We got some fresh news: everybody we just got done finishing up a five lineup with nancy marie.
It was a great live glider.
I’m so excited that we had her here this morning, her and her team over there doing some amazing stuff folks, if you guys, are needing some help with that department.

If you need some leads she’s about to go over all the stuff that she can provide, for you make sure that you guys get in touch with nancy.
If you haven’t already get in touch with her, even if it’s just for a conversation, she can just break it down, for you show you how she can benefit you in your business and, if you guys say something, give them a shot.
They’re doing some amazing stuff and obviously she cares about her clients, and you guys can see that right now, this whole spotlight definitely highlights everything we’re talking about.

I can’t wait for her to drop in welcome back to the screen, miss nancy, benjamin, getting something out of coffee, folks, she’s she’s, all about the benjamins.
You know what i mean, so i’m so excited to have you here.

Thank you for uh.

You know the five-liner that was, that was a blood that was a blessing for us to listen to your story, hear where you come from, which motivates you who you know who motivated you and also with your rewards, and what? What? What keeps you motivated – and i’m excited to – have you here now it’s time to talk about what you are doing over there in michigan helping out people across the country? Let’s, let’s get this: let’s get this thing going so today our fresh new segment folks is coming up.

We have an amazing solution here, nancy, marie benjamin – and not only is she an amazing person but she’s also a great businessman, so we need we need to.
We need to talk about.

What’s got us folks, get ready to hear what she she’s going to bring and i can offer to you and your business nancy now.
What you do for a living is an amazing thing.
It’s something that i actually have a lot of passion in that.

I know that if i was to venture outside the car dealership it’d be something very similar.
Let’s talk about that, so what’s the name of your company tell everybody about what’s going on what do you? How to get a hold of all that type of stuff um, so we are auto loan options.
We are headquartered here in royal oak michigan um.

We have been around for eight years running 5000 companies very happy about um our processes and what we believe in here.
It’s relationship, reputation and the rest will come through um.
We are the only subprime lead provider that currently has a standing bdc in the united states.

That follows up with your appointments.
Before and after your appointment i mean uh, they tell us, they have absolutely no desire to purchase a vehicle or until they obviously first purchased from you, so very part of this team.
They they come in and they handle the business every single day.

Um talking to dealers talking our consumers, building that bridge getting them in the door, making sure everybody’s happy, um, precision on process, and i i couldn’t be more proud of them.
That’s huge! That’s awesome, so i want to ask a quick question on that, because there is so many dealers that say give me leads.

I want leads, give me them, send me people right and then it’s like they have all these people and they don’t know what to do with them.

Uh yeah, because we don’t just work with any viewer.
As we were mentioning earlier um, we are very selective with who we work with um for the for the sake of the dealership for your budget and us, you know, being our reputation um on the line and our consumer, i will never send a consumer to a Place where they will not be treated properly um, and i will never take money from a dealership up front, knowing they don’t know how to do what they’re supposed to do and just collect a check, because that only means i’m only working for a very short amount Of time – and that’s not the business that i’m interested in at all – and this is how we have been since day – one the owner of this company has made it clear that he believes in transparency um.
We believe in making sure that our clients are happy, and our dealers um understand that we are on their side.

We generate special finance leads for about.
I mean hundreds of dealerships, thousands of them every single day, all across the country, from the bay area to florida to new york i mean, and our dealers are killing it right now.
I couldn’t be more proud of them, that’s exciting! That is really exciting and i’m actually looking at your website right now, um folks, it’s it’s autoloan options with an sfbn.

com, so a-u-t-o-l-o-a-n-o-p-t-i-o-s dot com.
I got kicked a long way on it.
I’m gon na put that up here, for you guys to see too, but make sure you check out their website there.

It’s it’s! It’s very easy user friendly! I’m looking at it right! Now! It’s it’s! It’s not going to complicate you you’re not going to get confused.

It’s a very direct message so check it out this this website’s going to definitely be something that you can use to utilize.

I think that you guys need to get a hold of nancy like this morning and make sure you guys get a little like tutorial on how to use this stuff.

So thank you you’re more than happy.

This is what we do um you guys have.
I mean honestly caught your name right, so you know with your your the name that you had on facebook, the frederick subprime hero, first of all, hero and sub prime, and the same name like who is this man need to talk.

Then i saw lou a little bit afterwards, but then, as i got to know, you guys better and watch your show a bunch of times, i’m a huge fan of the show it just.
You know it’s that positivity, that you guys put out to the world that this industry desperately needs um and and it’s you can never get enough of it, and it’s very nice to know that guys, like you, are out there giving it your all every single day.
So thank you for what you guys do.

That’s that’s good.
I appreciate work really hard to get that to put that out there like that, but at the same time our mission to highlight you, so i do appreciate you talking about it, but but at the same time this show is about you.

You know we have a lot of people that are watching right now that absolutely love you, you have, you have a you, have a fan base already right, so you know for.
Are you benjamin heads out there? We got her here yeah.
So now you have a great fan base.

I see it.
I see when you post i’ve been blessed with incredible people in my life like, i cannot put it towards how, like you, can’t encompass the blessedness if i can um, but i like that a lot.
It’s a mixture of friends, it’s a mixture of dealerships that work with me forever.

It’s a mixture of i mean people that have never met me that want to meet me someday and i do too, or it’s just people that get inspired by what i put out there and i i share the same love back.
So they know what what you give me is what i’m going to give you and that’s every single day we did have a question i want to throw at you because dan reardon came on and you kind of touched on this earlier.
He may have missed it, but what criteria does a dealer have to meet in order to receive these leads um the right bank so obviously making sure that you understand and had some experience on how to sit down um and speak with a consumer with respect some Empathy, uh and first bank knowledge – i mean that’s gon na – be huge.

That’s going to be the make or break your bank.
Knowledge is going to be how you um manage all these leads and your process.
So if you don’t have your own bdc, i have one.

I’m not worried about that part.
We have an extraordinary subprime bdc center here, but once they show up, you know they.
They show up every single day and it’s a fraction of the cost that you would have to pay for.

Building your own bdc and i can get into that later, but it literally costs a cough.
Uh takes a cut in half um, probably even less, but your banks.
I mean i’m gon na throw some names of banks out there auto track um.

You know westlake st credit acceptance they’re a few minutes away from me.
Actually uh.
You know banks like this: they they come out to your dealership and they share their program, knowledge or their program and their product and their.

However, it takes for you to sit down and connect what you know about that bank and know what will work for that consumer and that’s why i mentioned earlier.
It’s always good to stay green because you never know what new programs are up and they change.
So often i mean i’ve seen so many uh actual guidelines for the banks changing so much just during the past three four months right.

Do you have a body in your head, so yeah, hey? Do you play off of a fruit fly around your ear that or she likes to swing her hair around really weird, either way it was cool.
I was just showing off my shampoo right so, but yeah no and she’s she’s right on the money.
You know the lenders do do matter.

Lenders are huge, i i i i’m huge.
We do a lot of stuff right where i’m at and i mean i crush something and to me it’s the best.
It’s the best type of business.

You know, but that being said, um having the right arms in place.
She mentioned a handful right there that are wonderful.
Those are great subprime subron right there.

You know westlake uh cac those two lenders.
There will help.
You get people that no one else get done right.

There’s a lot of these other subprime lenders out there across the nation that are amazing right now, there’s a few that are just really doing some stuff and i’m not going to name drop too many.
I’ve done it a lot, but she’s so right on that, then you know.
Randy talks about inventory inventory is also very important if you don’t have cars to sell them that fit inside those guidelines.

For those lenders, then you’re, just what’s the point of having the letters.
What’s the point of setting an appointment right, um, so you’ve got to have the right to write this having a bbc is wonderful she’s right having a trained bdc that specializes in this type of business is great um you having one in-house that can facilitate dealers is Wonderful and then we know that if you have a store, though you know like for us, we don’t have a bbc, we train our guys how to use phones, we train we they’re, they are dnc they’re strong and that’s one thing that i wish more dealerships did.

It’s simple: it’s called weekly training.

Just all you do no money, you just sit down and i’m gon na just give that secret sit down with them every week and then on daily.
You do daily little catch-ups with them.

You have to inspect what you expect right.

So if you don’t do that, then you’re just letting money fly away anyway and that’s what a lot of dealers tend to do.
Is they just kind of just put it in cruise control and let it roll right, let’s uh, we’re picking up money, we’re thinking we’re staying.
You know above water we’re going to go.

I’m not worried about that.
Just keep saying about water, we’ll always be okay! Well, they cannot only just be above water, they could double their income if they freaking put whatever you need to do, but you know these leagues are amazing.
I think that um, you guys, definitely need to go check out her website.

You need to reach out to her on social media she’s everywhere she’s on linkedin she’s on facebook.
You know you guys can find her and make sure you reach out, because i know that if you reach out she’ll be right back at you and she’ll find a way to help you really soon and if she can’t she’ll pass you off with somebody at her Place that can actually go with you right, so those key things that happen with that processing.
I believe that she’s mastered down inside of inside of her relationship with the people that she’s with right there, the bbc uh an empathy that the dealership actually has to have.

But for that customer.
Because what often is the case that whether you’re a salesperson is the people processing the lead or the bbc is processing the leak.

The customer, in many case scenarios, will vomit out so many things that are hinderances to them being able to accomplish that purchase, and it’s that training of understanding.

I’m not worried about that.
We need to get you in front of a sales person, i’m not worried about that.
Come on in that’s to set that appointment.

You know and that’s that’s does better, probably the average sales person, because such people will start pre-qualifying.
I don’t want to cover the phone.
You know they’re, like you, you only think you’ve only been on job for how long right it hurts me to see so many dealers do that because well for one, there are so many honest mistakes that they do right.

Uh pre-qualifying! I absolutely do not condone um unless you’re in an area where, let’s say you know, you’re, i have a dealer out in north dakota and a lot of their consumers come out from 200 miles away and some of them don’t have transportation, so that is different yeah.
Let’s be flexible and help these people, because they’re they’re, trusting they’re coming to you and saying hey, i need some help.
I don’t have a car.

I want your business, i want you to earn my business, but i just don’t know how to how to get there.
So what can you do for me to help you uh? You know, get this movie and even collect tips for you yeah and then that’s a beautiful thing, and i think that you do those those are there.
Is that gray area and you’re right? That’s so money! I’m glad that you brought that point up nancy, because there is times when people, if they take that two-hour drive, they have to take an uber they’re going to do something and they don’t want to spend.

They don’t have the money to drive themselves back right.
So they want to make sure that when they come they’re going to be leaving in a vehicle um in those types of cases.
Yes, i agree you do it’s not necessarily pre-qualifying.

It’s it’s qualifying, so you kind of do the thing so you’re, basically setting the appointment up online to set them up for an appointment later, but you’re getting them qualified, getting them pre-approved and in today’s world.
I, like face-to-face appointments.
Don’t get me wrong, but when it comes down to like somebody driving two hours away plus three hours – and you know in some cases then at that point – you you kind of have to not cater to that, but you have to make alterations for them.

You have to make something, that’s different, so that you can get them called the worst thing in the world to get somebody.

Oh man, we know we have a great approval rating come on in, they drop three, they drive three hours and then you kick them out and that in that that sucks – and i wasn’t the worst feeling ever and it’s all – about serving your consumer you’re, helping people At the end of the day, that’s what you’re doing qualifying part really can affect your sales.
Overall, i mean you’re you’re getting a piece of paper, but you you haven’t even had this consumer walk in and tell you their life story yet or uncle that’s going to cosign that they never brought up yet on paper.

That’s so that’s the reason why i definitely owe that and that’s one of the reasons, but they may have money in the bank that they didn’t talk about.
They may have they may have like you said the cosigner, that’s drove them there.
That person is going to help them buy it, but they don’t talk about that on the phone right now.

Well, the co-signer could be that you know they haven’t, had the motivation to go.
Do it because they haven’t sat in anything, they haven’t felt the leather they haven’t felt the steering wheel.

They haven’t felt how good it is to drive that car.

I’m not gon na go find money until i know i really love something yep.
I agree.
That’s right.

There’s something that also happens there, whether it’s the one hour, two hour three hour drive once you start having a few people that have gone through the process and have had the success, then that’s when the referrals that uh are so confident and so certain that you Can help them out they’ll start making those one-hour two-hour drives because they know that their friend got taken care of.
They know that somebody had empathy for them.

They know their friend’s worst situation and how you you still got a car bro.

I know what you got going on right now.
If you got ta prove you know what i mean, i get paid two dollars more an hour.

Whatever the case is these.

These situations of victory starts to beat what a person uses to build their faith to travel.
Crazy distances pass up hundreds of other car dealerships to sit right there in front of you, because you built them up to understand that if anybody’s gon na find a way to help them, it’s gon na, be you and you have the processes in place you’re doing What it is that it takes to help people out, and we love that there’s other solutions that are out there, that value customers the same.
Thank you so much for this time.

Thank you and our company.
Thank you.
Actually, i was just telling you guys a little bit earlier, though you guys brought an energy here to the office that everybody can hear, and i i think i almost love the fact that i put you guys like right in the middle of the office.

Okay, i’ll get it here, you go, get someone get some, so i don’t know if i can follow it’s it’s it’s just kind of like uh, keep going, keep rolling and that’s that’s how you start your day.

You got to get them pumped up.
You got to get it right when you’re sitting down it’s after a while, you start to slap, you start to get there.

Then your voice sounds like it’s on the phone: hey.
That sounds really awesome.
So speaking of getting [, __ ] up and getting started car guys, i know that you have a day you got to go, get started, i got today we got to go, get started, nancy’s got a date, she’s got to get started and we’ve started the right Way by brewing solutions from everybody’s options, thanks you and everybody who’s listened to this today, i’m excited to help you we appreciate it make sure you guys reach out to nancy.

She is excited, get a hold of her today, because she’s super jacked up.
She had a copy early this morning, she’s ready to go, she’s got her team pumped up, they are ready to rock and roll for you and your business so reach out to them as soon as possible.
If you can’t, if you only have me in the connection reach out to me i’ll, get you connected with dance team, lickety-split, no problem at all, so make sure you guys reach out get ahold of the autoflower options.

com amazing company, doing amazing things help them grow, so They can help you grow.
Let’s make it go a couple comments, that’s nancy nancy is simply amazing and she is the way what and she’s the same way in her personal life and with friends as her as in her professional career wow.

That’s also a compliment there.

This man right here you can learn so much from so it’s the other way around.
I can’t even explain it so then we got doug robinson, says: she’s still young and blossoming yes, of course, then you got maurice williams friend of mine actually grew up here in the car business himself.
What up? What’s up maurice hope? Your question over there at the store, then you got dan riordan.

We talked about that a little bit.
Uh randy says right banks right inventory.

Yes, we talked about that landing on the right vehicle is huge.

Sales people will choose the wrong vehicle.
A hundred percent of the time – yes, yes, yes, there’s there’s a! I can actually go through a whole, show we’ll talk about that later.

If you have questions reach out to me, i’m happy to talk about that for hours.
Then you got dan saying randy.
That falls on the manager’s shoulders bam, that’s the best part of it.

So we talked about this more later too and then randy ethan says you won’t be disappointed.

Folks he’s right! You won’t be disappointed if you reach out to nancy right now.
If you do it, it’s gon na it’s gon na help you so much you’re gon na feel the love you’re gon na feel all that type of stuff.

So make sure you guys reach out.

You guys have a great morning a great day, a great rest of the week encourage everybody.
You don’t like folks always be the light, forgive focus and blood, so you can keep growing and everyone out there reach out to nancy she’s awesome all right.

So, let’s go, you guys, have a good one nancy.
Thank you so much for your time.
Folks, thank you for everyone for tuning.

In this morning, we had a great show.
I had a great time i’m ready to go out again today and make it happen to listen to the podcast folks and to hear this as it gets cut down for you to listen on your drive, go to car guy coffee dot com.
If you want to brew solutions – and you actually want something good inside of your cup to sip on, go rightcoffee.

com, and if you just want to hear some more of what the solutions have been brewing over this past year, go get you some listen to a couple Of those it’ll definitely upshift and uplift, your mindset so that you can attack your day and brew solutions for the people that are trusting you nancy.
Thank you so much here, you guys are amazing.
I’ll see you soon we’ll talk soon.

Thank you have a great day.
Car guys we’re out foreign .

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