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Fran, how are you today Fran? How are you today buddy Fran tato? How are you tell us geez, you just called me: can you get my book and or pick up the phone now this number tell them: we’ve got friends, eight, seven, seven hi everybody! This is Fran III.

Tell them, we got we’re about to go, live you’re already brain.
How are you today Fran? How you doing today? Are you there Richie yeah, I’m here? How are you we’re live hello, Fran you’re, probably in mute? Ok! So, anyway, let me go over walk.
No, I can’t Fran Taylor.

How are you today? Ok, so we want to talk about this workshop now.
Let me just say this about 30 sales a month.

Ok, this is a great workshop Ren you there! Now you come here.

So this is a great workshop, we’re planning on going back to Florida because we had to say in Florida.
Let me just share something with you wise.
Ok, the whole idea of this workshop is the recovery stage.

We all know we were on track to do 18.
Point something million cars right now we’re on track to do in the 13 million okay.
We know something for sure.

The OEMs are gon na start.
What happened giving not giving us! I can’t hear more money and the dealer side of a to merchants like your people’s okay, so they want to get rid of this inventory and now that being said, we have this workshop going on.
I was personally Fran Taylor invited me to his workshop, and I saw the growth of this workshop and I also saw aftermath of the workshop these sales people that went and left the workshop.

They became really really selling a lot of units even with the coronavirus.
In the state of Florida, as we know, Florida didn’t shut down that much like here.

So it’s a great opportunity join us at the thirty sales a month group and get in that group, because that group has a lot of guys with a lot of content.
Now, as you know, Fran tail has been doing this for 40 years, he’s the king of prospecting, and he really knows what he’s doing I lost friend Taylor.
Somehow so I mean I don’t know he must be having a problem.

So let me just say this to you he’s going to do this workshop in Florida, and I wish I wouldn’t lose him.
I wish I could engage with him, but he’s very, very successful at it at what he’s doing this friend Frank, did you hear me? Okay, great so we lost some temporary.
So that’s! Okay! Now Fran! I want to go over the workshop that you have right and what I was saying is the recovery stage is very important.

Why is it important? Because we won’t try to do 18 million cars? We’re right now hitting a pace of 13 million right and the whole idea behind these cars is that there’s overstock in inventory there’s nobody playing on coronavirus, even though it was happening across the pond right and that’s the whole idea that this is really an important thing.

Dealers you’re gon na get some big dollar amount, just know that to promote and merchandise your cause, the traffic’s gon na come in the door.
The next thing you got to do is take a percentage of that and invested in your salespeople, because today you don’t invest that in your salespeople, you’re gon na have a problem and with Fran Taylor your ROI is so big.

Based on the experience that you have.
You know you’re maximizing, not just a customer coming in then you’re putting a process in for your repeat business and your retention and that’s what friend Taylor’s about Fran I’m gon na.
Let youth beat down well.

People spend a lot of money in advertising, but the average dealer spends less than 500 dollars a year, training their salespeople and all all the money’s and repeats and referrals not fresh drops and that’s some of the stuff.
I teach like in these workshops when you get people living on repeat certain referrals like I did.
I mean no one took me two years to get to fifty cars a month and but the episode repeats and referrals, because I couldn’t compete with 25 guys on the floor.

So I had to go get my own and you know when you’re doing a workshop for doing training, there’s all kind of different training out there there’s the route route stuff that gets you all fired up or the other one.
That’s meat, potatoes.
If you can take a sales person, whether they’re, an old pro or rookie – and you show them something new – that they’d never heard before that makes sense a lot of times they’re all over, like when you were at my workshop in Florida.

One of my speakers.
He pass out 20 cards a month when I met him.
It had been this quite a while.

He knew how to sell cars, but he didn’t have his people to talk to well.

He stood up, I thought, maybe selling 40 a month.
He told the crowd the bad best.

My dad was 52 and a half, but he’s been in with my private training for about a year now and that’s the other thing, that’s so important.
It takes a while to get these new people to get it going to get this repeats and referrals because you get some in the first year, but then it does nothing like the second year, I’m living proof to go from 30 to 50 cards a month.
My second year in the carbon, so you have to coach them like you said you got to train them and you have to have patience and show them what to do, and you know the longer they do it, the better they get.

I mean I got plenty of guys out there making two three hundred thousand a year and they’re working 45 hours.
That’s the key! You know, if you have, you show them something different than they never did before they’re all over.
It trust me Frannie, I’m so glad you brought that up, because what I was at your workshop, all right, one of the things that I saw.

Not only are you training them in the sales ss okay.
Not only are you doing that you’re also training them right on when they get that customer on referrals and you’re training them on maximizing that opportunity.
So here’s the thing mr.

dealer you’re, your average car, is costing you let’s say three, fifty four hundred dollars.
Okay, let’s say that now you get two deals out of it within 60 days.
Guess what now we drop? That’s how the spores are playing around with the metrics all right, with the referral base, one of the biggest product out there that I think it’s great for dealers is auto alert all right.

What’s auto alert, it just goes after your opportunities.

Well, if you get your salespeople, their productivity to go after opportunity using Taylor’s techniques and technologies right now that whole training module is gon na, get you to the next level.
So you have the software.

Now you have the people following it up, he’s great at what he does and that’s why we decided.
I believe we decided to do it in Florida, this workshop because Florida we had such great success with it and what Fran is saying right now, this one guy was doing 25 he’s up to numbers and this dirty car group.

It’s like learn how to take every deal.

Every deal counts and learn how to maximize that opportunity to get repeat business day, say: okay, when you sell a car to a customer, the first seven to ten days, you’re gon na get a referral out of them.
As the time goes on in crops, why are you gon na get a referral cuz he drove up in his new car, okay in his driveway, his his neighbor saw it right and said: well, would you get that car? That’s a nice car but get those people to talk about you, mr.
salesman, because that’s repeat business and follow up your previous customers.

Listen when you lose a deal okay and they tell you, I didn’t buy it because you know not about the deal.
It was just that keep in touch with those customers, because those customers, when they’re in the market again or they might know a friend or something you’re gon na – have an opportunity.
That’s how you grow.

You grow by looking at that opportunity and maximizing a lot of salty.
I lost a deal.
I’ve never caught him.

Well guess what you’re in the people business there’s a lot of guys that tape car guy! I me myself, I’m not a car girls.
I don’t know how to fix a car.

What I am is a people guy, okay, so I’m gon na maximize every opportunity.
I can and I don’t care any buy it from me.
I’m gon na keep following them up.

You know what, because the salesman that deliver the car is not gon na, follow them up, because you already made the money on them and I have it.
So that’s another form of prospecting.
What are your thoughts on that friend? Well, I agree with ya.

You have to do follow up, but with stuff like their name can be seen there.
The Simmons name and the dealerships name could be seen several million times a year per sales person see that stuff doesn’t cost a there’s, so many ways to make money.
The hailer doesn’t have to spend money, the problem is most of them, don’t do it and you know it’s like the.

I have a guy in the Arkansas been working when I went from 240 cards a month, five hundred and sixty three years, and it’s not increasing his advertising budget he’s spending money on on the training.
Will me and he’s helping the guys get the prospecting tools.
You see see the biggies, do the work for you and I mean you make money when you’re sleeping, but you know there’s more to it.

The prospecting techniques and say: go get your name up there or go join groups.
Is something mean that’s kindergarten, training there I mean I’d, show you different, I mean I don’t know if you guys are solved, sulfite stickers, put on the car or magnets on refrigerators and stuff like more pizza boxes.
I started that stuff.

That was me now.
Thousands and thousands of people are using it, but there’s lot other techniques that never they never gets Joe.
I think you teach the salespeople to invest a little bit each month in themselves or have to deal like what I did yeah.

My I used to have little bonus.
Just you know.
If you’re doing ten, you got a thirty.

If you’re doing 15, you’ve got an 18 that give a $ 300 bonus, half was cast and the other half went into a prospecting tool in a couple months.
They’d buy their own and that’s what training and that’s what help people do, and you could spend your five six hundred bucks every month to try and get it up in its penis.
When you buy prospecting, gold and and the prospecting tools are guaranteed, and so you got to teach them both like you said you got to teach them the different techniques on the internet.

You know get leaves and then the prospecting, if you couple that together, if anybody doughnut zips it possible not to sell more cards if you learn those techniques, but you got ta, learn them and you know what I’m glad you brought that up.
I’m really ready and wrote that up friend, because here’s one technique that sales people need to know.
Where are the consumers today, okay, 25 years ago, used to go to a restaurant, give out your business card and say I heard that somebody is looking for a car.

You go to your local dry, cleaner.
You tell them.
What’s that you start networking right now.

The networks happening on social media guys, listen, we’re all good with videos.
Everybody has become really good with videos.
Do a walk around.

Do a walk around for a car pick! One bottle every day: five times you got five bottles.
Okay, here you go.

It’s real simple! You do a walk around! You go on Facebook and put it where the buyers are.

Where are the buyers here in Long Island, Long Island by himself right? And they told right in Daytona Beach, there’s Daytona Beach by himself.
There’s an every market is the same groups.
Okay and those groups are where consumers are right.

You got to look at their guideline and see if you could do it, but as the admin of the group, could I do this okay once they give you okay, now you’re branding yourself in those groups.
Group marketing in Facebook is very big okay, but are you gon na get and it takes you a minute and a half or two minutes of walk around? Do a professional walk around put her on social media? Put it on you YouTube.
You know, I know a sales person, that’s a lead, gen sales person.

Okay, he’s really good.
I want to invite him to the show.
I don’t want to say his name, because I want to have a surprise for everybody, but he’s the type of guy that actually get sleep on YouTube.

I’ve seen what he does, he gets leads on social media, and you know what he does.
He sells to his competitors, some of those leads, but he doesn’t have the pre-owned cars available and those people want the car.

Now, okay he’s in the state of Florida and he’s very close, and he is a socially clear lead-gen guy through his YouTube channel, okay and through Facebook and through Instagram, and he gets enough leads – was sometimes he’s got a salad.

So this guy is really good and he does walk around.
He gets up early in the morning.
Does all the right things here and I’m gon na have him on the show next Wednesday, okay and it’s aleejack guy and that’s what he does he’s out on social media.

Getting more leads than you can imagine.

He doesn’t even take a fresh hump in the show, because he’s that busy so prospecting today is on social media.
So if you have social media you’re, not using that opportunity to maximize you know and Terry Lancaster says it very well, video video video video.

I agree with him.
It’s all about the video.
I talk a lot to a lot of people on real, I FaceTime everybody, and if I don’t, if I got ta fuck somebody up back, I record a video video.

Is it? That’s got tremendous conversion because the honor text – you don’t know what’s going on, you, don’t know what they mean.
Sometimes you know it’s how you interpret our SMS.
It’s your perception, not the customers perception when they send you a video where you got ta know now.

You know where you’re at a simple thing, like a walk-around salesman, go with to a Toyota store.
Do a walk-around! You got ta.
Tell you Otis hood, that you got a pre-owned car pick two cars that are on sale, that you got ta get rid of them.

This week and make that brand say you know, pre-owned, and the other thing I’ve been saying is the power of life is great.
So if I’m a Salesman today, I’m getting my customers unlive, inviting them to alive and engaging with them how the sales process went.

How happy are they a people watch it be when you do that process.

The one thing that you are doing is engaging with your customer and getting a testimonial at the same time.
So why not do that? Here’s, a guy, Fran Frederic! You know he’s squeezing your group.
This guy is amazing.

Him and Lou are amazing guy what they’re doing and with Corona last month he was averaging what twenty cars a week.
Okay, his store was averaging.
I mean it’s unbelievable right in Kentucky.

He’s amazing he’s always out he’s doing lives all the time and it’s working for him.
Unbelievable and his people are great.

What he’s doing is engaging with these customer all the time and he’s doing a great job.
These people are doing a great job, but you got ta be out there.
You got ta, be in it to win it.

You know, prospecting has changed in the last couple of years and you want to know something you social media is it get on YouTube.
Facebook get on Instagram, whatever you can do is get you know, you got ta be out there.

You know, Google Busan live.
You know I’ve been doing boost.
My shell cost a few bucks.

Every time I go on live coz I promote it.
I’m not gon na go on live and not promote so those people.
Let’s say he gets a lot of you yeah.

I do you know why, because I spend the money we get the view.
That’s what I do for me, because if you don’t brand yourself and you don’t promote yourself, it’s not gon na go out there, so these guys get organically fifteen hundred two thousand views.

That’s great! You know what guy that’s the new way and you guys are doing so much.

You know and here’s what he says.
It’s having that passion fran engage a little bit talk about that.
If I got in the car business there’s a couple things, I do right off the bat I’d go after I mean I’d, go after it like number one.

I start by a Facebook group like you’re at five thousands.
So I start my own group like Pennsylvania, auto sales or something like that and I’d.
Let anybody get in that group and they can sell any kind of car they want.

I mean it’s like my xxx sells a month’s group.
I mean we added eighty people last week and I don’t promote it at all.
It’s all from word-of-mouth.

Well, you just got ta start something I got a friend of mine at Tennessee’s got like 10,000 P people in this group.
He sells 1015 cards, I’m up just from their group, but he didn’t get it open up.
So you can running, you know you might do different stuff to say, hey look.

I think you check the air per turn your tires.
Alright, here’s why you should change well and me personally, I would do a video every Monday morning on to old age cards or bonus cars.
They cost nothing.

I’d say my specials of the week, so I doing that, let’s start my own group.

You know anybody called me with a walk around.
I did get a little video here this me, that’s what I look like: here’s, the dealership and here’s the car and then you got to sell yourself a little bit when you do that and then the biggest thing knocks is you’re going to put a little bit Of enter behind a neck, don’t sit stay in here’s or here’s all this work now and you got to practice with get good at it and it’ll take a while.

When I was down in Texas, we did a little video.
We had.
You knew that the older guys usually don’t know how to do that, that they’re a little intimidated, so you make it fun.

I’d give up dinner for two for the best one, but that doesn’t cost anything.
That’s what we’re talking about again condensing, but to do a walk-around video like much much of the weeks every Monday morning with the cars that doesn’t cost a deal or a dime.

But you got to work to perfect that as far as starting group that takes that doesn’t cost a dealer, a dime.

If I see em, that’d, be a requirement and then I’d work with and but you’re right about social media.
You do both to me.
I mean if you want to kill it not like to work 50 60 hours a week and live on repeat some referrals.

Why not go after at all? I would I can tell you that.
Well, you know, Fran social media today is growing and the digital marketing is really really blowing up and after Corona it’s really going crazy.
Now all the data is out there, how it’s growing you know, do walk-arounds, bringing your customers an interview, then unlive open up alive.

You know now you got testimonials, you got your own customers, talking good about you and it’s going to their audience, but their audience are in the market.
So, what’s gon na happen when they see a feed of a customer saying what a great experience I had now, if they share it to their audience, forget about it.
Well, that’s what you got ta use! You got ta use the power of social media today to maximize your opportunities, because bottom line is you’re, not gon na live today or for traffic as a salesman.

You’re gon na have a hard time because it’s very minimum and they wan na turn over to the experienced guys.
So you know you’re the new guys you got ta prove it.
You got ta prove who you are before you can be in the club.

Okay, I call it the club because trust me: it’s a club so guys make your own brand go on live bring in your customers.
I don’t care if you deliver eight cars a month.
Those are eight customers that you can bring to your life.

You’re gon na get there audience that’s bottom line and that’s how you’re gon na grow rome wasn’t built in a day.
Okay, it’s gon na.
Take you bumps on the road failure and learning from those failure to succeed.

That’s what it’s about.
This is the business world.
Okay, that’s what it’s about, if you, if I got somebody in my team that says he never fails, I know he’s not given his best effort.

So therefore I don’t need them.
I want guys that have failed and learn from their failures, because now we know he’s given it his best effort.
Okay and a lot of people, don’t figure that out a lot of people in business.

Think there’s a textbook out.
You know that you can read.
That’s not the way it works in the business world, so hire failures, hire winners and make sure the winners, because now they’re giving it their best effort.

Okay, there’s a lot of ways to look at your team and know if your team is really really a winner.
Okay – and one of the things to know, is how many times have they failed in the last 90 days and how many opportunities have they brought you that we’re not opportunities, but they brought up to you when you’ve converted them into opportunities.
That’s what I’m looking at! Nothing wrong with fail.

As a matter of fact, I don’t get involved in any type of business unless they’re fairly, because, first of all, if they failing that, leads by opportunity wide open to take that to the next level and make a lot of money.
Okay, I’m not looking for winners, I’m looking for losers.
I Bank myself on the losers.

That’s how I earn so guys give it your best effort.
It doesn’t matter that you fail, it doesn’t matter! You try something else.
The whole idea is to learn from it and grow because when you learn and grow and you got under your belt four or five, its trust yourself.

What Fran says: 50 no you’re gon na sell 80 cars.
But if you don’t take the risk and you don’t take the shot – you’re, not gon na, do it.
What do you thought friends changing a little? It’s still the same like if I was back to being a GM it’d, be a requirement to do some of the stuff you’re talking about not a request.

It’s no different than, and you got to drive a car.
You got to do every deal.
I mean basics.

Right so the way the economy is now, if you, if the people, their sales, people, aren’t doing video walk-around and stuff like that, I would make it hey anytime.
Recalls it going to walk around cinema video, I mean, takes five minutes, but but that’s how you get businesses and a lot of people as a gym you’ve got to help them.

I mean you get out there.

A little bit show them a couple times and next thing you know they got it, but if you quit asking they’ll quit on sales people there, I don’t think they’re wrong.
I can tell you that some people are free to get the information and it’s not just go to walk arounds.
I mean there’s techniques what you do now.

You can get a bigger response and that’s why training so so crucial when somebody’s development listing when they’re young I mean how can a young guy five years old, one step, three million dollars worth of real estate in five years and it’s up to 33 cars.
I even tell you how you teach them what to do and they look there is no limit, but you got to be willing to pay the price and guys are just rocking and rolling and there’s women doing it.
There’s a Tiffany out west.

I mean she’s.
Welcome to me and no cheese, so 40 50 cord, I’m gon na, say for him, I’m gon na say I want to say something about Frederick.
You can go to any VA right and be our Academy guy to become a dealer.

Okay, there’s a course you just if you dealership sponsors you you have the course.
Here’s the difference, Frederick is a natural dealer.
Look, we said lead by example, inspect what you expect.

Okay, that he’s gon na be a dealer and he’s gon na be a very successful dealer.
Okay, because the characteristics that he has is amazing.

Okay, he’s got some characteristics in him that are really really automotive dealer he’s got it in the blood.

He’s got the character.
He’s got the personality, he’s got the political thing, you know you got ta be able to be a deal.
You got ta, be political he’s very political to so.

I’ve observed him for quite some time.
I met him through a good friend Rebecca.
I went on her life.

The guy is amazing.
Okay, let me leave it at that.

The guy is a perfect dealer.

He knows all the things that doesn’t know the things he does them every day.
Okay, so I’m telling you right now that this is something really really big.
That’s going on in the industry with guys like him and how we’re learning every day is on live.

They go on their own life and do interviews with people engaged and they’re bringing their dealership to the next level.
Okay, oh I’m calling them professional managers, professional salespeople that are online and our interviewing people and he’s unbelievable.
So that’s what this workshop! What are the things that it should be a lot of? Is this putting a guy like Frederick in to this workshop and have a seat what he’s doing and how he’s bringing that dealership to the next level by using the power of social media? Well, the workshop different, like I said, there’s all kind, but you know sometimes it’s good to get to managers because a lot of times they never heard either.

If I’m a Jim, I want to sell excited.
I want them to look for coming to work and as a GM, that’s my responsibility! So if I get to sales people doing more on the right stuff, then they look forward to come to work.
Why? Because they’re making more money, they’re worth living on repeats and referrals – and you know I would attack that right off and that’s wrong the month is that anyway, you know people living the richer, fuller happier.

I don’t want a guy taking two weeks here.
I want him to take a couple weeks a year off.

I want them get to the point that anybody walks in I say: hey follow that guy follow that girl.

I was there doing 30 for 30 crunches one a day.
I mean that’s what’s that, but the problem is most people know how to sell cars, so let’s teach them how to sell that one a day.
You know.

What’s the damn team, you know hey here’s.
The prospect you’ll sell 10 15 a month.
Just from this.

You know that’s what they want to hear and unfortunately, a lot of that’s not taught.
You know, I’m glad you brought that up because federic one of the things that I asked them is the why? Why does the brand himself under subprime hero? So he answered it because even challenged credit customers, he treats them like their platinum or over platinum like they Titanian.

So that’s what he does.

He believes in relationship.
He believes in doing the right thing by customers.

He believes in doing the right thing by the humans.
Okay, he goes out of his way for his customers.
That’s why he’s at that level? He is leader, okay and that’s the reason why so this guy who’d be great to invite him for a workshop.

Basically, I heard he runs the organization there and he believes in training and he believes in sharing what he does and one of the things that I do and everybody knows that I share everybody, I’m big on the shit cuz, I don’t really care and you Fred Somebody that I know who cares I’m not into that I just want to share as much content.
I can help my audience out because the reason they’re my audience is to see what they can get out of it so guys, those guys that don’t share because you’re worried about who knows who knows what at who knows? Who, who cares you know bottom line, is give some value and share and use that share part, because that cheer, but is gon na make somebody’s day that might be having sales when boom baye right it might be having that so share because sharing is caring.
That’s a fact so Fran on that note, I got a run, but it was a pleasure having you I’m looking forward to this workshop, and I want to bring a few guys like Frederick, that are there and they’re successful in this self.

No a lot of iron with this corner of iris.
This guy was more out there than anybody I ever saw.
This guy was rocking and ringing the bell.

So your thought on that.
Let’s talk tomorrow, some on the phone, and maybe we can talk to federate or something he’s great.
He believes in you.

He knows who all he tells me you’re a legend.
You know a sales legend man, so it’s great having you friend and I look forward in our commuting with you tomorrow.
Thank you.

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