Planting Your Roots

No wall share with conquer you and in this video we’re going to talk about planning your roots.

I talked about the story that we used to read to my daughter that said, take off your boots and plant your roots.
That is so true in sales.
When you are established somewhere, I’d say stay put where you’re at when you are established, get your roots in the ground start sucking up all the nutrients and the water around you make sure that you are planted, that you are stable, that you are strong as an Oak, so that you put out a presence, you put out a reputation of something great that people want to be a part of you become that car expert you become that brand.

When I sold Ford’s, I was the ford brand.
I was no Walsh at varsity Ford.
They came to see me, it wasn’t varsity forward, it wasn’t.

The ford brand, it was Noah Walsh at varsity.
Ford who was selling forged was the brand that they wanted to be a part of they trusted me.
I created that loyal puppy dog.

They trusted me that I had their best interest.
Is my number one concern and that was the truth.
I used to use a line all the time.

Folks, I don’t want to sell you one car.
I want to sell you ten cars and i want to sell everybody.
You know ten cars price is not an issue you being satisfied with the product feeling like you’re.

Getting a good deal is what I’m trying to accomplish here.
That is what’s going to keep people coming back when you get your roots planted, people know where you work.
They know where to find you.

They probably have you in their cell phone.

They have numerous business cards of yours in their car and their wallet around their house in their office and whenever car conversation comes up, so does your name, so you want to get those roots planted.
You want to stay strong.

You want to be that oak that people know where that big giant oak tree is.
They know where to find you when they want something.
So when they are in the market for a vehicle, they know where to find you take off your boots, spread your roots.

Get planted, get stable and be the product.
You are the product, always conquer.
You .

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