Overcoming: “I want to think it over.” -CRIC 2 Step, The 1 step, and The Zero Step or Mirroring

For you, today’s sales thought is a few objection techniques on handle and I want to think it over or I’ll get back to the first one is something that’s called CREP.

It’s Joe Verdes clarify rephrase, isolate and close, and it goes like this folks.
It seems like it’s a lot to take in, and I know you guys wouldn’t go home and think about it unless you guys were serious help me out here said before you take off.
What is it exactly that you guys need to think about? Is it something that I’ve said the color equipment is of the price of the vehicle? Oh it’s the price, it sounds like me and everyone else.

It sounds like you’re on a budget.
Am I wrong? No! Well, you know if we sat back down, took another look at the figures sitting around found a way to somehow fit it into your budget.
Do you see any other reason why you guys wouldn’t take it home tonight? Okay, do you guys want to pop water coffee when we go ahead and take another look at the figures and then obviously rework the deal? The next one is called the two-step.

Is it that you don’t like the car? No, no.
We like the car.
Well then, there must be some reason.

You’re hesitating.
May I ask what’s holding you back? Obviously we adjust our answer to the minutes and then there’s the one step.
So that’s just coming back with what’s holding you back and you need to say that in an inquisitive and a empathetic tone of voice, but what is it that’s holding you back then.

Finally, there’s the zero step as what Joe calls it Chris boss in never split the difference.
He calls it mirroring and mirroring or zero step is just repeating back the objection.
So they tell you.

I want to think about it because it’s a big decision, then you say big decision, think about it.
So by doing that they actually go ahead and answer it for you.
So you just basically take the last couple things.

They had told you that seemed important and then you repeat it back to them in a downward inflection kind of an inquisitive type of tone coming into a question and then typically you’ll get them to rephrase the the objection for you they’ll instead say well, you know It’s just it’s just that the payment is kind of high, and it’s just.
We were hoping to be at closer to 400 a month instead of 350 a month.
Well, you’ve gained some valuable information if they’ll rephrase it into those terms.

For you hope these tips help we’ll do some more on the next video have a great day.

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