Y’all know what time it is yes, quick, brew time.

Frelin arts subprime hero today is 2.

It’s already 13 days into the second month of the year.
That’s gon na change.

Your life folks time is going by fast.
Take advantage of every moment.

Do not waste it so today my quick tip, my quick brew for you is focus on making a difference.

Think about what i just said.
Making a difference focus on that a lot of times.
What we try to do is we try to sell something as salespeople, that is we’re trying to sell to the customer.

I got a car, you need to buy it, but make a difference.
Why do they need to buy it? You know that.
Why is a powerful thing figure out? Ask those questions make a difference be more than you were with them before every salesperson up and down the street is going to sell them.

Something focus on making a difference.
Make a difference in their life.
Ask them the right questions figure out why they’re trying to get to where they’re at get to know what kind of family they have get to know what kind of job they have? What kind of hobbies they like be more than just a salesperson, be a friend, be somebody who cares, who shows they got a heart right makes a big difference.

It may not work every sale, but in the accumulation of tons of sales over years of working in this business, i can tell you, when you make a difference in someone’s life, whether they buy from you or not.
It is so much more satisfying than just selling a car, sometimes just selling a car yeah you make that money, but then you don’t make any relationships.
You don’t get any referrals, they don’t care about.

You they’ll go out and buy their next car from somebody else, but when you make a difference they will leave there.
They’ll tell everybody about you when they’re ready to buy their next vehicle.
They’ll come back and see you you because you made all the difference.

Folks, it’s a big deal, so i hope you guys get what i’m trying to say.
It even works in your personal life.
You have friends, family focus on making a difference.

You can love them.
You can love them all.
You want but make a difference in your life.

You have children, show them a different way, show them what, as herb anderson said yesterday, the shortcut to life man show them the way to do it.
The only way you can take a shortcut in this life is by showing people mistakes not to make.
Well, anyway, i’m freelancing subprime hero and i want to let you guys know if there’s only one thing, i’m going to tell you today and only one tip i’ll give you so go out and make a difference.

I want to say hi to everybody sandy.
What’s up brother jason boom says facebook user have a great day for leonardo’s, not sure who you are, but i do appreciate you and sandy says be the person they reach out to when you don’t know when they don’t know who to call strong.

Yes, sir man in sandy you’re a solution.

As you know what i’m talking about all the solutionaries, we need to rise up together and make a difference in this business.
We need to make a huge difference.
I want the car business to be way more than it’s ever been people love this business.

I love this business.
It’s changed my life and i’ve been able to help change tons of people’s lives by being in this business.
Focus on that folks, keep growing i’ll, see you all later.

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