One-Eighty Brandon Hardison will had to be with you on this to see continuing, along with our series of speaking today’s speakers once again challenged, because there are a couple things we have to deal with.

We do not have that front of the room anymore, so that takes away from it or you’re trying to get to understand how this new box now keep in mind.
We will be coming back.
America is the strongest country on the face of the earth, so the entertainment, the conventions.

All of these things will be coming so you’ll have an opportunity to get in front of the room again with people, but for the meantime, we’re confined to this box and we’ve talked in different series of what challenges you may run up against.
So today I wanted to talk about rehearsing to speak online, because this is what you’re going to be confined to.
So when we have to rehearse to speak online can feel a bit odd, especially when video software enters the mix, because maybe that’s not your strength.

I know it’s not my strength, but you’ll be more effective in rehearsal.
If you’re aware of the speaking content and here’s, what I mean, knowing the content will always inform you how your rehearsing style needs to be so I have this content, I’m going to give a digital speech, because this is what I’m stuck to you need to make Sure how to be prepared for that.
So generally, we recommend getting together acoustically in the area that you’re going to be so you can see how your verbal and nonverbal delivery, if you have any presentation aids to go along with it, there’s a few variables that we have to make sure.

To put this whole package together, so let’s take them one by one.
If we just look at the verbal delivery, the verbal delivery is key in any digital speech, particularly webinars or web conferencing, and the reason being is: whenever your voice overlay is incorporated by slideshows, your body is invisible to the audience.

So now we have to worry about our verbal enunciation, our pronunciation, our write as we call it and the pauses because remember you have these aids that are coming in and out and the people watching.

We must make sure that the timing is there to keep your audience maintained on whatever story, you’re trying to tell them, and if the energy is not there and the only thing they can go by is the tonality of your voice.
Then it can be a bland hour half hour wherever the show may be now.
The audio recording itself during this rehearsal, I would say, like I always say practice, is the key to everything, because I don’t know what type of devices you’re using usually with today’s technology.

Smart phones or other devices of the first things that that that really come to people’s mind.

But since we have to make sure that everything is going to be perfect many times, we have to lower the energy, because the device that we’re using may just go over.
The top and to the audience it’s not sounding real, well so sound projection and also the energy that you bring or a couple of variables that we really need to look at now.

If you do have a microphone set up with that now you’re a little bit better, because usually there’s gon na be someone there controlling the levels of projection which will make it a pretty much consistent, easy presentation.
So how about nonverbal? Since we’re not in front of the room anymore, I can’t see what your reaction may be and, as you do, no call-and-response is a big thing when you’re in front of a room, but in this case it’s hard to do.
I can still go through the motions of asking people what they feel to try to gather them in, but it’s not the same.

So when rehearsing your nonverbal, what is the visible of the video? What are you still trying to present to the audience? Because your emotions, your smiles, your pauses, your inflection or maybe you’re, a person that likes to throw in jokes every now and then can come into play.

Please keep in mind.
Facial expressions, especially on a digital speech, can be a big help.

Now I don’t know what type of props, but if you do have some visual aids in the background, something that you’re going to bring up.
That may be funny to some, where you’re trying to drive home a point and others can be very helpful or it can do the opposite.

It can be distracting as far as a background goes so just trying to keep all of these things in mind, and then your presentation, aids, if you have to I repeat again, if you have to use presentation aids, let’s really make sure that they are clean, crisp, Presentable the fonts everything is ready because we do not want people squinting time to read and see what you’re trying to present, if you’re, only using visual aids to avoid taking time away from you.

That’s probably not a good reason to do it.

Visual aids presentation aids are there to drive home the point that you’re trying to get across to the audience.
So, if you’re deemed set hard about using these aids, please make sure it falls within the content of what you’re doing, if you’re doing an online continuous class.

Now we need to do something a little bit different, because our whole body needs to be used, not just your headshot well, why would that be for an online class now we’re going back to this neural linguistic programming, and maybe I just need to do a show.
Just on NLP, but we need to get your whole body as much as we can, because when we are in class we’re expecting different things from the person that’s delivering it remember they’re, leaving with a life-long message: you’re teaching them something you are going to test them On something I fear my brothers and sisters, because school is going to be coming up, whether it be elementary middle senior, junior sophomores and what we call secondary public schools and then in some colleges, they’re not going to be opening up.
So they really need to be working on how they’re going to be speaking online in a class and what the opportunities will be now not to just touch on it.

But just briefly, the clothing needs to be appropriate, because we just have this box.
How you deliver things needs to be appropriate, but we’ll talk about that because there’s lighting, there’s camera, there’s a whole different atmosphere if we have a continuous online class and multiples daily, because some people do teach more than one one class.
In conclusion, the only thing I would like to say is that digital public speaking it’s involving once again.

This whole thing was thrust upon us in a short period of time and we’re all trying to work our way through it.
So there’ll be some additional tactics that will come up there, the whip better as far as background and aids, but the key thing that I say to everyone, each and every time practice.
If we do not see the value of practicing.

None of this is really going to matter about anything because practice makes consistency and consistency will bring confidence once again, Bryant and Hardison four champion strategies and, as always in parting, go out and make it a champion.

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