Hey car guys and car gals and all you solutionaries out there.

This is lou ramirez, the car guy, and this is fred leonard’s the subprime hero and you are bruin solutions on the car guy coffee podcast.
We are super super excited to get somebody special into the cafe with us to share a cup of coffee in the conversation, while we brew solutions to be contagiously, confident as we upshift and uplift an industry, man that’s a mouthful, but you need to get you some, But are you excited man? I’m excited, but it sounds like you’re super excited.
I’m only one step in i’ve only got one.

I’m really excited.
Actually, you know i’m real pumped up the guest that we have today is somebody that i consider not just a a guest but really he’s a friend he’s somebody that i you know when i talk about, and i see him i always get excited because for one He’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet two: he has a product that’ll blow your mind.
I can’t wait.

We talk about that three.
He is a true and true family guy he’s the kind of person that will right he is and i’m going to go.
We’re going to go on that, he cares about.

It, he’s not only he’s family guy right, but he cares about his family a lot and he cares about other people’s family.
He cares about people in general.

He is a um.

He is a modern day revolutionary man.
You know he’s got that stuff going on and i love that about this guy, so we’re going to be bringing him up here in a moment.
Well, i mean you know, folks, who it is it’s the representative that we are tight with on the exo-gloss side of life, because it’s so important that you keep up your appearances, .

What’s going on car guys car guys, hopefully you got out there and shared that around.

I hope so i know they did you know and we have a great guest here this morning.

Terry tour line, i’m gon na get him on the screen.

Real quick folks before we do, though, but let me introduce him really fast, just a little bit more right, blowing it up terry torla, terry torelline, yes, he’s coming on he’s from exo gloss, he’s the vice president of sales.
There he’s crushing the game.
He is trying to get your appearance a lot better.

You know he’s considered the appearance guru.
So i love that.
I love that tag.

That’s exactly what he is folks, it’s all about that appearance package.
You know what you come out to the people and how you look is what people perceive you as perception is so key.
So when it comes to your vehicles, it’s the same thing when you’re riding down the street, you want to make sure your ride’s looking good.

You want to make sure it’s classy right.
You want to make sure it’s exo glossing we’re going to be flossing, you need to be exo.
Okay, i love it.

That’s so perfect, it’s a to great to a vehicle and remember it’s not one part of the show.
It’s not really trying to be the star of the show.

What exo gloss and terry tour line are intertwined in being it’s people that help complement and help make others out.

Look better, be better and you don’t even realize that they’re doing it, and it’s so incredible that the solutionaries out there that are doing that.
You know who you are, you might be somebody like that.
Well, we want to talk to you too, but today i want you to get some of this terry tour line brew so without further ado.

Let’s go ahead and welcome terry tour line to the car guy.
Coffee cafe bring it oh there.
He is good morning, gentlemen.

Man, you guys are over caffeinated this morning.
Now i’m three simpsons, i’m resisting the word is over caffeinated.
I don’t think so, terry, i don’t think so either.

I can’t believe it’s not core guy clubby huh, let’s brew so good morning.
Gary welcome to the cafe my friend thanks guys, i appreciate it and we appreciate you it’s good to have you here this morning.
I know that you’ve had a crazy past week, but we’re glad to have you here we’re glad that you’re enjoying this time.

I hope we’re putting a smile on your face because that’s what it’s all about we’re here, that must be fun, but we also want to share some uh some knowledge we want to share some stuff.
We want to share things about you, not just about exo glass.
This show is about terry four line.

Also, we do want to talk about exo glass, but we want to bring up the fact about your history, everything that you’ve come up, how you got to where you’re at today, so we’re going to get into that with the five-liner today and i’m excited about doing This with you, you know we do have some people in here.
I want to throw some love at real, quick that are watching that jason jason says.
I’m excited.

Are you talking about me? Oh it’s terry, looking forward to terry says robert glant, nice.
Thank you and then robert sebastian good morning, guys, good morning, terry, i love you.
Man break out that guitar, while we’re playing robert.

We got it so then we got jay here this morning.
Also, thank you all very much for all being here, my linkedin crew.
Thank you so much.

Let’s get this thing going, um, so five liner, terry, it is about time it’s five questions, brother, but it’s always inside of the cafe the culture is, you know, first things first and that’s to bring you all a message of contagiously, confident, joy-filled, hope, and that is To forgive focus and fly uh.
We want to make sure that you do know that this message has been brought to you by incredible people like our sponsor right there.
Next to us, exo gloss and the solutionaries that are there that are hoping to make sure that you are you’re inside of the best premium package for presentation possible folks, and we also are connected with the incredible people, because we are elite.

That’s right.
We are excited about them.
Where do they get a hold of them? Www.

Elitefi partners.
com? How easy is that folks type that number type that in those letters press enter and guess what you’re right on their website? It’s that simple, they are they’re elite f5s.
You guys can see right there elitify.

I love that great peoples, and we also have, of course, the thing ad group ad group.
You know what’s up www.

com, it’s always a inside of their tank whole lot of ruin of solutions, and that’s exactly how we got connected to the incredible man.
That’s inside of the cafe right now, terry tour line uh by getting inside of a think tank with like-minded people that are focused on trying to see the success not just in their business but in other people’s businesses, and inside of that has brewed the very event.
That’s occurring right now, um, and that is a great cup of coffee in a conversation with a great great person that thinks big and uh.

We’re excited to to share that with them, and this message is brought to you by them and also inside of your barista belt.
You need to have a dealership toolkit.
Yes, man, they they’re they’re.

Their products are amazing.
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You may need their whole toolbox.
Who knows odds? Are you might just need a hammer or something like that? They’re going to take care of you they’ll.
Make sure that you are ready to go that you’re, that you’re, that your whole dealership is pumping and it is bringing in all the clients that it could possibly bring in with all the market share, that’s out there, so that’s right folks, with jason garris who’s.

Another great incredible sponsor that’s in the room right now, but there is a tool that some people don’t even know that they need.

If you stand out in front of the lake and you look at it and you notice that there’s a whole bunch of fish out there and you want to get one well folks, you’re going to need a fishing line and you’re going to need to put something Out there that helps to create a net a web.
If you will of customer interaction and engagement, that is prospecting for you without you physically having to consistently do the the branching out the next sale out, helps you with your next sale and there’s so many things that we can explain and what it does.

But it can help your sales people go from no digital presence to dominating in digital presence and making sure that they get the customers accordingly.

So we’re just so thankful to have all these incredible people to say some great things like you know, because they i do.
I love it, but without further ado we got to get to forgive here.

We go, go ahead and cross the shoulders one time and we’re gon na wipe this weight off on three one.
Two three forgive focus and fly [ Applause ] about this morning, terry we’re gon na get straight to the five liner.

Five liner is five questions that we ask people that just get to know you a little bit more figure out your history.

How you got to where you’re at today, so the first question is my favorite question: it’s your! Why? What is your purpose? Terry? What brings you and what motivates you every single day when you wake up, say i’m gon na go for it.
That is a great question.

You know i live by three, the three apps i know the forgive focus fly pieces is is tremendous for you guys.
I live by faith, family and friends, and i always throw a fourth in their football.
But faith is important from either from a religious standpoint or spiritual standpoint.

You’ve got to have faith.
You got to have a belief.
You got to have a an understanding and family is extremely important.

Um, you know teamwork and then the friends portion of it that’s self-explanatory.

Uh you guys just recently were uh gracious enough in order to throw out thoughts and prayers for my mom from a family standpoint and that’s what friends do i mean that they just help you along there’s? No, you know the old cliche of there’s.

I in team my background, comes from from a team concept.
I played football for several years at a pretty high level and that team concept there’s nobody who did it individually.
Anybody who says hey, i did this on my own, i’m a self-made person yeah.

It’s really kind of doing a disservice to all the people that helped him get to where they are right now.
So i’m all about the faith all about the family, all about friends, uh! That’s what gets me through and that’s why i wake up every day from a business standpoint, it’s all about the customer experience and we’re going to talk a lot about that as we go throughout the day, but i’m all about how does the end user of our Product experience, our customer: how did this benefit them? Did it benefit me from a sales standpoint? That’s not good enough! For me.
It’s got to benefit the customer.

You guys do that every day you provide them with basic transportation um and at the end of the day, they can get from point a to point b.

So what was their experience like by purchasing that car did it benefit lou and fred yeah? Ultimately, it did, but the real benefit is what was the experience with that customer, so those, i guess, faith, family friends.
Football of course is going to be thrown in there but um from a drive me personally and then from a business standpoint.

The customer experience.

That’s uh, i mean one if you’re sitting over here, it’s like man, we know terry he’s awesome and but every time you open that up and you just kind of explain your mindset behind your product.

It’s it’s it’s encouraging, because we that’s at part how people really go into business.

Wanting to stay is with that type of a mindset that type of a feeling towards the other human.
That’s purchasing your product right, we’re all people they’re all helping people and if you go in, if you go into it and you build a product and say all right, i’m going to build this product.

Now i’m going to go, sell it that doesn’t do anybody any good, but except yourself, find out what the needs of the customer are.

The end users who’s going to have the experience with your with your product and then work backwards from there.
I mean you know steve jobs said it best 20, something years ago of it’s all about the customer experience with your product and and if you start with that foundation, uh you’re going to be successful in what you’re trying to accomplish.

That’s that’s basically been the philosophy behind xoblast.

It’s been my philosophy on a personal basis, uh when it’s a glossary as it was being built.
That was the philosophy that we use for exo blossom.
What’s the experience of the customer with our product, if they’re not going to benefit from it, why did we do it? What was the? What was? What was the point right and what was marking right? The experience is, what marks you know? It’s not just the getting the product, it’s how you got the product right.

I’ve eaten some good food at places.
I don’t want to go back to you know and, and it’s it the product of exogloss helps for somebody.
That’s spending a lot of money for a vehicle to not look at it and say: oh my gosh.

What’s that and what’s what’s happening? Oh man, it’s getting ugly! I liked it when it was pretty.
I don’t like it when it’s looking like this.

You know, and, and so that is something that that comes along with the package on exo gloss, so in the car business we talk about cars being uh.

So when is it, when does a new car become a used car? He talks about it as soon as the ink dries to the first, whoever it’s now a used vehicle exactly as soon as the back wheels drop over the curb, then it becomes a used car right.
My philosophy, my belief, is that when that customer drives that car home parks in his driveway and goes to mr jones next door and says hey come look at my brand new used car.
It’s not a used car to that customer.

I’ve got a two-year-old truck.
That’s in immaculate condition, it’s still a new truck to me as long as it is the appearance of the vehicle, no dents, no dings, no scratches no windshield broken no stains on the interior.
It’s still a brand new part of me right and that’s what we want to give to the customer that experience with the customer uh we’re going to protect your car, so glass protects it against stains, uh stains on the interior, food and drink.

Welcome to the car guy coffee network man we’re going to spill coffee in our car at some point in time right.

How that does that stay in the interior? Is it able to clean up? Exo gloss provides that protection for that uh from the outside bugs birds tree sap.

All those things that’s going to protect the exterior we’re going to have a warranty, that’s going to cover any uh, any programs or any uh follow-up from that from an environmental standpoint.

So as long as we can keep the customer’s car that appearance of that vehicle looking new, it’s still going to be a new car and they’re still going to have private ownership.
That’s the experience that the customer is going to have with our product.

Nice! That’s awesome! That’s the experience they’re going to have with you.

Also with you that’s the thing you know, your product is a extension of yourself and i think that’s a lot of everything you know when you’re, if you, especially when you have passion for something it starts to become your blood, it starts to be, it gets inside.
You so when you’re doing these things, your pro your product becomes, it ends up having the characteristics of yourself or vice versa.
You know you find products that you want to sell that have those same characteristics they’re there to give you a better experience, they’re there to protect the client they’re there to be.

You know to be a cushion of insurance to make sure that they’re fine and they can feel when they leave the lot that they’re, that their vehicle is taken care of, and they know that for the next handful of years of ownership, that they’re going to have Everything that they want to have with this vehicle, it’s not going to turn around and something happens, and they can’t do nothing about it now they have something that makes them feel like.
Okay, i’m comforted by knowing that this can be taken care of something like this happen and you’re doing it great, and i love what you’re doing i do know how passionate you are about your product, you’re, very, very passionate about that’s.
Why we want that’s.

Why we’re so happy to be able to talk about your product and to be able to promote your product? You know: exo glass is huge.
Folks, um everybody, if you don’t know anything about exo glass reach out to me or lou, obviously reach out to terry.
Terry is definitely the man he’s all over linkedin go.

Look him up very easy to find them, isn’t terry t-e-r-r-y tour line t-o-r-l-i-n-e and he is and you’ll find them exo gloss.

If you see, if you look up exo glass, you’ll, see terry terry, jerry everywhere and we’re gon na make sure that we do that as much as possible, absolutely putting terry out there, letting him know how much it is that we actually appreciate his.
Why goes alongside with his product? So i mean it’s so neat how all that works out together.

You know it’s.
You know it’s not to talk about the car guy coffee podcast too much because we’re on it right now, but that’s just like lou and i with the card an extension of us.
This is a this is a product that we have out there.

That is an extension of who we are what our core values are, what our life is about, so it much like it is with terry with his product folks.
So if you know terry, if you don’t know terry, i’m telling you you need to reach out to him, have a conversation.
One conversation and you’ll realize it’s not just about the product.

It’s about the people and he’s going to make sure you’re taken care of so reach out to charity, for that reach out, go ahead and give him a shout out.
Hopefully we can answer a question for you right now that it is that you might want to know about terry before uh you get too deep into giving him a shout.

So terry tell us: how did you get in the car business itself wow by default? Just like everybody right, what happened? I’m not leaving.

How did i get here next thing? You know you’re in the car business and it just seems to work out that way.
When i went to uh when i went to college, it was not the plan in order to be here uh in the car business.

It just kind of worked out that way, but um after i left my football career went into the subprime auto finance business um had a subprime finance company out here in california, we were real big on the west coast, got ta love the subprime hero started in The subprime uh sold the company off in the early 2000s when i sold it off.

We sold it off to a division of ford called fairlane and there was repos that would come through and they asked me to marshal the repost through uh from you know from the inventory that the fair lane had so i started looking at the inventory.
It was just coming back with trash stains needed to be cleaned, so i started cleaning the cars personally started: cleaning the cars next thing.
I hired a couple of guys next thing.

I know the uh, the guys at the auction house said you can’t do this.
You can’t detail the cars on our lot, so i told fairlane, you know we were making an extra five six hundred dollars by just cleaning the car spending.
A couple hundred dollars in recon make an extra five six hundred dollars.

So we took that off site to a ford store over in uh uh.
Here in orange county started doing the recon there and it just turned in from from doing recon on cars that were going through the auction to doing the recon on the cars for the for the dealership.
Next thing you know there was one dealership next thing.

You know there was 35 dealerships next thing.
You know you’re in you’re, doing detailing cars um part of that was adding on the uh the paint protection products um.
So i had the opportunity over about a 12 year period to experience and work with literally every appearance protection product that was out there on the market, because we were doing the application um.

There was one or two that were you know that worked real well much better than others um and was able to copy that concept of what worked um.
What formula worked? What products worked on the interior? What product worked on the on the exterior um and it eventually turned into working for that company and then starting extra bus uh about a year ago, based on all the knowledge that i gained over the past 15 years.
So was it a career path? No, not necessarily, but it was definitely a career choice.

I love what i do.
I love taking a car and then making that a you start with with a car that has blemishes and stains and all this and then next thing you look at it, go yeah.
That’s you know i like that.

That’s perfect and i am a perfectionist from that standpoint.

I don’t like it when uh when things are say: hi, everybody hey, i don’t like it when things are left uh in a messy situation.

I need that chip exactly.

I need to have it perfect and when it goes when the car would after a detail when the car would go back to the customer, it had to be perfect um, and that was a part of the you know.
The reason for exo plus is that when you do the application of the product man, it just comes out nice and it stays that way.

Compliments that you get that’s the best part about.
It again goes back to the customer experience right every time it really.
It’s really 100, you don’t have a product loan, because when it comes to product and it comes to customers, the experience once again is number one, because you can yeah you can get away with not giving them a good experience.

They still purchase, but will they come back? No heck? No, no, they other friends.
No, they will not um.
So it’s the longevity of that type of company, the longevity of that type of um of business.

It’s not going to last long unless you put the experience of the customer number one and once you do that it changes everything.
You know it works like that with any business out there folks, you know terry’s dropping some great nuggets out here for everybody um.
These nuggets are not just for appearance packages.

This could be used for warranty products, anything that you want.
If you have passion for it, you have to make sure the first thing you do when you’re writing down about your product and you’re, trying to figure out how to promote your product.
It’s the experience.

First is this product giving my customer a good experience.
If it’s not, how do we fix that and what do we do to make it better for them, and once you figure that out and you make all those stars line up, your product will explode and, and that’s what terry does really well terry has you know With exo gloss, it’s definitely something that he has a huge amount of passion.
For i mean terry could do a million different things if you wanted to.

He chose this and he chose this because he just like he just talked about.

He sees that there’s a need for this.
He sees why this product is good.

He sees that this market share that he can get into is going to be big for him, especially if you have the passion and you do put customers first, so very, very great stuff, terry, the great great things.

So my third question for you.
My third question is we all go through this business um of life right? It’s not just the business of the car, business or sales or whatever business we’re in it’s a business of life.

You know there’s a lot of things that we do that translate to what we do in business.
So you know it’s like you’re talking about experience, customers having care terry, bringing his heart into his business, caring having passion with you.
There was somebody that, through this time of life, that probably influenced you big and a lot of people will say their father, they’ll say their mother, which is great, and if that’s who it is wonderful, because i believe i can put a lot on my mother also.

But i want to get deeper into the business realm.
Maybe it is a father or a mother, but when you get into the business side of things of life, who’s been your biggest influence, who’s been your like biggest mentor.
You know, i know it’s cliche and i know that uh that that most people will say that uh.

My definitely my father was my biggest influence on where um.
You know my father passed away a couple years ago and he taught me he didn’t really teach me anything.
He just showed me the way he did it by actions.

I demonstrated what you know: how to be a man, how to be yourself how to be somebody and what to do and to do the right thing um.
So he instilled that that philosophy really early on in my life, um mom, was a tremendous influence in that regard as well.
So i don’t think it’s you know for me.

I can’t separate the two of mom and dad’s uh their importance and their influence, because certainly there was a lot of times when i would roll off those tracks um, you know into a stray area that was dark and you know you didn’t want to go there And they were always the ones that were there to bring it back, so their influence yeah.
It was definitely profound and definitely one that uh got me into you know onto the right track.

That’s beautiful! You know i i props to your pops, but one there’s a co.

There’s i mean there’s several other guys um from a from a major standpoint, simon cynic, um tremendous influence, uh simon, you know the the philosophy of why um that’s where i get my first question from honestly.
You know simon.
I i saw his video on ted tedx talk, you know and yeah, and he talked about it all starts with the y and that really resonated with me and and it’s and it’s it’s not like it’s not.

We don’t know this already, but when people put words out there, sometimes you hear them and it really goes.
Oh yeah very true, you know life, you know a lot of times it’s when they could simplify life for you and you really break it down to something.
As easy as it all starts with the y you’re like it does i’ll start with the y simon you’re, a genius genius, how do you know that? But i promised consignment from that standpoint.

You know it goes back to to work to the 80s and then you know even probably before that, but my first experience was customer service.

The customer’s always right and customer service is important.
You have to deliver customer customer service, but that’s more transactional.

Customer experience is relationship.

You can deliver good customer service.

One time you have to have a consistent customer relationship and and that’s what i want to build with with our partners – uh out there, whether they be whatever industry that they’re that they’re in.

But you have to be a good partner.
You have to deliver the customer experience um.
So you know when i saw simon’s it was like ah geez.

Okay, that that’s what makes sense that kind of switched.
You know, turned the mindset from a transactional uh.
You know give them a positive customer service into more of a customer experience and that’s really made life a lot easier.

Once you take that basic foundation, it’s easy to grow off that that’s the foundation that most uh children are trying to find right.
Their question is always why well, why why that was a huge.
I was a huge why kid man and i drove my parents nuts? Why why? Why don’t you help me understand this? Why, but that’s that’s because you’re a sponge, , you .

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