Overcoming: “I wanna think about it.”-If tomorrow was today

Hi got another seal saw the day for it.

Today’s sales thought picks up on the I want to think about it.
You go, we call the stall, we can call the reflux objection or objection whatever you want to call it.
It’s still at times in the automotive business keeps us from be able to get to the real issues, so today’s I want to think about it word track is if, if tomorrow was today, so I’m gon na play both of the guests and myself, because this one’s A little bit more difficult if we don’t fill in some of the gas part, so I want to think about it.

The guest says: hey, I’m just need to think about it.
Chris, it’s a big decision and we need a little bit of time and I say: okay if tomorrow was today and you had already thought it over.
What do you think you do? I don’t know, I really don’t what if you had to guess.

I just really don’t know I really don’t.
I know you don’t know, but what, if you didn’t know Chris, we just need to think about it.
I’m not sure what we do.

Well, if one was 49 percent, the other one was 51 percent.
Which way, do you think he’d be leaning it great? In my experience in sales, it’s usually one of three different things, so it’s not anything I did of the dealerships done but prevent you from moving forward.

Is it no well good, and is it that you don’t like the car? Oh you like the car, okay.
Well, then, let me ask you: is it, how does it fit into your budget? Okay, so really what you’re, trying to tell me is that you’d like to still go that 60 month term.
However, going $ 400 on the 60 month terms a little bit more than you, like so you’d like us to take another look at that 60 month term.

Possibly sixty three months or maybe we could even take a look, a shorter-term release.
I tell you what one we go to sit back down.
Do you want a pop water or coffee where we take another look at the paperwork and we can get things moving forward? A pop okay follow me and then now we’ve got something to work with.

We found out what the real objection is, the payment issue, and maybe we can’t do it.
Maybe we can’t do it at 60, but we go back and take another look at it.
We show them where they’re at there we take another.

We show them where they’re at at 60 months, the way they want to do it.
We show them a couple different ways of how they could get to that payment and then let them make their own decisions from there hope it helps it’s it’s a little bit more aggressive one, but you know what you’re in a lot of cases when the guest Leaves you don’t get to see them again, and so it would be a good idea to really probe and try to find out how you could help.

Okay thanks .

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