your parents were probably answering those questions.

You know which is great, you know and that’s why you give a lot of love to them.
You know like when, like the things like my son, he’s a you know, i have one child and he’s not child 17, but you know he asked me a lot of questions over the years.
You know and it’s a lot of wise, wise wise.

You know, and i was always like i know i get it.
I got ta answer these questions because you know we as we get older, we there’s things we take for granted just much like in business.
We go, you know we’re like just because it happens.

No, that’s just what happens.
No, there’s reasons for it.

Why ask be a child again to get into that childlike mentality of why? Why is it? Why does that work that way? Why is it this way? Because the more you know, the more you grow, the more that you can show to people right, so it’s just a process, so the it’s very important to be like a child in a lot of situations, it’s great to have that.

Why inside you, why is it? Why do why are we trying to impeach the president? Okay, i didn’t mean to get in political.
You know it’s like it’s like there’s just like i’m, just i’m just joking around, of course, but you know what i mean like there’s just so many questions that you can ask in this world, especially today, why? Why are we doing it? This way why you know, but hey, that’s okay, folks, to tie together the the simon sinek uh flow.
He also is the author of the infinite game right so, and the the infinite game helps you to understand that there’s so many whys, it’s impossible to know them all and and when speaking to to my son, about and my sons about hey, you know, there’s going To be things in life that you don’t get and they’re they’re very blessed to be able to just have a father, um and and to be able to speak into their lives.

The word says that you’ll you’ll have many brothers and sisters, but you’ll have few fathers um and that that would also apply to the mother’s side.
But you’re gon na have few people that you can entrust to speak into your life, so whether they’re uh physical biological fathers or their their mentors friends uh people that you can.
You can look at and say what’s on them, i want in me.

I want, what’s in their life, to be poured into what i’m sipping on and and when thinking of the infinite game on on any aspect.
Sometimes we get to a spot where we we get done saying why and then we get to a relationship with with the father and with others that that are helping lead us and say hey wow and talking to gabe the other day.
He you know, i’m talking about the these different he’s about to make a huge transition not to go to college right, and you know just trying to tell him son listen.

You may not know every reason why it has to happen, but it’s awesome when you get the chance to just sit back and just say how and like you said uh, your father showed you right.

So your father showed you the how in many aspects got done explaining the why you did son.
I already told you ten times why i got ta go do this, but let me show you how now and then you learn the how and sometimes we didn’t even know that we learned the how your dog doesn’t know which dog he paid attention to long enough To know that he had to lift his leg up, you know what i mean or why they even do that, but they just said okay well, this is how you do it, so i’m gon na go.

Do it this way, so it’s so key that there are people like that inside of our lives, um and there’s so many lessons that come with all of those people that that do get welcomed into our life and some of us get to attribute a father.
For that, a mother and – and some of us don’t the the thing is that all of us have learned and attribute that to something and and have to be able to pay attention to the origin of the beans that you’re growing in right.
In the brew that you’re sipping on, so it’s very very imperative that anybody that’s trying to actually brew solutions in life finds a way to connect to people that are rooted properly, that are growing the right beings, and that is a very i mean, i’m good and Deep about it hit your chest one time, if you do what i’m saying, but folks, we have a culture that we’re trying to develop, not just a coffee, not just a product, not just a an appearance right.

It’s a culture when, when all of the the fancy dancy screen technology stuff goes away, i’m a person so is terry right.

We are real people.
We’ve learned some hard lessons.

We’ve learned some great lessons.
Uh we’ve learned: we’ve had some hard uh great victories.
We’ve sat some actual hard victories that, like man, i came out skated on that, but i came out right and those actual interactions in life is what creates the people that we are today and i again, i love the path that we all take to finding ourselves And i believe that that it is a divine setup in any case scenario, because your days are numbered.

He knows you like.
He knows the numbers of hair on your head.

He knows.

What’s going on today knew that i’d be talking to terry torlein today on the car guy coffee, podcast living out a dream right doing what we love to do with some great people inside of that i’ve taken some hard lessons and i’m sure that you have too You’ve taken some hard hits you’re doing some big football things.
I watch my son, i’m so grateful for the days he didn’t get put in the game because of the hits that i know he takes right and i want to know somebody.
That’s that’s fought it out.

Like you, what has been some of the hardest lessons you’ve had to learn in business, or at least the number one hardest lesson you’ve had to take in business to brew solutions.

Ouch right, you’re, gon na make me go yeah that one hurts um.
You know, i think, the the failures um along the way you know i i they the times that you know i’ve been in business for for myself, with myself um most of my career, i’ve signed the back or the front of a paycheck more than i’ve signed.

The back of a paycheck and not all of them, worked out in the end, but all of them definitely taught me more in order to be here so those i think, rudy el patron said it had a post within the last 24 hours.
That said, you know, don’t hate the winners because don’t hate the winner, because you don’t know what it was like when he was when he wasn’t winning um and, and those are the things that that i think that for myself is um times.

You know when, when it didn’t work out like you know, you had a vision, you had a plan, but it didn’t work out the way that you thought it was going to um.

Sometimes they just don’t work out.
Not all businesses are meant to succeed, not all businesses are meant to last forever, so keep going, keep brewing, keep charging and keep going down that path, because if you set the foundation right in the customer experience, faith, family and friends, if you set that foundation and Build off of that you’re going to be successful, you’re going to have peaks you’re going to have valleys but ride the waves when they’re high, and then you know when it when it gets down they’re low, remember those good times and make sure you get back there.

You know, look 20 and 2019 was different than 2020 and 21 is going to be different than 2020.

, so um take those experiences was 2020 a great year.
I think no from a from a, but i agree, none of us could do anything.
Last year we couldn’t travel.

We couldn’t do this so yeah.
It was kind of that side of the world yeah.
I was jacked up, but there was plenty of opportunity, there’s always opportunity in the darkness.

You know and that’s like you’re talking about – and you know, you’re going through these businesses, some of them made it.
Some of them were some of them.
Didn’t the thing is we all learned from those things you needed? Those businesses that you were part of that didn’t go out the way they were supposed to to learn to be able to get where you’re at right.

This moment, you know that’s the thing we all have to learn through failures.

We all have just like when you’re a kid and you’re learning to walk when you’re a child and your toddler you’re trying to walk and you fall down you get back up.

Imagine if you were that toddler and you just fell down.

You didn’t get back up.
That’s what a lot of adults do they fall down, they don’t get back up.
I can’t do it it’s over.

Why you? You have to learn to walk just like you have to walk before you can run, and you know so on crawl before you walk all those things.
It’s because it’s true, it’s still true.
You have to you’re going to fall, you’re going to falter you’re going to fail.

It’s okay, it’s actually fun to go to to do those uh three three f’s there alter fail and fire right so, but if you know that, if you know that’s by doing those things by that happening in your life that the next handful of years that are Coming up you’re set up for success, because you know what you need to not do what you need to do, which you, what what what’s right with you? What kind of business is your heart, more passionate about it’s okay to go out there! You know i tell my son every single day every day i don’t you know he wants to go to college.
I’m like go college.
Do your thing, but if you end up going to college and it’s just not what you think it is when you end up, you want to do something else.

I’m okay with that son be happy.
Try things you’re young! This is when you can experience as much as you want to experience.
You don’t have any ties like a marriage, a child.

You know having to pay for a mortgage yet and all this type of stuff.

You have the opportunity right now to just explode, to be whatever you want to be make the mistakes.

I expect you to make mistakes.

I want you to make mistakes, because if you don’t, then it’s just you, you won’t appreciate the wins, but your own mistakes right yeah make your own your own mistakes.
I wanted to that’s that’s the biggest thing that we try to tell our kids.
You know, and that’s interesting terry goes terry knows what i’m talking about.

You know and terry.
You know what terry’s talking about here.
Folks, it’s it’s a process in life.

This is life process.
A lot of people will take this process and they will use it as an excuse to not be successful or they use it as a way to find success.

So it’s it’s one or two things.

Terry chose the ladder he’s gon na find success.

He’s gon na keep moving forward, he’s going to find something, that’s going to get him to the next level, because he’s always yearning for that.
He has that feeling of knowing that his self-worth.

He knows what he’s worth.

It’s not the money worth it’s his worth to the to the world, the community, to his family, his faith, his family and his friends.
The worth there to him is huge, and he knows with those three apps right there yeah.

We are we’re dropping bombs everywhere, but these, but those three f’s right there are very passionate to terry folks.
It’s passionate to me.
It’s passionate to everyone.

So remember those three things remember to have faith, family and friends, and when you make those three things important for you, you’re going to be able to forgive, focus and fly everywhere.
You want to go, you will not fail, falter or fall.

You won’t you will.
You will do all you know, i’m saying i’m not trying to put so many f’s out there.
No, no we’re building a nation of f’s.

We want to talk about uh, killing, stigmas folks when you drop an f-bomb in the car guy coffee.
Cafe, it’s a whole.
It’s a great thing: it forms all day long in this mug.

It’s your it’s free for f bombs at the cafe folks, it’s not easy, so delicious out of a bitter bean, but i know i absolutely love that answer from terry.

You know it’s so true.
You know so that kind of gets me.

You know when you when you when you fail – and i know i love that lou asked that question.
That’s something we don’t ask that many people and i’ll be honest with you.
That was a great question to ask that.

Actually leads into the fifth question, extremely well, um your greatest reward.
You know we go through this business.
We go through this business once again of life and there’s something in life by all the hard work you’ve put in the uh.

The detail that you’ve put into your friends and your family and your faith and all these things there’s something that has been a great reward from doing all the right things doing this.
What has been your greatest one greatest reward? Um, you know, i i i think.
That’s a pretty easy question for me: uh the greatest reward was uh.

You know a my wife, uh and then the result of that is is my daughter, uh she’s, uh 26, now going she’s getting married this summer.
To me that is, is i look at that from all the things that i’ve done from all the businesses that that i’ve had that have been successful? There is nothing that is compared to the day that she came into this world, which was phenomenal, but then you realize you have this responsibility to to create that.
You know you you’re, starting with this handful of mush, and then you have the responsibility to make sure that she comes out perfect and you’re like oh man.

What am i, how am i going to do this number one? There’s books written about it, but those books.
These books do not tell you how to raise a child, so you’re, just figuring it out and you’re, making those mistakes.
Uh you talk about failures and successes.

I mean raising your own children is, is a series of failures and successes um, but then you go back to the root of watching your parents.
How did they do it? Everybody’s done it for years and years, and you just show them how to do it.

Uh she’s grown up to be a tremendous uh young lady, a young woman, and i love the you know there was about a year ago during the kobe basin.

It was the girl dad scenario that word that came up and i never really thought about it.
They really didn’t embrace it that much, but i really enjoyed being that girl dad um she’s an athlete she’s an all-american volleyball player uh.
She was an all-academic student um, so i just go.

Yeah mom had a major influence on her life.

I took care of the sports side, mom took care of the academia side and, and she came out to be a tremendous person.
We have conversations that are so freaking deep.

Sometimes you just go: where did this come from? You know, how did you get there? Um love arguing with her love, having debates with her, we fight like cats and dogs, but at the end of the day i mean there’s just a tremendous amount of love there for her um, so yeah greatest accomplishment.
Yeah, it’s easily got to be the the fact that uh raised a daughter and – and you know one of the things that that i find frustrated that you know sometimes don’t understand – is that she feels her limitations by um.
You know society has put on, you, know: men versus women, less pay and all those other things she is out there fighting every day to make sure that that there is an equality um, and i truly i i don’t get it.

You know sometimes, because you just don’t see it, but she sees it um in that experience of of you know treated differently because she’s a you know because she’s a girl, but she just fights every day to make sure that that she has a leg up and She’s just done a tremendous job so that i’m proud of, i think, that’s got to be easily the biggest accomplishment from i love it.
You know your daughter’s a very lucky young lady, yes um, you know to have such a passionate family around her.
You know.

I love that you said that i give a lot of props to my my wife, of course, to my son.
I’m always like my son’s great.
You know he’s a great athlete he’s a he’s, a great in his school, much better than i ever was in school.

I didn’t have the i did.
I just didn’t.
I was very lazy in high school.

Let’s put it that way.
You know i was very smart, but i just didn’t want to do the work.

I’m you know skeptical right, i passed tests.

I just didn’t.
Do the homework right so that i’m just gon na go, but you know my wife definitely a huge part.
My son has grown up and he’s only 17, but he’s grown to be a great person.

I love that you bring that up about your daughter having those i’m looking forward to that type of stuff.
You’re making me sit here, go oh.
I can’t wait for those type of conversations.

I have great conversations with them now, but there’s going to be those adult conversations where you get into that next level: stuff and you’re doing that and you’re experiencing that.
So thanks for sharing that with us, because you made my heart warm up thinking about how that’s going to happen with me, i am super jealous that i’m not a girl.
Dad lou has two daughters, so he is a girl about lou man.

It’s just they’re, just they are so much different they’re, not better they’re, not they’re, just different than boys um, and you know i remember the day when she was born.
It was like uh, my wife said: are you disappointed that you didn’t have a boy hell? No um boys are just difficult to raise they’re just different than what a girl is.

Girls have their own things.

Girls have their own set of issues, but i you know it’s just different than the praise of a boy i mean, i think i think humans themselves could be have their weird isms right, because i know what it’s like to fight the hair inside of a drain.

Inside of the girl’s shower and got and boys create their own smell at a certain age i mean so having both has been quite a seesaw, but there is something that did happen inside of me.
That turned me to absolute mush when i had my daughters, and that makes me mush even today when they speak and they ask and they they say things and – and you have to be careful what you say because they hold on to what you say: wow they Grab it, you know what i mean and it’s so important that what you deposit is something you want them to actually put on, because whether you know it or not, it gets on them and and so uh, just the the affirmation, the words of encouragement, making sure That they know that that the that you are in love with them, you are the man of their life.

You are going to.

You know, nobody’s going to love them better until the night shows up to take your hand from me.
You know what i mean that that’s going to help take you to where i couldn’t go, the only one that will prove they will love you further than i will fine.

I will hand you over and at 26, as my daughter, just turned 21.
So mikayla just turned 21 um, so she just you know, got into being.
You know full adult right and so uh they’re still i don’t.

I don’t want to think of of uh how that day is going to be outside of it being like.
You said the dream come true for them and for me and where i feel that peace and heaven feels that peace and they feel that peace going off into the the riding off into the sunset and at the same time, still being like daddy.
You know what i mean daddy.

Can you please tell him how to do this? I can’t wait for those days to happen.

Let me learn something, but i mean that that is so marking and that has created uh a lot of who it is that i am.
I i’m telling you when i first heard michaela’s heartbeat in the ultrasound room.

That’s that next day i said, i’m not cursing anymore.
I don’t know why.
I’m not going to speak bad anymore, i’m going to take it out of my wraps.

I’m going to start.
You know being more creative with what words i choose just because i had this.

He uses the word freak a lot, yeah a lot of freedom, but it all of that makes you conscious of what it is that you’re putting out there and what you’re going to create.

I know how damaging words can be uh, and i also know how empowering they can be and to your daughter, my goodness.
I never want um them to look back and think that i was ever the one that inflicted harm towards them right.
It was always correction and direction, but love in the most loving way possible, but you it is.

You have to come different with the with the female and i’m excited for fred when he does uh bring a daughter into his life.
That is marrying his son and he gets to experience just a new level of family.
I hope my son has like four daughters.

I just i want to have like i swear, i’m like the most jealous guy of everyone who has daughters because there’s something about the daughter and son.
You know daughter and father experience and i don’t have that experience.
I have nieces and i love my nieces and i have you know like lou’s daughters.

I love them, but i consider them like my nieces too.
Every time i see them, i always like to mess with them a little bit but they’re.
Absolutely i absolutely love them too they’re beautiful girls that have beautiful hearts and you know they’re going to grow up to be great women and do some amazing stuff – and i you know super jealous of that – i’m not gon na lie, but no those are great.

It’s a great reward to have.
Your daughter is very blessed to have you and your wife, obviously um and you’re very blessed to have her and your wife.
Also it’s all one handshake and the other there in that relationship.

I could tell, and that’s a beautiful thing and i’m so glad that you have that in your life, terry, that’s what makes you so special that you have that type of heart inside you, so you understand how to share that with other people.

So we appreciate you sharing that type of stuff.
You know we before we.

You know.
I want this five liner, we just knocked out the five liner.
I was pretty nice.

We do have some people that jumped in yeah.
We have brian norris.
I love brian.

What’s up, he put the triple f’s out there, as you know, brian, that triple left.
If you’ve been watching.
This could be for a multitude of things right now so you’re gon na have to be.

Then we also have a facebook guy says: don’t hate the winner.

My guess this is uh, charles higgins, because charles dickens is he’s on one facebook, something weird with stream yard.
When you, when you go, i stream it to a few different pages.

Some of the pages will not pick up and like we’ll see these, but not even all the guests are showing up that.
This show that we’re looking at right now, so there’s actually a lot more people watching the show than we think right now, um.
But yes, we got we, you know.

So that’s probably him right.
There don’t hate the winner, you you don’t know what you made him here.
I love charlotte.

This is awesome which he says great podcast.
This is why it’s the best podcast.
I love you richie.

For always making me feel good about myself.

He always does that to me and we got stacy.
Stacy is a new friend of mine.

Actually, i met her yesterday on clubhouse, it’s nice to have her here watching the show today.
Good morning, everyone i saw sarah on clubhouse.

Yesterday i write down 15 things.

Five things, i’m thankful for five things i accomplished and five goals.
It really helped me have confidence in myself, grow and accomplish.
That is huge.

That’s actually folks, that’s a good note to write down if you’re, having struggling on how to how to have confidence in yourself and how to build a little bit of stability in your life and to have some gratitude, those five things or those 15 things she’s talking About three lists of five: it’s actually a great way to do it.
You know, i don’t do it exactly like that, but i do something similar.
You know i do have gratitude every single morning.

I kind of use it like as affirmations you know after i put it out there.
I talk about stuff.
I don’t just have gratitude for things i currently have or have had.

I also have gratitude for my opportunity in the future.
I talk about that a lot when i write down my gratitude.
I talk about my opportunity that i have that’s part of my gratitude because it’s if that is true every day we wake up, we have opportunity.

We have opportunity to be better than we were yesterday.
Even if it’s just one percent, we have opportunity to make somebody smile.
We have opportunity to make money.

We have opportunity to tell somebody you love them.
You know there’s so many things that you have opportunity right now from this moment on period.

It’s great.

So that’s great thanks stacy for doing that.

Folks, that’s that’s that stacy! That’s a great! That’s a great! It’s a great way to change it up and for people to get focused on specifically with intention what it is that they’re grateful for and they’re going to accomplish.

That’s something that takes attention, folks, what you give attention to is going to grow if you pour into is so, if you’re focusing on negative it’s going to grow.

If you focus on positive, it’s going to grow, so remember those things.
It’s all about.
Where your mind is at what direction, what frequency it’s flowing on, if you’re throwing on the wrong frequency, you need to get off that frequency.

Take a step back turn the volume down switch channels.
Do something think about write down some gratitude.
Do those 15 things that stacy’s talking about i’ma tell you that works, you can sit down and just spend a few minutes doing that it will change your whole spirit inside you.

I promise you it will, but that’s something that definitely has to happen inside of morning.
Routines and folks we’re so thankful that this morning, routine, you gave us the opportunity to be part of it.
You gave us the opportunity to bring a very, very great human inside of the sky right here this one, this one, mr terry tour line, has been out here right there.

He is.
I know it’s weird terry, when you try to point yourself.
Oh it’s this way.

So before i do, i always kind of like look where you look at the direction.
I’m like.
Okay, it’s my right arm right here, left arm up that way.

There’s our sponsor! Next, you know folks exogloss, if you guys haven’t been checked it out.

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That would be good.
The other thing is that i’m thankful to you guys and one of the things, the positives, the bright, the shining stars that came out of 20 uh 2020 was meeting you guys through this through the think tank.

So i appreciate the opportunity to get to know you guys better um, all the people in the think tank start my morning off 5 30 in the morning on the west coast start my morning off with the car guy coffee podcast, i’m going to finish it later Tonight with the think ad group, the think tank, so it’s going to be bookends, podcasts, uh yeah on a thursday, what a great way to start the day, and i need that mug too.
So, oh you know jerry, there’s something there you got.
You got a swag pack coming your way.

My friend this this has been drunk been drinking out of the last 10 years.
My daughter made this on uh in 2005, 10.


I’d rather have that cup than this cup.
To be honest, no doubt about it.

Man, that’s awesome! Your daughter is so lucky to have you and you’re lucky to have her.
That’s awesome! So good! You know i’m so happy for you.
You were a great person, terry thanks for being here with us this morning.

Folks, this is our five liner with terry torlein of exo gloss.
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Just like all you guys should be upshift uplift and also uplifting each other, so we are excited to do some more things.
Season two is going to be a lot of fun, we’re going to be bringing a lot of amazing guests and thanks to people like exo gloss and terry torline, we’re able to do some stuff at a bigger level.
We do appreciate you terry.

We appreciate your support and – and i promise you we’re always here to support you so we’re looking forward to growing with you.
I appreciate it guys, thanks for letting me be here today, hey, we appreciate you car guys and car gals and all you solutionaries out there.

Thank you so much for joining us.

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So we’re real excited to share this information with you guys, thanks for being here this morning, terry, you have a great week we’ll talk soon.
My friend did you guys know how to get a hold of us.
You got my number my friend west coast.

I didn’t think about that.
You did.
You are a freaking stud bro.

We appreciate you for being here this morning and it was.
It was last minute too, because i asked him just two days ago: hey you want to do it thursday morning he was like yeah.

Let’s do it my man, i appreciate it, i’m not doing anything else at 5 30 in the morning, so i’m not.

I know what i’m doing everybody.
Thank you so much terry.
We honor you.

We appreciate you and we’re so thankful that we get this chance to build a relationship forward.

Remember folks, it’s people over profits, it’s relationship over revenue and we are building those relationships right now, so make sure that you’re brewing with the right beans, that’s right and if you want to go, if you want to floss make sure you get some exo glass.
Let’s get you something out come on car guys, car guys, bumper sticker.

This is lou ramirez, the car guy, and this is fred lennar’s subprime hero and we have been brewing solutions on the car guy quality podcast terry tour line.
Thank you so much.
Let’s group, let’s go and something happened today through a solution.

No percolating problems, we’ll see you all later: peace, , you .

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