put your put your mind inside of the manager’s mode.

For a moment where you’re told some serious producers inside of your store are about to bounce out and go start their own business, it was tough to leave the family.
It was tough to leave.
You know the success we had you know, but you know, like you said, we wanted to help people in a different way and when you’re helping with credit, i mean man that pulls like you said the heart.

You know so many people, it is on him.
It keeps them up at night.
You know they worry about their credit, it’s always stressing them out.

Bill collectors are calling you’re hitting hater buttons every day and whether you think about it or not, that has such a negative impact on people’s lives, so fixing the credit also fixes them personally internally and gives them a you know more peaceful and confident way of life.
That’s right so true, yeah, that’s needed.
Credit is like like nate mentioned earlier.

You know, credit is so important and people don’t realize until you need it and that’s one of those things where in today’s world like when he was mentioning earlier talking about.
Oh, they pay cash for everything.

Well, you can’t do that anymore.

Cars are not like cash cards.

You paid you paid a couple thousand dollars for a car.
You pretty much you pretty much paid for six months right, so you might you know you break that down into payments you’re paying 500 a month.

So why not just purchase a car? Get you something that’s reliable that has its own warranty.
Has this going on, but then it takes credit to do that and guess what folks this world is built for people who have credit.
Now you want to buy a house, you better have credit.

You want to buy your car insurance.
Your car insurance in certain states can be 50 higher based off your credit score.

Now i don’t agree with it.

You’re telling me, but if i’m 40 years old, i’ve never had a wreck, but i’ve got a 550 credit score.
I’ve got to pay more in insurance because my credit score is lower.

You know, but in reality that is true.

You know when you go to buy a new cell phone.

What are they going to do? They’re, going through a credit check yeah, you know you will be so incredible.
You know secret folks, secret secret customers.

When you finance, i make more money.
What so don’t tell me? Oh what if i pay cash? Well, you need to pay a little bit more because i make less, but just saying just saying i mean just being honest, but that you know the thing is: is that cash is great.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice, but when it comes to your credit in today’s world, these two guys their company they’re doing wonders for people who need a little bit of help.

You may just have one thing: you just need a quick fix.
They can quick fix.
It you may have a multitude of things you may have your your credit is what we may call throw them in the hell out credit and, but that same time don’t get me wrong.

This joke see, i would never throw them out.
I would never throw them out, i would sit there.
Little tell you and we would get those reports and i would go over those reports and go over and tell them the things that they need to do.

I didn’t believe in throwing somebody out like they said earlier, just not right now, right, it’s not a no, it’s just not right now.
You know i i might the way i tell my guys to go out every time.
It’s great news, there’s always great news.

Great news every single time greetings.
Folks, i got you worked out.
I just need a qualified code maker or i need this much money down and then they’ll kind of be like whoa they’re.

But you know what’s crazy.
Is i’ve used that term a lot through my my business when i was a sales pro on the floor, even as a closer going in on turns, and it it a lot of times people had that money or that cosigner they always had that.
You know i was able to find a way, but, like you said, you always got at least give them a path to purchase somehow some way, how are they able to buy a car when you can give somebody that before they leave the store they’re going to Remember you, you know much like you guys are both talking about earlier.

You want, you want to bring leave a presence with them.
Leave like your ghost with them, so they remember that they remember that experience so much that it can’t it doesn’t get off them.
Like man, it’s always right here behind me saying i need to go back and see matt.

I need to go back and see nate.
I need to go back and see lou or whatever right and if you do that and you do it a hundred percent of the time – not just 50, not even 80, 100 of the time, you’re going to find huge success.
But you got to do it over and over because it’s not going to be everybody who comes back because not everybody like we talked like i said earlier and like a lot of people said you can’t take a horse to water but they’re not always going to Drink it, so you have to at least show them, though, but if you take them to water, you’ve done everything you can that’s what you’re supposed to do as a person as a human as a business owner, no matter which way, no matter what kind of business You’re doing no matter what you’re you’re trying to preach, no matter what your your your whole thing is: if you’re truly just trying to help other people and you’re showing them the best way to be helped, then you’re doing your job and you guys are doing a Great job man, it’s awesome to see you guys, like you, do your thang, i’m real, i’m real, proud of that man.

It’s really it’s really cool! So take uh pop off the wall, real quick, the mentality of the sales manager that was seeing them leave and knowing that it was going to either have an effect or not.
On your floor and remember from moment one i said: they’re gon na they’re gon na kill it they’re gon na kill it, because i knew you appreciate that we knew your heart.
We knew that you were going to be successful at it.

I looked right at nick and said dude they’re, going to they’re going to do something really awesome, of course – and i told you that, and i was so excited to see your hearts dive completely into it and jump out into the unknowing.
You know what i mean from what was a good, solid, stable, consistent car guy lifestyle right you you put that you pushed your chips in and said.
I’m gon na go bet on the customers from now on and folks.

That kind of a heartbeat has made them successful and made them soar.
They had a forgive focus, fly attitude the entire way and they keep growing uh and because they’re car guys they are certified.
Car guys yeah they’re, making some great things happen in the industry and i am honored to just be even remotely part of the story uh but excited excited because we are just at the beginning chapters.

Folks, uh there’s so many more testimonies that are going to come out talking about your hearts and i can’t wait to hear more about it and celebrate with you guys car guys, car guys.
This has been a session of fresh news, fresh news here with commonwealth credit solutions, matt bratcher and nate lichtenberg, and they are fabulous guys appreciate.
You appreciate you all.

We are going to jump to the next segment right after [, Music ], this , [, Music ].
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