.
They’ll see what how much more a month that their payment will go up and then they’ll hit submit.

Then it goes back onto our side and then we send them another link, so they can sign with their finger or with their their pin and then they’re able to to get that lock down in stone.

We also have a way to send them contracts.
You know your buyers order your contract, your abdominals stay.
True, our we use dealer traps, so we sent it through dealer track and they can also sign there.

So the customers don’t have to come into our our dealership to buy a car.
The salesman takes in the car, they sanitized it.
Let the customer test-drive it.

If all the numbers are agreeable, then the finance manager sends them all the paperwork they e-sign we hit submit.
We get funded within three minutes with with the bank that we use.
That’s awesome.

Ron, you know I have one of my partners that has a warranty company called warranty, Jim right mm-hmm, what it is.
It said, ecommerce for warranties.
So if your store is that within the penetration a lot of customers leave and then they get a warranty from someplace sells, they go online, they shouted or whatever.

So our process is we’re putting dealers on this platform right and you have your own dashboard and all that and what it has I’ve put a lot of few used car deals on it.
What it has is increase their penetration right now now used car dealers.
It’s great that they increase their penetration, but on the new car side the beautiful thing about increasing the penetration is you’re increasing your retention in service right.

So it’s a really good product, a lot of customers.
You know you tell them that at delivery and then they I got ta, think about it.
You try to deal with the objection.

You turn every stone.
They still got to think about it right.
So imagine sending out an email to that customer.

The next morning.
Hey mister customer wanting you buy it right online outside of your contract.
You don’t have to finance it.

We offer zero zero interest for 18 months right.
You know and – and I want to say something about buying it outside of of the dealership.
Now keep in mind, you got those mom-and-pop shops that they’ll say: hey, buy a warranty right now and a couple months down the road that business is out of business right.

Your warranty doesn’t mean anything.
So what we try to do here, the finance managers and myself is we sell, sell the warranties from because our our owner has a hand in our warranty, so he makes sure that it’s legit, so we tell him, hey be the one part one stop shop, get Your warranty here, so you know when you come here that you’re your mechanical issues are gon na get taken.
Care of.

You know that you’re not gon na have any hassle.
You know that we honor everything that we say and if you get it done here, you can sleep at night knowing that your vehicle is fully protected as long as the term and I’m so glad you brought that up because it took us about a year to Put this together and it’s a very well known, warranty company, which is royal a lot of dealerships to using it nationally and Royals, are very good double company.
So that’s why he took us.

They took us a long time to make it ecommerce right and it took us a year.
It just so happens that Corolla came into play right right, we’re developing this a year ago.
So now it’s it’s available, I’m just sharing with our audience what we have and it’s with a really respectable warranty company right, take care of everything and it’s a great solution for a dealership.

The real solution is so you sell a car to me two years from now, I’m out of equity.
Okay, I only have so much money down I’m into a used car right.
So now you can’t even put a warranty because the advance your LTV is so much money, you’re gon na get right right so now you’re able to trade a customer out and get that extra value of the warranty right on in commerce right.

So now you, the dealer, is protected with that.
That’s really the solution that there is, you know, so it’s gon na increase, of course, your penetration just based on the solution that we found.
So we know that data wise right, the average consumer right trades in a car, two-and-a-half years right if you’re out of equity of that vehicle and not because you made so much money on the car.

It’s because of that car sitting on your lotta hundred and twenty days and it depreciated when that customer gets that, even though you break even that car is already leaving you a lot a little bit upside down right, then the appreciation catches up now when they come They’re upside down five or six thousand dollars right or seven thousand, they have two thousand now you only have so much money, you know.
So if you get the advance, all upfront minimize your charge backs is what happens to a lot of stalls.
They get the advance, but then they put it towards the back end right right.

You, if you work to deal the right way, you get the money up front for the dealer, and now the warranty is financed through this company.
So now you’re you’re really earning for the dealership right right, instead of bring up a charge back because that customer can go home and call the finance company say you know what I don’t want, this warranty and now you’re creating a charge back with us.
At least you’ll protect it your front, end money, you know great who’s, just a thought and that’s happening a lot in the car business now and that’s why we developed.

We have enough data right now to look at there’s a real good solution for a new car.
Fine choice that being said right and then you got some of those those new car franchises that they’re they’re warranties, like Volkswagens, was 672 well, it’s kind of hard to sell a warranty when you’re doing 76 %, lessee, yeah and you’re you.
You can’t sell a warranty on that because the the term is is smaller than the warranty is, but the good thing about it is when you make it into a certified pre-owned.

You tag on another one year, 12,000 mile warranty.
So now you got seven years 84,000 miles on a CP, oh right, so I mean when you’re, looking at a new or a CP, oh and say that CP o only got 10,000 miles.
You’re gon na get a bigger warranty than you would.

If you, if you bought a brand new car, so with all these, these companies bringing their their warranties out even more of five-year 60, you know for a year 50.
It makes it kind of hard to be able to sell a vehicle service contract if you’re doing leasing.
Now, if you’re doing retail, it’s a different story, you can tag on an ex.

You know a longer term to a hundred thousand hundred twenty-five thousand miles.
But it’s it’s selling the value and the problem is people in the finance department except no way to quick and not fact find on why they don’t want to extend out if they’re driving twenty thirty thousand miles a year warranty.
So you want to sell the value of why it’s important to protect their vehicle in that long term.

If they’re gon na drive that many miles, because in the long run you’re not going to come up to me when I see you in the service department and complain that I bunch sixty dollars, you’re gon na come up to me.
And thank me because I sold you extra protection on a warranty when, when you came out of your milos and and that’s a good point, I agree with you.
The CPL was so great right now you know, but it’s it’s really.

The solution is for that.
For consumers that are upside down are you and the deal of maximizes, though they’re upfront money, and you know you, you protected the other and it’s I think it’s a pretty good solution, there’s a few deals that are using it as that.
So I just wanted to throw it out there and see what your thoughts are since you’re, a finance director, yeah and – and I think that you really know what you’re doing, and I really think you would see some value in it.

But on the other side of that Ron, so you have digital retailing available now to your customers, which is a very good thing, and how are you doing with this whole coronavirus? You know if we didn’t turn on the TV we wouldn’t even know about the coronavirus.
I remember the day we were in our manager meeting.
It was a Monday morning and we were talking about okay, well how’s.

This gon na affect us and we were discussing you know.
If, if we, we don’t make an issue of it, we’ll be fine and we didn’t think Amarillo Texas was gon na get affected by it and we turned on TV because one of my finance managers, wife’s text him and said: hey, they’re, gon na shut him or A little down so we turn on the TV.
Well, you know we did all the precautions, we had our hand sanitizer our disaffected wipes.

We had our masks, we were, we had our spray and it was very funny and we, some of our employees, took furlough, but then we got busy.
We got busier than ever.
Just like man, you know some of these other dealerships.

They got shut down because they had a whole bunch of they still had a full staff, and but we kept getting busier and busier and busier we’ve broken records since, as covet has happened well last month we we sold a hundred new cars when we were projected To only sell thirty from this store, we sold Wow CP.
Oh we sold 65.
A hundred and 135 used finance broke an all-time record and product sold and we broke records in gross profit from the finance department.

So you know it’s really how you have your mind.
Set it’s all about taking care of the customer, it’s all about pleasing them.
You know we had the safety precautions if they were ready to to put the mask on, we had a mask, we put it on.

We only had one customer that would stay 12 feet away from the finance manager and he would ask a question: the finance he would walk outside the finance manager would go to the desk out in the showroom.
He would look at what the customer the question the customer had.

He would walk 12 feet away from the desk.

The customer would come back into the dealership and then they would talk that way, but we only had one customer that freaked out over this KO bid.
Everybody else they were like yeah bring us the car, bring us the paperwork or you know what never mind we’ll just come in there.

We have sign same only the buyer and co.

Buyer can enter our office because you know they’ll bring their kids they’ll, bring the rest of their family members, their third baseman, and we just wanted the buyer and the co buyer to come into our office and the majority time you put a mask on.
They used to tell you to take it off.
You know they.

They felt that they were safe with us and we felt that we were safe with them and not one associate here at the dealership had kovat wow, that’s good graduations.
You know Ron Frederick was potato way to go Ron.
Thank you.

He’s really he’s really a real mindset guy.
He has really taking it to the next level.
I mean through this coronavirus.

He probably sold more cars than a lot of people.
Did I mean in New York it’s been shut down for quite some time.

Everybody’s been like you know, but different states and good I mean the state of Georgia has been doing really good.

The state of Florida has been doing good.
Ohio has been doing good as a whole and Federer guys really maximized his whole opportunity and he’s really he’s good he’s.
They called the subprime hero.

I know him for quite some time now and he’s really really unbelievable and he’s a little bit like you he’s been out of my show, he’s a motivator also, and I you know I saw what he was doing and it was great and you know the thing With him was that he was he’s unbelievable as a motivator and he’s another one that has so much talent, I think he’s.
The next is gon na, be a dealership really soon a new car franchise because he’s that that good he’s been 20 years in the business.
He knows what he’s doing he’s unbelievable, what he’s done, and he knows how to merchandise himself, and he knows how to market himself down more than I’ve ever seen.

Anybody do the good thing about you know with Fredrik and and the our dealership here is: what else was the customers gon na do make babies and buy cars right right? So if you don’t want to make a baby come come, buy a car and that’s what customers were doing right and you know a lot of a lot of states have maximized their opportunity.
Cuz other stores have been more cautious about it and the ones that have a process in like let’s take the Jim Ellis group, they take temperatures every morning of the staff.
You know my good friend Brandon is a corporate trainer.

There they got eighteen dealerships.
Let me tell you: they have a process with this coronavirus.
Somebody has a temperature, something they’re, shutting down.

That’s number one about a district about it, so the dealerships that I think have this process.
Okay, really really are gon na succeed with a virus like that there.
He was fed up again make babies or buy cars.

I love it Ron yeah right, so you know it’s really really important.
Today, what’s going on as long as you have that process, you’re gon na overcome anything, that’s out there, what are your thoughts on that? You know it’s all about your mindset, it’s all keeping positive attitude, it’s all! It’s not for you! It’s for the customer and if you take care of them and treat right, Volkswagens got a slug and drive something bigger than yourself and that’s what we believe in that’s.
What we do here is we want to take care of our customer, so we go out of our way.

We put our foot forward best foot forward and we take care of them they’re part of our family.
You know if they need their vehicle worked on.
You know we’ll come and get their vehicle if they’re a doctor, a lawyer, you know a police officer and they may they need to get the work.

Let us get the car we’ll pick up the car.
Well, loan! You one of ours, we’ll take yours into the shop, we’ll work on it when we’re done, we’ll drop back, we’ll sanitized yours, we’ll drop it back off to you.
We’ll take ours back most sanitized ours and we’ll put it back on on the on the line.

But we want to take care of our customers in it and it comes to you have to think positive.
You have to have positive results and if you think that this Cove in nineteen is gon na, stop you it’s gon na stop.
You remember what Henry Ford said: if I think I can or if I think I can’t you’re right you’re.

I think this is gon na stop you you’re right.
If you don’t think this is gon na, stop you you’re right and it never stopped us.
I mean record-breaking months from March all the way to last month we were killing it.

It is because we cared about our customers, they were gon na make car or they’re gon na buy cars, or they were gon na make babies they’re going to pay more making.
Babies than they would buy cars, so we had our doors open.
We did what they asked if they wanted us to put a mask on, we put a mask on, they wanted us to sanitize our whole body.

We would do it at that time also, but we wanted to make them feel comfortable when they walk through our store that we were going to take care of them and we were.

We were more concerned about their health, then them buying a car wow.
That’s you know Ron, that’s a really good point.

You know Ron, we we always working with new solutions and new partnerships and we’re just moving around right, the digital marketing business.
You know what works today doesn’t work tomorrow and what worked yesterday doesn’t work today.

So we came up with a solution which is a facebook, my new car comm right organically.

So the search and the analytics on this tool between Twitter, Facebook, Facebook groups and everything is off the walls right and organically.
We came up with this solution and it’s a great solution where people get their own landing page and all that and it’s great for legion and me myself, I’m a regen.
We have a company called shop, smart Orascom and it’s a little bit like the other search engines, but the difference between me and them is.

I only saw you the lead.
I never charge a dealership to be on there.

Oh, I don’t charge you in the dealer directory either I charge you based on leads.

Oh your competitors on there I got over, I think 5.
7 million cars because the whole feet of the entire inventory, because I’m a lead gen right.
So that’s what I do.

You know I could be having right now.
Maybe 30 or 40 leads in your marketplace.
You know I don’t charge anybody for it for being honest to subscribe, I only charge per lead and right now the automotive industry is becoming a lot into lead.

Gen because they’re tired of spending all this money with a marketing company and then that marketing they get 35 leads across some 10 grand just forms right.
We have the most data for our leads, but they it doesn’t work because you’re spending all this money, your ROI, is very bad, so we give you Perley basis.
So there’s a hundred leads you’re gon na get them a hundred times, thirty, five or forty dollars whatever.

It is right and that’s what it is and it’s more feasible for you right, because we do the market, because that’s what we’re good at we’re good at automation, marketing, digital marketing.
You know we’re good at that.
So that’s a solution that we were brought into the dealership with coronavirus.

You know we developed a solution.
Cuz deals are spending all kinds of money, they’re hitting the wrong audience.
We go after a custom audience actually people that are in the market for a car and how we know that is based on registrations right.

So if Ritchie Bell approaches the car two years and six months ago and his lease is up in six months, we start mark getting him right.
You got it through Facebook.
So that’s what we do.

Facebook Instagram! You know and that’s how we do with Google and that’s what we do with custom audience and custom audience only, and you know it works for us.
You know, and it works for the dealerships that we, that day, that they’re on you know, which is very, very important.
Do you think that you know with with Facebook and with social media and and the internet leads that are coming in now? Do you think the majority of the dealers out there are catching on realizing that the up bus is not coming anymore? It’s slowing down absolutely and here’s a thing.

So let’s say you get a lead right.
We get the same lead.
The only difference is we sent out on email, which is a trigger right.

It’s a follow to sales funnel and we asked a consumer.
When are you in the market for give me a timeframe? How’s, your credit was household income right and are you gon na be doing a loan or a finance? What’s your trade, we asked him all these important questions.
We lose 50 percent of the leads.

So when we give you a lead, it’s got all the information.
A qualified lead, that’s the thing that we do.
We I mean garbage is 50 % because name phone number, email and telephone and make it model.

I can be at 7 o’clock looking at your website as a customer.
Ok, so I want to get a car.
My wife comes in at 8:30 says we can get a car now so now you call them up and it’s over.

As far when you sent out our final and an email, marketing first qualifying the lead dealt they’ll either commit, although he unsubscribe or they’ll, say we’re.
Not interested no more right, I that’s what happens a lot, so what we try to do is when we give you a lead, it’s fully qualified and you got to realize that the BDC is not a Business Development Center.
It is a big dollar Center.

That’s that’s! The heart and soul of the dealership right when I look online and you figure out you’re, going to want to buy this 2020 Passat and you put that lead in and you give all your information.
The car deal starts right.

Then it starts flowing through the veins and going to the right salesperson to the right desk manager.
So we can make that deal happen and there’s so many dealers out there that don’t understand a BDC is really important.
They’re back in the day they you know they were just the department in the back no right now, they’re they’re, assuming they’re essential, not early, and you know whatever they tell that customer.

That’s what’s gon na get the customer in the door once the customer comes in the door, however, that salesperson performs that’s either gon na get you the leader that in a two pronged process, it’s the BBC’s gon na get up at the door, okay and then, when They come in the door that sales forces got ta, be ready aim, fire he’s got ta, be ready to rock, and you know what, even if the appointment is great, if that salesperson is not as good as that appointment as good as that, BBC you’re, not gon Na have a deal so with the légion that we’ve developed.
It’s really conversion our stores deliver at least 15 to 16 percent right.
But let’s say you sign up with our store with our deal right.

The thing is, we offer you training right different than any other region.
We have, you know top trainers like Brandon.
You know he’s been a trainer for a very long time and that’s what he does right.

So he’s a corporate trainer right, so he’ll he’ll find out.
If you’re, not at 15 or 16 percent delivery, so a hundred liji should deliver 15 cars right based on the qualified of the lead.
How we send him, you, don’t we send in a trainer, so he does an assessment for you right online and he tells you what you should be doing with recommendations and who’s.

He he’s a very successful trainer for the Jim Ellis group.
He was with DCH a very long time.
You know which is bought by Lithia.

You know he’s got.
He was Woodforde as a CTO trainer.
You know so he’s got tremendous credential on you probably seen him on my facebook in army.

You know he’s got tremendous content.
I’m always posting him on Ritchie, Bello blogs and all that, because his content is great and he’s a great trainer.
You know.

So that’s what we do.
We just don’t sell you delete if it doesn’t work we sent in training.
You know because we feel that stores need training.

You know fortune 50 s and fortune 500 companies are spending about four to five percent of their income in training essential in this business.
It’s absolutely and you are know something here’s what it is we’re training.
We know that when we hire a sales person right, what carries him to be the top salesman? The first 60 days is enthusiasm.

That’s it he’ll, outsell, you a top guy after that he drops why, because he’s lost his enthusiasm.
So what does training do for that? Well, training increases.
Your learning curve increases your motivation right now.

Your enthusiasm carries over the whole b-12 of the car.
Business is enthusiasm with a learning curve.
That’s it that’s how you’re gon na get to that level.

You know when I got in the car business.
I was told, there’s a car lot.
This is a computer and that database is a CRM.

Good luck, so two cars.
My first thing, not knowing what I was doing, but I was so green and so enthusiastic and motivated when I’m home Iran.
You could make 5,000 10,000 15,000 dollars in the car business man.

I was a sponge.
I was learning everything I needed to learn, but where I was that they didn’t have any material, no videos, no books, no nothing.
So I had to go online and type in how to be a car salesman in the car dealership and Jim Ziegler’s.

How do how to sell a car, his video fifty? I could still remember 58 minutes 46 seconds.
I watched that thing inside and out to learn what I needed to learn.
Now it was for managers.

You know how to pencil a deal and whatnots that got me intrigued, but you know my first year in the car business out of 500 in the auto group I was number one first time ever in the town.
I was at first time anybody from that dealership got to go to the sells banquet and you know I was told one time the guy goes man.
You must be making two hundred fifty thousand dollars a year and I laughed I was like man, I’m making.

Ninety six thousand, he goes you sold two hundred and sixty one vehicles, and you mean ninety six thousand dollars so yeah he goes.
Is that award really worth it? I said what do you mean? He goes.
I sold half of what you made my make.

Two hundred thousand right, so it got me thinking is it you know you can have the mixture of both sell.
A lot of cars make a lot of money, but I was selling all these cars but making no money right and then, when I started thinking about.
Oh, it was all about okay.

Now I need to make more money.
How do I make more money, so I had to train myself so that I start watching videos reading books.
You know learning the bad habits from the lot dogs and okay.

I know not to say that I know not to do this and just you know picking everybody’s brain on on Facebook and saying: okay, I’m new to the car business.
What do i do? How do I do this, and just gradually, you know from your grant cardones from closing to your Shawn B Bradley’s for BDC to to Steve Richards on how to how to talk about penciling a deal? It’s just.
I start watching these videos every night right rainy, so it bothers me when you get a new guide gets hired on as a salesman and you do that’s a lot.

That’s a computer.
This is a database, it’s called a CRM good.
Look these guys ain’t gon na last thirty sixty days! No, and you could million this, you gave them guarantees.

Okay, you got a 90-day guarantee.
You I’m gon na pay, you $ 2,000 a month, there’s six grand out the door and the stores that have a training program.
Other stores that are hitting their market share.

They’re penetrating your market.
I mean the numbers: don’t lie, you know, I mean what’s good about the car versus everything is data.
You know, car business is big on big data.

You know everything is data.
It’s always been like that, since Henry Ford, you know: that’s why our Pope and company it was a Babel country right.
So we we share that data and that information would deal.

As I say, listen, you’re, not so.
Training does help a lot, a dealership.
The stores that are like the Jim Ellis group, you know, like brick case like sonic like or donation like Penske those stores all have corporate trainers like that.

That’s their job.
Their job is nine.
Eight o’clock till five o’clock just doing training mmm-hmm, that’s it.

So those are the stores that are successful.

You know, and you can see it on their numbers.
You know you can see the value of training.

You can see the value of giving somebody knowledge and taking these managers that they have in these directors to that next level.
You know very, very important, a store out in Arizona, BMW, right, Scottsdale, BMW, it’s owned by a Penske group.
Let me tell you: that’s amazing: well, the training they spend there.

It’s amazing they’re, penetrating their market and they’re controlling the market, not only on their brands about on conquest sales and that’s because of all the training they do.
They really spend big money on training.
So those those that do that really get a big return, for I mean if you, if you think about it, the salesmen don’t work for us.

We work for them if they sell a car and they main they hold and they make money we get paid if they don’t sell cars get paid exactly well.
They’re there, like in the in the army, they’re the entry treatment they’re out there in the foxhole they’re in the trenches they’re, the ones that are are producing all those sales for us and if, if we don’t train them on and teach them how to sell cars, How to overcome objections? How to close more deals, then we’re gon na die.
We’re not gon na we’re gon na last it at in the dealership, so training them every single day, coaching them given them the motivation, letting them know hey, I’m behind you, 100 %.

You tell me what I need to do to make you better, I’m there for you, if we just ignore them.
They’re gon na work in McDonald’s, they’re gon na make $ 13 an hour flipping hamburgers and they’re, not they’re, not gon na.
Have anybody believe in them and that’s what we do here.

We believe in our salespeople they’re essential in this business for us to make money, and you know I’m gon na share something with you.
You did a very good job because you learned how to sell a car first, a lot of people get into the business and learn how to grouse and they don’t do anything weren’t you learning you master how to sell a car, then you go and say: okay, Now I know how to sell a car.
I got a lot of confidence.

Those are the guys that become the superstars in this business.

The guys that sell the car volume and then all they got to do is concentrate on gross.
You did it right.

Let me just tell you, probably you didn’t know, but you did it right perfectly.
You learned how to sell a car.
Your confidence was big.

You know cockiness, which is good right now.
You know how to do it now.
The next thing you did was maximize your gross profit.

That makes you tremendous tremendous powerful as the guys that know how to sell a car and gross, and they can never get to that 15 cars right.
So now you have to take every deal and maximize your opportunity, that’s lethal, so graduations on that.
I am so impressed.

It’s been a long time, but I haven’t heard a guy say that and I’m so impressed because that’s the right way and you know the gym that we had at the time – I’m not talking bad about him.
But he got to the point where he was just becoming lazy, so he was showing me how to submit bills, how to check credit huh.
So I was getting the old school training knowing okay, I’m gon na listen to him.

I’m gon na do what he asks, because in the long run it’s gon na benefit me when it comes to running my own store.
So you know moving in from a salesmen straight into a G in position I mean it was.
It was ready to rock n roll.

The only thing I had to do was train the guys, though I was salesman with and teach them how to sell cars there.
My way, due to the fact they weren’t selling cars, they weren’t, making any money, and I was making all all the income, so I had to pay okay now we need to step it back.
Let’s not worry about closing bills.

Let’s learn about our cars, the products gon na sell itself.
Yes, but you, my friend, you have to sell yourself to the customer.
If they they can buy that car anywhere in the United States.

Why would they buy it from you, so I have to teach them? How to sell themselves to their customer, so the customer will buy from them.
Then we learned about closing.
Then we learned about overcoming objections.

Then we learned about asking for the business and you know I have five sales guys.
I was one GM and I had a finance guy, so I had to teach my guys how to close their own deals, because I was so busy and now with coming over here to Street Volkswagen.
I took those guys with me and they’re my top selling guys here at this dealership, because they were the same way.

They know how to close deals so they’re helping the newbies on the floor.
I can’t get this customer to commit.

What do I do? They go there, they ask the right questions.
They closed the deal right, how’d, you do that they said.
If you just listen to Ron, he will make you money Wow, and it’s just because my guy, you know when I moved into the G in position.

I looked at them and I’m like these are the guys that are supposed to make me a paycheck.
How am I gon na do that when they don’t know how to do their job, so I had a step back and teach them how to sell cars.
First, then, maximize gross later, all right great having you, I got ta tell you, man, you’re, really, really, I’m impressed.

I really really look forward to our next life.
I want to bring you more into the show.
I want to bring you into automotive training news right because you have so much content and you can help so many of the dealers out there, and I thank you again for joining me and I really appreciate that to meet.

Somebody like you would and I and you and I started following you, then I asked you to be your friend and you accepted it.
Thank you so much.
I feel privileged and have a great day and is there anything else you would like to share guys.

Remember you got ta, have a goal in this business and goals are the greatest opportunity anyone likely to succeed.
So if you have a goal, you’re likely to succeed, hit me up on Facebook.
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