Oh, what’s up, what’s up folks whoo, look at that! You all know what time it is yeah, it’s quick brew time.

This is frelin arts of subprime hero today is 2.

It’s already 16 days into the second month.
That’s going to change your life! Folks into the year that’s going to change your life.

I need to work on my words, don’t i but that’s right.
We all keep growing.
We forgive focus and flying right.

So today my quick tip my quick brew for you so important folks.
When it snows make ice, cones, snow, cones right.
We all can look at a day like this and think man.

It looks freezing man it’s cold out here.
It is, but what’s the positives, look at the good stuff right now is a great day to make phone calls right.
Now is a good day to go.

Sledding with your family right now is a good time to go out and shovel a driveway there’s something i don’t know therapeutic about that, especially if you can i’m not saying if you can, if you have heart condition, if you know you’re elderly you shouldn’t do stuff, Like that, but when you’re a young vibrant person, you should be out there doing stuff getting your body flowing it’s a great day.
You don’t get to do these too often, not here in kentucky at least right, so go out there and enjoy that have fun when it snows make the most of it get snow.
Make you a nice little snow cone have some fun, because what happens right here in between those two ears is so key to be able to have a great day have a great life a great year.

You know this year is going to be a big year.
I know it is, i know, we’re going to keep growing.
I hope you guys do the same thing.

I’m here trying to have some fun out here in this amazing snow, i’m going to keep grinding it out, we’re going to keep growing.
You guys, keep growing too.
I’m freelance a subprime hero and if i was only give you one tip and only one tip today is when it snows make snow, cones y’all take care.

Let’s brew, see y’all later .

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