Noel Walsh speaking at 30 Sales a Month in Orlando

Hello, everyone dole Walsh here from nwa conquer what you chase: sales training as well as varsity Ford here in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the number 34 dealership in the nation here in my office right now.

But I wanted to invite you to the upcoming 30 sales.
A month workshop in orlando florida, this january fourteenth mark the calendar january fourteenth orlando florida wwrd sales a month, calm where host the king of prospecting, Fran, Taylor and Brian acne are going to be hosting a star-studded cast of sales people around the country, doing it Tiffany Jean cruiser Jerry peppers myself as well as many many more plus I get to share with you, my high energy, my ability to maintain and grow my business from referrals and repeats.
While I live in st.

George Utah, the first two weeks of the month and fly to Ann Arbor, Michigan and sell cars the last two weeks of the month and I’m still the number five salesmen at the number three Ford store in the nation.
So please check us out wewt sales.
A month, calm, no loss is going to be there great cast lots of energy conquer.

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