Regardless of how we all feel about COVID

Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies, and also here for shop, smart autos with some consumer tips.

So let’s get right to it, regardless of how we all feel about copic, it’s become a massive part of our society.
In the current time, however, instead of looking at its impacts in a negative way, we want to focus on the strong opportunities that the situation could present.
This event can be an amazing catalyst to revolutionize the automotive industry and how it operates for you, the consumer.

Now dealers choose to learn that this curve and adjustment is going to bring a lot of things good and bad to them.
So why not take advantage of this? In other words, while automotive sales are still flat, profit outlook is less than encouraging across the board.
So what does that mean for you? More than ever, rather than relying on just showroom visits alone, dealers are exploring with data that can help reach the right customers at the right time, so you’re in the best buying situation.

Right now, buyers are asking questions differently and they’re seeking different answers about how to buy new cars, how to find cars, how to get the best deal.
So, let’s embrace the future while we can with so many buyers in the market affected by this covid.
Now is a good time to drive in.

So what do you use that dealers love to find you that facebook ads radio ads? Do you know what type of return on investment that google and people spend everybody’s out there trying to get your attention to try to sell you something so the better the data that they watch you as you’re, making your choices not just for automobiles, but for anything The better they’re going to find you lead, as we call it wise when it comes to getting an automobile, so today’s buyers reach a purchase decision faster when they have a personalized experience from an organization that found them by building off the first stages of you.
Looking for something in this case, the vehicle, usually your interest in this buying cycle peaks and you go on to their website and you ask more questions and then eventually, you may make a decision of going in if not they’re still going to follow up by focusing On you, by sending you more information, maybe even some specials at some times, because they want you to choose and select them, whether it’s for sales or service so be looking out.
If you are in the market, start going to some websites going to some third-party vendors.

There’s many of them out there don’t want to give a name of any particular one, but once you start getting that data out watch how so many people will find you on google on facebook or any other the sites, and let them explain to you the consumer.

Why you should use their dealership in your next automotive purchase or for service? Keep in mind, i would look to see what is their mission.
I would look to see how long they’ve been in business.

I would look to see if they have meet our staff with an email.
So maybe i want to personalize this and send someone some information and once again, can you shop without going into the dealership or if you want to go in for parts of it? If a dealership offers all of these qualities, this will be a good experience why the manufacturers are in a tough situation, they’re ready to do business now.

So people always say when is the best time to purchase a vehicle.

Now is the best time to purchase a vehicle once again, brad and hardison president of champion strategies, also here speaking force, mark chapardos and when we say autos we mean autos.
We do nothing else but help you, the consumer shop, smartly, giving you tips and ideas of what you need to look for.
So, as always in parting, you go out and make it a champion day.

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