Quality Vs. Quantity In Car Sales

Hello Noah wall shear from nwa sales training.

I wanted to talk to you about your thoughts on quality versus quantity.

Would you rather have quality? Prospected leads coming into your dealership, where you’re able to set the appointment, set the time with people who know you or know people who have done business with you or seen you around your community.
Or would you rather go the generic step of mass advertising? We were just blowing out payments that no one can get to that.

No one qualifies for where you’ve got customers flooding in all at once, hard for the staff to manage all the people coming in and handling their objections with the short timeframe.
Now a qualified prospected lead you’re, usually going to set the appointment with the people.
So therefore you know not to double triple stack.

You can bring them in they’re, going to have more patience for you for what you have to say and they’re going to be more open to the pricing on the product.
So I asked you, would you rather have quality leads or quantity leads? Let me know on that: .

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