What’s up y’all y’all know what time it is yeah.

It’s quick brew time.
It’s freelancers, sub, prime hero and today is 2.


It’s already 12 days into the second month of the year.

That’s going to change their life.
Folks time is going by fast.
Take advantage of every moment do not waste it.

So today my quick tip, my quick proof for you is lead with a great attitude.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a leader at work, if you’re a leader at home, if you’re a leader in a community, if you have children, always lead with a good attitude.
Here’s the thing the moment you walk into a dealership, your team and i’m gon na talk about car business right now, your team, the moment you walk in they’re, gon na look at you and see how that day is going to be.

If you walk in with this look like you’re mad, you don’t want to be here, they’re, going to feel the same way, which is going to turn is going to turn your team into that same type of attitude.
Now they follow the leader, that’s what we all do, we’ve all done, that we follow what we see ahead now, if the team leader walks in and he’s jazzed up and he’s pumped up and he’s dancing he’s doing all this stuff.

When he’s doing all that it gets the team excited, i’m not saying you have to dance, i’m not saying that, but bring a good energy.

Your attitude will determine your team’s output period.
If you come in with bad attitude their output’s going to be minimal, you might have a few of those guys who spy can do really well, they just go with the flow they do.
What they’re supposed to do, but for the majority of people that 93 of people out in this world they follow the leader and when they do that, it can be bad.

If you don’t believe the right way so make sure.

Every day, when you walk into whatever situation, you are as a leader, you walk in with a smile on your face with the attitude of let’s make this happen today, let’s grow and let’s keep growing folks, you all have a great one.
I’m freelance a subprime hero and if i was to give you one tip and only one tip today, it’s lead with a great attitude.

You’ll have a good one.
Let’s brew! .

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