y’all know what time it is yeah it’s quick through time.

What’s going on, everyone from art, sub prime hero today is 12.2020.

It’s already five days into the twelfth month of the rest of your life.

Wow time is going by fast.
Take advantage of every moment do not waste it.

So today my quick tip, my quick proof from you is an original.
It’s brew solutions.
Folks, do not percolate problems quit being the people out there that when you see something wrong, all you do is talk about it and you about it.

You don’t like it.
You hate it or whatever be the one who comes up with the solution be creative.
Instead of talking about a problem, find the solution for the problem and then bring it up and show people how you can make it better or how you can do something, that’s different, how you can encourage, or whatever you need to do to not make sure you Percolating problems out there folks brewing solutions is a lifestyle.

That’s something that the car guy coffee podcast is all about the cafe.
What we’re doing there.
What we’re trying to create here in this group of people is to brew solutions.

Make sure that you’re out there doing that make sure that you’re trying to find things that are creative, that are next level that are out of this world, that people can join up and do start groups do everything you can to be part of the solution, not Part of the problem: well, i’m freelance the subprime hero.
If i was to give you one tip today matter of fact, every single day brewing solutions is the key.
Don’t percolate problems whoa, let’s brew, .

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