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Hello, everyone know lawal, share from nwa conquer what you chase.

Sales training wanted to talk to you about something.
A client of mine has on the phone with the other day, coaching client of mine, asking about what do you say what customers say: they’re just looking well when they’re, just when people say they’re, just looking that’s a natural defense when we don’t exactly know what we’re Looking for when i go to the mall, someone comes up to me says: what can i help you with the first thing I say is I’m just looking let’s say I’m looking for a present for my wife for her birthday for Valentine’s Day for Christmas.
Whatever the case may be, when they ask me, can I help you? I say no, I’m just looking what am i doing two minutes later, two minutes later, I’m looking for that same sales associate because I don’t know what I’m looking for.

I don’t know what section it’s in I need some help.
I need some advice, so one of my best comeback lines when somebody says I’m just looking, I like to slow them down excellent.
What are you looking for? Ah, nothing, just looking.

Okay, excellent! Are you looking for a car truck SUV, I’m not sure just looking okay? Well, that makes sense.
I go through the same thing when I go shopping.
What are you currently driving? Well, i’m currently driving on 2011 f-150 excellent.

What do you like best about that f150? Well, i like the bad, i like the cab, but my wife says it’s too big.
It doesn’t fit in the garage okay.
Well, what do you use your truck for mostly? Well, we pull our boat.

We pull four wheelers, we pull whatever the case may be.
So I know they need a bigger ride.
What I’m doing with this is on downsizing them to what they need.

I’m using in my mind, my professionalism in my years in the business to find out what they need, because in my case, I’ve sold three thousand cars.
Some of you sold a couple hundred.
Some of you have sold more than me.

Some do only sold a handful, but there’s a good portion that, because there’s a good percentage that the customers who are in front of you have bought less cars than you sold.
They came in to see a professional, so what I ask of you is be that professional, be that professional that asks the right questions when they say I’m just looking keep asking them questions in a non-threatening non-aggressive way that helps funnel down what they’re looking for, because They need your help, they need your service and they need your expertise.
So when someone says I’m just looking don’t put up your defense mechanism and compn attitude, helped them find what they’re looking for they’re really looking for a professional who will help take away their pain.

That’s what sales professionals do they take away that pain from the transaction? When you do that, you build a rapport the whole time, and then you end up showing them the right vehicle.
You are providing true value to them, and that is what they’re looking for customers are looking for value they’re, looking for a good deal and they’re looking for a professional salesperson to make this all come together.
So, do me a favor when someone says they’re, just looking use the MWA conquer what you chase funnel to find out what they’re looking for to take the pain out of the deal.

No Walsh NWA comic, where you chase sales training have a great day.

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