you all know what time it is yeah, it’s really our subprime hero and it’s quickbrew time today is

It’s ready 10 days into the 12th month of the rest of your life.
Wow time is going by fast.
Take advantage of every moment do not waste it folks.

This is take two of this video earlier.
I lost signal, i’m back, but man, that’s kind of the point of what my quick brew is about today.
So today my quick tip, my quick proof for you is do not let one bad moment ruin the rest of your day so important and it’s so key a lot of us.

We get into those types of things where something can happen to us in the middle of the day and all of a sudden the rest of day shot, you don’t have you don’t want to do anything.
You think that the world has fallen apart.
You think that your life is horrible and it’s very hard to get over it.

Well, that’s the thing guys: it’s it’s very hard to do that if you allow it to overtake your mind, your soul, your body and everything, energy that energy can really ruin you, but the way you get over bad energy is to just let it go when you Have something bad happen to you like i did earlier, i was recording in the middle of it stopped when something like that happens.

It’s okay! You have no control over that.
Folks only worry about what you have control over and that’s what’s going on right here in your head, so use gratitude the moment that something bad happens be like you know what i’m glad it happened.

That means things the rest of the day are going to be great in comparison to this right.

No matter what it is.
That’s how i look at it.

I can have a bad video.
I can have a bad morning with my wife.
We have a bad conversation.

Whatever you know that rarely happens, i’m not saying it doesn’t.
When it does, i get over it and guess what within 15 minutes, i’m over here, trying to kiss my wife and tell her how much i love her just like you guys would do the same thing.
So make sure that when you guys have that situation that one bad moment in the day, don’t let that moment ruin the rest of that moments that you have the hours that you have left in the day right, because one moment is only one moment all right.

Folks, i’m friends with subprime hero y’all have a great day.

Let’s brew, .

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