Hey, he says nancy marie benjamin is a total rock star right amen.

I i second that so so what question? We are third question.
We might be no we’re actually on number four, but i got a couple things that i do want to pull in there.
That you’ve said – and i kind of want to pull out okay real fast, because the relationship that you put together between uh, not just your staff there, but to the relationships that you have with the dealerships and we posted up here a moment ago – relationships over revenue.

Um you’re telling us how your mentor uh helped you understand the value of building those relationships.
You’ve also explained that you still had campaigns still had things going on, even as this crisis was beginning to occur, where you could have been producing revenue that would have done nothing for the people that you have valuable relationships right.
You understood these things.

You have a culture inside of the building that you’re in inside of the company that you’re in that’s promoting people.
That’s building up people in order to make the company uh stand rock solid.
You have people that are passionately believing in what it is that they’re doing what it is that their mission is and that culture is spewing over into the business that you actually have with the dealers that you have that relationship with.

So, as i kind of lean a little bit more into that and understanding that there’s there’s so much that happens there, you explain the processes that you have to have in place.
You don’t want to just work with anybody right.
You don’t just let anybody into your life as a person as just a person, and nor do you let uh just anybody into your business to do business with them.

You can keep things that have to be in line like you said the inventory, the the actual processes you need to have the banks.

You need to have the people that understand the mission.

All of these things are key pieces to making uh business happen for car.
Guys business happened for the vendors actual success occur for customers who are trusting the dealers to give them their personal information to spend their valuable time then spend their hard earned money write all of these things.
You’re telling the dealer i’m going to get you people in front of you, but i want to make sure that you know how to take care of them when they get there.

Just because you build a hospital doesn’t mean that you got doctors that know how to do surgery right and so doing.
Those things is helping to make sure that success comes to the people that you’re helping the dealers right.
Success is is seen through the action of the purchase that happens with their client, but you’re also hitting a fine niche and you’re letting people know or you’re letting your dealers know hey i’m going to bring you the customers that a lot of banks don’t want nothing To do with or a lot of the prime banks right right, the prime banks right, they don’t want it you’re, helping them understand.

Look these are valuable people.

It’s going to take a little bit of work.
It’s going to take a few different processes.

It’s going to take custom like inventory: that’s nearly custom for them right that is set up just right for them, there’s so many intricate parts in that.
So i love the entire understanding that goes into putting a cardio for somebody that is really sitting at the desk.
With the sales people like man, i really hope they can get us done and they wait for that.

One answer from their sales person to say: hey did we get approved? Do we do we? Are we gon na go look at car stuff, we’re approved? You know that i get to because in my posture in the dealership i get to hear what’s going on, i get to hear the conversations between the sales people and and their customer, and i get to get to hear that customer saying what well we’re approved when Someone that when a car is outside and it’s all blown up and ready for a complete, beautiful, walk around right and they say – hey come here, i got this.
I got.
I got to show you this car.

I want to show you this and it’s outside they’re like we’re going to go, look at a car because they’re so used to being told we can’t help you now you’re not going to get it done.
Oh not today treated like a number just like a number and that’s that’s so ugh, it’s so horrible when you think of it that you, if you bring your child, your sick child to the hospital – and they say we don’t know, what’s wrong with them, and we Can’t help them, how does that make you feel how what what kind of rage rises up inside of you when you’re like? What do you mean you’re, the place that has all of this stuff to fix us? You have doctors, you have all these people that can help me be better or diagnose what my problem is and you’re telling me.
You can’t help me well.

This is what happens when a customer that has had a couple hiccups in the past.
Maybe a lot, maybe complete calamity, maybe they’ve never had anybody tell them how to pay a bill or lick a stamp.
It doesn’t matter whatever.

The case is uh they’re inside of your dealership, because they need help.
What is that that they need? They have a transportation problem right.
They need a vehicle and you’re there to help them with that.

So as long as i’m getting it, the philosophy is: is that you’re providing a way to help build that relationship with people and saying i don’t care what your past was.
I want to help you out.
I don’t care what your actual roadblocks are.

I want to help you out you’re doing that, but you put processes in place.
What i want to ask and what i want to know about what i think many people probably do want to know, is: what is it that you do or how is it that you encourage these dealers to adjust their mindset towards looking towards these people? What would you say to a person that you’re delivering your product to you’re saying look we’re going to bring you these people? They have these issues.
This is what’s going on, but they actively want to purchase something.

What would you say to them to get their mindset in place to be able to help put that relationship over revenue? I would say the biggest thing is the opportunity, um you’re you’re, going to probably speak to somebody who you know is completely afraid to speak with anybody.
Who’s never done this process before and you’re, creating bridges that you’ve never otherwise had before with you know, people that can become a long-time customer.
You know you just never know um.

Obviously i mean let’s, let’s, let’s look at it two ways: you’re you’re you’re, building relationships and and you’re also getting a huge gross profit.
I mean what you make out of subprime is normally a little bit more than what you would make in other sales and i’m not saying it’s not all profit but profit’s, not a bad word.
You’re you’re going to work to build a life and all that um and and pay your bills and and feel good about what you do you’re in sales, but you’re also, i mean you’re looking at this consumer and you’re, giving them the opportunity to go into a Car that they never thought possible, they could ever drive and they take that home they’re.

Coming back to you, for you know, forever they’re gon na tell their family about you, they’re gon na.
That is the greatest customer you can have.
They literally do the work for you, i mean really, you think about it.

What work are you doing? The consumer is really doing all the work they’re, bringing their steps together, they’re, bringing everything that they need.
All you’re doing is all you’re doing is really helping them.
Get from point a to point b, um and helping them get into a vehicle that they never thought possible right, you’re, a confidence builder and that’s what sales people are.

You have to build their confidence up.
You know when you have an approval at that point.
It’s just building confidence and letting them know that your product is good, that you’re good, that the dealership is good, that they’re going to be able to afford it that they’re buying they’re making the best decision.

They could ever possibly make confidence builder.
And when you do that and you’re good at that – and you want to look people in the eye and obviously make them feel comfortable, make them feel like hey.
This is fun, and i know that i’m making the right decision here, because this guy is all comfortable.

He seems really smooth about it, he’s not all raggedy and all trying to be shady with me he’s just being honest having tons of integrity.
He has a lot of he’s friendly he’s got manners, you know, he’s got all those things or she or whatever the sales person is that you know they got to just take care of the customer and build the confidence in them and the confidence even with people Who are begging for a deal they still nervous? They don’t want to make a bad decision out there that doesn’t want to make a bad decision here.

So the key is just to make sure that you, you coach them up, and you do that.

You know and that’s something that you know you touched on a bunch there.
You know how these clients are amazing.
So if you do your job, you go all the way through all those points you deliver the vehicle and you treat them right.

It’s so simple.
I mean it’s like that, even with prime customer support, so all the stuff we’re talking about even prime customers with the great perfect credit they still don’t want to make mistakes, they still want to feel confident in their purchase.

People want to like the person they’re buying a vehicle from, and they still need follow up.

Just like all these upfront customers so follow up, follow up make sure you treat everybody like a millionaire.

You know be right, make them feel comfortable and build the confidence in them to understand that they are making the best decision they can make at that moment.
So, let’s get to a couple of comments: real quick yeah.

We got steve, but we’ve already said that he is a rock star.
I 100 percent believe that uh miranda says that he’s been working with you for six years and you are the best.
I’m sure you know the man, terry from the think tank he’s the says.

Uh, how does the subprime customer experience differ from the prime customer experience during the purchase? The one thing that i would normally that i would answer on that is well.
I’m gon na need you to prove that you make that much.
That’s one thing that changes between the prime customer and the uh customer.

Usually that’s the one thing that changes we have to prove what it is that we’re saying you know what i mean.
Is that big, that’s big of a problem? You shouldn’t be able to prove everything, you’re, saying yeah in any way, whether you’re time or not, then, to me – and i don’t know, but for me the difference in experience is nothing.
I’m still going to treat them with the respect, i’m still going to show them a vehicle and give them the best features and benefits and demo drive that they do in their life.

I’m still gon na ask them questions and i’m still gon na.
You know investigate what they’re trying to do what’s the best fit for them, i’m still gon na investigate what their monthly payment needs to be.
I’m still gon na investigate what their last interest rate was, what their last vehicle was with the last i’m still going through.

All that so the experience difference is only if your dealership is making it different if your sales person responds differently right right.

I believe that when you deal with customers, you treat them all the same period so give them all a great experience treat everyone.

I don’t have a stuff on department in our dealership.

We don’t i’ve, never had one in my any of the stores i’ve worked in because we don’t have a different division for some private, the same person they’re human beings.
That came on my lot that on the vehicle, that’s all they are crimes online.
That’s something we talk about when it comes to lenders and stuff, but when it comes to people it’s people, so i don’t think it’s free.

So that’s my answer.
Terry, terry knows you might, you might just have to have a little bit of empathy a little bit.

This person has went through possible hell and back.

You know, god knows what they went through, that that the course of the last few years, and i think what might happen if for that consumer is, if you know they experience more empathy um, you know they will be more comfortable with you.
They want to know that you’re, not judging them, that’s right, and that is only in the case that somebody, you know obviously just went through just horrible things.

Um, there’s nothing wrong with showing your human side.

That’s right! That’s right! John maxwell said that it doesn’t matter a person doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care and when you’re sitting there with that customer, and they understand that look.
I know that there’s challenges and i’m here to take them on with you.

Actually you’re sitting with me because we’re the best at being able to overcome these challenges for you and when you put that type of a posture towards that customer, you start to build up on their certainty.

You start to build up on their uh belief that there is success for them.
There is somebody that wants that right and that, ultimately, is what leads to the referrals, the other people.
That start to say, man you’re certain about this person, helping you.

You aren’t just consistency before we get to the fifth question.
We got some of these more comments.
Matt a moment ago said everything is possible when you fall in love with your customer.

I love that i was talking about earlier.
You got charles day against charles i’ll.
See you later today, brother, absolutely, i have seen many dealers take a look at a credit bureau and make a decision for the bank fight and never send the application over basically they’re saying he says that he has a post-it note.

That says just send it.
Sometimes you never know what the bank is willing to do.
I agree there is a slight line that you’re going to have to alter like if they don’t have a job.

You can’t submit that deal if they don’t have a way to pay the vehicle back.

That’s the only time i don’t submit like if somebody literally there’s people who do it.
Folks, there’s people who walk in has no job, no income, no i’m getting ready to get a job.

Well, that’s that’s! I.
I want to see makeup, but i can’t right so there’s some cases where you can’t submit every deal, but i submit every qualified when it comes to their income and things like that 100 of the time.

Let’s see you got randy, he says we just had a customer come back traded in her 19 19.

95 percent loan for a 7.
7 she’s happy we’ll be a customer for a lifetime yeah.

Yes, she will one hundred percent one who actually work with randy, yeah and then randy says bad things happen to good people.

I love that.
I say it all the time.
It’s so true, you know everybody’s been through something in their life everybody’s been through.

You know people have been through divorces, people have been through coronavirus lost their job.
That was making like six figures and now they’re, making nothing or they’re making half of that right.
So their life had to be altered.

You know so things happen to good people.
This world, it’s just it’s just ever changing, but here’s the thing everybody goes through bad spells right when you go through basketball, eventually you’re going to get back up.
At least we hope right.

Once you get back up you’re going to remember the people who helped you get back up, so that’s that’s the whole point of all this right here.

So i love this.
So let’s, let’s get to the fifth question for you today, i’m excited about this good question.

The fifth question is something actually lou was one of the first ones asked this question it’s about.
We all have things in our life that we’re very proud of things that we’ve received, or actually you know accolades, that we were like wow, but there’s something that in your life has been the greatest reward.
The thing that, if because of what you’ve done or what you’ve been through, there’s something that’s come out in life.

That has been something that you absolutely just love.
What does that work? What would that be? Oh man, uh.
Oh yeah, that’s a good one! It’s a good one, you know it, i don’t know if i can sum it up and to just, i would say, let’s say a couple of things: let’s i mean first and foremost, hopefully being um.

A good example of you know leadership, that’s something that i hope people have taken away from all this and i i hear it a lot and i i guess i’ve been happy to hear um that i have changed.
You know some people, especially past employees that have gone further in their lives now that are come up further in their positions here.

That is the most fulfilling thing you can hear from.

Somebody else is that what you taught them allowed them to grow um yeah.
So, that’s that’s exactly that’s that’s huge and that’s something that i take fear and heart like people like such people.

I’ve been the leader of in the sense.

You know that i want to make sure that i was able to help them grow and touch them and help them be encouraged to do the same thing for others right and also also in my even with like peers.
You know people that are you know that are at my level.
I hope that i do stuff that influences them to move on and do things like that too so and you’re just starting, you know you’re still a young puppy, so you got a lot of time.

Left in life to do all kinds of amazing stuff and you’re just beginning and you’re, you know you, you you’re definitely blossoming, and i think that you naturally shine.
I think that if you add more light to that guy and you keep pushing towards it, it’s going to really do amazing things for you for the business that you’re at now and for whatever future endeavors that you do and we really really hope to be.
You know we appreciate you for being on here, somebody’s doing that so and answering these questions now we do have another section we’re going to get together.

It’s this, where we want you to talk about your business, some more and what you guys have to offer and whatever else that you want to talk about, you know whatever i’m just saying but uh.
Well, i want to you know we’re going to get to that’s our fresh news section.
Folks, the fresh news is awesome.

Nancy marie benjamin is on the card.
Guy coffee, podcast she’s been an amazing amazing guest to have this morning.
I’m so excited i’m wide awake.

I’m ready to talk today and get encouraged and help other people get encouraged, because that great word to have is to help other people and help them become more.

So, yes, nancy is a solutionary that is rising in this industry and he’s continuing to solve problems for people uh and she’s, not letting whatever the issues are of customers or business limitations or mindset things to stop people from being helped by their company, and we do Honor that we appreciate the time that you spent again, if you’re just now, jumping in when this goes off, you need to go back.
Listen to it.

A little bit she’s overcome some things that all of us encounter all of us encounter loss inside of our life.
All of us encounter situations where we need to find a way to continue to drive forward after life hits us with some pretty heavy things, and i’m so thankful that we’ve had the chance to have nancy on this section of carving coffee podcast.

We are on to fresh news right you about ready for that You .

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