NW&A Nov18 Prospecting Workshop featuring Fran Taylor

To me now this is me, I don’t know how you do it here, don’t start no property manager.

I wouldn’t afraid you say it’s 1495 no hand rolled it be finished before you just leave to go that they’re going to hang up, because I don’t care.
If you said 12 995, it’s too high, you gave them what they want another going to do shopping if you’re going to do that.
Add this service 4995, but it’s not where we starts where we end up.

That makes our customers happy.
If you liked the vehicon get the price right, is that okay, they say they say by the way.
What’s your address right way, they’re going to say what do you want that for? Well, I just would have been your thank you for calling card.

Doesn’t everybody do that with me, so right back out and show that to your logs? If you like to go ahead and use like I’m, not I mean.
Where else do you know what product, if you ever blocked and didn’t come to price, can you imagine biting suit, saying no we’re going to put it all? .