Noel Walsh on the Experts Panel at Hustle & Grind Con 2018

Know is use the tools that are in front of you.

Get buy-in from your staff, make sure that you’ve got oversight, so you make sure that they’re using them make sure that people know how to use stuff.

It’s great, hey.
We’ve got this app here.

You go.
You need to download it, you need to use it, you need to get fiber to stop it, but if they don’t know how to use it, it’s a hindrance.
It’s like the CRM, but it will freeze up they’re afraid of it.

It takes them off of their game but, most importantly, sales.
It’s a people, business and all these tools are used to draw people in and my philosophy is, we use messenger, we use text, we use email, LinkedIn and all these different platforms to get people on the phone to then and set the appointment and in that time, Whenever we make that call on the CRM, we know what our purposes of our call and what our objective is right.
So I want to find out more information if you’re just calling a prospect, they did their service there two weeks ago or bought a vehicle three years ago.

At that point, you don’t go in trying to set an appointment, but you do some research.
You do some homework.

Hey, that’s Raider was given.

It was nice knowing more about you, mr.
and mrs.
Smith, by the way, why does somebody in your household could be looking for a vehicle by the way you said, you’re a bowler who, on your bowling team, might be able to reach out to pinpoint that referral That you’re asking for, but always trying to get something on that call because you put in the effort – and you deserve something from that and they’ve done business with you before, so they want to do business with you.

[ Applause ], if we saw, was the fact that we from the opinions that I’ve heard this is still a people yeah, and I hear more and more about these technologies and apps.
And you know you’re tough on us and all this sort of stuff that are going to replace and people are gon na borrow on and then definitely part of that process is going to be .

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