Noel’s Nuggets From the Colorado River

So is a career and they look at it as a job.

We seek to own your sales job as an actual sales career, and so what we have to realize hello, everyone and welcome to this edition of Knolls nuggets.
What I wanted to talk about on today’s episode of Noel’s nuggets on this edition of Noel’s nuggets and we’re going to call this Noel’s nuggets from the Colorado River and what we’re going to talk about on Noel’s nuggets from the Colorado River is.
What are you doing to break through your obstacles and if you look at this river, this river, we just drove alongside this river for hundreds of miles and we’ve done it many times this river splits through granite mountains, and it just keeps pouring all the way to The Pacific Ocean, it does not stop, it, keeps pushing and pushing and pushing, and it took it millions and millions of years to get to where it’s gotten and to create this path.

But I want you to think about on this episode of Noel’s.
Nuggets is what are you doing to break through granite? What are you doing to break through your obstacles? The objections you face to get to where you want to go, and it doesn’t happen overnight, like I always teach, but if you stay focused and you are passionate and driven about your purpose, you will succeed so think about this.
On this know of nuggets from the Colorado River, what are you doing to push to your goals always and forever those nuggets [, Music ]? You .

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