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No loss here from cockroach a sales training, no loss.

You know me, I’m your friend on Facebook, I’m your family member, I’m your friend, I’m your coach of your trainer.
I am whatever I am to you.
You are what you are to me, but I wanted to talk to them and shooting videos all day.

My suit might be a little wrinkled, because I’ve been shooting videos all day, values close fifteen sixty different takes.
I don’t want to talk about how attitude conquerors and vitamins – and you know everybody – can teach about sales, training and teach about tactics and teach about ways to make the sale and ways to overcome the objection.
I’m a fan of all that believe me.

I’m a huge fan of all that, but really when I talk to my clients, it’s always their environment and how they let their environment affect down.
And you know our environments are in our environment and we can’t overcome everything in life.
But we can overcome our attitude and our attitude is altitude and that’s what I always say: that’s what I teach I hashtag it.

I’m the hashtag King.
You know that somebody wants to beat me, bring it on bring it on bring it on, but, like my son’s over there playing normally when I’m shooting videos, we got the kids locked in the house.
They got to be quiet, getting candy getting sugar, get whatever it takes to keep them quiet, but you’re going to have forces in your environment that affect your attitude.

You have people that piss you off your things that make you mad you’re, going to have circumstances that don’t work, but that’s life, especially in sales.
You know, and in sales.
What we need to do is we need to see the Sun to my eyes right now.

My attitudes up the sums of my face right now, but my attitude still up and I’m still portraying the message I want to portray.
But our attitude is what overcomes and creates our environment.
So if your attitudes high no matter what’s going on in your environment, you can conquer the goals that you want, and a lot of you are on your way home right now, I’m out in time here I’m in Utah.

You know I all you guys were at the dealership or just leaving the dealership.
Believe me.
I miss that so much i miss it so much.

Why do you think I moved here to grow my sales, training and coaching business and I still sold cars for 19 months because I love it so much.
I loved all my loyal customers.
I love the time I had with them.

I love giving them the experience and I loved the relationship that I’d built with them.
How much they love me looked up to me and appreciated me because that’s something you really don’t get anywhere else and that’s one of the greatest things about sales.
But what I wanted to talk about today is like I stated earlier, is attitude Creed’s, altitude and confidence in yourself can overcome anything.

So no matter what’s going on when my little guy over here is playing with this car like it doesn’t bother me, that’s less.
My little guy he’s having fun he’s enjoying life like that’s.
What I’m all about is my family enjoying life.

I have nice things, but I’m not a materialistic person I could give or take like live on the top of the mountain.
I once have.
Somebody asked me: how are you so good at making money cuz i make money in many different aspects of life and once again that bragging.

But I said you know I’m good at making money, but if it was up to me, I’d live on the top of the mountain in a little cabin like that’s just who I am, but I’ve got so much to share.
That’s why I got into the coaching business.
That’s why I got into sharing with you.

That’s why I watched so many videos.
I read so much content.
I share so much content because I’ve got so much to give and it’s just a little short little snippet today about what I’m about.

I share some videos today, if you’re a fan of mine, I’m a huge fan and yours, I’ve got a great family here.
We’ve got a great life going, but I’ve got so much to give and I’ve got so much.

I want to give and really the goal is conquer your attitude and you’ll own own, your environment, there’s nothing more stronger than owning your environment.

The earlier we are shooting videos and God bless my wife.
I love her to death, Sarah walls, Karen friends, with her on facebook.
You should render, but we are shooting videos, ways to get so so much anxiety and so much anger when things didn’t work out perfect and today we shot videos all day, and she said you know what you held your attitude and you’re just so much more calm Than you were in the past, because all you people out there who want to shoot videos or you’re afraid or shoot a video email or message or something like that, just do it like this, probably the 100 200 video I’ve shot, and now now I own my Videos I own him and with the son of my face, yeah my sweat a little bit but, like I own my videos and yeah, I was scared at first, and I remember I was like shaking at the knees same thing was speaking like I’m gon na be Doing a couple more speaking, roles here, three or four in the next month or two, but I remember when I used to go up there, I’d be so nervous like before I’d, be like yeah.

I got it down, I got it down, I’d be so nervous and I’d be so afraid, but after I did it so many times I got comfortable with it, so it’s just really being comfortable in your own skin and share what you have to give and being A fan of your own message and believing in your own message and believing in yourself and use that by believing in people who believe in you and there’s so many people who don’t believe in us and really they believe in us.
But they’re, afraid of us.
And you know one thing I learned I get coaching, but fear is the only thing you get closer to that gets smaller.

Remember that the closer you get to fear the smaller it gets so when you’re afraid of something you just got to keep going after that.
That’s kind of the message of conquer what you chase.
You know like go after what you’re chasing go after it and in Concord it’s it’s a powerful word.

I got that by watching a special on the History Channel on the conquistadors and how they just you know.
They were the ones who I’m not getting political at all, but they were the ones who, basically, you know, stack the cash for Christopher Columbus like he was british and they wouldn’t do it and he believed the world was round and we can get into all these Facts and everything, but i’m just going by what i learned but Christopher Columbus believed the world was round and nobody else believed in him.
So he had to go to Spain and he came over and he made all these islands and he didn’t make him.

But he found all these islands, and these are islands that people think that people live there forever, but they didn’t like Jamaica, Bahamas the Caribbean.
All that I Christopher Columbus did that, but he he went out and he conquered it.
And what do you think he is a great guy or not? I mean – I don’t know I you know who knows, but he did this, but the moral of the story is is conquer your attitude and you loan your environment, because there’s always going to be things with all my coaching clients.

They always want to leave because there there’s a manager used car manager, the new car manager, gsm office staff, finance manager.
This this this this that there’s all these factors that we can let bring us down.
But, honestly, it’s us it’s our attitude.

You can still do great.
I was just doing a super stale at a store in Adrian Michigan Tyler tan.

So I’m going to give you a props here, but this guy sells 30 40 50 cars a month in a store that does 100 150 a month and he doesn’t month in and month out, like he owns his environment.

He conquered his environment and that’s what I’m asking you to do, and so just a little bit of a or video today from nola walls have been shooting videos all day but conquer your attitude and you loan your environment and that’s all I’m going to say goal Walsh and WA conquer what you chase: sales training and I’m out .

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