car guys and car gals welcome back to the cafe.

Thank you so much for joining us.
We are about to get involved inside of some fresh news.
This is lu, ramirez, the car guy spreading our subprime hero, and we are excited to be getting this fresh new session, going on with our fun and so unique friends that is in the cafe.

I love it.
Man, the personality has been personal and i absolutely love the way.
You think your mentality, you are a unique guest that we’ve had on the show, probably one of the most unique persons i’ve that i’ve had on the show which is really cool, and i mean that in the most complimentary way, man, your your personality is coming through.

The screen right now and i dude i just feel like i need to go, hang out with you, that’s how i feel like i just feel like.
I just know that story needs to open up and just come in your sense of humor kind of.
I dig that sense of humor, so that’s what i’m talking about so, let’s i’m so glad to have you here.

Man thank you for coming on the show and doing this late with us tonight and we’re getting ready to get to your fresh news.

This fresh news is all about you and i just want you to talk.
I mean the five liner was too, but this is really a chance for you to go ahead and just spill all the beans about everything that’s going on.

I want you to talk about.
If you can’t, if you want to, i want you to talk about your company, what how do they can get a hold of you? What do you exactly do with this company and how the and why it would benefit people who are watching right now why they need to reach out to you, so they can get placed in the right places if anybody has received a linkedin connect from me.

Now is the time to accept that connect, but no i’m just joking, but anyway, no for real, but uh accept my connect, also uh.

If you have a proposal for from me, i need you to sign that and send it back to me uh.
If you owe me money, i need for you to send me my check um.

That’s all i got for for anybody with business, but just to be honest, uh i represent the best dealerships, i will say with some of the best owners, some of the best groups, some of the greatest group of guys that i know and uh they’re doing their Thing they’re breaking records and they’re making money and they’re happy and nobody took a l from kovit um everybody just they did better.

I remember one of my guys, i’m not even going to say his name is.
I called him when covet first started and he was losing more hair in the art and he’s already losing right now and uh.
He was like.

I don’t know what to do, and next thing you know he’s trying to sell some type of uh snake oil product online or something i’m like man.

You need to get back to what you know.
You don’t know you know what is this noni juice? You know.

So and then he got his together and now he was bawling out of control.

You know what i’m saying, and it was thanks to me and that’s just what i do.

I just um.

I just helped put people in better situations to uh to live their dreams and that’s what solomon abraham is all about.

It’s just about being harder, better, faster stronger than our competition.
Who are you know other recruiters out there who really just outsourced to uh.

You know wonderful, ladies and gentlemen, out in india.
You know they need jobs as well, but i mean i want to tell people that you got my number.
You can call me on the phone.

I don’t care what i’m doing what time of day it is.
I’m always going to answer the phone, i’m always going to talk to you and i’m always going to give you the best advice.
I can give you so i’m always going to help.

You know put you in a better situation, you know what i’m saying and that’s just what i do.
I just put people in in the best situations they’ve ever been in their life.

You know some people, i changed their life so much that they end up.

Not talking to me no more because they trying to get their self together, you know i didn’t mean for them to stop talking to me too.
You know i just wanted to get their together.

You know.

So that’s just that’s just what i do.
That’s what solomon? Abraham is all about it’s about us together, there is uh, no competition, because as long as we all work together, we’ll all be able to achieve our goals.

You know some people are just looking for that instant gratification and they just want the here and now uh.

Where i look at the future, you know i’m a futurist, i’m a visionary and i’m not trying to beat you out of anything.
You know i’m trying to help you make with whatever it is.
You want to make, because that’s going to put me in the next position in life myself, so that’s just something that i look forward to to helping people with you know moving forward also uh inda athletics.

This is a uh.
This is a sneaker company based out of kenya, and kenya actually has the most uh gold gold medals.
I believe in running.

Yes, they do so, and this shoe right here is made in kenya.
Okay, you know weldon kennedy who’s.
Actually, the president of the company uh, he gave me the opportunity to volunteer for them uh last winter i saw i saw the shoe online and i saw what they were doing and i was like man.

I got to be a part of this because this this company is really going to blow up because china’s you know giving all the united states money to kenya so kenya’s going to be like the next china.
You know, and i got to be in there when that happened, so you know, like i said as long as looking at the future.
Also there’s this app uh, it’s called catch at live and um.

It’s actually the number three downloaded app in in uganda.
It’s right behind netflix and also tick tock, tick, tock number one and uh.

This app is blowing up as well.
Its main competitors are guild, spotify and uh right now.
What the app does is that it actually live streams, different clubs across the world.

Also, you can look at the app and you can see what who the dj is.
You can see what drinks are on special wow and you can yeah man, wow you’re, saying whoa, because you were just talking about how you wanted to go.

You know like where’d, you say you want to go like london or someplace like that or just wherever you know you want to get out and go and see the world, and this app brings the world to the palm of your hands for real.

You can see the amount of girls, the guys that are in the club.
You know you can see what everybody’s wearing you can know.

If this is the type of club that you want to go to, you know and that’s exactly what the app does and eventually you know, since we’re talking about quantum computing and stuff, like that, eventually you’re going to be able to wear like an oculus like a Vr or something like that and you’ll be in the club.

So imagine you know uh going to ibiza from your living room.
You know what i’m saying or yeah.
That’s how it works.

That’s happening.
I mean it’s becoming the thing, because people can’t, i think it’s.
I think it’s beautiful man, i think it’s man, that’s a great idea and we’ve all seen like uh.

You know movies like ready player, one and stuff like that, and then you also know with these viruses that they keep coming out.

A lot of people are really going to be staying in the house.
You know and um they’re going to be going to events that are that are more virtual.

That’s one of the reasons why i invested in that company uh also uh.
I am uh the chief brand officer of superior quality records uh, which is a recording company based out of chicago and uh.
Their main focus is to fight, savage music peacefully.

So uh, you know, like you, hear all the the rap that’s on the radio right now everything’s, it’s about drill music, i’m not sure.
If you guys know what drill music is but drill music is it’s for the shooter.
You know, that’s where music is right.

Now that’s what rap music is it used to be about the hustler? Now it’s about the shooter.
Now it’s about like killing people for real.
You know what i’m saying.

Oh, that’s! The music that’s glorified these days and superior equality is fighting fighting that oppressed movement.
You know that they’re that they’re pushing on us with peace – you know just by just by playing music at uh at the correct frequency.

Okay, that you need uh.

So it’s it’s a real next level, bob marley cyberpunk, you know type of stuff.
We got going on over there and we got a couple projects coming out pretty soon, but it’s still in its infant stages and then um.
I have uh wise, dome 365 and that’s actually uh.

That’s actually my production company.

So i got some projects coming out with that as well, and that’s pretty much it that’s all.
I got going so far right, that’s it! That’s all you got oh! No! I do i got ta wait hold on.

I have an app coming out too.
I have a video game coming out is set to release um in the fourth quarter of 2021 uh.
It’s a racing game, so stay tuned to that.

For that and that’s that’s what i got going on so far.
You just hit me with the but wait.
There’s more yeah right, yes, and that’s just and that’s just this year wait! You know, you know you’re going to see 2020, that’s quarantine time, visionary, this guy’s doing future races, what’s called god versus fear, um yeah.

My lawyer made me take it back because he was upset that i just dropped it real, quick and i didn’t have any business plan or anything like that.

So i said it was on amazon for a couple days.
I took it out i’ll uh, you know i’ll drop it again legit this time.

You know what i’m saying so all the right people can get paid.

You know i mean whatever i don’t know how to do things like that.
You know and just shake it up.

Just make him mad, you know we’re not really making mad, but you know just i just do whatever i want to do.
I don’t care damn.
Damn plus getting paid off.

Religion is a little weird to me, but you know so.
I got ta my family’s, not gon na feed itself.
At the end of the day, i guess no doubt no doubt about that man also uh.

I still plan b pills outside the gas station, see what we’re talking about folks, just a little bit different right, which it always takes a little bit of a different beam to be able to process what it is that we process here in the cafe inside of Solutionary central, where we got people that are doing as much as he’s doing and still finding a way to make sure that they’re helping other people live out their dreams as well.
And that’s the solutionary serum that we’re trying to spill all over the place.

And sometimes it gets a little sticky and we start to make new connections.

I’m definitely going to take the uh.
The complexion for the connection, i’m definitely taking that man.

I’m gon na use that as long as you be quiet, they’re not gon na know who you are, they might take you light-skinned puerto rican, uh, you, you could be an arabs, you could be anything you just got, ta be quiet and be in there like and Just go like that: yeah uh huh! Thank you.

I i have a new word flow inside of my arsenal, man.
I like it.
I like it, i’m just here to help man for real.

Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
I do want to ask real quick um.

What is it that? Because we want to kind of figure out a few things inside of the car business and you’re connected with a lot of people and you’re connected with a lot of big earners in the car business? For those of you that didn’t get the chance to hit earlier um or here on the five line of brew, he is is connected to uh some of the people that are making the type of money that that you can sometimes only dream of.
But you can actually achieve if you put together the right principles and you leverage your time and your your money and your connections properly right but uh.
So who is it that that dealers are looking for right now? What are they? What are you, what are the key things that you feel like dealerships are hunting for or needing inside of people right now, there’s so many tools, so many apps, so many just things that a dealer can do what type of personality people yeah.

What are they looking for? What are they trying to find? What do you notice number one they’re looking for people number, one they’re looking for people with common sense, that’s number one, all! It’s common sense: common integrity, number, one energy! You know those three things: um technicians, certified sex.
I mean it’s.
It’s a certified tech world.

You know um it’s some sort of it’s some techs out here, making like 300k a year, it’s in rhode island, but you know i still love it, that’s good for them.
They deserve it when you, when they’re needed and you get paid what you deserve, especially if you’re good at that job man, bmw, especially man, there’s my son drives one.
I know how many i know how much uh work there’s involved in those cars yeah there’s a lot of stuff going on.

You have to be good.
There is man, it’s real bmws, but uh in jaguar jaguars, all but they’re.
Looking for text right now, like crazy man and uh, you know every everybody’s looking for the next, the next rock star, the next superstar.

They are in sales, they’re, always looking for the next rock star, there’s always somebody at the bottom and uh.
We all know this, and the person at the bottom has always got to go.

Sorry, we’ve all been at the bottom before yeah before we before we got to where we were so you we all know how it is and um they’re always looking to replace somebody.

That’s true, and that’s a key word that i do want to make sure that uh you solutionaries out there do embrace is the word replace um it’s so many people will tell you that your job is.
You are replaceable, but i also want you to take a hold of that word and sometimes understand that.

Maybe you need to replace yourself actually, if it’s not working for you, it’s not working.

That’s right! That’s right! You! You need to be able to fine-tune where it is that the pieces fit inside, of the puzzle, to make an organization successful and for you to have the success that you dream uh to have.
Okay – and we appreciate people like you that are solutionary, is trying to make those connections happen and uh man, it’s it’s fun.
Having this talk with you, i’m i have so much more that i want to kind of dig into and chop it up with, but i don’t feel like we can just do it on the show i feel like we.

We really need to get the whole of all of these.
People that are solutionaries together drop.
Some music have some fun, get some crazy ideas all over the place, because there’s so much that can happen uh when solutionaries, like you and others, connect together and yeah.

It’s like it is like going to church because we all come together with our torches to light up a bigger plane to make some great things happen.
Oh so tonight the points i got from you dan tonight.
I think that are important for people to remember is that you are what you say.

You are right, so that’s so that’s a big thing, guys and everybody out there who’s watching.
You have to understand.

If you are a failure – and you say that, then you are a failure – you’re going to be a failure, the only way you could ever overcome.

That’s believing that you’re a winner and believing that you can do every damn thing that you want to do, believing that everything is possible for you, even bigger things than you could ever imagine a guy like dan is a is a future, a futurist, a visionary somebody Who believes that there’s always something out there? That’s the next level and he looks for it.
He seeks it and when you seek it, you have your eyes open.
For that guys, like dan will show you that and he’s proving that there’s opportunity for everybody.

Not only is he proving it but he’s giving people opportunities out there, showing people hey you can make like.
He talked about auto techs out in rhode, island, doing freaking, bmws, busting, 300, 000 a year, that’s possible! You think about that.
So dan’s not just seeing that he’s seeing that in so many levels he just dropped a list of companies that he’s involved with list of all kinds of things that he is heavily just a believer in those shoes from kenya.

I’m telling you you’re doing the right thing and that’s something that’s going to be huge.
Kenya is, and i’ve been a fan.
I ran track and field in high school.

I’ve been watching their their cross country, their long distance runners, even their i mean.
Even their shortness is they’re amazing.
The best in the world always have been crazy and they finally got shoes.

Them boys used to run barefoot and still get questions and be crushing people when the best nikes ever made right now they got some shoes.

You know those shoes are legit.
If they’re going to put shoes on their feet, they’re going to be the best running shoes in the world because they’re the best runners in the world, you know it’s crazy.

These really are the best running shoes in the world.

They look super light man, i’m looking at them right now, i’m like those things, look like you just put them on and they’re just good.

No doubt right, so i love that that you’re, that’s what you’re about man.

I i and it’s true – and i have this thing – it’s something i had already saved this thing.
That says i am and you’ll see at the bottom right now.

That’s what you do when you get the new fresh when you get the new fresh js, but i do yeah.

You know what i got good credit too, and i never had a pair of new balances.
I just want to throw that out there.

I don’t blame you, i don’t blame you, i you know, there’s only people, it’s nice or the nike monarchs you don’t talk about the nike monarchs.

Those are the 800 beacon score shoes too.
You’re like oh, those are he’s famous family footwear, man famous for wins.
Those are shameless, plugs yeah, but but no doubt man and everything you know it’s so key and i and i’m glad we had you on the show and i’m glad that you came out and you and you really.

You brought out a personality that i think people need to see because that’s something that if you’re like anything like dan and you see something in yourself, and you know that you can do it go for it, because he is proof that if you go for it, You can achieve it so make sure that you do that he loves more than just the car business folks.
He loves a lot of things.
You can do that.

You don’t have to just focus on one thing: it’s good to focus on one thing, but when you can dabble in a whole bunch of things and have all kinds of success and find love in it and being able to reach out to countries like kenya and Help out with them and help out with local community help out with this and doing all these things finding an app that can actually help.
You know if there’s enough women at that club and you’re wearing the right gear when you walk in i’m just saying that live download it man, that’s what i’m saying.
That’s what i’m saying so get that if you guys are out there and you and you’re single, especially if you’re single and you don’t know where it’s at this app will make.

You know where it’s at no doubt about it and i think that’s pretty cool.

I know that it would have been something very beneficial for me back in my early 20s.
I would have crushed the scenes.

I was already crushing it without an app.
I can’t imagine having an app and whoo.
I would have known where this is.

You remember having an ink pen and some paper – oh dude, the tiny, ass letters and numbers that i used to write everything on.
Yes, like you had to really like getting a good light, you’ll be like okay, okay hold on.
Didn’t you go to pay phone.

This is like old school, so, but now man, i do appreciate you coming on the show.

Is there anything else that you want to talk about before we get off here uh, you know what um greg i just uh.
I just want to say thank you for having me on the show.

I really appreciate it.
Um, you guys are doing a lot uh for the community.
You guys are doing a lot for the car world uh, you guys are taking strides, and you know um just showing that uh that minorities can really make it.

You know, and and and not and not complain or use like a race car and with all this crazy stuff.
That’s going on.
You know what i mean and you guys are just happy and i’m happy as well, and i was excited to be on the show today and thank you so much for bringing into your lives and introducing me uh.

You know to your audience, so i can tell them my story and hopefully i’ve changed some lives here, because you guys definitely changed my life just by having me on this show.

So i thank you for changing my life today.
You guys really really you just say every conversation i have to me.

I’m learning something i learned a lot from you, i’m failing hero.

What a good time see y’all later, thanks, bye, [, Music ], you .

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