y’all know what time it is yeah.

It’s quick brew time.
What’s going on everyone, frelin arts, subprime hero today is 12.

It’s already eight days into the 12th month of the rest of your life.
Wow time is going by fast.

Take advantage of every moment do not waste it.
So today my quick tip my quick brew for you.

It’s very easy ask and you shall receive, and it can go so many different ways, folks, as a salesperson when you’re talking to a client, unless you ask for the business you’re never going to get the business.

Don’t go straight into it asking, but you always ask questions.
You always do the right thing asking shall receive, for example, i’m a podcast host when i want people to come on my show there was a lot of people.
I didn’t know if they would even talk to me, so i just messaged them.

I went to their social media.
I posted on their posts, their posts.
I made comments i liked i shared.

I did all those things to build that relationship and then i asked i said: hey would you be on my show and almost every single one of them said yes, but if i had never asked or had the courage to ask, then i wouldn’t have been able To get those people on my show, that’s just one example.
As a salesperson on the sales floor, same thing, there’s been plenty of times.
I’ve had people on the lot that were telling me they’re just looking.

They just want to walk around a lot, but after i walked around a lot with them, i did all the stuff build rapport got them to like me.
I showed them a few different vehicles at the end said: hey do any of these vehicles seem like something that you would be interested in purchasing today.
Matter of fact, if they were all priced exactly the same, which one would you like to take home? That’s me asking, but if i would have never done that, they probably would have just shook my hand and left and went to the next store just to go.

Kick some more tires, but in a lot of those cases, people they liked me they felt like.
I was honest they felt like.
I was really caring about their story and what they’re looking for and at the end of the day, i asked for the business and i got it that’s the best way and it could work with all things in life from dating to you know, like i said, Business everything make sure you ask and you shall receive i’m fellaini fellain artists, subprime hero, and i hope you guys, like that quick tip today.

Y’all have a great one whoa, let’s brew, .

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