Richie Bello Brad Smith The Original Carsmith

So welcome everybody, and let me just say this: we have Brad Smith.

Now me myself.
I learned a lot from Brad Smith in the last couple of weeks.
I take three weeks up and following him I have a course.

Basically, one of my friends did I’ll get si a chai tea done 101 and I want Brad to talk about this.
What he does to people he’s a great motivator, so go ahead.
I’m gon na have you take the screen and please engage go over glad to do that.

So yeah.
I’ve kind of this part of a journey that I’ve been on a little bit Ritchie, trying to focus in on making a positive impact on the world about a year ago.
I was spending time in social media and I just got sick and tired of all of the negativity that I was watching online attire, both all the negative news and everything else, and just I decided then in there that I needed to make an impact and the Only way I was really gon na do that was and change the feed of what I was seeing was to change what is going on out there.

So I started doing that about a year ago I formed a group called hashtag uplift and rice which you’ll find on Facebook, and then I also not quite a year ago yet formed what I called chain breakers.
365 live or chain break, there’s 365.
So I go on.

There live every morning at 7:30 a.
Monday through Friday, Eastern Time and a lot of what I do in there there’s things that happen to us as individuals that keep us small.
They keep us from fulfilling the destiny.

That is there on our lives and it’s really designed to help you kind of shift.
A paradigm of thinking shift the way you look at different things to help you break those chains away that we can step in the fulfillment of what is as destined for for us Ricci as you, and I were talking about things earlier.
Everything in our that happens to us whether it’s things we see things we hear what’s going on around us, it’s it’s, our brain doesn’t see our brain doesn’t hear they receive electrical impulses and those electrical impulses.

Our brain then interprets the way at once do so, whether we could all stand there in a group and watch the same event happen, but we all take something a little bit different out of it and it’s because of the programming that we take in and the Viewpoint that we choose to focus in on so everything that happens to us on an ongoing basis.

We can look at it from a negative viewpoint or we can look at it from a positive one and it’s how you choose to focus in and what you choose to look at really makes a difference in what gets programmed into you and and therefore, what really Comes out of you and that’s really what I try to focus in on, and hopefully I seen my my little group grow.

Hashtag uplifting rises right at about nineteen hundred members now and right about a year, so it it’s been a great thing and I hope I’m impacting people, that’s what it’s all about.

You know – and you know, that everything in the entrepreneurial world right, because I’m not just in the car beside starting the car business at a very young age and I’m not just in the car business.
I got other partners and we’re in the entrepreneur world right right.
Digital marketing and Google and all that kind of stuff, but you know in this world.

Let me just tell you this: it’s about the mindset and it’s about focus.
Okay, and it’s really about worry about what you’re doing.
May I worry about what I’m doing in my company and I don’t pay attention to a lot of stuff and by company that politics and all that I have a team that handles that, because I can you know, I’m not your your CEO, you know I’m more Of I want to get things done.

I just pay attention to what I know how to do, and I have you know different people in that area that help get it to the next level.

I got great partners, you know because that’s the mindset, you know, I don’t want myself.
My head of sales mean you can mess up their heads, easy done, they’re like look.

That’s it you’re done right when you’re a salesperson and you got talent as that wants to do good thing.

They tell you and your head straight, so I I work out not physically.

I work out mentally.

I work out what my mindset and perception is something that you got ta be careful because whatever the perception is that’s what your reality is right, so you can’t feel it that’s.
What I’ve learned from you is more focus, because when you, when you do what you’re doing with you, how you molded me, it’s really about the focus and that’s what I need.
I don’t have enough focus, because I want more and more and more cuz.

I do know something: the focus is gon na get me to the next level.
You possess a lot of talent and as far as motivational and getting things done, that’s what you’re good at, because you have the content.
But you have a great delivery of the content in his home and that’s really key.

When you’re a speaker when you are a motivational speaker and all that, it’s a great thing to do – and I wan na have you on my life for anything for my audience to get to know you, because you wan na know something that alone is worth my Weight in gold because you’re a hidden secret, you know when people don’t watch you once they watch, you want it’s like a habit.
Now you bro and focus is everything you know.
Companies are on the spiral up, keep going this before on the spiral up.

If you’re on the spiral down it down well, now there’s something of value, very big that just watch Brad’s life, but I’d say I mean I yeh the enthusiasm and the spiral up.

What are your thoughts on that? I think it absolutely makes a difference, but he had the spiral upward for those spirals downward really become a matter of what you’re focusing on right.
We talked about winds, the winds, the perfect time to make a sale right after you just made your last one right.

That’s why? Because that’s all, because that’s where your mind is its positively focused, it’s upbeat it’s everything else.
Well, that is something that you can create on an ongoing basis, so part of my daily routine yeah.
We took you you and I were talking before we started the show both of us get up real early in the morning.

One of the things that I do is that low quiet time before my wife gets to moving around in the house.
I sit down every morning with a gratitude journal and I start writing down things every single day that I’m grateful for you know I don’t pick up and start dealing with this in the morning I started working with my gratitude journal and when you do your mine Starts setting in a more positive light in a more upbeat kind of attitude when you’ve got that positive mindset, you know some people think it’s all rose-colored glasses and that kind of stuff.
No, not really you know it’s, not nothing.

Bad is going to happen that things do happen.
It’s that’s just life.
What I know is doesn’t matter what happens? I’m gon na be okay with it.

I’m gon na overcome it, I’m gon na be alright regardless what happens? I’m gon na be fine, because that’s where my faith and my belief is you know it’s what I focus on that helps me really surprise me during the day.
That’s the interesting thing is when you have got a negative mindset.
All you see all day long is problems, but when you see when you have a positive mindset, you know what you see opportunity right when you can focus in on opportunity.

That’s when all the positive things really start happening, whether it’s in business, whether it’s using your personal life, whether it’s in your relationships, whether it’s in your finances, whether it’s in your community activity, you start seeing opportunity and where to where things go from there, they’ve got One way to go and it’s up you know, I know that all that’s when you know we’re also talking.
Unfortunately, I was part of a massive layoff.
I used to work for truth, cars and I was part of a massive layoff last week and I’ve got a lot of colleagues that have kind of let this spin out of control and their own minds for them.

But for me, I’m like well, okay, I’ll, just big, just regroup, refocus and figure out.
What’s next, but I’m gon na tell you something I started a site for hosting cars right, but I’m a little different.
I don’t charge dealerships.

What I do is I charge a per lead, so I take digital marketing and it’s per lead, and I have the data like we’re clickable at all that I know what they’re spending on Facebook Ads.

Okay, they get thirty five forms and they dump three grand.

Well, I will just get a formal, I get the form and I sent an email out and asking them all kinds of information.

I qualify the lead first and then I send it to a dealership.
I throw 50 % away okay.
So what I’m ready to share that with everybody? How my process is, I use Infusionsoft, so I asked them: when are they in the market? Is it a trade? Are they getting a loan or they’re leasing the car? Well, it’s the household income and what is their credits? Well, people know that quite it’s go so they just say well what it is right and it’s a car for them or is it together? So all these questions I ask right and the reason it is now it has a qualified lead.

Absolutely you know what I’m saying and that’s what I do.
I rather do that then go out there put be lozad for 1,500 or 800 or 700.
That’s it! Oh nice, they sign up with me.

I give them a little gift.
I put a display ad for 30 days for them right on my site, so they actually see the traffic of the site, so they actually see that it’s about getting traffic.
I don’t buy all the leads from anybody, you know, so that’s what I want to do right.

So they buy that and I give them a banner ad in their marketplace.
They take the zip codes, cuz it’s geo-target and then we see the traffic that goes to their site yeah.
So that’s sold people so right away.

They say, wait a minute.
Let me see it, but now that’s what I do.
That’s part of my process.

You buy the leads.
You get me get a 30 day, man trying to promote this and I’m trying to get into it.
So that’s what I Trump in the digital space.

I got two companies and look smart handles all the ads for me, so you just reach out to them which are a customer.
I do the implementation and look smart.
Just if you don’t know looks more, is they have a search engine a little bit like Google? Small or they’ve been around looks much been 25 years.

So how does the media kid is right on the site? So you look.
I look smarter to search engine you you look up, you look upon their Accords, BMW and it shows out.
You know just like Google Ads right right and that’s what we’re an adman.

So that’s what we do.
So I’m glad you brought that up because that’s what we do it shop smart now we’re developing the app can be up within the next ten days.
Also so you’re gon na have the inventory and a few little things that I want to say in life and I’ll, explain to you after the line where it does and it’s great great tools.

So it’s gon na have his own app.
It’s not just a website, because today the consumers are right: around 25 28 to 42 or the ones I really bite cause.
That’s what that audience.

You need an app right and we get the traffic from Facebook and Instagram.
Why? Because Facebook has blown up with the marketplace, so we do a little bit of Google, but would that really big on Google world war on social media, social media customers convert? You know the interesting thing about? It is one thing: that’s happened with kovat and if car dealers haven’t figured this out yet they’re really missing the boat, so much more shifted digitally.
Then it’s ever happened before you know.

I was listening to an interview not long ago, and it was the guy that used to be the head of automotive retail for Google and he said that in a in a survey that was out, 68 percent of consumers wanted to be able to to have more And more tools to be able to buy a car online, here’s the crazy 68 percent right crazy.
Here’s, the crazy, the really crazy part that was 2008 2008, so how much of that has changed to bring it into to 2020 and then, when coded hit so yeah? Oh, it just exploded.
You know, you’re gon na see more and more and more online, with consumers trying to figure out how to complete the entire process online and, in many cases, work with dealers that are willing to bring the cars to them.

And I’m glad you brought that up because in August we’re gon na launch a product in August, where they’re gon na be able to put the lead in then, if they want to finance it, it’s going to go right into their fight into the dealerships, finance solution.
So we’re working on that and it’s gon na launch the last week of August, the first week of September yeah and if you look at the site to see that’s all a lot of tools there that we got and we’re just improving and improving the website consistently.
We have our tech teams working on and our developers working on it consistently all day long.

So we’re looking to improve this and we’re looking to set it up right.
That’s why we’re not even ready to go yet to the market until the site is a thousand percent right now we’re uploading a lot of stuff who would do an hour see the end with a very good company.
So now the speed of the sites that’ll be much much quicker, so we’re we.

What we want to finish the product with our reputation is everything we want to product perfect and it’s the market book.
You know it’s gon na convert its link.
When you do a google language, you want to do a landing page that your site right.

You need to send all over the place, a landing page, you back conversion.
What a same thing you have a product.
You want to do the product right.

So when you launch it you’re gon na get converted the big-name named of the game.
You know it’s not just bleeds its product productivity.
You know what is what’s really good and you’re talking about a qualified lead.

Oh, my goodness, dealerships absolutely follow a little social.
A good qualified lead, there’s nothing worse than chasing people that will never show up in your dealership or never, and then the beautiful thing about it is that we want.

We have trainers right.

We got Brandon bow Rebecca, as you know, we’re with a training network right that very well.
So I pray that dealers don’t really have a good priority.
So then I can train their dealership and instead of them getting a delivery ratio of 50 being at 22 percent.

Cuz, you can’t even get a lead from my company.
If you sign something stating that it doesn’t work, our trainers will come in and train your dealership.
So that’s what it is because they all blame the leech and every dealership in the world blames the lead gen.

Well, guess what now I have a training solution when that dealership to play by bleach and traitors like bread, that you know he runs 18 dealerships and he’s a corporate trainer right and he’s got a track where he worked with TCH.

It will grass berry.
You know he’s been around a long time, bow used to run courses, okay, one for corporate Nissan and now he’s on his own okay.

So I have corporate trainers, not trainers that you know that just are getting into the training, business and people that proper track.
Like oh right, so that’s what we want.
We have a training network and that’s what we’re gon na do so either some people, automotive, training, news right.

We develop that and because we will work on getting this together so that now we have to lead.
We have the most data of the leads, but not only that now we have the training with a lead comes in in PVC or whatever we have Oh BBC and the implementation process.
So that’s what we’re doing and your stuff is great, because you motivate people and we’ll looking into him as potentially a trainer.

You know because that’s what our main business is gon na, be because of this product right.
So the is very important because you know motivating some body and putting checks and balances right and inspecting not expecting your people to perform has a whole different productivity level.

Because now you really look at your process where it is where it took.

The phone line was headed every morning I get up to, and this is what I do.
I look where I was yesterday.
I look where I am today and I look where I could be tomorrow right then that tells me what I got ta do next.

You got a look at yesterday.
You got a look at today and you got a look at tomorrow, because people don’t realize this, but tomorrow comes being in the b2b, there’s a sales cycle within three to six months right but being in the car business.
Where I am now in the show, this is not going smoothly.

This is actually I touched the factory three guys being in a dealership like here, you’re able to see what’s going on right here is not a selling cycle of three months years.
Now now now a customer walks in there the door that’s about now and that’s why a lot of guys fail that come from this side of the business? Was they don’t understand about a cell except there could be a month and a half or three months keep following it up, so you have a guy that came from here into the b2b and he’s still here, because my partner’s own Soares right now, that gives you A whole different perspective, absolutely and you know, Richie key what you’re talking about in a lot of cases as being you know that self-examination it is the first part of goal-setting, you know, and it’s really a lot of people think goal-setting.
Oh well, that’s for salespeople or that’s for athletes or that’s for business people.

That’s not necessarily for me.
You know really it’s.
It should be there for everybody.

We should be looking at all parts of our lives all the time because, let’s face it, life is either happening because of you or it’s happening to you.
You know the question is: is who do you want being in control of what happens to your life? You are somebody else, because it’s gon na happen, it’s absolutely gon na happen.
So what do you want to be in control of what happens in your own life or have you be subjected to somebody else’s? The is weary.

You know now you and I could vote sit here and look and kind of laugh and say if we were here back in 2015, I guarantee you there’s nobody that /, that expected to be where we are in 2020.

Nobody even enjoyed that wasn’t even a dream, not even an issue.
We never thought about.

You know why we right why we have this objective.
It should be a fluid plan.
You know something that needs to be able to move and adjust all the time.

I I’ve been in cases where I had five and 10-year goals that I did in six and nine months you know and and others that maybe got pushed to the wayside or had to wait until later.
You know I’ve been spending a lot of the last few days, just kind of picking up the pieces around home because the stuff that I neglected when I was focused in on work, you know and and sometimes we’ve.
Let things slip to the side.

But we need to be able to self examine that to realize some cases where we let things down or where we need to pick those pieces back up it is it in your finances? Is it is in your relationships? Is that in your work? Where is it you need to readjust, and we need to be looking at it all the time there you know ongoing education needs to be a part of it as well.
You know it is the way I look at it if you’re green you’re growing, but if you’re right, where are you you’re rotting, and why? When you’re green, you grow because you grow based on your enthusiasm right and how you created Fuji azzam learning curve when you have a learning curve every day, your enthusiasm goes because you’ve learning new things that actually working happens is you hire a green pea in the Dealership he’s good for 60 days, he’s learned.
He thinks he’s learned everything the 60 days, the stores that have a trainer like the Jim Ellis organization.

Why Asbury organization? Okay, like the Lithia group, those of the stores that have that enthusiasm carry them twelve months because which Brittany does it carries enthusiasm because of the learning curve, so stores don’t realize that they say.
Oh I’m, okay, that’s the difference between a professional dealership, that’s owned by a real owner that that’s what he cares about versus on owner that maybe he’ll hire a trainer and once he sees some results, he stops his retainer and then he goes back on the spiral Down right, okay, but then he goes out expense.
Sixty greater marketing calls one of our company’s clickable.

Whatever I have a new budget.
Sixty-Five thousand listen forget about that.
You don’t got ta create.

I tell them: don’t even spread that body just put 20 grand in put fifteen renji, because what are you gon na do when you get to traffic? What are you gon na? Do you get the traffic the hook, the sales people don’t know what to do with it.
But what do you do with their own schedule? Train them cost invest in the training.
So that’s what I tell them right, because our interest is the product that really works.

Everybody’s happy and and the only way, you’re gon na make people happy, is how much money did.
I make sit.
No fellas gon na make anybody happy it’s all about dollars and cents.

How much money can I put in the back? They might need your solution.
The ultimate noodles, but we have a training program.
We have this if it doesn’t work, we’ll bring our trainers in right.

Now the efforts it’s about to change, chi-ching chi-ching, when you and the b2b you are not selling a hard 12 cosmo cosmo is a cave.
They depreciated and lost money because it’s for personal use, when you’re in the b2b sector you’re selling a tool that has to make them money.
That’s the different! You know in that bottom line all about the value, you’re praying it’s all about the value correct, and it’s all about the money you bring them in their account.

That’s the difference between you have 100 accounts today and you wake up at the end of the month.
A who lost a total of them and you keep dropping because you’re not giving that the results.
I mean anybody can sell, auto dealership.

Here’s the kicker, keep them for long term.
Show me people that keep a dealership for 18 months 22 months.
That’s what I want to see, and how do you do that by having somebody like you, that’s a great motivator.

I have it branded as a great trainer having a the coach is on.
That’s how you keep your customers, because retaining a customer is worth more to me than anything you can imagine.
I know you think about what we do all the time.

What we’re doing is planting seeds well, how well seeds are going to grow and how well are going to flourish depends on what it depends on the environment that they’re in and the nutrients that are able to bring in or or what they’re able to draw in And grow from on an ongoing basis.
You know, motivation and education are some of those nutrients that we bring into ourselves.
It’s what helps us grow.

It’s the sunlight! It’s the the oxygen: it’s the nitrogen from the soil, it’s those types of things, but if we don’t get that on a daily basis, we stop growing.
You know a lot of people that sit there and go well.
I we did training once it didn’t work very well, because you did it once motivation and education.

It’s an ongoing process.
It’s like bean, it’s like bathing, you know, that’s why we recommend you do it every day, never and when you do you’re great you’re, great, pointing stuffs out and motivating the people, because you want to know something.
When you motivate you activate right, you have to make a brain to do something.

That’s you are Europe a program or, like you know, besides, they have programmers or you’re a programmer is you’re motivating.
At the same time, when you done motivating bang, the light bulb comes on and now you’re activating and when you motivate you’re motivating yourself because now you’re activating new thoughts because you’re exercising this.
That’s right.

That’s what you do! You’re exercising this machine and when you feed that machine and you exercise it there’s only one thing: that’s gon na happen result productivity and your human side is gon na come out.
So you’re gon na nurture everything you touch and that’s what you have a three prong process to you motivate you activate your motivating yourself and activating yourself, but you’re also nurturing everything you touch they’re out of the and the woods that right, those trees and all that You’re nurturing that, because of your energy people, don’t understand being out in your yard, you’re, activating your entire environment.
So it’s like the magnet writing your house, it comes in you been, you know, it said absolutely it is.

You know you know, we need to be aware of that environment all the time.
You know it’s and it doesn’t matter if it’s just our work or whether it’s our home, if we don’t have people our friends, our family or whatever, that are encouraging us.
You know that our friends that are encouraging us and helping to keep us motivated and sometimes we need to find new friends.

You know, unfortunately, some of the most well-meaning people, the ones that love us, the most the same ones.
That in some cases, are gon na pull us down.
Why? Because? Because they think they care, they think they’re giving good advice, but did they ever do it? Have they ever been there before? Have they ever tried joining exactly what it is that you’re talking about doing they? Don’t they don’t necessarily accept it because they don’t have your vision? They don’t have your belief.

You know you Richie, I’m sure you’ve got your CEOs, they carry you out in some cases they tell you, you said you know you can’t do it that way, but they didn’t discourage you and say you can’t do it at all.
It’s like, let’s find a way to make it happen right, there’s people that can figure out how to take your vision and make it happen.
Those are the ones that really absolutely make things explode and you’ve got to be able to surround yourself by people that absolutely not only motivate and encourage, but believe in you and help you along that process in it’s that same way in every area of our lives, You know if you don’t, if, even if we’re in finance and our own personal finances, if you don’t have a spouse, that believes in the same vision that you do right if you’re working on some person making the money over here.

But if it’s been in and out of the other direction, just as fast you don’t get anywhere, do you know where listen? I I’m going.
I got separated with somebody now that backs me up, but everything she’s not stupid or herself, there’s a big difference.
You know and take it from me cuz.

I know okay, so there’s a big difference, but the other thing that you touched on that was really really important.
So a lot of people don’t see it right.
You don’t see the vision.

You know, because you know it’s hard when somebody’s creative, it’s wrong.
When somebody says this could be done and then you go to your team and they say no Richie blah blah blah, but I have people that can make my vision into reality right and that’s key.
I got a couple of other 19, but I have a lot more of guys that you know this is not good revenue.

Doesn’t matter they’re, just that’s the way.
They are it’s not that they’re negative.
I don’t look at it as negative.

I look at it.
Just pointing it out so then I break it.

Some people that look at my vision and see if I can execute it.
Sometimes they told me now you know so when you you have a lot of axis kind of stuff, really helps you.
You don’t want to preneur, it’s not easy to be a start-up company.

It’s that easy, don’t have to have success in a company, and now you have access to some dollars, that’s harder, because you can lose that in a stomachache ya, get a stomach ache and your two guys get a cold and you’re out of business.
See you! Okay! That’s right: that’s why it’s more about the infrastructure of your company than anything else, because you got ta protect yourself from what happens like week-old with ninety.
I was in the middle of developing of the shops wild it back.

What happens with that? I mean, if I wasn’t prepared financially, would my partners and yes, yes, that we had a plan strategically, that we did it a year about a year.
I would have failed.
I would have said you know what now I’m done look and we weren’t prepared for that.

But we prepare every day for let’s protect what we have.
First, let’s put that shield about it and nothing’s a hundred percent.
I got ta tell you something: it’s like you protect cyber security doesn’t matter okay, if somebody wants to get in there getting it.

Take that to the back I care who you hire.
If somebody wants to get into your home, you got ta, you got video cameras, they’re gon na do it.
All you can do is make it harder for right right.

So it’s better stop them, because they’re going to go for the easy, the same way with entrepreneurship.
If you have the process around, if something comes, it’s harder for that to destroy you, so you’re protected, something some shape or form.
You know and that’s what it’s about being somewhat protective.

You know you know comes out here, you’re still going to lose, money again lose as much.
Well, you better do in businesses minimize what you’re gon na lose.
What happens is we go over and that’s when we really lose? So if you minimize your loss and move on yep, you know there’s so many times things like this economic environment.

A lot of people will withdraw and try to hold on to what they’ve got.
You know, and others see a business opportunity.

I see an opportunity to advance and to grow.

I was in real estate when 9/11 hit right.
There are a lot of Realtors and in the market that I was in that was Drew and just quit doing business.
That month was the best single month, I’d ever had in real estate, because I never stopped I never quit.

I never even slowed down.
We kept going and going and going and absolutely exploded, because why? Because nobody else was paying attention.
You know you take I’ve.

Seen examples of two brothers that grew up in an abusive alcoholic family right, one, absolutely just kind of spiraled out of control and went downward and ended up homeless and when and when people turn to him and say you know what happened said well, I grew up In this environment, what did you expect the other st.
his brother right, his brother, absolutely made an a huge success of himself and grew, grew and everything else, and when people asked him why? And he said, because I grew up in this environment.
What did you expect? How did you expect me to react right so two brothers in the same environment of what happens? One goes one way, and one goes the other, because what they chose to focus on what they chose to be able to take out of it and how they chose to respond to the environment that they were in.

So you know it was interesting how, if you think about it, how many millionaires were created out of in 2008 right when we have that that that recession, right that that’s when I draw a blank saw, was what was the the huge right, chairlift and Jonna bike? Anyhow, a lot of them absolutely can launch huge, successful businesses that came out of you know that recession.
So do you want to take this and grow or die’s we’re gon na? Take it, and you know, hide it away as a Christian man one what a story! I’m frequently reminded of is the parable of the talents right in the the boss turn around and gave talents to one man.
He gave ten to one man.

He gave five and one man.
He gave one right the man he gave ten talents to when he came back to find out how things were II said: Oh boss, I took these ten talents and he said I really blew up.
You know did great things with them.

I invested in them for you and now these ten, these ten are now 20.
He turned to the man-eater, he had five with right and he asked him how he did what he did with him and he grew it and he invested it and here’s these five talents that I’ve now made ten out given one and in the end he said What did you do with it and he said I knew you to be a very difficult man.
You know I knew you to be stringent and hard and I took it and I buried it and here’s the one talent type they did for you.

You know he looked at it and took it away.
He turned around and gave it to the men that had made a 5 and 10 out of it.
You know, so the question is think of those talents.

Those coins instead think of it as the challenge that we have in our person, you know, are you gon na? Let those talents hide away, or are you gon na use them, throw it or multiply Madison right, we rewarded for the effort that you put in you know.
I’m gon na tell you some easy this, my god here, Lauren teach him dot-com talking about opportunity.

One of my partners put this together we’re now you can buy as a consumer a warranty online, much cheaper, then a dealership with with Craig.

You don’t need any credit, but if you want to get a loan on it, you could as long as you want to cause no matter what your credit is.
Here’s the other thing about it.
It’s zero interest, so wait now.

Here’s the other opportunity, sometimes a car, can get delivered with a warranty.

Sometimes you’re maxed out in your lending institution will guess what mr.
dealer log on here pull me and I’ll give you a deal on this or now it’s a part from the finance.

With 12 months at zero interest, no talk about an opportunity.

We developed that my partner’s developed that in Kovach painting, because we said hey, wait a minute.
We got a consult worried about the customers.

I need a warranty.
They can’t go to a dealership right, right, finance manager or whatever.

What are we doing here? It is.
It was born warranty check which this solution was born in poverty.
You know it’s interesting that you talk about that you and I were talking about Rebecca Chernykh earlier and she’s.

I’ve listened to some stuff talking about in many cases where we’re seeing online F & I and people are opting in to purchase stuff well beyond what those out some ethanol’s are doing.
Why? Because the value is being shown because it was being offered digital retail.
That’s right and in many cases, F & I departments, withdrew and didn’t ask because they were worried about being able to hit this target.

I’m gon na say something Friday.
I have automotive, digital retail timeout I think, did a live.
Just let me say this: I did a live Friday group pages, it’s about the same thing, guys click photos only with triggers and a lot a lot of different technology.

It’s for free all right forever.
Unless the upsell I got ta tell you this and I said about deals powerful.
This is, I got ta say this.

You know that we signed up twenty nine P and I want to thank my audience because I got twenty nine years old of all.
It’s about the product, what your merchants and, what’s the value you’re giving I don’t care, we do it for free forever.
Who cares but there’s an upsell were that you can get your product right now I had twenty nine signups and I want to thank minorities before I forget about that, and I also want to talk to you about that show that I have on Fridays.

I basically we go three times live all abilities, automotive training, news and now automotive, digital retail, because it’s alive and well I mean digital retells, alive and well scarred dealer start getting an e-commerce site right.
Let me tell you this and I told about the Jim Allen school: do you know they do the competition’s a show of competition right? I’m gon na send you the YouTube.
Do you know these cell cars right online when they do alive with their competition on the walk arounds, because what they do is they take that live and boost it to custom audience in their delivering cars? One of the biggest platforms for that is Magento’s.

When you have a Magento, it does for automotive right, they have the plug-in.
Let me tell you, and dealers you’re missing the boat with this digital thing in it, you don’t change its gon na push you to change.
That’s right.

Do you know what I’m saying you got ta change? You got ta, be a forward thinker you’re, not a forward thinking.
You got problems a brand.
You know what it was great having you here.

What a fresh of breath.
I mean you’ve given me myself for two to three weeks, but I’ve been watching you because asking me more focused – and I thank you and I look at tremendous opportunity together with you how much I can learn from you.
I appreciate it right.

Yeah I’d encourage all of you know all of your viewers to go in and join in to hash tag uplift and rise and join in the chain.
Breakers 365 we’d love to have you there on their line, every weekday and Monday through Friday, at 7:30 Eastern and do about a 15 minute segment, absolutely the more the merrier, and I appreciate you sharing the show out and just increasing our viewership.
That’s been wonderful.

Thank you so much planning, it’s always a pleasure.
Please do me a favor tag me from now on in the mornings there you go thanks for it.
Thank you.

God bless, take care the line.
I know .

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