Whoo, you all know what time it is.

This is actually going to be take two folks because it’s quick through time, but the last quick brew that i just did for some reason.
I don’t know if it was the internet connection.
Hopefully it’s a better connection now, but i was you couldn’t even hear afterwards.

I said so.
I think it’s really important to repeat what i talked about.

So you know today is 11.20.20.
It’s already three days into the 11th month of the rest of your life, but, most importantly, it’s veterans day.

Folks time is going by fast.
That’s freaking said veterans day it’s election day.
Man, i’m stumbling through my words because i’m really excited about today, but i’m also real real passionate about what i’m talking about.

You know i really want to encourage people, so you know being that it’s you know going by fast and you need to take advantage of every moment.
You know which i always like to talk about giving you my quick tip, it’s to go out and vote.
You know make sure you get your voice heard.

A lot of people will sit here and complain about our government about the leaders of our government, all those things, but yet they don’t even go to the polls and make their vote count.

They’ll sit there and talk about all this, but they don’t do nothing about it.
So i encourage, i think we need to get everybody out to do their vote because everybody has the opportunity.

You have a right to vote.
People died and did multiple things just to be able to have the right to vote, whether it be women.

You know black people, i mean seriously everybody we all asians everybody had to come in when they got to this country.

They had a unless you were a white man.
You know not to get you political.
You had to fight for your right to vote.

So once you are able to vote, you need to make sure your your vote is heard.

Everyone’s vote – men, women, black white asian, does not matter, go out and vote if you’re, a u.
s citizen and you care about your country go out vote because voting does affect things.

It affects your local place.
You know voting for your local government voting for your local people to put them in the right place because who’s in your local government’s almost to me more important than who’s running the country, because you want to make sure locally that the people who are running things Are going to take care of their community they’re going to listen to their community’s voice? So if you want that, you don’t want to complain about it, make sure you go and vote for that, because that’s the only way that it’ll work then tell people you know be that person be more go out and do that make your voice heard.

So that’s going to be my quick tip, make sure you guys go vote because the world depends on us to take care of it.

It’s us our children, their children.
You want to make the world great go out and vote today.
I’m freelance subprime hero, let’s brew, .

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