Oh i’m gon na dust that off real quick folks.

What’s going on, i got that dandruff.
Now, i’m just playing freelance subprime hero.
You all know what time it is yeah.

It’s quick through time today is 2 23 jordan.
2021 wow time is going by fast.
Please take advantage of every moment: do not waste it.

So today my quick tip, my quick brew for you is really simple.

It’s really easy, always choose people over profits.
Folks, without people we don’t have profits without your team and building them up and investing in them and trying to help them grow.

Profits will never happen anyway, even if they do they’re very minimal.

So yeah take your minimal profits if you want to take profits over your people, but always make sure that you take care of your people, because when you do that the profits will pour in profits are byproduct of doing the right thing over and over and over Right doing the right thing for your people, people also include your clientele, and your clients do right by them, always choose what they need.
Try to help them when you sell them something give them something that they need in their life.

When you do that, and you can show that it is something like that, the profits will come so always choose the people over profits always find a way to do it from your heart for them, when you do it for your people as a leader, if you’re Doing it for your team, you take care of your team, you make sure that they take care of their people.

It is the chain effect and when we all can do that, the world is going to get better.
The car business can be the best ever people will stop talking smack about us like room and carvana and all them people about how that is going to be a different process, it’s better for them to go.

That way.
It’s not man, because people are people and we all want to help each other, and when we can do that, you feel that it’s better than a computer screen it’s better than clicking a button.

It’s when you help somebody, and you truly mean that you want to help them so make sure you guys do that people over profits every single time fellaini’s a subprime hero.

If i was to give you one tip and only one tip today, relationships over revenue.
Same thing right, take care, we’ll see you later: whoa peace, .

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