We are official, we are official, we folks live.

We are good.
This is time to change your night good night, all right, hey good night good morning to you guys, whichever one it is good morning good evening good morning, good evening.
This is the car guy copy.

Podcast i’m freelancing subprime hero and i’m lou ramirez the car guy.

We are here richie bellow and he just recorded an entire podcast series for us, oh man, what a great we’re so excited about it richie welcome to our live.
Welcome to the cafe richie.

How are you tonight, you’ve been having fun with us or what absolutely amazing, how much fun i’ve had how much i’ve learned from you guys.

I mean i probably learned more from you guys than i’ve ever learned from anybody else and, and i value the knowledge you guys have, but most important of i value the energy.
You guys have the enthusiasm and how you guys are growing and growing, and growing and you’re not stopping you’re, going to blow up guys and that’s going to be what i’m going to get out of this whole deal.

Watch you guys blow up big love that you’re watching that’s for sure man blowing up folks is what it is that uh i mean we’re trying to do and trying to do for all of you right.
There’s one great thing about the common frequency that all these solutions, like richie, are on it’s that we want to see success for other people.

We don’t want to push down people to hopefully raise ourselves up.

That’s not how we fly folks, we fly and we keep growing by turning on the light becoming the light where there is a lack of such and applying three f’s to our lives.
So welcome to the car guy coffee, podcast late night live with richie bello richie bella we’re gon na forgive focus and fly together join me as we get ready to do what it is that we do to keep growing on three one.
Two three forgive focus fly.

Keep growing keep growing here we go, we are going yes, we’ve just had just a great time hanging out with richard man.
It was a great time.
The whole group i mean there’s a lot of information.

We’re excited! This episode is going to come out next monday.
So be looking for it we’re going to have everything out there for you from the five liner, the fresh news.
Folks, the fresh news is wonderful news.

Y’all need to hear that and of course, he’s going to have a little confession session, for you so make sure you guys are ready for that.

It’s going to be a lot of fun richie! Thank you for spending the night with us.
I know that we’ve we’ve been up late, we’ve probably been talking for yeah we’ve been on here for an hour and a half plus it’s a good time, make it easy yeah you make it simple.

Just been coming out, we’ve been having fun richie’s, just been a bundle of fun bundle of knowledge, i should say coming out, and but it’s been good knowledge that everybody needs to hear if you’re out there.
Looking for a solution, i mentioned it during the show.

It’s like he’s got batman.

It’s a utility belt’s.
What he’s trying to offer you guys he’s got a little bit of everything, for you just make sure you get a hold of richie matt if i’m gon na pop up his phone number one more time on this live really fast i’ll.
Let you richie tell them how to get a hold of you.

We’re going to post up some things at 631-578-9918.

Call me whatever you need at any time.
What was that email address? Richie he’s like hit me over here all right folks.

This guy right here is a special someone.
He does so many great things, not just for the auto industry, but for the community.
It finds a way to connect it together, and i don’t really want to spell too many of the beans.

If you don’t know about this guy and what it is that he’s doing in the auto industry.

Well, i would also like to say welcome to the internet, but this must be your first day.
Rookies he’s making some moves happen and i’m excited to have him here um.

He is now uh brewing solutions with us, i’m so excited that we have an entire series.
That’s just talking with him and getting deep on some serious things, uh that are key to keep.
You focused on your.

Why and our purposes of doing what it is that we do every day guys we’re on a grind man.
We are working.
We are overcoming a lot of problems for people with transportation issues and we’re doing each our part, and it takes some work and there’s a lot that goes into it.

And we want to make sure that you’re not just getting any cup of coffee right.
You’re not just sipping any cup of coffee, you’re, you’re sipping, something that is really tried and true that is tested through time and is actually something that is going to upshift and uplift.
What it is that you do in your life – oh yeah, that’s doing that and i can’t help, but just continue to fumble out words of my appreciation for the awesomeness.

That is him um, and i’m just excited that he’s still here with us.
But i can’t talk about everything that we talked about.

Otherwise we won’t come yeah we got ta, keep.

We got ta keep some of the beans inside the bag.
You know i spilled a couple a little bit, but you know folks, there’s there’s new things happening as you can see down there, that’s at the bottom, with richie at shop, smart, autos right, so you guys got to understand.
You need to make sure that you check him out, make sure that you see what it’s about you can just go to the you can go check it, google that word right there.

That’s all i got to say i won’t get too much further than that check.
It out he’s going to give you details of how he’s doing it.
Why he’s doing it? Why he’s do i remember this stuff? We keep talking about that, but richie.

What i’d like to talk to you about really honestly, is um.
What what’s that? What i want? I want to do one one thing with one of our guests: just real quick.

Let’s just have a quick session, a great news, meeting.

Okay, i want to have a great news meeting.

I want some people to actually participate.
Okay, richie.

Can you do me a favor? This is something that we make sure to do anytime, that we have a a good training session, with the guys everybody’s going to go around and just express some great news, so richie, let’s have a great news.
Meeting late night brewing with us.
Tell me some great news going on in your world today.

Great news is that i’m with you guys for over an hour and a half, and it feels like i just been with you 10 minutes, because i owe you guys so much yeah, that’s awesome.
How did you keep doing that? It keeps picking us up with them? I’d love it.
It was good.

You know we talked about the begin.

Oh, i can’t say it never mind i’m gon na probably, but because it was very much like that on the show – and it was so much fun having this interview with him.

Richie’s been a friend of ours now, for for since this cove had really started happening right, richie, you know we’ve kind of started communicating having dialogue.

We’ve built the relationship up we’ve.
You know there was a time that you were.
You were gone for a little bit.

We talked about that on the show i don’t want to like.
I said i want to get too much on it, but you’re back now and we i love that you’re full speed ahead right now and i know that you’ve always been full speed.

But you know, like i said we haven’t, we didn’t talk for a little bit and it wasn’t a bad thing.

It was just something that you had to go do and i’m very excited about that.
I know that he’s down in florida right now, so florida is lovely, i wouldn’t mind being down there.
We’re excited about going down to visit him here soon and uh have a little trip.

Hang out with richie smoke a cigar.
You know what i’m saying so yeah.

We will have a good time down there, um, but but man he said now, you talk now, i’m talking.

That’s that’s his language, the cigar right.
So he’s cubano, it’s a little cliche, but we’ll take it.
You know what i’m saying you got: ta rock it i mean it’s uh, that’s how it’s got ta go.

Richie has been nothing but a supporter for car guy since day one you know he’s always been out there.
He shares a lot of stuff.
Folks, honestly, if you’re out there, you see some ritchie stuff, you need to check it out if you haven’t checked it out already like we said, if you’re not on the internet, if you haven’t been on the internet, you may not seen it, but if you’ve been On internet, you know he’s out there he’s not only what i mean is not just his stuff, but he’s.

If you see his name a lot of times, it’s tagged to other people’s stuff.
You know he’s he’s a great sharer he’s.
That’s probably one of the biggest things you need to do when it comes to social media share.

You know we talk about that with friends and other people that i’ve done networking with and they talk about it’s not about the likes.
It’s about the shares and richie honors that richie does that it it not only does it help the person that he shares, but it’s it’s helping himself.
You know it definitely uplifts him because he loves what he’s sharing.

He sees the light in that he’s.
So he’s looking for light, i talk about it, a lot.
My my lot walks.

You got to look.
You got to find the light when you find the light you hold on to that light, but you share it.
You share that light.

Well, you let it flow.
You let it illuminate other things that are around you right and richie.
Does that he does it not just in social media, he’s doing it in real life.

Folks i don’t want to like.
I said i don’t hate, because i keep wanting to still be easier.
I keep on talking about other things.

He does.
We could talk all day about the awesomeness.
That is rich and i don’t think maybe we would spill too many beans by doing that about the show.

But let me just go ahead and refer back to the great girls.

Listen to the show, listen to the five liner that yeah this week get yourself! It’s coming out, quick! It’s gon na be a hot sunday morning um, but we also got a cool and fun car guy confession session.
It’s quick easy to consume.

We might sprinkle that out there yeah before the end of the week, okay, but there’s some fresh news going on and you what you definitely want to know about it so get yourselves ready, uh, consider uh, actually learning something uh, but at the same time, in getting Through the five liner get yourself ready to get deep about being about people more than you are about profits and the importance of doing that.
Richie is a great person that highlights that, and we get to do it with some fun enthusiasm in a cup called car.
Guy coffee, yeah and the coolest part now richie, though, is you are part of the car guy coffee family official, like you, are you’ve, always part of it, but now you are officially part of the lineup of amazing, a solution, areas that we’ve had come on.

Our show be able to you know, talk their life.
Talk about their why’s talk about a lot of things, richie you’re right up there, you were top class.
We appreciate you so much.

I hope that you had a good time just as much as we did.
You know we have some stuff that we’re going to be dropping next week, guys you guys are going to like it don’t forget that we also have the our our own swag, that we have out there folks.
So you guys always ask for these hats.

We got these hats, let’s get some, you know what i mean.
We got it at car, guy, coffee, dot, store check it out, coffee.
store or actually you can go directly to the car guy coffee, car guy coffee.

You can go there now.
Oh yeah just click on the subscribe button and you go right there.

It says swag right there, you click on that.
We got more stuff.
Coming too, we got some coffee.

We got some coffee.

We actually have official car guy coffee coming out.
Folks, we are excited about that.

That is going to be amazing.
It’s going to be out there for everyone’s, so they can all get up, shifted and uplift live with us right.
This way they can feel contagious.

They can brew.
Some solutions with this, you know, is what you’re going to be drinking on, get you some of that, get you something.
If you had the knowledge and the competence that this genius over here has you would actually uh see yourself accomplishing some incredible things.

Um inside of your business, but a way for you to kind of glean from that a little bit is to go.
Get you some of the car guy coffee podcast with richie bellow on it.

Yes, next week check that out, but right now you can go back and listen to what everybody else is doing or everybody else has been brewing with us, but richie uh, real, quick, just wan na just touch base, see uh with that great news that you have.

Thank you for uh for uh joining us and being out here with us uh.
I kind of want to know what what are key things that you see: uh, shifting and shaking out there in the car business right now as you’ve been literally coached to coast, um in recent history and and uh rubbing shoulders.
You know in a social distance kind of way, um with other people, but you know what have you been seeing, shifting and shaking as being key uh things that are changing inside of the marketplace right now? Well, here’s the thing the gross profits are going up supply in demand.

You know that’s, what’s driving the numbers up used cars values are pretty up there: solid, okay, there’s, not a lot of cup, there’s, not a lot of inventory, so the prices are right now.
Depreciation is not that bad right now uh, let’s move all the iron off the lot, and now, when the season comes that we know when the car values drop at the beginning of the year of the new year, i don’t really think we’re gon na get hurt.
So much right with those values because supply is in demand, it’s going to be in demand for quite some time.

People are not trading right and then the people that are doing it at least people and all this.

So you got that’s good, but the other side to the coin of that.

Your rental companies are pumping cars in registrations like you have no idea: they’re rolling iron they’re, really selling cars like candy bars, they’re, giving a great deal and they have a back-end finance solution.

Company that they’re banging finance deals all day and what they’re making their money’s on the warranty and a little bit on the rate and see you later.
Because, let’s face it, the uh those rental companies used to sell to new car dealers because they rated them in 12 months, they’ve already depreciated the vehicle, because part of your rental there’s a number that goes to the depreciation and a number to the profit and money.
For the interest rate – okay, so that’s how they have it right now those cars they got to move so they’re, going to do whatever it takes to move so they’ve become the competitors of the dealers, and the certified program is not registering as high as it was About a year ago, and that’s because that’s what they’re doing you know so that’s something to keep an eye out on and if you guys watch this show that we just did an hour.

There’s a lot of news there of what’s going on church is on this subject quite a bit guys.
This is something that you need to listen to next week and you’re going to hear even more information about it.

Once again, you got questions for richie, he’s, always open to a phone call message.

Anything you can find him on any social media thing just check him out he’s even on tick, tock.
Folks whoa, i’m just saying so.
He understands that social media is everything you have to put yourself out there, and i appreciate that.

I appreciate you for paving a path for a lot of people like me and lou to come out and then also for you to sweep that path for us when we come through, you make it even nicer.
So man, it’s awesome.
We it’s been a great time.

We’ve i’ve had a lot of fun tonight.
Richie, i got to know you a little bit more tonight than we’ve been able to get to know you.
I appreciate you having us on your show.

Also, yes, that was fun being on your show was a blessing.
That was a good time being able to get on your cable show with you that one day that was fun too, i had a great time with you.

You’ve been nothing but you’ve been nothing but a gentleman man and nothing but honoring of everything.

You are a very humble person that i completely am so happy and just just can’t believe that i’ve had an opportunity to cross paths with you, man and it’s really cool and i’m looking forward to constantly.
You know it’s more like uh we’ve joined, we’ve intersected paths.
I mean there’s been a new connection made um because uh this isn’t we’re not passing by we’re gon na we’re starting to fly together.

Folks, we’re in the air we’re flying we’re raising above the species of this uh planet and taking our rightful place in dominating our industry from taking a better vantage point uh from up in the air and not held down by the things that weigh us down like Because you get this right folks, i can’t help it.
I can’t help it.
I enjoy uh just having a good conversation.

That’s how i do this.
It goes deep.
So, yes, so richie, we’re not gon na stay stay almost longer.

Actually we’re going to hop off here.
This is this was a great live video.
Thank you for jumping on here.

I know i know it’s late, it’s late, where you’re at we’re the same, we’re all eastern time zone right now so yeah.
I need to get some rest.
I know you got a lot of stuff, a lot of programming and a lot of uh like coding to do so.

I’m gon na, let you get to sleep richie.
Thank you.
Appreciate you for staying up late with us folks make sure you check out richie go.

Give him a call pick it up.
Do it all richie’s there for you, richard richie, appreciate you.
We appreciate everybody who came on at 1 30 in the morning and listen now we head up to like a handful of guests, but i’m sure a lot more will watch it later.

We appreciate it.
If you see this later, make sure you get a hold of me and lou or richie, if you have some questions, we’re happy to answer them and make sure you get ready for next week.
Next week he’s a move maker, folks volume, five move maker volume, five richie bello, get you some.

This brew has been brought to you by add group.
You know: what’s up, you can get information by going to com yeah.
Thank you! So much for being live with us late on a friday folks, it’s friday, let’s have a great weekend.

We love you all make something happen.
Forgive focus, fly, keep growing, [, Laughter, ] love, you richie! You take care, you have a good night, everybody out there in the facebook world youtube world and every other world.
We love, you guys.

You guys have a great night, keep positives, keep moving, make sure you have some gratitude.
Let’s go whoop, he was tired.
I was tired.

We all took a little time, but ain’t and can’t stop, won’t stop right.
You heard that folks we love you guys once again well before we go, though i got to drop one thing for you guys real quick, because you know what time it is: , [ Applause, ], [, Music ].
How do you do [, Music ]? My , you all take care love.

You welcome back now, you’re here, y’all y’all come back now, you’re here great time.
Don’t forget! Thank god group, guys, love you guys! Justin derek evelyn, absolutely love it! That’s spam! Right! There solution everything! We love everybody out.
There keep growing love you get focused, you know.

What’s up, .

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