November 18th Sales Training Seminar

Hello, normal wall, shear from nwa conquer what you chase, sales training and consulting want to.

Let you know about the upcoming sales training seminar featuring the legendary fran taylor, the king of prospecting, friday November eighteenth 2011, from 9am to 3pm it Weber’s in turn an arbor michigan.
This is going to be a great opportunity to learn from one of the best a sales trainer who’s been doing this since 1985.

Who’s excelled at all levels of the automotive retail industry to teach you the tricks that he used to grow his business and become one of the best I’m hosting the event.

The cost is going to be three hundred ninety five dollars per dealership, employee group rates available and, of course, GM’s and dealer principles are going to be fruity.
If you go to one seminar in the next year or workshop, this is the one.
This is to learn.

How to grow your prospecting, business and grow? What you already have exponentially day after day and build your own business for more information.

Please contact me Noll, walsh, directly at seven three, four six, seven: eight 4502.
I can be contacted by email at knoll at NW n.

A sales training calm or you can register online at www na sales training calm.
This is a great opportunity for anybody in the automotive sales industry to come, show learn in revolt.
We look forward to seeing you friday november, the 18th 9am Weber’s in ann arbor.

Look forward to seeing you there see the great Fran Taylor and grow to be the best.
You can be look forward to seeing you then .

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