Y’all know what time it is yeah, it’s quick brew time.

What’s going on! Everyone today is 11.19.2020.
It’s really 19 days until the 11th month of the rest of your life.
Wow time is going by fast.

Take advantage of every moment.
Do not waste it so today my quick tip, my quick brew for you is smile, because it’s the most important thing that you’re gon na wear every single day that you wake up the smile is so powerful.
There’s something about that.

You ever just walk in a room and you smile and then you just see everybody light up or the complete opposite or you’re the one sitting there and then somebody walks in and you see them smiling.
It just makes you feel good in the inside that that power of the smile is such a benefit for all of us as human beings.

It’s a way that we can express the way we feel very easily matter of fact, when you smile it’s very hard to be in a bad mood.

Try it smile for a little bit walk around and tell me that you don’t just start thinking in a better attitude already it’s very important to do that folks, so wear that every single day share that with people.
Just like i talk about sharing the light.
That is the light.

You know when you get up and you you hang out and you can just look, we all done it.
You know throw a little hell that smile, so crucial, so folks make sure you guys do that.
Make sure you smile because you’re going to feel better in the inside and when you smile other people smile which makes them feel better the inside? Well, i’m freelance i’m the subprime hero.

If i was to give you one tip today, and only one tip only it’d be two smile, because it’s the most important thing, you’re going to wear every day.
You’ll have a good one.
Well take care, let’s brew! .

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