Noel Walsh The Traveling Car Salesman 30 Sales A month

Hello: everyone knoll walsh from nwa sales training in varsity four.

I wanted to remind you about the upcoming 30 sales in a month workshop this thursday in dallas, texas, thursday September 10, mark it on your calendar book.
Your travel now go to WWD sales a month, calm where I’m going to share my story of how I take the first two weeks of the month off living my dream, with my family in st.
George Utah and work.

The last two weeks of the month selling cars to my loyal clientele, still pumping out 15 to 25 cars a month, and I’m going to tell you how I get there by my processes, my relationship building skills in leasing.

Now, if you aren’t leasing, you’re dropping the ball, leasing is the best way to build a residual income think about when their leases come and do your in direct contact with them.
They’re thinking about you because they know they have to replace this lease buying it out lease another car by a car newer used whatever it is, you’re part of the equation.

I’m going to also talk about my story that you’ve never heard before in your whole life.
So remember this thursday September 10th dallas texas, 30 sales a month, calm featuring nola walsh at Fran Taylor’s workshop.
I look forward to seeing you there .

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