Hello, guys and car gals welcome to the car guy coffee cafe.

This is lou ramirez, the car guy, and this is frelin arts, the subprime hero – and we are right here right here in the cafe with these guys right here from commonwealth credit solutions.
The incredible the amazing matt, bratcher and nate lichtenberg, these guys, are brewing solutions for people that are trying to find a way to have a little bit of the american dream.
That comes with something inside of your driveway, okay, and that is the connection to a car, and these guys are doing it.

Oh yeah, these guys are making things happen for people and i’m excited to have them in the cafe man.
I’m excited for multiple reasons.
You know one their company’s amazing: their their up-and-coming company they’ve been growing and working really hard to get to where they’re at they are local people, a local business.

They are, they are they the local business that can do national things? It’s it’s unbelievable.
So so it’s a beautiful opportunity, um.
There are also two guys that we were co-workers with at one point and we got to grow in that business too.

In the car business we got two car guys that have gone out reached out and blossomed and now they’re doing their own thing right now.
How much? How much i mean that’s like makes me so proud to see what they’re doing you know, and not only that but they’re, two of the funniest guys you’ll ever meet and you guys about to find out they’re gon na be professional.
They are the second two best-looking people in the current room right now, i’m just playing you guys are beautiful, we’re in a different room.

So thanks appreciate that you’re welcome, but you guys look beautiful today.
I love the suits.
I like the swag.

I appreciate you guys showing up today to look right, because that means that you guys are ready to do some business and get some talking going, and i like that, and that’s what it’s all about and that’s how you grow man.
You got to come to the game ready to win the game, that’s it.
We have to thank you guys too, because what we do wouldn’t be possible without you all uh.

I remember coming up in the business and lou really kind of taking me under his wings, showing us show me the right way to do video and really put yourself out there and engage with folks, so that’s kind of where i’ll just start with that.
All right! Well, not only that just like you said you know, being you know, former car guys, which i mean, are you really ever former? I mean once a car guy, always a car guy.
You know, and lou and fred had so much to do with my upbringing and my success in the car business which has led to this.

You know so man.
We owe a lot to you guys.
So you know we’re uh, definitely excited to be here, uh and share this venture and we are affecting the heart go ahead and home real, quick taste.

What it is that’s brewing inside of the cafe, and i do man – and i want to tell you guys.
Thank you for that.
That means a lot, and i appreciate you throwing honor there, but the here’s the thing guys as far as you guys are coming, we you can – and i love that you give us some credit for that, but you guys have done such a good job.

You guys are self-motivated people, you guys are both people who look for that next level, right, you’re always looking to grow.
You know my whole mantra and and lose munchers are keep growing right.

You have to keep growing and you guys are doing that and i’m so proud to say that you know to me: everybody, that’s ever ever.

If i’ve ever been able to pour something inside, you know and show you something and it worked for you and you you use that for future things or whatever it was um.

That’s huge to me.
You know, and that’s what i want to see and i want to see people become successful and do things that are amazing.

That just blow your mind, you know these.
What you guys are doing are great.
I can’t wait to talk about it.

Some more.
I want to, i want to get a little bit deeper folks, but in order for us to do what it takes to grow from this, you already know: what’s up keep growing, we have to apply three fs and that is to forgive focus and fly.

So we’re going to go ahead and do that together one time get it for the highlight reel.

That’s going to be like two hours, one, three one, two three forgive me the guy would put on the pickle suit and i’d say all right.
Dude, i’m gon na hit a song.
Give me one whole song.

I need you to give it to me and he would put it on get throughout the entire showroom and give me some crazy.
Whatever man, i don’t know what i’m doing, but i’m just doing these things and i’m having fun and he give his whole heart to it.
That’s right so much fun for him to like bring so much energy that energy hasn’t stopped.

That energy still goes on daily.
In this office, that’s what keeps us going, so you always have to have a pickle outfit around.
That’s right, you got ta have something you got.

Ta have some sort of a mascot.
If it’s, if it’s not inside of a suit, it’s got ta, be you and maybe even if you’re, in a suit, because you’d still do it rocking the suit that you are so with that guys.
Let’s go ahead and flow with this real quick and let’s make some some for those of you that are listening.

That can’t see what it is that we’re talking about um and are hearing this while you’re making your drive uh to where it is that you’re going.

These guys in here uh have a common trait, that’s within the frequency of what a good, solid car guy or subprime hero all need to have, and that’s that they fundamentally always wanted to find a way to take care of the customer.

Yes, the connection that we built together was on the premise of we: don’t necessarily need to have a lot of quantity, but a lot of quality right matt.

You know absolutely moments we would have inside of the office, but these guys would want to dig deep and didn’t like to settle with unsold traffic, completely understood that these people are going to buy.

These people are going to find a way to purchase something, and i want to be a part of the way to help them.

So at heart they would come and they would seek the knowledge they would seek the way that they could set their customer up for success, because in a month in two months, in a couple weeks in three months, whatever it is, i want to still help this Customer and i want to give them the path so and, and it was when our culture came mainly into the store and and shifted a few things and showed a little bit of different closing techniques from the side of trying to really take care of the customer.

And the climate of our store changed into not selling cars, but solving transportation problems.
You know what i mean there was that that that shift at heart.
That said, hey what, if i actually really just help more people, i’ll eventually see more money, but really i’ll.

Just help more people, you know the doctor wants to help people they’re just going to see a lot of big checks with a lot of surgeries right.

Well, these guys right here are the surgeons of and they were seeking it out early, and how do i cut into a person’s credit and help fix the things that are wrong with them and have them come back to me because i just made a friend you Just sat me here, boss for two hours with this person, and i really made a friend now i want to help them buy a car, not even just you know, to sell the first car, but if you you know help somebody that purchases a vehicle.
Let’s say it’s a double dentist: double digit interest rate.

You help them with that credit, they’re going to come back to you even sooner, to train up trade out, you know and upgrade and that’s another deal, and you know it’s another connection and another um.
You know this avenue and you really take care of them.
The field doesn’t stop there, because, obviously we always want to sell all their friends all their family.

We want to be their solutionary forever um.
So in you know, lou and fred.
We’ve preached this forever.

It’s we’re selling solutions, not necessarily a vehicle because a lot of times you know these folks are used to hearing no, and we don’t want to say that anymore.
We just want to say not right now, not yet, but we’ve got a plan.
So, let’s put something in action and let’s get you where you need to be that’s exactly right and they would they would they would seek it out.

Then right, we’d print out a credit report break down a few things for them so that they can go in there put an arm around them.
Hey, let’s, let’s really focus on this: let’s figure it out whether you were a young man or or person who’s gone through the ringer in life.

They wanted to sit there and give you direction and how to set up for success education we wanted to educate you.

You know, and i mean that’s one of our biggest things is especially in the credit world.
You know when people you know have sub-prime credit.
You know nine out of ten times it’s not.

Maybe they just didn’t pay their bills, maybe it’s just they weren’t educated.

I love that i got an idea.
I don’t know if you guys have thought of this and i’m sure you have man, you know, have you guys thought about doing a local convention? That’s for subprime people to come and learn how to build credit.

Just maybe just for like a free class like give them like a given.

Actually we actually taught a class last night.
You know with a realtor and a major bank here, that’s local! You know why not just go crazy with it like on social media, like what i mean is like.

I think that you guys could just really crush it in in because i we know the market, we know how much subprime people there are.
We know how many people who are looking for help but they’re they’re.
So if you guys offered like something like a 30 minute to an hour like little like, you ran out like a hotel area and you just have these people come and they’re it’s free, but they come in.

They get an hour free class, but you only give them the the pinpoint right right and see you’re leading right in to the major.

You know program that we’re releasing right now, but you know: hey we’re in louisville.
So if you’re in cincinnati, indianapolis things of that nature, this program is a fully integrated video education program that will teach people from a to z, everything they need to know about credit reading, their credit reports, building positive credit without creating debt and even how to fix Those past credit mistakes.

This is a an education program out there, like no other, you know trusted sources.

You know there’s a lot of bad information out there.
You know a lot of people get some bad information.

You know it may be bad information from friends and family.
That didn’t mean to give bad information right.
You know, so you got to have that accurate and correct information.

That’s going to help! You know, uh propel your scores and you know make your credit report healthy.

No doubt about it, and and that’s that’s great information, and i’m glad that you guys are doing that, because education is something that’s not being taught to people in the high schools, they’re not being taught in that level.
They don’t explain it.

You know so and if they do the education that they get is from their parents and if their parents are just not educated themselves – and i hate to say this folks if you’re watching and you have in your credit’s – not there.
That’s not and don’t take this.
The wrong way, education is not your fault.

Sometimes you just weren’t, provided this education or whatever education you were given, which was self-taught home taught, was just the wrong thought.
You know it’s like you, how many people have you came, come in and said hey, but i i’ve got good credit.
I pay my cell phone bill, but they don’t know or they might raise.

If you don’t have cash, you don’t buy it yeah right.
Well, unfortunately, but you also don’t have a track record proving that you can make payments so right um, they went off to college and hey.
You want a free, backpack sign up for this credit card.

You know, maybe they bought a pizza from a hot dorm and you know, then they got about it and made a bill and now they’re still suffering from those you know, or they just got a credit card and they maxed it out and just never paid it And that’s: okay.
People make mistakes, we all learn.
You know the key is learn from that and to not repeat those exact same mistakes, but they don’t understand how important it is.

They don’t understand until the day they need a car or a house right.
You know what i mean: yes, no different than a doctor.
That’s able to take a look at what’s going on with your your your medical screening, the uh x-rays, all of those things and explain hey.

This is what is happening in there.
This is what can be done.
These guys know what they’re talking about and they’ve seen it in in full action and they’re, seeing it.

It’s explode for people they’re, seeing great testimonies, they’re, seeing customers get giant checks in the mail of things happening.
Yeah i’ve seen those ones that they thought those checks.
So you know so the people watching this also understand where those checks come from and a little bit more of a background of what we do.

You know we have developed into and we are now a legal firm.
You know with paralegals and attorney you know in-house counsel and when we find you know, violations on credit bureaus uh, you know you have to give the bureau a chance to fix it.

But what happens if they don’t fix it? At that point we sue them.

You know and uh, that’s all included with our program for our clients and it’s not get rich money, but you know it fixes the problem and then the bureaus have to pay.
For you know damaging their credit report and anytime, we can fix somebody’s credit from a past mistake and get them paid at the same time.

Oh, that’s, usually, a pretty good testimonial yeah yeah people like that um announcement to the to the person that you’re helping that you taking the steps to do something right, pays you and it actually is a tangible win for you and your finances going forward.

It is worth the investment to get involved and it’s actual simple solutions that you guys mastered down to to make sure to connect people to what it is that their dreams are right and it’s like you said you got ta, take action.
You know and a lot of people don’t take action because they’re embarrassed, but what we tell everybody is looking.

You know if you’re embarrassed about your credit.

The only reason you should be embarrassed is, if you’re not doing something to fix it.
You know most people that feel like they have bad credit are probably not in as bad as situations.
They really think they are, and literally with the right education of the tools.

You can turn your credit around in 90.
You know days six months.
Definitely within a year it can be that quick of a turnaround, if you do it the right way and every car salesman had somebody come and come into their lot, and i want a four door: whoop whoop whoop, four by four va you know and they live.

If you’re pretty what you do, they’re leaving a fiesta because they couldn’t you know, swing the payment or you know, qualify right.
But when you take that individual and you build that rapport and they start to trust you as they should, because, if you’re a good person and you’re truly a good sales person for the right reason, yeah you’re in it for the right reason.
And you and you just kind of educate these people like listen, you know what what do we always say? A little see you got to crawl before you walk got to walk, freaking run.

So, let’s, let’s get you building, but perhaps if you turn that person onto our program and say hey you’re, going to get all the education that you need um and at that point in 12 months they do come back because they have brought that score up.

You know 150 points, they’ve, gotten rid of a lot of those issues.
They’ve consolidated their student loans, whatever it was, that was holding them back and now you get to put them in that dream vehicle every car from then on they’re buying from you that’s right.

That’s right, they they’ve really connected and made a friend, and that is something that you guys have mastered and you celebrate inside of the successes of the people that you’ve helped.
Absolutely you know it’s like the the doctor’s office that you walk into and you see all the pictures of the babies all over the place right and then you know like you’re, like oh look at the kitties, oh wow, you helped that one and this one and That one right these these pictures and these testimonies and these uh memories that you’re helping people make you know buying a house is a great memory in life.

Buying a boat is a great memory in life.

You know what i mean and being able to have the credit muscle.

The flex in those directions is a great victory for for people in life, and you have been wanting to set people up for that for life.
Your testimonies of it done inside of your own life and you’ve been able to see things get activated by the use of credit.

That’s what dealers are fighting for out there, car guys and car guys, those of you that are trying to figure out how to bridge the gap between the subprime customer and the prime customer that this entire paradigm shift of finances in the united states understand that these Correction, things can be applied properly to help you step what you’re going through, and these guys have the solutions for it and they want to educate you on it.
So inside of this fresh news folks, i want to make sure that we do highlight uh one that this brew has been brought to you by think.

Um, that’s right partners! Now it’s elite! Fi partners is the full name.

You guys need to check them out.
That’s their website, www.
elitefi partners.

com thinkad group is www.
think group, very simple, very easy for you in the companies they’re much like we’re talking to these two credit solution areas over here.

We have these other solution areas that do very similar things, they’re, just good people that are just trying to help.

So, if you’re looking for the get to that next level, get your credit up a little bit, get your mind up a little bit.
Get your business up a little bit get your f! I box up a little bit, get a hold of these companies.
All three of these companies right now are doing some amazing stuff.

Do not miss out on these opportunities, get in early.
Do it before it’s too late the best time to start something is right, the freak! Now, why wait till tomorrow? Why wait two minutes later? Just do it grind it out in the and i elite, you know uh and for us you know this program is diy credit, education, dot, com, yeah.
We have an affiliate program for all you car, guys and car guys out there.

So if you are running into subprime, you know clients, if you’re running into people that can’t get approved.

You know we can become an affiliate with uh, the diy credit education and every program that you provide to your client to your customer.

You actually make a kickback as well, so for those that you know doesn’t mean we’ve been there, you sit with a client for an hour to be told no and you’re like man.

I can’t do nothing now, but hopefully you know we can give you the tools of the knowledge of the education.
Where we’re going to see you in the next.
You know 30.

90 days.
You know, but also you got paid for your time.

That was so cgc approved.
That is exactly what we’re trying to say.

As far as is the connection point for car guys to connect to what they’re trying to do and get the customer taken care of, get somebody set up better inside of life.
These guys have the education and you will still be paid for helping somebody.
They have the way to do so, and i’m excited that they’re here.

The affiliate thing guys, i don’t know if you guys are hearing that you car people out there.
If you heard that affiliate and you’re always saying oh, i don’t have enough money, i work hard and i sell 20 cars a month, but they don’t pay me enough.

You want to make a little bit of extra get into this affiliate man.

Why not have multiple streams of income they’re up giving you opportunity, and this affiliate program will give you an opportunity not just to make extra money but to make extra money on top extra money? It’s like a double beautiful part is too because we all know how valuable leads are once used that person signs up under under your link.

You now have all their contact information forever right.
So now you know who to follow up with set a 30 day reminder set a six day reminder set a 90 day.

Reminder hey, how are things going geez? Are you still looking? I know, i know you want this this.
This is what came in an inventory.
Where are we at? Are you working the program? What can i do to help you? You know, that’s the toughest thing.

It’s the toughest thing in the world is to get a horse, bring them to water and make it drink and make them drink.
The water also trust me.
I’ve been doing this a long time, so people the ones that do drink the water, which you’re talking about taking that level of setting the reminders.

Even there’s going to be people who will and folks i’m going to pointing at you so make sure that you guys understand what i’m saying there’s some of you out there watching the show right now that are listening to this and going yeah.
I want to do that, but then you do it you, you go ahead and go ahead and set up and you get this customer and you put them in the system and you do all this, but you don’t follow up with them.

Follow-Up is probably the weakest thing in most salespeople’s repertoire: they think they try to get enough of that low-hanging fruit, that low-hanging fruit’s great, oh, it’s cool, but that everybody can get that low hanging.

What makes it yeah, but when you build that client base man that sets you up.
If you can find that home dealership that you consider home and build those prospecting relationships anymore, you know and you’re fighting boom.
You’re right, i mean that’s huge.

We still get calls about cars – oh yeah, absolutely yeah! Right on that.
You know when you do that when you do the work you have enough and you build up that pipeline and it becomes huge in your crm.
Your your whole net network, whether really like you said staying in one place, is great, but you build up the network so much that you can go anywhere and take your fights with you.

Just like you just said, right, you’re gone and there’s still people calling you right yeah, but the guy who literally we even talked you talked about earlier.
You help somebody you tell them hey, go build your cred, they come back, they buy a car.
You know they’re gon na buy cars for me, the rest of their lives.

True, yet you still have to do work.
You start to follow up once the one time that you don’t do the birthday card or the one time that you don’t follow up with them because of something they don’t buy.

They hate you.

You know that’s how that’s how thin that line is in in when it comes football i mean man, you know, but it used to be way more difficult way more time consuming as well.
I mean you sit down and write a thank.
You card write, a birthday card, send out a newsletter, but you know over the last couple of years those things have actually become so much easier with automation.

You don’t understand you, don’t really work automation to have that working for you and working smarter.
You know reach out to us on that we’d be glad to just get information on building podcast 2.
0 yeah, and that’s and i love that too.

You know, and that’s that’s and that that’s why i love you know that you’re talking about this, because it’s all that is so true, but you know you got 90, that’s gon na.
Not do it and there’s only 10 percent that still do it and they know that it’s even though they know that it’s going to help them be successful.

They’re not going to do it and that’s why we try to preach it.

So much and i try to beat it like a dead horse, and i think that you people need to hear it every single day.
They need to hear stuff like this, that you need to put that extra work in it’s.
Okay, like i said low hanging, fruit is great sure, but everybody, but that’s what the low hanging fruit versus the one that takes the low hanging fruit and develops a relationship.

That’s the difference between your top two three car, guys in your dealership versus the rest 100, and you know what you’re talking about matt, because that’s where you were at when you were out there, you know so absolutely and i and i think that it’s amazing i I i’m so glad that we’re talking about this, because i think that people need to hear that, because that is what’s special between like what you guys are doing when you can take it to that next level.
Take that extra step and keep stepping when you keep taking those extra steps it takes.
You different makes you that one company, that’s above and beyond the other one.

I love what you guys are doing, i’m glad you’re doing this diy credit education.
I think it’s wonderful.

I think that these videos that you’re going to do are going to be great for people so folks, if you need help and you’re out there and you’re, and you need some crap you car guys, you’ve got you need some credit help too.
You know it.
So if you need it, it’s okay, don’t be scared about it, don’t be embarrassed, be scared, don’t be embarrassed.

Just give them a call.
Give them a holler go to their website, check them out and they’re going to help you out they’re, going to do everything they can and if you’re a car guy they’re going to really want to help you because they were cars.
They are like.

We said once a car guy or always a car guy, it’s a fraternity.
We even have a handshake.
You know what i’m saying so anyway.

No that’s that’s my moment.
Thank you.
Yes, you’re welcome guys gals solutionaries and all of you that are really wanting to help.

People understand that.
That’s still where this conversation began is that these guys wanted to find a way to help the person that was sitting in front of them.
And now we have found a way to make these connections happen, digitally and they’re funneling a way to help customers achieve their dreams, uh sales people achieve their goals and ultimately be solutionaries to fix people in the heart of their credit.

Okay, i mean they got a big heart right there behind him.
I know uh matt’s name when he was a uh over here at the dealership right he was the car credit medic because he has history of literally helping people save lives, guys there’s so much more to this man that you know what you got to kind of Save some stories for when they get to sit with you right and they get to talk to you right, but he was also a person that took an oath to protect lives and save them from the most crazy situations.

Uh that you don’t want to imagine.
He had to reach in there and pull them and help bring them literally back to life.
He can do the same thing for the credit muscle that is the heartbeat of your finances and uh and and nate is, is an incredible individual.

That he’s like that’s what i got he’s another brother, that is a testament you’re, a hammer too brothers that you go on.
You have to go with people that you trust and love and have your best interest at heart.
Um we can.

We one sends a thousand two can send ten thousand.
We amplify our power when we unite our hearts together, and these guys have gone out on a mission to literally help the people and the commerce continue to go on and not be held up by the the small boundary of credit right and their masters in this Sphere – and i love it, and i’m excited that they’re here, obviously guys folks, i have a lot of heart for them.
This is our show.

I can say it, however much i want to and make sure that you, you find people that believe in you, because the moment from the moment remember, i was told about where it was that you guys wanted to go.

Remember car guys, car guys.
These are producers inside of your store.

Put your put your mind inside of the managers mode.
For a moment where you’re told some serious producers inside of your store are about to bounce out and go start their own business, it was tough to leave the family.
It was tough to leave, there’s plenty more where that came from car guys and car cargos.

Make sure that you tune in for part.
Two of this group get you some .

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