y’all know what time it is yeah.

It’s quick brew time.
What’s going on everyone, frelin arts, subprime hero wow today is 1.

It’s already six days into the first month, wow of the year, that’s going to change your life folks, time’s, going by fast, take advantage of every moment.
Do not waste it.

So today my quick tip my quick brew for you.
It’s do the small stuff.
Don’t forget the little things the things that are little are: what make things become.

Huge people forget to do the little things they tend to lose their clients.
They tend to lose their uh momentum in life.
You know so many things, even when you have a relationship with like your significant other.

You have to know the little things about them.
What their favorite color is what they like to eat.

What’s their favorite way to have their coffee or whatever it is.

You just know those things.
You know it’s just the little things same thing with your clients.
When you do the little things you remember the little things like how many kids they have um.

You know what’s their favorite, color and vehicle, why they came in where they grew up where they were born.

When you know all this type of stuff from asking questions and doing all the little things i promise you it just compounds next thing you know you’re, making more money, you’re selling more cars than you could ever imagine.

So it’s the little things folks little things like taking care of your customers after the sale.

You know one thing that one of my guys, i’m gon na, throw this out there and i had to sit in front of me is he came out with these little pins, and i know this is small, but look he gives all his pens he’s called himself To the dream team him and his customers are the dream team join the dream team.
He has his email addresses phone number and then a referral bonus right here.

It’s the little things.

This little thing that he’s gon na get to everyone’s clients, probably cost him less than a dollar per.
How is that not worth it? You send you, give it everybody who buys a car matter of fact when they’re signing their contracts, they use these pens when they’re signing their yes to buying a car.
They use these pens so patrick’s doing the little things.

So why don’t you do the little things step up a little bit.
Invest in yourself take care of your clients, listen to what they say, ask them more questions care about them, be a human being.
This is for an artist’s subprime hero.

If i was to give you one tip and only one tip today, do the little things and don’t forget it, i’m freelance one more time: whoa, let’s brew, take care guys have a .

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