Y’all know what time it is yeah, it’s quick brew time.

What’s going on everyone frozen art, subprime hero today is already 3.24.2021.
Sorry, 24 days into the third month of the year.
That’s gon na change.

Your life wow time is going by fast.
Take advantage of every moment do not waste it.
So today my quick tip, my quick brew for you is be original, be authentic to yourself.

We don’t need to try to be like anyone else.
You don’t have to try to be like michael jordan or try to be like me or try to be like whoever you’re trying to be like.

You can use them as encouragement.
You can use them as inspiration, but be original make it your own thing.

Carve your own path out, man have that kind of fun, because people don’t want fake people.

If you’re in the sales industry, people want real people, they don’t want to deal with somebody that they don’t know they want to know you.
They want to have fun with you, so be original with them.

Be that person that really truly is authentic right, because when they feel the authenticity of we know the word, i’m trying to say when they feel that the authentic right, when they feel the authentic in coming outside of you man.

It goes so much further than if they just don’t really understand who you are and what’s going on with.
You like, you have to be real quit trying to do the schmoozy bluesy stuff, be honest and be upfront with people, because that’s what they want.
The world has become a lot more of a fishbowl than uh danelle delgado talked about that last night with social media.

We all are exposed, they can find out.
Who you are, they can google you they can go anywhere, they want and they can find out.
What kind of personality, what you do, what kind of family you have and all that type of stuff right so be authentic to yourself? Don’t try to hide anything, be real.

Have fun with your clients.
Have fun with your friends have fun with your family, because the more you can do that and the more authentic you are, the better your life will be and the easier it is to grow, because when you’re trying to be yourself and you’re going to grow a Lot easier than if you’re trying to force something so don’t force it be.
You have fun, be authentic, i’m freelance, a subprime hero and if i was to give you one tip today, you all know what it is be.

You y’all have a good one.

Let’s brew! .

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