You all know what time it is: yeah, it’s quick brewton! What’s going on everyone, frelin arts, subprime hero today is 11 11 20 20.

wow make a wish right.
It’s also veterans day, while times going by fast.
Take advantage of every moment.

Do not waste it man.
So today my quick tip my quick brew for you is think a veteran.
It’s really important to do so.

There’s a lot of veterans in your life.
You may not even realize our veterans, you may know some people who’ve been through some struggles coming back from whatever situation they were overseas, rehabilitating to be able to live in this normal world.
Again, it’s really been a struggle for some people.

You know earlier this year.
I did push-ups um 22 push-ups a day for 22 days to honor the 22 fallen veterans who commit suicide on a daily basis.
Folks um.

I think that number’s dropped a little bit um.
The awareness is getting out there, it’s a beautiful thing, but it still happens.
It’s so important to let veterans know how much you appreciate them, these people they go on.

They defend our rights, they defend our country and our freedoms.

They do it all for less money than you guys could ever imagine.

They should be making a lot more money than what they do, but they do it because they do it for the honor of it that the the reason is for the country it’s for their their glory of it right.

They have patriotism in them and it’s really a big deal so make sure you guys go out and think of that one freelancer subtime hero today, my quick tip.
My quick brew, of course, is go out and thank you.
Vet happy veterans day to all you guys out there.

Thank you for serving i’m frelin arts.
Let’s prove .

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