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welcome back, auto dealers.

I’m your host Jill Nicolini here to kick off another installment of auto dealer news.
Your number one source for all the latest in the automotive dealer world, we’ll be speaking with key industry leaders to get you up to speed on the newest trends, technology, marketing and sales strategies that will help your dealership or automotive group thrive, and it wouldn’t be auto Dealer news without our automotive expert, CEO of dealers, source group and Universal marketing solutions, automotive sales, trainer and business entrepreneur with over 15 years of reducing outstanding results in the automotive retail industry.
And, of course, my friend, Auto guru, Richey Bello.

How you doing today, Richie great glad to be back right here with you thanks.
We have a very exciting guest, no watch! You want to get do the introduction for hell.
Yes, don’t wash I’ve been following no wars for quite some time.

I he’s one of really a good trainer, nice and calm.
You know training has to do with the delivery of the delivery.
I’ve seen him a lot on YouTube.

I don’t know him personally yet, but his delivery is great.
Well yeah.
He was born into a family of dealers and sales automotive Ford.

I think his DNA’s basically has four word inside of it.
I’m glad he’s joining us.
Welcome I reached out to him, and we talked you know so glad he’s great.

No thank you for joining us.
How are you doing today, I’m doing excellent, and thank you for having me that’s a pleasure.
I know how are you today, good Richie? How are you fine glad to finally have a conversation rather than just on messenger? Yes, so no, you know one of the things that I really you know content this conference.

You can have really good content and your delivery.

It’s not good.
It’s not good you.

You have won a really good content, but your delivery is great.
As far as retention, you know, I watch your YouTube and I pick it up right away.
You know, as a matter of fact, I’ve given it to other people that I know and they pick it up right away.

You got you’ve got great delivery because you automated you’re, nice and calm, you know and that’s really important, and I really love the way you deliver your training material.
Could you share with us that whole process? You have? Yes, so you know, I’ve been treating for eight years now, and I was in this retail set for 16 years.
Basically was, you know, grew up the dealership, my step and my families.

I’ve been around the car sales street for basically my whole life and mentor.
My career and I’ve been a great student, I would say, because I’m always willing to learn, and so I would try upon my message and get it across in a way that other people like set will be able to receive that message.
So more than simply fist me spinning content out here’s what you do and then having then get lost along the way.

Last time I like to look at that in a way that is repeatable and then, once again, we all know the sales training track in general.
It’s all about the implementation and providing that the student can implement that content and build sales off and fill the career of a business off of it.
I’ve seen your your content.

I know that you’re you’re big in sales training right or what are your thoughts? There’s a lot of guys out there a lot of trainers that say about 25 30 car sales seminar and all that do you have a seminar like that or something within that.
You know.
I’ve spoken many of those seminars and many of those conferences and I’m actually going to start doing my own before I was just always kind of a keynote speaker or a guest speaker, but you know I consider myself a speaker.

That’s on my LinkedIn profile.
I’ve spoke many times.
I’ve been brought into businesses, many different types of businesses to be a speaker, and I’m going to start doing my own seminars, my own conferences, my own workshops.

I have spoken some of the bigger ones I spoke with some of the smaller ones, but going back to your question about that kind of 30 sales a month benchmark, I think that’s kind of the benchmark of success and car sales is 130 cars a month.
That’s you know, that’s a level of success that so many people are trying to achieve.
I also, though, that you motivate a lot when you dream you’ve actually motivated me a lot.

I actually watch your videos a lot on YouTube, your teasers at all right and I see how you motivate you have this knack and it’s a skill.
I believe how you do things.
You know you have the talent.

Firstly, you’ve developed the skill throughout the years and that skill: do you think that skill you could develop it with other trainers, and I mean now with other training, little sales people and train the trainer in dealership, because then you can convert leaders within the dealership.
That’s its tremendous skill, you have yes and you know I’ve had the opportunity and I’ve had the ability to do that and thank you.

I appreciate that compliment and I do look at that as one of my talents and you know, I’m lucky, I’ve got one of the best bands, my wife, because you know how it is having your own business being an entrepreneur being a motivator.

Sometimes we need a little motivation right.
Forget it boys.
We need a little bit of motivation ourselves when you’re, just giving giving giving doesn’t feel like there’s a lot of gasoline left in the tank.

So that’s what I try and portray my training is.
As I try and make leaders better leaders, I try and make salespeople better salespeople.
I always say in sales and business to be successful.

It can never be about you.
If it’s one-sided, you know one-way streets will only get you one way.
It has to be two-sided and then, like I said you know, we can all have this gladiator philosophy, where we feel that we can do everything, but sometimes we need support too, when we can really share our message.

Share our skills share our abilities share ways to do things with other leaders with other salespeople.
That makes those leaders better to lead their team into the battlefield and it makes the salespeople better to work better on the frontline and really understand what their job is.
What their role is, how to create value, how to understand what the customers telling them and how to how to deliver? Because you know, nowadays, more than ever, customers are coming on to into dealerships into businesses to buy, there’s less floor traffic than ever as far as people just shopping around people.

Now, if they come into a place of business, any brick-and-mortar business, even online they’re there to buy they don’t want to spend a lot of time.
It’s delivering that message in a way that you understand what the customers trying to accomplish you.
Let the customers see that you were there for their best needs, wants an interest and you deliver on that in a you, know: fun, fair and fascinating way.

That’s it’s enjoyable for everyone! That’s there is a perfect sale in my book.
Well know! I’m so glad you brought that up, because today they say that a could super cost.
We dealerships whoever answers the phone.

The best way gets the appointment.
Whoever presents the best way, the steps from A to Z gets to deal if the appointment comes in great and that salesman is not really handled that customer good.
They go to the next dealership.

Would you agree with that statement? Absolutely and I’ve even read stats that the average sales are the average customer, not only business like 1.
6 dealerships.
So you know when I started back in 2000.

I think customers were visiting an average of five to seven dealerships so whether it’s 1.
6, whether it’s 3, we can find different stats on different websites and in different sources, but they are visiting less.
And yes, I think the customer now is is wants a simple process that delivers where they feel that they are being listened to to where they feel that their needs are the first priority and that they feel that they’re getting a fair value and that their business Is valued by the dealership by the salesperson as I’ve been looking at your a training material and all that I see something a product that you have now.

I have a lot of dealerships that say well, this guy delivers 25 or 30 cars when she write.
I want to make him a manager now you know that that guy is not necessarily a good manager, and you have great leadership, skills, motivation and all that and that’s something that would be great for you to develop that product.
What are your thoughts on that? Yes, I actually do have an online.

I do have leadership courses, different leadership modules, you’re spot-on.
As far as a lot of dealerships say: hey Sally, Joey’s, doing 25 cars a month.
You know he’s got an opening somebody’s retiring, somebody’s moving on we’re moving somebody to another store, we’re gon na make them a manager and just like they do with sales people a lot of times.

They throw them in this position and that person might not quite be qualified, they might need some training, they might need some further learning and that’s why I’m a big fan of the e-learning platforms, because it it’s not just you or I coming into a dealership and Doing a two or three day, training and then we’re gone right and everybody’s pumped everybody took notes.
Everybody looked some things, but we’re gone, and we all know what training we’ve all been to different seminars.
And if you look 80 % of the people there, they they aren’t interested.

They feel that they’re a prisoner that they have to be there.
So you really, they aren’t reaching them with the e-learning.

You have the analytics, so you can see what they’re watching when they’re watching it you can make that part of their daily process.

So you can oversee it, but also you’ve got the tools there for people that really want to learn.

People that really want to get into leadership.
You’ve got the tools there that they can learn off of and they can learn off continuously.

And let’s talk about the e-learning, has the e-learning helped your brand? Has it helped you get more customers? What do you think about the e-learning and speaking of your brand? I do want to bring up your motto: conquer what you chase right haven’t heard.
You say that yet absolutely yeah yeah they’re gon na conquer what you chase excited there.
So I am kind of mild at times, but you know you got ta.

You got ta, get them excited to that part of motivation.
Yes, so I’ve got conquer you online training that has helped me reach more salespeople.
That has helped me get into more dealerships, oftentimes I’ll, go out on the road to to prospect and as a sales trainer, I’m still selling myself and a prospect and they’ll say we have a.

We have a corporate trainer and, I always say excellent: do you have an e-learning platform, and that gives me the opportunity to get into that dealership, but once again what I hear from so many salespeople, because I’ve never I’ve, never been too great for anybody.
But what I hear from so many salespeople is yeah.
We’ve got a trainer he’s good, but he only comes in once a month or he only comes in you know every 45 days and so often times they really can’t get their message across, and you know the whole thing about training.

Just like anything is implementation right.
We can all go see the best trainer.
They can give us a workout schedule.

They can tell us when to work out what to eat, but if, if we aren’t doing that, we’re doing the crunches, we aren’t doing the squats, we aren’t eating healthy.
We aren’t eating at the right times, then is gon na fail, so it’s all about implementation, and the e-learning, I believe, gives them the better more tools to implement what they learn and to learn on a consistent basis at their own speed and at their own times.
No, let me ask you a question: do you have a lot of content on your e-learning? Yes, one thing about me is, I am a content creator.

That’s probably was the biggest passion for me to get into training.
Is I like creating content? I’ve always liked to write I’ve always liked to learn, I have to admit I’m not much of a reader.
You know I’m like an article reader, so I read a lot for me to sit down and read a book.

I’ve read 90 pages and I won’t touch the book for 90 days right, so I’m like in 90.
We should come up with that, but I have 1,200 training modules.
I have 20 courses with over 340 training, my my on those courses and over 1200 tests out multiple question test out exams.

So I do create content.
I know you create a lot of content.
I have a daily Channel that I do that oftentimes I’ll post.

Those also be the little teasers I put out there on Instagram.
Those will be that’s what I call conquer today, everything’s.
You know based on on conquer, because I think it’s it’s a powerful word and you know conquer use my platform because really it’s all about you right, I wrote down some.

You know some speaking points here and I said you know the last one I was you know talked about was don’t affect a free elevator ride to the top, and I think that’s what so many people want, especially in today’s society, just where there’s so much information Coming at us there’s so much out there, everybody we see all these people and and everything looks glamorous and everybody wants to get there, but it’s it takes a journey.
It takes a lot of steps to get there and it takes a lot of work to get there and I think that’s why so many salespeople fail its first off.
I think leadership kind of throws people to the to the Wolves for lack and then I feel they don’t have the tools.

So if it doesn’t come natural, that’s why – and you know this Richie – you know the higher ninety.
You know they hire five people and within 90 days, for those people are gone and they’re looking for four more and they keep the recruiters busy and they you know they keep us trainers busy, but really oftentimes.
They really aren’t.

You know they aren’t sculpting that mold.

They really aren’t working that candidate to its fullest, and I think that comes from from many parts from the from the leadership from the dealership from the individual.
If they do have a trainer for a trainer to because it you know it takes work.

It takes time for people to create good habits and get out of their bad habits and will face failure.
It’s easy for us to go back to what we know in.
What’s comforting to us right, it’s very easy for us to go to the bad habits and it’s very hard for us to concentrate on the good habits and one of the things that I got ta say.

Is I go into a lot of different businesses, not even automotive, and no would you agree with this one? You see the spiral up spiral goes up when you see your business with the spiral now, if they don’t make changes, it just keeps going down down down and I’ve seen that in dealerships.
But I’ve also seen that in different businesses that they hire me as a coach or whatever, but there’s a lot of different businesses that listen to me and there’s some that don’t and that spiral is key.
What are your thoughts on the spiral? You often do? The Scott happens, the club’s kind of like a turbine, or you can drive that spike into the ground and oftentimes.

That’s exactly what they’re doing and what I see with a lot of clients too, as they say: okay, we’re investing in NWSL training or we’re investing in richie Bello.
So they they put out the money right they invest.
But then you teach of all these things and they go about business as usual and then they’re like hey your training doesn’t work or this just isn’t a bit.

And it’s and you know we want to say no, it is a fit, but it’s more than just putting the money out right.
You can buy the greatest book of all times, but if you don’t read that book, you aren’t going to get anything from it.
So I think oftentimes they continue to spiral down when they don’t take action, they don’t implement, they don’t listen.

You know, we know in the car business there’s that famous saying we’ve been doing this for years.

Right, we’ve always done things, and so as times change trends change its customers buying ways of buying changes.
They just kind of keep driving themselves down, rather than you know, shooting for the stars right and what what the thing is when they hire coaching.

They get rid of them.
What happens is that coach has energy, create activity and is always on the game? How you’re always on the game is by content, you’re, always learning a coach is always learning so he’s learning from different businesses.
I mean it doesn’t matter.

You have five people that you coach, you’re learning from all five of them.
So that’s what happens.
He got ta, be on your game and that’s the key.

You turn the business around.
They get rid of you and then they go down to the spiral.
Nobody really understands what that means.

What are your thoughts on that? No, I think you’re you’re, absolutely right there that yeah, they say.
Okay, this worked.
We gained some value from it.

We’re gon na run with it, but then guess what you’re gone you’re, not bringing in that inspiration.
There’s not that fresh face getting the team inspired motivated on a daily basis or a weekly basis or whatever.
It is whether it’s in person, whether it’s it’s teleconferences, like this, whether it’s conference calls.

So what do they do when they face resistance? Just like we talked about a few minutes ago.
They go back to their old habits.
They go back to their old way of doing things and they aren’t getting that.

They aren’t getting that.
That new message that fresh message and, like you said to you know I learned from one of my mentors and when I go out on the road and prospect they said hey when you sit with someone who’s really successful.
Even if you know they aren’t gon na buy your product they’re like if they’re, really successful, sit there and learn as much as you can from right right.

What’s your leasing penetration, what’s this, what’s your girl’s per copy, how many use cars are you doing? You know learn as much as you can from home, because now, even though you got to know a lot of people would say, oh they wasted an hour of my time.
I look at it as I got an hour of free free learning right.
I got an hour of free content from somebody who’s actually hands-on doing it doing it successful right.

That’s correct! You don’t know it’s so great to have you and I really got ta, bring you back in again, because I really follow your stuff and you got so much knowledge and there’s dealerships right away should immediately hire you just that product that I told you you have That leadership product they can really use that even sometimes they bring the fni guy into a sales manager and he’s not really a leader at that point, because F & I people just care about themselves, when you become a sales man, you got ta worry about others.
I really want to bring you back.
What are your thoughts on that? Oh, it would be an honor and a pleasure.

It’s been great.
Being on the show.
I love the whole setup.

Everything came together really smooth.
I’ve been on many different platforms.
Many different shows like this, and you know to give you in your team kudos.

This is one of the one of the more professional well setup teams.
You know just great great questions, great back and forth conversation, and I was just really impressed and pleased with with everything.
From start to finish.

No, you don’t have to lie to us.
We were a little late.
We were a little late with you, so we do apologize, you don’t have it all in the bag.

Yeah we’re learning we’re trying our best learning about time.

People call me or text me that way.
Like I’m like two minutes, I’m going to be like two minutes later, I’m like I’m calling myself but life happens, and you know sometimes you just kind of have to go with the flow a little bit that I noticed it at times in my life, when I’m A little bit too focused on perfection, I get a little stiff, I get a little cranky and I get tunnel vision which at times is good, but you know sometimes you have to.

You, have to open up open, open up your peripheral vision right, see.
What’s going on around you and, as my wife bought teaches our kids, you know sometimes you just kinda have to go with the flow okay.

Well, thank you.

We do really appreciate it and unfortunately, it’s closing time right now here at auto dealer news.
We want to thank you all for watching and once again, I’m your host Jill Nicolini pleasure to be here with you all.
Thank you know again.

We appreciate it and, of course Fritchie for making it all happen.
We’ll see you right here next time on, receive Bello TV and Melissa is up.
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