Overcoming the Objection: “The Price is too high, we’re going to shop for a cheaper car…”

Around 17,500 or lower okay well, it sounds like you’re just concerned with the price, and you know what we can find a card that would probably work in that price range.

However, part of my jobs became to get the car.
You really want, based on what you guys have discussed with me.
It sounds like this vehicle fits your needs and wants now again.

I can help you with either one, but if you get the one you really like to probably keep it longer, am I wrong? No.
Well, let me sure with you what I’ve seen some guest to do.
Is they settle for a little bit less than what they really want? They’re kind of short change, their self and then they’re back there trying to sit.

Does that if you treated this vehicle and as sooner than you thought, wouldn’t you be in good shape or do you think you’d be in bad shape? Oh yeah, and that’s just it, it ends up cost you the same either way.
You know that all the same you can either pay now or pay later, but either way you’re gon na pay.
No, this is more than you want to spend, but that’s exactly why you should do it.

It’s because it’s got everything you guys want and because it’s got everything you wanted to like it more and if you like it more you’ll, keep it longer and if you keep it longer, you spread the cost out over a longer period of time and eventually ends Up saving you money, what do you say we put all this shouting behind us? You can get out of here and start enjoying the nation right now.
Did you want to pop water coffee? While we finish up the paperwork? Oh good idea.
Thank you.

Congratulations! .

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