Noel Walsh of NW&A speaking at #30SAM

Chip wants you to provide for them and they’re going to provide for you now.

The greatest thing about working in a car dealership is you’re, basically a business in a business.
That’s right a little about car sales cuz.
I never liked being told what to do on a free spirit and what a great business where you get paid.


35, for whatever percentage you’re getting paid, you get that percentage they’re paying for the lights there came with.
A lot needs to get redone they’re, paying for the floor plan they’re paying for advertising they’re paying for the phones they’re paying for internets they’re, paying for all the marketing they’re, giving you so many tools.

You need to take advantage of that, and how often could you have your own business and have somebody else take care of all that overhead for it you only in the car business.
That’s what makes you such a wonderful industry is your your own business.
So always remember that every day that you go in appreciate your employer appreciate your bosses they’re there for a reason, whether you agree with them all the time or not deal with it or move on, but don’t try and change the wheel.

You know maybe give positive input on things, but that’s their business.
That’s their money, follow all the rules all this up and make the most of it.
It’s your business insider.

So take advantage of that.
My family is most important, like I said, I’m a trailblazer by heart, so I lived in Michigan where basically it was a good life.
I was the celebrity in my area, I amortize my church, which was 1,500 families.

I looked into sub with 250 houses.
I knew everybody in my son.
I lived in a small town of 10,000 people.

I knew everybody in my town.
I lived in a county 250,000, my wife snakes, I know half of them and everybody who came into the dealership knew who I was.
I was always smiling, always upbeat, always open the door for people.

I was the celebrity in my area.
Life was good, but you know what my quality of life wasn’t exactly where I wanted that work.
Six days a week we have six months of winter skiing hunt.

I just never had time for any of that, so we went on and chased our dreams, so I’m a trail blaze of my heart always ought to be better and start a new adventure.
I’m not here to do anything but share my story and inspire you so nonetheless, I never really thought of myself as inspirational or motivational, but every time I share my story with people they’re like man, that’s inspiring.
So that’s what i want to show to you is: if you get this business down and you take it as a once again, like typically set a career, and you just pour yourself into it, you can ultimately do anything.

You want in life.
That’s one of the greatest luxuries: not many industries have um.
Here’s on you know talking about Facebook and that type of thing I wasn’t is big on facebook, because I was kind of playing two lines that I’ve had written.

My coaching and sales training motivational business going for about five years.
I didn’t really pour myself into it or, but so Facebook was more for my my business, but things like this right here that got me three more sales that family I’ve sold that family 14 vehicles.
You know that’s the smart thing to do is to get in there a picture with you, a picture with them get the post.

You know our friend, that’s what everybody looks at me.
As a friend, Knowle Walsh put that there, like, I said that family owns a business, I’ve sold the business, probably 10 cars.
That’s all the family, probably 15 cars.

So when you take care of people, people will take care of you.
They want to be part of your adventure.
They want to be part of your story.

It’s all about taking care of the customer.
Um 2015 wasn’t my best year.
I didn’t sell my most cars or make the most money ever, but I had a great year.

I work 25 weeks at twenty something off of the family.

This summer I had six to seven weeks off now used to hear stories about teachers being off the whole summer.
We’ve seen when we go to Yellowstone, we always go on adventures.

I’m like man, she’ll teach.
I don’t want to be a teacher I’d love to have the summer off.

I had that ability this year we have six or seven weeks off.

We did everything that we wanted to and in time to write I’ve gotten good.
At my timing in july i work nine days.
I mean seventy eight hundred dollars.

You know because when I went in I was completely focused on work and I knew that I had to sustain my lifestyle, so second standard high and reach them that anything you want is reachable if you apply yourself so never forget they reach them, but this year I still sold just under 200 cars and I made a hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
So if you do the math, I work 25 weeks and made 150 thousand dollars.

That’s six thousand dollars a week.

That’s a thousand dollars! Every day I went into will.
So there is money to be made in this industry.
It’s all about, like I keep saying applying yourself and work, your business, that’s your own business businesses go out because they don’t do right.

If you do it right, your business flourishes.
Look the chains like the whole depot what can help big bay over there are nothing 115 years ago.
Now, there’s one and every time America and big cities have them on every other block, so utilize, your business on sales is isn’t always easy.

Miliar disappointment for many different forces.

You can’t let that keep you in a hole now we’re all going to deal with the office girl drives me nuts, the porter never does this.
My managers slow it takes too long to get numbers by trains are too short.

Forget all that all that is is negative energy.
Leave that that’s the way it is there so deal with it complaining about it and huddling about it is not going to pay you it’s going to take out your pocket, we’re here to fill pockets.

That’s that’s why you guys are here.

You guys came to invest in yourself to fill your pockets, so all that stuff that you deal with, leave it it’s the way.
It is if your sisters of bossy, your brother’s, a bully, your mom’s strict, that’s the way.

It wasn’t life right, you don’t was it gets it there and complain with your sister the whole time that mountains bossy, you dealt with it same with sales deal with it, you’re going to have 12 customers deal with them flip it back on my wife taught me The lesson the best thing to do is when somebody’s being hard on you just keep being nicer and nicer and nicer and bring your voice down when you’re walking.
I guarantee and five minutes you on the best friend.

Those people will respect you so much because they aren’t you stuff they’re.

Looking for a reaction out of you and you gave opposite so you flip their whole mentality, so deal with.
What’s in the office place, that’s the way it is so deal with it make the most of it and realize it’s your business.
The best warriors I love vote.

I watch MMA.
I was lived with my friend in Michigan for six months of his family.
He’s a big MMA fan so he’s in the car business too.

So every Saturday we watched the MMA fights.
So I Irish by you, know, lineage and so conor mcgregor love, conor mcgregor just had the equipment slight ever and 13 seconds, one punch, knockout and they said, are you gon na have a rebate with jose aldo and he goes.
You know what i told these guys.

I’ve been training, I told him, I’ve been working, he underestimated me, he goes.
He goes out and proves to me that he’s ready for my caliber I’ll fight him, but until he proves that to me, I won’t that’s a true warrior right there.
He knew how strong he was going to become.

He worked harder than anybody else to be the best and he set a record 13 seconds.

One punch the guy hadn’t lost in 10 years, the guy who thought it was no slouch.
He found a true champion.

So the best warriors always train hard, invest their time in getting better, and this is what makes champions and that’s what that’s what Connor said to he goes.
You know the last eight months all I did was train train train, train, train train, focused, focused, focused, i’m going to vacation spend time with my girlfriend a little bit, but then i’m going to come back even harder.
So if you want to be the best you got to train harder than anybody else, you got to work harder than anybody else.

It’s about going in early, it’s about staying late, lunch breaks, my owner.
It work calls lunch break skating opportunities because I used to love it when I sold cars with guys went to lunch.
Where’s Chuck at I think I see he’s got more important things to do than serve you.

I can help you up.
You know he young heels.
The third-largest for dealerships, all you know so he’s doing something right, but when you’re there make it there, don’t hang out, don’t chitchat.

Don’t this like Fran, said the same thing with me.
I think when people get around my desk first thing in the morning, especially when I get back from my West, got all these pictures and all these fun stories and they want to hear about not you know, I got 12 uh-huh yeah I’ll talk to you on Wednesday, I got stuff to do here here at work.
I come here to get paid.

I don’t come here for friends, you know seven billion people in the world like find friends elsewhere.
I don’t need people to hold me back um.
I come in to work to work.

How do you become a champion? First off? You must market yourself to your neighbors friends, family and the rest of your community.
What did I tell you when I lived in in dexter michigan? I was the celebrity in car sales.
Okay, everybody knew what I did if I went to any school event.

I work we dress, pretty casual slacks, dress shoes and a company polo with the name on it.
But any time I took my daughter to school or help out with your classroom or 12 an after school events or did something for the church or did any type of volunteer work or anything.
First off, I’m just a good person by nature.

I try and be a smile a lot.
I popped a lot and I move fast um, but people knew where I worked and what I was so people knew that and I always make sure I address people um.
One thing I want to get into right now is on that Jerry, Tuesday, Tuesday, Jerry pumpers and I went dog we flew into atlanta.

We were at another workshop yesterday, we flew into atlanta and we had the whole day to spare.
So Jerry says you know what? Let’s do some secret shop and I go.
You know what I’ve always talked about that and they’re really Donald.

Let’s go do it, so we went to five dealerships and we actually got some of it on videos on three sales and funds.
There was a lot of negative comments.
We called the guy yesterday, you know told what he’s doing wrong so kind of a truck for criticism, but Tom, I told my son of a copy of my book and everything too and that we keep in touch with them.

He’s already friends with Jerry on facebook, but everybody we talked to hi.
How are you yeah? What do you want to look at all the Camaro is brand new Camaro yep they’re.
Really nice yeah, okay, hi.

How are you don’t Walsh, your name Adolfo? How are you go Walsh? Your name sleen? Oh I like that name.
I like how you say it.
You know, take control the situation.

I mean how much is high.
I mean that’s the first.
You know first impression is the biggest and so they’re coming in there.

I’m thinking this guy’s ass loves not more professional dynamite on eye contact who takes control? Who gets me you know right away, I mean you need to grab their attention right from the beginning, and so we had him.
We got on a test drive in the Supersport.
We only got a sideways once it was off.

He was about 6 foot, 2, 2, of course Jerry’s sitting up front.
So he was writing like this, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa the whole time in it um, but we took it for a nice ride.
Uh uh a few guys or whatever, and so we’re giving them the easy back.

Hey yeah we’re looking around some other models.
Can we get your card yeah? Let me go on and get it no, no! No! First off when he took my driver’s license, I’m going on the test.
Drive no sir just come on inside with me, and you do some information from you to copy of your driver’s license, especially I’m driving to the Super Sport Camaro.

It’s not like.
I’m driving a chevy, cruze or whatever i need you to come inside with me, see them down.
Take a little bit of control.

Um sit him down, get your name telephone number, email cell phone or what’s your wife’s name just the case.
I call the house get that information take control.
Then he should have taken some the test, drive and said: hey we got some.

We asked them to what kind of deals you got done to my rebates.
None yeah, especially if you are new, you know, yeah.
We got tons of programs, you know when we get back inside me when we get back.

Let me take you inside go over some of those with yet so when you go up shopping, you’ve got all the information you need, because I blow up on my customer shopping.
I was talking to the folks from the Nissan store back here.
I love when they shot me.

I’m like cool, we’ll, see you soon.
I want you to see my competition.
You know please go out and shop.

I want you to see who I’m up against because sure it should half hour later.
They’re there you know.
So it’s the greeting is the first step is where you make your impression and show whether you’re, a professional or you’re a wet fish, handshake person.

You know, I contact you, look people in the eyes.
You say their names, no foam.
How did you like that car? You like the brake teams on it.

Adolfo I mean, doesn’t have a good fit you.
You say their name, a bunch that you start to get a more involved.
I’ve learned that from a construction guy, he takes me every time.

I’m back in michigan.
I’ve told in five or six seven cars.
You always make sure he takes me out to lunch, but um, you know you sit, you continue to say people’s names, they feel more part of the.

They feel more involved and part of the process, so get people involved early.
That’s that’s the whole part right there.
That’s! Eighty percent of your sale is getting people involved early.

It’s you who will reach people for you above anyone else.
If you rely on everyone else, don’t hold your breath.
So once again, like I’m saying, the dealership is going to give you all the tools, okay to run a business, but it’s you who’s going to bring people in.

It’s you who’s going to bring people back.

That’s not the dealership job, that’s not the manufacturers job, that’s not the incentives job.
It’s your job to bring people back.

Okay and there’s a famous quote from Walt Disney.
I wish i had it global disney started right here.
Great story, you got a little came up to.

I love inspirational stories, but if you get so good at what you’re doing, people will want to come back to you and I want to come back to you more often and then they’ll tell their friends and want to bring their friends to come.
See what you do too so when you have a great process, you take the pain out of the deal you get the customer involved.
People are going to want to come back to see you first thing I always do is when you greet the family greet the kids get the kids involved.

Hey give me a high five.
Give me a fist bump.
All you even do the explode and get them involved, because guess what guess who’s going to be ruling the deal mom’s going to make the decision, the kids are going to rule the deal I’m hungry, I’m hungry, I want to go.

I want make it battles.
You know this is boring it.
You know my feet hurt my tummy hurts.

I want to leave.
I want to leave if you get them involved, give them a coloring book.
Keep it part of the .

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