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I know not to press the red button next time.
It’s just leave not cancel.
I am groot back to what we’re doing man we’re here with my brother man.

We’re super excited to have you on here, jeff um, honestly.
We should have had you on a long time ago would have been a lot cooler.
I don’t know why we’ve taken so long to get you on here, but i think that you’re gon na have a lot of fun.

I think people are gon na.
Have a lot of fun, you have a you’re, a very funny dude man he’s my little brother guys he’s made me laugh right on made me laugh.
We have made each other just that mad! That’s what brothers are about, and i love him for it and i’ll have more memories about my brother than than you can imagine.

This guy has memories with my brother, the three of us combined, there’s some stories there, [ Laughter ].
So yes, so hello.
What’s up man, you ready to be ready to go this morning.

I’ve had it.
I am excited uh to get going.
I mean this guy over here has had an incredible rise and grind kind of day, and it’s been inspiring from the very moment that the alarm clock went off and seeing fred get live and get real and just to amplify it all uh.

His brother, who is an another incredible human that does great things in the cafe with us.
It’s an honor for us all to be together and do what it is that we do best and that’s make the world smile, because if there’s one common trait that i know that each of us are pure ninjas in wipe the car guy stuff off the table.

Put me around anybody put us around anybody.

We are going to make someone smile, we’re going to make someone’s day a little bit brighter.
They are going to be better uh somehow, hopefully, because we are in the room and uh that’s just because we we want to smile ourselves, it’s just so much more fun laughing.
You know what i mean.

Do it, then, then, being mad and uh letting life get you down, so i’m excited uh jeff.
Thank you so much for jumping in with us today.

Thanks for having me man – and this won’t, i mean he’s right down the block.

He can be here just about any time that we’re brewing like one of those guests on uh like uh, mr rogers right uh.
Just somebody just it’s, mr jeff and he’s here.
You know what i mean he just comes through.

I was just watching a king doing his little videos.

Oh yeah uh.
I was just watching a couple of those that boy got some moves, boy man.

He got some moves and he takes it seriously, but car guys car gals welcome to the car guy coffee podcast.

Thank you so much for joining us.
This is lou ramirez, the car guy.

This is fred leonard’s sub prime hero, and we are here with another great hero himself and that is jeff, souk, yellow many other names.
You may not know about this man and who he is and uh i’m excited to uh to have stories and have some fun, but at the same time show honor and make sure you guys have something good in your cup to go.

Make things happen, look what matt wrote jeopardy jeopardy.

So folks, if you guys don’t know what that means, and and don’t take this wrong if you’re asian, because i’m asian – and this is just something between us – you know when your name is jeffrey and you have a parent that is asian she’s they’re gon na more.
It’s gon na sound, more like jeopardy, so jeopardy.
That’s that’s! That’s kind of like an inside thing and matt’s also half korean like us and uh.

So it’s kind of an inside thing.
When we say we see jeopardy, he’s awesome, so yeah folks, jeff leonards, guys awesome.
There’s so many words that i could put into what he is so many coming, and what he’s gon na be one day um, you know.

One thing i love is that you have been very uh.

I’ve noticed recently that you’ve kind of got a little upswing in you.

You know it’s it’s just i don’t know if it’s the new friends that you’ve been hanging out with, but there’s something going on, and what i’ve noticed is that you’re even taking little steps even with your dealership, you started posting deliveries and that’s something.

I’ve never seen you guys really do or haven’t done in a long time.
If that’s the case, i just got on facebook this past year right so seeing that i could tell that you’re trying to do something right now, so i’m excited to have you on the show that tells me that you’re in the middle of a growth spark, you Know everyone goes through spikes in life of growth and i’m real excited to see that uh, you know being not just because you’re my little brother, but because you know you’re a local car guy that i want to see that store just blossom and blow up.
I think there’s a lot of potential there for you guys, and i think you know you could be a huge key implement in that store to make that happen.

I think you have been since you’ve been there.
You, i think, part of the reason why that store.
Does what it does, and we all know – and i think every car guy who knows you knows why that store does what it does is because you’re there i know, there’s other parts of the team.

Yes and those are very important parts of the team, but you have been there and you’ve been there for a while very consistent right.
So we and i i respect that about you, man, i know you’re very loyal person.
You, you you’ve, always been that way.

You’ve been like that, since you were young um, i know that you uh, that you have a great heart.
You know, there’s no doubt about it.
You care for your friends, you care for your family.

You know you do what you can.
You have a very uh.
You know as tough as jeff is guys.

I’m gon na tell you something spill.
Some beans he’s sensitive as heck.
This boy will cry, and i don’t mean, like you know, what’s he way don’t take it that way.

That’s a lie.
It’s not a lie.
He’s tough! He’s tough and i don’t mean that, like you get punked out crying, i mean like you know when something really sparks his emotions and it could even be upset like crying like.

Oh you know to that point just just like that.
You know jeff jeff’s, quick to defend you, but he’s quick to tell you if you’re doing something wrong right.
You know and that and that’s the way jeff’s got jeff’s been he’s been like that since i’ve, you know, we’ve grown since i’ve known him since his whole freaking life right.

So, but what i love man, honestly and just to throw this out as brother, the brother right now is, i think that i’m putting this out there, you know – and this is real – is that you and you in the last man, 10 years, bro you’ve done some Amazing stuff, i’m very proud of you, i’m i’m i’m excited to see where you’re going.
I love that you’ve made some new connections in life that you’re having fun that you’re doing things that you know that you used to not do you know what i mean.

You know what i’m talking about jeff and it’s amazing to see that, and i don’t know if you notice that about yourself but you’re much happier nowadays and i think that it has a lot to do with the family.

Having your son trying to teach your son and pass a legacy on to him, um, you know having a woman there that’s going to have your back and you know she does that’s something awesome about that.
You know.
I know what that’s like too so you’re very fortunate with that: your wife’s amazing she’s, a good mother she’s, a good wife, she’s, a good sister-in-law, um and that whole side of her family.

I know that you know won’t get too deep in that, but her mother is amazing.
Man and you know so you’re very lucky, you’re very fortunate.
You have a lot to be grateful for, and i think that, if you you know when you realize that – and i think that you have a lot more growth in you so much more potential.

So i’m excited to see that i think when you as you’re in the spike mode right now of growth, i encourage you brother.
The brother is to keep posting those delivery pictures maybe even get some testimonial videos dude get creative with it.
You have a personality that people are gravitated towards right, so use that use because that’s something that’ll, not a lot of people have and if they do they’re too scared to use so use it, and i promise you things are going to be amazing.

Folks, i’m not going to get too much more.
I do love you man, i love you with all my heartbreak and i got you no matter what for the rest of your life, we’re always going to you know, that’s just the way.
It is not just because we’re mostly yes, 100, because you got my blood in you bro and always fam, i’m so happy that our boys love each other the way they do so much stuff man and uh, i’m looking forward to the next half of our lives.

So let’s keep this rocking, let’s get to the five liner bro, but i love you man, so we we’re going to ask you five questions.

Give me a minute man, it’s just a big brother from got dropped up in here.
You know what i mean of of raw emotion and feeling and true bro i mean it doesn’t get no truer brotherly love than that.

I mean a lot of us, the things a lot of friends and brothers, but this that was really what was happening and a real connection, and i’m seeing guys i’m seeing this this guy love on his brother, because he truly at heart, wants nothing but the absolute Best for him what i mean and him him take it and him grow with it, and then us acknowledge it together and and it grow even better.
You know what i mean, because i know that i know what kind of a brother you are.
You know what i mean yeah and i don’t have my your blood going through me too, just like he does right.

So he knows on a different level of how incredible even the rest of the world doesn’t know.

Fred is you know what i mean so i’m sure that taking that in is pretty heavy for you.
I wish you were sitting right here to just take that on and just let’s see each other hook, love and the cries and the tearing and it would have been hilarious, but awesome and real.

You know, but man, it’s just no, it’s and it’s real.
You know me so right too, you know jeff and i we know each other’s story, we’ve been we’ve we’ve grown up together.
We know that bads and the goods the shit that we’ve done in the past.

We know all the good stuff that we’ve done and we truly know each other’s real heart.
You know, and the thing is, is that we, both our father, we have a father right and our father’s awesome don’t get me wrong, but he’s been gone for a long time, so he hasn’t been there for our adult.

But as a when we were children, we had a good father, he was strict.

He was all what you know he could have.
He had his ups.
He has his downs.

You know he went through some stuff, but in the end of the day, air of us always got us what we wanted he loved on us man.

He took us on vacations, he took us, you know we were.
We lived around the world because of him.

You know you know, could we say good things about him as as as the last 20 years, i don’t know if there’s many words good or bad there’s nothing.
We can say we haven’t seen him.

You know and that’s something that’s unfortunate for him more so than us.

You know sucks for us, but it’s unfortunate for him, but i am so happy that my brother and i fixed our relationship the way we have and we’ve become weightless.
We never had a bad relationship, but we’ve become really close.

We vacation together.
Now we we, our kids, hang out.
He comes over for all.

We do stuff that i see a lot of people who don’t get a chance to do that.
We’re lucky we’re fortunate we’re right by each other, so i’m i’m happy and i never plan on doing anything else, but you know i plan on more vacations with him more.
You know things like that because we are each other’s fathers.

Now you know what i mean.

We take care of each other like that and that’s we look for each other for advice and help and fun and all that type of stuff.
So anyway, man i will exp man.

I will expound on that um as we get ready to go on um seriously.

Uh, it’s uh, there’s a lot on that because you guys truly have become uh fathers in the absence of that transitional part inside of yourselves and that’s a that’s a key thing that many people are learning, but you stepped up to become a father and not a Statistic and that’s uh, that’s an incredible testimony to the type of people that you guys are and uh.
I honor that again, that’s why i run with you all.

Well a lot of the work here.
A lot of the work i put on i say, but the real talk is, is that a lot of the last 10 couple years of me doing what i’m trying to do and building up to where i’m at right now and trying to go to is because I’m trying to show things like that to my brother, my sister, my you know even my mother, you know i try to show honor to them, so i’m trying to you know do these things to show that hey look little extra, you know what what can it Do it could do a lot for you and there’s so much stuff that you can grow on not just in the car business, but in life? I’ve been pretty fortunate.
You know in a lot of ways, but i wouldn’t be where i’m at today i wouldn’t be, who i am right this second, if it wasn’t for the way, i was raised being growing up with the way with my brother there.

For me, with you know the the stupid shit stuff we used to do with your kids and the you know all the all the things the ups and downs, all that stuff i wouldn’t be where i’m at i wouldn’t have the knowledge in the way.
I think about things if it wasn’t for people like my brother, especially people like my brother, you know so i love you man.
So let’s, let’s get this going, let’s go.

Let’s stop hit that chest.
One time everybody for those that are listening when this is a podcast and for those that are wherever hit your chest and get ready to apply three f’s before we jump into this bike liner.

Because if there’s anything that brothers got to do inside of a healthy relationship, uh, let’s get over the fists in the face, the the the problems, the the unforgiveness and white white, but i’ll tell you, man before we focus.

You could be that’s what i love about brothers, though real brothers, you could be in the middle of a fisticuff.
If one person says something wrong, we both stop fighting we’re gon na go over there and whoop that dude’s butt and then we’re gon na go put one up later right so anyway, back to the lecture at hand.
So so, let’s get ready to fly together.

Everybody jeff join us as we forgive focus fly on three one.
Two three forgive focus fly and keep growing, keep growing, [ Laughter, ].
I can’t use both hands man.

That’s when you do the abbreviated when you’re doing a live right.
Forgive focus, fly.
That’s right! All right, let’s get ready to do this.

I know you’re gon na pitch it up.
We’ve got a lot of a lot of key things that we’re going to dig in on uh to get everybody taste in the brew that this jeff leonards is the best man jeff leonards.

Welcome! Welcome to the five live folks all right.
So let’s get this going man, i know i’ve been talking.
A lot haven’t, let jeff bring out a lot of things, but here’s the five liner, where we’re gon na, allow him to speak as much as he needs to with these answers.

Folks, i know jeff if you’ve heard anything we’ve ever talked about.

My first question is always the same question.
I ask everyone because i think it’s a very important question because i think that’s what it all starts with and um simon sinek.

He said that he had this um whole speech.
It was, it all, starts with the.
Why and it’s true before you can really get anywhere.

You got to have a purpose in life.
You got to have something that drives you right.

So when you wake up every single day – and i know you’re, more of an early riser than i’ve ever been right always has been um.

What drives you to say, you know what today, i’m gon na get up.
I’m gon na go grind.
I’m gon na make these i’m gon na help.

My guys move units, i’m going to you know, increase my my life.
I’m going to make my son know.
I love him.

I’m going to make sure my wife knows.
I love her.
What drives you to do so? Family i mean yeah, that’s my number.

One drive is family.
You know if it to be honest with you.
If i didn’t have my son, who knows where i’d be, you know what i mean i i could be that one guy who’s like no.

I just want to sell cars, i’m good here, no, no six cars a month, i’m good! You know what i mean, but you know really.
I think you know my son and really the love for it.

You know you really got to have a love for what you do and you know the meeting people you know making new friends that whole process to me.

It’s always been fun.
You know even before selling cars, it was.
Oh, you know who’s.

Let me meet this guy, you know, let’s see what we have in common and you know break the ice.
You know it’s always been fun to me and it’s i don’t know just that’s why you know mainly for my wife, my son, for myself and the love for it.

That’s why i do it yeah you just you’re.
I think that the business loves you just as much as you love it man and that’s that’s something.
I believe that for anybody like the more you love the business, the more you’re going to get back for it.

So when you say something like that, it’s the love for doing the job.
That’s you know when, especially when you say it you we all could think that, but to say it and then write it down.
You know that’s another thing.

I just always tell people write that shit down, put it in front of you, because when you see it all the time and you feel it it’s it’s the truth, you become what you say you want to be.

You are right, the more you say, i’m pretty! I’m so pretty eventually you’re pretty.
Even if you’re not you know it’s just because you just feel that way, and it’s it’s just a way of life and you’re right.

Your family is a good.
Dr is a good way to be driven, i’m definitely driven by my family.
So much so i think about my son, my wife, all the time when i’m trying to when i start to slow down in my life.

What would they say? I think about you jeff.
I think about a lot of other things like that.
I think about what would he say man, my brother.

He ain’t, no hustler.
You know it was a kind of a you know in an inner brother thing, it’s semi of a not not a competition, but you know like i want to show my brother that i could do this.
You know what um you know that type of thing and then also for my mother and stuff, like that, and i know jeff’s the same exact way and uh.

I love that about him and i love that you have the family that you’re starting right now and it’s becoming that you know in times flying man son, your son, how old about sex! That’s crazy, he’s sick about to be seven bananas, but he’s, but yeah he’s killing it dude and he’s so mature for his age.
I absolutely love his personality, i’m glad it’s and it’s easy to be driven by a kid like that.
That would that would pump me up too so you’re very lucky to have little kingy right so yeah, but though now great answer on that, you know keep staying driven man and i know that you have so much in you, i’m looking forward to it.

That being said, question two one: i can validate uh the anchoring to seeing jeff’s transition and uh in different motivations between have having the the the relationship that he has with his wife, which is a car gal as well.
Folks, i mean she’s she’s.
Somebody that’ll tell you what your car is worth and know what she’s talking about, and and that’s the connection point that, where we really um kind of all came in together right is that it he’s one of the testimonies of the car business that brought him to The love of his life, you know what i mean, that’s something that’s that’s huge that is uh, that’s big for many many people in this business um.

I know tony’s the same way.
You know what i mean meeting your spouse by doing what it is that that you love to do that’s also a thing that maybe kind of keeps you connected to that too, be like babe.
I just remember that day that i met you a lot, and you know what i mean all these different memories that you have.

You know what i mean uh, but with that i know that jeff has has become such a uh such an example to other people.
Now of what the growth process looks like when you start to assemble your your your your entire family life and that the entire, why actually comes together the thing that so many people are often looking for uh? They don’t have until they have the thing in front of them and they’re like oh, this was it.
This is what i was.

This is what i really needed to motivate me.
This is what i really needed to stay focused.
This is what i really needed to care about.

You know what i mean you didn’t know you you wanted those j’s so bad until you got them.
You know what i mean then you’re, like oh my gosh i had i have to take care of these.
I have to love these and man.

This is what it feels like to have that you know what i mean and and a child and a wife is not a a set of jordans, but you understand my point folks.
You know what i mean it’s it’s that thing that you didn’t know you had to have that you always needed and that in most case scenarios folks is an anchoring to family and a ground rooting inside a family and and jeff has always had it with family.

You know fred, the sister their mom, you know it was around, but when connecting that into business, it really helped him attack and see some great success exponentially when he zeroed in on that cornerstone.

Does that make sense? You know what i mean.
I’m sure does that make sense to you is that yeah, true yeah, all right so uh getting through the? Why um hitting question number two and jeff is: is so good about saying what he says real, quick and says: that’s it that’s my words and then we just we’re yakkers for the we’re the fillers but uh.
But in this second question um, i asked it from the the spot of uh.

Jeff was right there with me as i was making my transition into management and that helped me to uh bridge a gap into helping him make his transition into management.
And i remember the fun things that we went together.
He doesn’t just look like a rapper, sometimes folks, he actually spits rhymes.

You know what i mean and we were trying he’s got bars.
Folks, uh.
We were trying to remember bank programs right and we put on this method.

Man beat and we was just i mean we’re – i mean we’re driving for you know hours on that.
You know we’re on the road, so we just got all this time, and so we got ta get a method, maybe going to pull out uh hsbc thing news.
We got prime, we got it: [ Applause ], hong kong, shanghai, uh yeah.

I mean we started either way to get our brains to work it out together we were wrapping bank programs, that’s so uh, so that we learned because we were getting promoted and didn’t know how to really do that job all the way.
Yet you know what i mean sometimes in this business you promote somebody, that’s doing great at what they’re doing right and they have no idea how to go to the next level, but because the person at that level is now exited or moved.

You know in this business it just happens.

You’re like hey you’re, the best at this come here and do that.

Yes, i need the guy to show me how to do this.
You know what i mean fake it right, but you you learned on the way, so we found different techniques and stuff, and me that’s just how i also learned i was like yo we’re going to try this.

I don’t know it might be silly cold, stupid and you know and he’d be like you are stupid, but whatever let’s do this, let’s go but uh, but yeah.
Just the car, the car guy yeah.
I used to travel guys.

I used to travel with a suitcase a suitcase with my recording studio in it and we would set it up inside of the hotels and i would have different inspirational moments or different recording sessions with myself for a while and then but .
In the background champions like shut up, you suck [ Laughter ], i’m sitting there pouring my heart out right, but i’m saying but it’s all you know when i’m all so serious.
You know what i mean, i’m just going for it uh, but it was fun and jeff actually jumped on a mic recorded some fun stuff uh.

But you know that’s that’s just what we were doing at the time.
Man, that’s hilarious, um, good memories, but inside of that time uh you you, you started to.
You know you started to grow.

We started to see so many more people than what we were used to just being on the live.
So we got trained at an exponential rate, but jeff has a a similar trend that some people in the car business have had right.

Um early, you made a shift from being a salesperson.
You went into a little bit more of a stable pay.

You you know: uh came out of selling for a while.

I did the same yeah.
What was it that that that turned the the turn, the switch on to saying you know what i got ta like sell out to this to being great at this because of my potential, rather than my my my stability right um, you wanted to go to the Next level and knew that you could, what was it that made you commit to the car guy way of life? Be honest with you at first there was hesitation, you know i was like you know the the commission.
I don’t want to do.

I want a consistent pay.
I want to know what i’m bringing home every week.

You know what i mean and then the opportunity came and uh.

I was hesitant, you know, but they they needed the help.
The i guess a couple of sales people had had left and there was a big cell coming he’s like look.
I just need you for one week please.

I know you have the experience, so i came on board and it was a big sale.

I made a lot of money: uh, i’m not gon na lie.

The money was a big factor, but the the camaraderie.
You know hanging out with you guys, because i believe both of you were there.

So the hanging out with you guys, you know instead of sitting in the back yeah in the dark, with a weird guy spitting on the ground and picking up his spit and putting it back in his mouth, we’ll get into that in another time.

But the camaraderie, the the goofing off the fun you know, yeah experience of actually being a car guy and learning from the senior guys, the the guys who knew what they were doing.

So i mean that was fun.
But – and i remember at the end of the week he handed me my commission check – i looked at it, couldn’t believe it and he said: do you want to go back to clean up? I said no, i want to get my office ready over here.

You know from there from there on, it was just you know, wow.
Why did i ever go to the cleanup department? You know when the opportunity, but i’m glad you know that opportunity came and i’m glad that switch inside my head clicked like what are you doing? You know this is where you’re supposed to be could have been god who knows at that time.

You know, lou would agree with you.

I would agree with you, listen you.
It was something inside you, man and here’s.
The thing jeff you’re, you’re natural, always have been at this.

You know we, i think we were raised that way.
Our father had a weird personality like that too snappy jokey, you know, but very easy to talk with, like everybody you know, would would share a beer with whoever they sat down with right and would find something in common with everybody, because we all have something in Common, you know, and in your all’s eyes in everyone’s eyes, it’s god, you know we all have that in common we’re all one human race we’re all one people’s theme day, trying to live life right.
So you know we got uncle danny on here.

Uncle danny says great leaders have the ability to take the right people under their wing.

They also know to surround themselves with people smarter than they are.
I believe that he’s 100 right.

Yes, that’s probably why we don’t hang out with uncle danny too much [ Laughter, ].
No, i love uncle daniel.
I love you.

We talk about funny people.
I know that jeff kind of catered his life to try always trying to be like uncle danny.
In that sense, that’s right right, so he loves life in my eyes, yeah uncle danny he was, he was always the cool uncle.

You know the one that you’re always like dude that dude’s so cool.
I want to go, hang out with uncle danny right and he still is and he’s still that guy and we he’s still a great person.
He’s he’s turned into a grandfather with you know man.

He does some amazing stuff with his grandkids out there.
I see what he does.
He shares a lot of love.

He does that with us.
He always has he’s always there’s one person that i could say he’s been very consistent with reaching out to us.
It’s been over uncle danny yeah yeah before i love that, and i love him for it.

His comment there is so right on.
I believe that you build a team around you.

If you’re a caliber person, you look for a plus people around, you don’t be afraid of people that are amazing, because people are always worried about.

Oh they’re gon na come try to take my job.
No everybody has a certain job in a certain role, just because they’re more excited about their than somebody should hire.
I think there’s a lot of managers out there that probably wouldn’t hire people that they feel like are better than them.

I think that’s a mistake.
I think that’s you should always exploit that and uncle danny’s 100 right on that great great call on that uncle d.

My comment was: it was easy for you jeff to find people smarter than you wow see what i mean boom there.

He is uncle d.
No man, no uncle danny’s, always been super awesome man.
So i’m so happy that he’s he’s that he’s on here this morning, so yeah man.

So let’s get to the number three number three man so number three of the day.
So there’s a lot of questions.
I like to ask people, but the one thing that for you you talk.

We just asked about what what sparked you to get back in the business and do that would do what you did and come back and grind it out, and i’m so glad you have.
The car business should be happy about it too.


Definitely one of the good guys in there right.
So it’s one of the good ones, the good ones, but since you’ve been back in the car business and you’ve been working.
What has been the thing? That’s really because there’s we all go through levels of like okay boom this this is this helped me out boom that helped me out, but here this is when i really it clicked in my brain, like i became like that who helped you get to that level, You think who was the most influential person in the car business for you, wow man, there’s so many i mean i took a lot from a lot of people.

Lou is one no doubt fred, matt, damos, yep.
Definitely matt damos, i mean hate to say it really hate to say it paul damos you could take.
You know you know stepping back from the situation.

You can really see why he is the way he is.

Sometimes he takes the best level a little bit too much, but i mean there’s so many people in it.
You know and forgive me for not mentioning a lot of other people out there, but right i mean there’s a lot of people that i took a lot from and you know still to this day, i’m still learning, i’m still growing.

That’s right, i mean absolutely.

You know i don’t care who you are you’re, always going to learn something from somebody.
I don’t care.

If it’s from a green pea, you could be sitting at the desk, send a green p out on a pencil.

You hear him say something.
You ain’t never been like whoa.

Where did he get this from? You know like wow, okay, i mean but go ahead, get good you’re crying like dude, i’m so proud of you.

But yeah i mean there’s i mean, but really i mean a lot a lot of people out there that you know.

I took a lot from that influenced me.

You know uh.
When i first got in the car business, i’m not gon na lie.
I saw the way matt damos was living life.

I was like no.
I need to live this life, you know what i mean like.
I know she means he’s bawling.

This is all he does to sell cars like yeah yeah, so um i mean, but i’ve also learned not what to do in the car business.
Seeing a lot of guys that you know you know they have the potential, but you know what are you doing? You know what i’m saying: what are you doing with your life? So you know not what to do so.
Yeah every conversation, you learn something from it.

You know that’s kind of like that theory.
You know.
If you, you learn something good or bad.

You learn what not to do and what to do right so always treat it.
That way, always look for that.
So never think a conversation is worthless right, but the paul moves.

com yeah yeah.

So we all know what those are folks that should just that could be its own series yeah.

We talk about it and joke about it, but it’s facts.

Um no, there’s been a lot of people, a lot of those names you named off.
You know people who’ve influenced me to be where i’m at and grow and the and it keeps growing, and i keep looking for you know even more people.
I like to think that um you know it’s like.

I want to bring a bunch of people’s ideas and thoughts, so i can use those and then try to make it my own thing right, and we all do that and you’ve done.
That really well – and i, like i said man there’s still so much potential in you and i’m excited to see where that’s going.
So i would just encourage you to keep pushing hard so yeah.

Those are great names, i’m glad you threw me in there.
I appreciate that you didn’t have to, but i do i mean you appreciate you, you up set him up for that.
First interview right i mean that’s, wasn’t he a key piece for that yeah? I was welding and i was like why don’t you uh get in the car business? I was like i’ll try.

You know what i mean like.
Why not so really you pushed you gave me that push yeah and i remember we were working together and the day you quit.
You were like man, i’m done with this dealership.

I said you know what me too.

You were like why i said i don’t know it did man, that’s exactly what happened.
Man that was crazy.

Bread left, i live peace, art’s gone wherever i go, yeah that was crazy man.
I was living at home with mom bye, i’m good, i’m good.
My aurora! Oh man yeah, so no man, yeah, i’m glad you got in the business.

It’s been a lot of fun.
You know we’ve traveled some together we did all that we’ve been able to uh compare notes, um.
I know that you’ve, you do some you’re awesome dude.

I love you, i love how good you are closing deals, but you know, like i said, i’m looking forward to seeing what the next 10 years is going to bring you because you’re going to have a lot of fun.
Your son’s going to be in that about.
My son’s age by then and all that type of stuff – and this was like the best 10 years of my life, so i know that it’s going to be the best 10 years of your life too, so keep keep it growing bro and keep it going.

So what you got for him all right, so uh talking about history and and making kind of the connections to other people, uh jeff, has definitely transitioned into where now he’s uh sowing.
What it is that has been sewn into him right teaching what it is that he’s been taught being a reflector of the light that he’s been shown, um now being able to pour that out into other people, which is the natural transition.
Folks, i encourage you all to understand mindset wise that if you are in sales at all, you are a leader.

You lead people into a decision.
You help lead the boat.
So if you’re, just just wherever you are, it doesn’t matter.

Uh just know that you’re in a leadership position when you’re inside of sales, so it’s key that you learn how to follow people in order to lead properly right.
It’s just the way that it is you know, um and and key moments in life have come for.
You uh, where you’ve had to make the decision you know.

Do i continue uh taking care of me or do i uh still take on the role where i seek to help other people.

You have gone kind of back and forth in that um just running dealerships.
You know you know: you’ve you’ve come uh, looking uh for transitions right, um me being a friend, you know what i mean a true friend that would was looking out for you moving forward, know the potential that you have right.

I know where it is that you can, you can be and where you can grow, and sometimes we forget to see that inside of ourselves, yeah and there’s key moments that uh that jeff has taken to take over now he’s he’s at a ford store he’s making Other people, uh live, live their lives right, support, their families, put the food on the table, making people you know, drop or tough, and all that other fun stuff right he’s doing what he does um great.
What would you say to those people that are making those transitions from being someone that seems to only really have to worry about their personal business into uh? Now, you’re in the role of other people’s business have to have to flourish.

In order for yours to be successful right, you put a lot of trust in your guys every single day.

Every time you send them out with numbers every time you give them information uh that is secured by a manager right um, you are trusting them.
So what is it that you would uh say to somebody making that transition now um into management? A key thing that you either have to drop or a big piece that you need to pick up into seeing the that entire rise to having to glow uh have to emit from you.
If you know what i’m saying you know what i’m saying, you know what i’m saying you know.

Well i mean just be confident in yourself i mean you’re, there’s a reason you were put in that position.

Um, you know, trust trust, your team, if you don’t trust your team, why do you have a team? I mean you just got to be confident in yourself and if you’re just making that transition in management, i mean trust me.
I’ve we’ve all been in that situation.

Where i mean i don’t know about y’all, but my first day at on asthma as a manager, i remember very well, i was nervous, but you know i i i had the confidence.
I had confidence and i knew what i had to do.
I mean you have the confidence.

I mean.
Excitement breeds excitement, confidence, breathing confidence.
You know i mean so if you step up to the plate – and you know what you’re talking about you truly do have to know what you’re talking about you know, there’s a lot of guys out there faking it.

But if you don’t know what you’re talking about, i mean some people will know, you know forgive my language, but this guy’s full of shit.
You know what i mean, i’m i got ta get out of here.
So i mean know what you’re talking about uh be confident in what you’re doing and just have fun.

You know what i mean: don’t don’t get the tight.
Buckles have fun, you know what i mean if yelling and screaming and running around.
Is your thing to get guys going? That’s your thing.

I mean it’s sitting around playing me whatever it is.
That gets you going make it happen, but have fun, because if you’re not having fun, what’s the point of doing it come on, i agree yeah, not not knowing what you’re talking about looks way different like this like, then it does like right.
You know what i’m saying it’s it’s way more fun to just all right you’re.

So right, though i mean you hit some really good points on there like, i agree confidence being confident, but you know the thing is in confidence.
You have to understand just like optimism.

That doesn’t mean because you’re, i’m optimistic doesn’t mean bad things, don’t happen to you just like if you’re confident doesn’t mean that you’re not going to make a mistake.

Mistakes happen so understand that if you can understand that, if you get into any position that you’re taking that’s new to you and you’re like man, i’m nervous about that’s, okay, that nerves is actually good.
That’s a that’s something that should fuel you into that! Hey! It’s fear, but the fear can be adrenaline that fear could be.

It could be excitement right, use that get into it because you’re, just it’s okay, to be nervous but, like i said, use that as to as fuel, then you jump into it when you’re in there and you’re and you’re doing it.

When you make a mistake, don’t get like? Oh i suck i’m horrible.
No, it’s! Okay! Just remember that you made a mistake own up to the mistake.
Don’t make excuses, don’t point fingers at other people own your mistake and then for just say: hey i messed up and then just make sure you don’t do it again.

You know just constantly try to fix your your wrongs, but i tell you one thing and it’s facts: the most successful people in the world for one they didn’t do it overnight.
Two they made more, they messed up more times than they ever won.

I mean i’m gon na tell you the things it happens, but when they kept messing up, they kept fixing it and they kept doing something different next thing.

You know bingo that huge thing happens for him right.
Sometimes it happens early for people.
Sometimes it happens late.

Sometimes sometimes it happens multiple times, but the thing is they were consistent and that’s the key.
It’s consistently doing those things over and over and over and when you do those things it’ll blow your mind, how far you can go and and that’s facts, hashtag facts, you’re, making some good points here, jeff, and i really like that man and you’re obviously you’ve been In a leadership position for a while you’ve had you’ve seen sales people come and go you’ve seen the goods the bads you’ve you’ve seen good managers you’ve seen bad managers you’ve seen it all right.

You’ve seen inventory, be able to that’s crazy.

That’s easy to get inventory hard to get you’ve been through with ups and downs, so you have a lot of experience and that’s my point.
My brother once again he’s on the show because of his experience, what he can bring in value that he brings to the show, and i think that you guys are seeing this and hearing this right now so you’re hearing that it takes confidence and that is contagious To everybody just pass that to other people when you’re up there as a leader get yourself whether you know the good or bad is coming.
You have to be confident to your people.

You have to have them understand that hey i’m here we got this.
That’s confidence! All right he’s also talking about he talks about so many great points just like that, and the reason why those are such good points is that a lot of people are so scared to take those roles or to do anything different than they’re currently doing, even though They’re in a bad spot, because they’re worried about man what’s gon na happen, you know i’m too nervous for this.
Well use those nerves, like i said earlier, use it for fuel.

So man great points, jeff great great point.
It’s very important that you trust yourself more than you trust.
What’s been done right, um.

I know that i know that my god will come through for me again because he’s come through for me before.

So that’s what keeps my faith going forward that things are going to be.
Okay, you know i will be taking care of things will work out.

Sometimes you just got ta go and that’s it go.
That’s it man! That’s what we’re doing take that.
First, the heart.

The first step is the hardest step.
Once you take that first step, it becomes a little bit easier, hey what i did so uncle danny jump.
He says the difference between trusting and not trusting.

Is called commission breath.
You know, here’s! Here’s what’s great guys.
I don’t know if you guys all know.

We talked about michael danny a couple times earlier, but my uncle danny’s been a salesman, his whole life, literally that’s what he’s done for a profession since i’ve known him, he has the charisma that will blow your mind.
I know that he could probably get anything he can get an eskimo to buy ice.

You know the whole saying and all that type of stuff he come work for me any day of the week any day he wants to and he’d be a hammer, and he i’m telling you customers would love him just like anybody.

Any manager would love.
You would love to work for a guy and uncle danny’s been in some great leadership positions um all over the country uh.
You know primarily florida and here in kentucky a lot you know he’s had some really good spots um.

I i mean i always appreciate when he gives us tips like this because they’re true statements, you know as much experience as me and jeff think we have in sales or lou.
My uncle danny has all of us combined i’m not trying to give away your age, but he’s pretty old, [, Laughter, ], but he’s.
But no he’s he’s amazing and he’s he’s worked hard.

His whole life he’s always shown that you know you can have fun and and enjoy your work and enjoy life and enjoy family um he’s a good dude.
So i appreciate all this.
These uh comments he’s making here, because these are really really good statements that are being made man.

We should have uncle danny on this show.
He could give some good nuggets on here.
We’ll have to get that happening soon.

So fifth question: i’m gon na have for you jeff, so there’s a lot of things that people have that are important in their lives like um lou likes to call these things rewards, and – and i love that that statement instead of other words that you can use These rewards that you get in life are things that you you did for yourself, and things happened and you got something from it or you maybe were able to see something that blossomed from something that you did right or somebody that you touched.
What would that reward? The greatest awards you’ve ever had in your life so far up to this point, because there’s going to be many more, i know it you’re a leonard’s, it’s going to happen.
So what would you say? Your greatest reward has been for you on this number five question in life in general or sales i mean everywhere.

I mean all of it.
Combine it together.
If you want to use sell, i don’t just you know, i’m not trying to make it too deep, but i’m trying to make it a little bit deep, because that’s how i use it, that’s it right there i mean i don’t know, i don’t know how to Answer that question to be all right: it’s it’s a tough one, because it’s just like it’s almost like trying to tell everybody that you know who to pick one person, that’s the most it’s hard, because you want to give a lot of people due credit, because it’s Been a lot of people, but there’s something man there’s something in your life.

That’s been, i mean you could even reach back.
Maybe it was the first pair of jays you ever got.
I don’t know, i’m just saying like there’s something that you’ve done.

There’s somebody that you’ve touched there’s there’s something that you did or there.
Maybe there was an action in your life that that catapulted you to live a certain way.
Is it hot in here and i i don’t know how to answer that question i mean you know rewarding to me is just seeing people around me succeed.

You know what i mean, whether you know and i like playing with my guys, especially when they get fat.
Commission checks and i’m passing them out, i’m like dude.
You really made more than me and me, you know i love it.

You know what i mean, because you know i know they’re going to be able to provide for their family, which means they won’t come asking me for nothing.
But you know, but i love to see that that’s rewarding to me to see the people that you know work for me that are around me just flourish and you know grow, and you see that you know they come to work every day.
Like you know, i’m pumped up, i got to sell a car today, i’m on a mission for a car at least a car a day.

You know – and i hear that every day and to me you know i see it in their eyes and they really mean it and it’s like wow, okay, they’re, starting to see the light, and i can see potential like man.
You know.
Yes, maybe this guy’s coming for my job? No, no, but you know i just love it.

You know just that’s rewarding to me in the car business and then you know to come home.
You know, obviously, if my sales guys do good.

That reflects my check.

So i come on, i mean it’s rewarding to me to be able to provide and get whatever i you know my son wants.

I don’t you know, there’s never a time i ever have to say.
No, unless you, because you don’t say no jeff, that’s what [ Laughter ].

You know.
I i want him to have everything in that.
You know if you can do it.

Why not so i mean, but to me just i don’t know man.
That’s a tough question.
You know, like i think you answered it really well, i mean i was great because that’s something that we all share, that’s seeing it grow in other people.

You know just planting seeds in people and watching it grow into the tree.

That’s becoming you know and then and then you see that they plant another seed in somebody else and then they help them grow and become a beautiful tree.
It just keeps passing on and on and on and that’s that’s the legacy man and that’s exactly what it is and when you really think about it, that’s you try to do that with your child.

You try to do that with your wife.
You try to do it with your friends.
You try to do that with yourself, but when you could do that with people that look up to you as a leader and you’re like hey, let me sprinkle some of this over here for you and that just you see it yeah, you see it turn into What it becomes man and it’s a beautiful thing – and you know you’ve – been there long enough now and you’ve seen it and you’ve seen people blossom into what they become you’ve, seen yourself, go in and teach them a close and they go and the light bulb hits Their head, you know what i mean: we’ve all done that and it’s been really cool.

You show them the even when you’re just training them even just training somebody and showing them a four square or how you pencil a deal.
You know and explaining how you go over the numbers.

It it make it mind, boggles them the ten steps to the road to the sale teaching them that they’re, like , all that stuff, when it hits them that you’re doing something and that’s exactly a great reward to have, and that’s a good way of Thinking about things you do that with your child.

When you talk when kingston first learned how to be potty trained, you know i mean you’re like yeah, i taught him that you know tie his shoes shoot.
You know put his chain on whatever right so and but it’s all that stuff is rewarding and that’s exactly right.
So little things become big things and you know so always feel very that’s a great answer.

Jeff! That’s you answered it right.

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