Oh y’all know what time it is yeah.

It’s quick brew time.
What’s going on everyone freelance subprime hero today is 1 27 2021 wow time is going by fast folks.

Take advantage of every moment.

Do not waste it.
So today my quick tip, my quick brew for you is actually inspired by glenn lundy’s morning, five routine, and it’s something that i’ve read his book.
It’s a great book.

It talks about gratitude.
He talks about a lot of stuff, but the last thing it tells you is send messages of gratitude and love to other people right.

Those are not the exact words, but that’s what he’s meaning.

So what i’m telling you and my quick proof for you today is send a message out there to people, whether it’s your friends, family, acquaintances, teammates workmates, whatever you want to call it send a message of love and encouragement out there.
Just a quick little message on your phone: you can message them.
You can email them.

You can text them it’s whatever you want to do.
You can even voicemail it, but do that send to people random people every single day when you do that, it’s sending love out there, which, in turn love turns into love.
It’s a very contagious thing.

It’s a very spontaneous combustion type stuff.
When you start doing it more love gets out there, they’ll be encouraged to do the same thing.
They’ll be encouraged to love other people and share and do things, but at the same time, what it does for you inside here when you get to express those things to people and feel, like you know, you’re loving people and that you’re letting them know their worth And their value, so big props to glenn lendy for that folks, if you’re not doing it, you should start doing it send a couple messages a day.

Just the people that you care about friends, family, i’m telling you it’ll change it up; it’ll change it for you! It’ll change it for them and it’ll make you much happier well, i’m feeling some subprime here.
One tip today, just make sure you reach out to friends and family, send them a message to let them know how much you care and love them.

Y’all have a good one.

I appreciate you all for jumping in have a great one whoa, let’s brew, .

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