What’s up everyone, fellain arts, subprime hero, y’all, know what time it is yeah.

It’s quick brew time today is already 1.

Sorry, 12 days into the first month of the year that you’re gon na change your life folks time is going by fast.
Take advantage of every moment do not waste it.

So today my quick tip, my quick brew for you is to have hope man.
This word’s been inspired by to me.
This morning i was on um.

There was it’s a place called the the clubhouse, and we had this new group that we started on there.
It’s called brewing solutions in the clubhouse room for improvement right, so we lou – and i we moderated it this morning.
We had somebody come on and they were talking about their word for the year.

Their word was hope.
Mine is forgive, but their word was hope and they’re.
So right, it’s always good to have that mentality of hope always have that thing.

Knowing that better things are yet to come, better things are going to come.
What you wish for, and what you’re trying to get to will happen.

You know you have to have that hope.

It’s the same thing as like a why you know you hope you get to your why? But you got to have all that belief that you can get there, because if you have this, why you don’t know how to get there? You don’t think you can get it.

None of that really matters so make sure that you put hope out there too, knowing that it’s gon na happen, knowing that with hope, you’re gon na get to that next level with hope, you’re gon na have that it’s confidence inside you.
It builds confidence.

I love that word, i’m glad that she brought that up this morning.
Hope what a great word folks make sure you have that inside you make sure you always are looking for that next level and always have that hope feeling.
Knowing it’s going to happen.

It’s so hopeful, it’s everything is wonderful! Folks, i’m freelancer subprime here.
If i was to give you one tip today and only one tip only so make sure that you have hope in your life because hope is so important.

You all have a good one.

Let’s brew! .

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