Folks, y’all know what time it is: yes, quick, brew time, frelin arts subprime hero, today’s ready, 2, 24.

, 20, 21 wow, it’s already 24 days into the second month of the year.
That’s going to change your life folks.
Time is going by fast, take advantage of every moment.

Do not waste it.
So today my quick tip, my quick brew for you is sometimes you have to recharge.
Sometimes you have to you know it’s one of those things you have to relax, reflect recharge, refocus man.

There’s something about that when you get a chance to do that, it makes it all worthwhile.
Sometimes we grind, we grind, we grind, we don’t even see where we’re going and that’s good.

You want to have those blinders up when you’re focused on something when you’re trying to get to a goal, but you also have to breathe in the fresh air, sometimes notice, the beautiful clouds that you have in the sky, the sun, the moon.

You got to take your time to do all those things a lot of us.
We focus so hard on just one thing that we neglect a lot of other things.
Well, relaxing and recharging is key.

A lot of times have you ever been there.
I shouldn’t say a lot of times: have you ever been to that moment in your life, where you’re like man, i don’t know what i need to do next.
What i need to do next, then you just sit back.

You reflect and you’re like, oh yeah, and you come up with a million ideas just by doing nothing.

That is what i mean by that, and it’s not nothing.
Recharging is great for your body.

When you work out, you cannot just lift weights every single day and not expect to grow.

You have to let your body repair itself.
It has to recover from all the work that you put in once you get the recovery, your body is going to be able to adapt it’s going to grow the muscles that it needs that you want from all the work that you put in it’s the same Thing with work life yeah in order for you to put those work muscles in that you’ve been working so hard at you have to let it recover a little bit.

So that’s all i’m going to tell you all today, man, that’s my really quick tip for you.
I’m freelancing subprime here and if i was to give you one tip and only one tip only just let yourself recover and recharge every once a while.

You all have a good one.

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