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Hey this is brian maxwell, your success, coach for the generation of change, we’re nearing the end of 2011, getting ready to go into a new year 2012 and if you’re, like most other people, you probably already got started on setting your new year’s resolutions and the goals And things you’d like to achieve for 2012.

One thing I like the stress to people each and every year.
I know some folks that said new year’s resolution to set goals for themselves each and every year, but at the end of that year they end up kicking themselves because they feel like that.
They never accomplished any of the resolution that they said before themselves.

But this year all that has gone change.
Alright, we started a new movement.
Well now, all of us are totally focused on transforming and improving our quality of life and what I’m realizing, what you’re, probably realizing, and what all of us and all of you listening to this and watching this on your iPad at home – is that we all have To adapt and change and be in tune, but what’s happening today in order for us to achieve success, there’s a gentleman by the name of John he’s out of New Jersey attending one of our events, just recently and John random same restaurant for 30 years and was Used to in comfortable to the way that layout was and the people in the neighborhood, a lot of mac grew up going to this restaurant, but times had changed.

A lot of the old group had moved on.
The neighborhood new businesses came in and his business began to suffer and he could not figure out why, after speaking with myself and talking with my consultant, what we found out was that John had never gotten a website why he didn’t believe in all the hoopla on The internet, but due to his inability or willingness to change it almost cost him his business.
One small change in John’s approach, which was just creating web surfers company and listening online, has double of Jones business.

Now he’s running a thriving business he’s no longer focused on.
Maybe he has to close his doors.
You see right now in this economic downturn that we’re experiencing.

You know we have to be smart, there’s still people achieving things and making money and doing great things.
You just have to figure out how how to do that in today’s society and in today’s current economic conditions, and for those of you who may think that what we’re experiencing right now this recession is something new.
The United States of America has had 47 at least 47 recorded recessions since 1790.

All right so we’ve been here before, and I want you all to know that some of the biggest and most successful people and companies started during economic downturns.
And the reason is this.
Most people in situations coming and money dries up and opportunities seem to shrink a lot of people go into safety mode.

What do you want to hold on to that job that guy they want to hold on to that dollar that they wear as opposed to trying to put it to? You said really taking the chance they’re holding on and they don’t know how long this is gon na last, but, however those for less they don’t make sure they don’t lose what they had.
But yet has others who say you know what, regardless of what’s going on on here right now, I’ve got ta figure out a way that I can find out what it is that the public needs and deliver it to him because, contrary to believe during economic downturns, Fortunes are being made, have been made and will keep being made by those who will find a way.
You know the saying where there’s a will there’s a way.

Will you, by the way you see, we all have to be willing to change in order to make it today we all had to evolve all of us.
I myself I’ve had to evolve over the last few years in order to get to where I am today.

The way the prime Maxwell thought ten years ago wouldn’t be able to work for him today, because things have changed.
Society has changed, the economy has changed, my surroundings have changed, so i must change with it and anyone or any business that is unable or unwilling to adjust and change with the times before themselves, falling by the wayside.
So, as you set your goals, the one thing you must do is commit yourself to change.

Change is good.
The only reason people fear change, because they don’t understand theatre and what theory is false evidence appearing real.
You see that what you fear about the change is a figment of your imagination.

It’s made of complete hocus focus, but guess what you control that Thun and it’s like Donald Trump says if you have to think you might as well to think positive.
So when this change, or whatever change in your life, whether it’s you know you need to stop smoking now gay and I am coming out with a course to help those of you that would like to stop smoking.
Send me a message.

I will send you out some information on it’s coming up soon, but if you’d like to stop smoking, if you’d like to lose weight, if you’d like to make a finding that special summer item in a relation with, if you’d like to get that new position, if You’d like to start that business, it all starts with change.
If you want to stop smoking change the way you view smoking as opposed to saying you’re quitting smoking, are you giving them smoking, say you’re, gaining life and you’re living healthy? If you’d like to lose weight? Senior game you’re, giving up cakes and sweets want to say you’re, gaining health and a longer longer, hopefully, a longer life figure.
You know if you want to start that new business instead of making up excuses of why you can’t do it, because the economy is this, where you have to save up so much money get started, start a name change your way of thinking.

That’s the biggest transition to take up to me, so change is nothing to be feared.
It’s something that we accept.
It is something to be embraced and something that we all must do in order to achieve our peak performance and to be the best that we can be so it’s the corner.

You make your resolutions, write them down, commit yourself to change.
This is the big year we got coming up.

A lot of decisions are going to be made in 2012 that affect all of us.

So do your best to prepare yourself to be ready and make your contribution to society.
You have something special in you that only you can provide to the world and unless you’re willing to change and to develop yourself to share it with us.

The world will be at a loss because you never got a chance to showcase your special talents or your ability commit yourself and always maintained and believe that it is possible.
Another thing I’d like you to do: if you listen to this message and you believe that this message can help somebody else, let’s make sure we start sharing these message.
Take this link share it on your Facebook, page post.

It on your Twitter page send an email to somebody you care about, send it out we’ll, send out text messages about Ian sandwiches and what movies, but something that continuously give to somebody for the rest of their life.
We don’t know where share that.
Send it out share it with a friend or family member and may sure you check out new thought generation com.

Alright, so set your resolutions commit yourself to your goals.
Stretch yourself think be live big a year.
You have something special you have greatness within you.

Now is this up to you to unleash it: I’m Ryan Maxwell, your success, coach for the generation of change, and I see you at the top .

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