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What is up facebook, knoll, walsh gunslinger in the house, concur what you chase, so what is switch it up a little bit.

My goal is to do a hundred live streams for a hundred days, so i want to see what kind of engagement, what kind of crowd? What kind of reaction, what kind of comments i can get and today i wanted to do it a little bit different? I wanted to engage my audience, my fans, my crowd, but people, i’m fans of and ask you have you guys asked me real, live questions as if you were interviewing me as if i was there training on your life as if i was doing a coaching call For you, i want you to ask questions that you’re dealing with now.
Believe me, I’ve been on a lot for 16 years.
Okay, I know about sales.

I wish it was as easy as I could have just listened to somebody CD or watched somebody’s video or signed up for somebody’s virtual program, but there’s a lot of growing pains a lot of stuff.
You need to learn on your own, so definitely in the shade.
Today, you’re in st.

George Utah, it’s a balmy hundred degrees, but don’t worry it’s only 109 on Sunday.
Yes, we are in the high desert, it does get hot.
Here we are the desert.

We get under 10 inches of precipitation a year.
So first off.
I hope everybody had a great last month had a great maymays, always a strong month.

Remember we’re getting into the busy season.
Now is the time to work.
Your customers follow up with people, mail text, email work, your CRM, look at your notes, get out there beyond social media, engage with your customers, and we have a question coming in sir.

Not yet.
Okay, so engage with your customers, but vlive be real, then be with your customers on be a part of them.
A part of their post engage with them getting excited.

Let them know that you are here.
Let them know that you care and you actually are engaging with them, that you care what they have to say that you are a part of their life.
People want more than just a salesperson people buy cars off people; they either like trust, respect or know.

If you get one of those things, you can get a sale.
If you can get all four, you can get a home run and you can get repeat and referral business so make sure your customers know you that you know them ask them questions about themselves.
That is relationship selling.

Ask them, engage with them.
Ask them.
Are you going to take this explore on any trips this summer? What’s the first thing you’re going to do in your new ford fusion? What’s what are you going to do with the first thing, you get your Corvette, a great question to ask all your customers when you’re delivering them before you ask for referrals before you ask for a survey before you ask for reviews.

They say: where are you guys going to dinner tonight? I would say, with my customers, eight out of ten customers, especially evening deliveries when the whole family was there, they would go out to eat it’s a celebration.
It’s like a birthday.
It’s like an engagement.

It’s like a anniversary, then people want to celebrate um, so ask them things like this.
Give them engaged get them think and they might not even go be planning on going out, but then you plant that seed in their head and all the sudden they’re going to say wow yeah.
Let’s, let’s go out we’re going to go here and guess what every time they go to that restaurant or every time they pass by that restaurant they’re going to think of you in the service you gave them! That’s why excellent service is the most important thing you can do just sort of figure out when there’s a question.

Excellent service is the most important thing that you can give to customers, because customers appreciate that customers.
Remember that customers respect that and guess what the whole family remembers: that if you make little Johnny, feel good about himself and keep him engaged during the process.
If you keep little Sally, if you keep the husband, if you keep the wife, if you keep whoever it is engaged they’re going to remember you they’re going to appreciate you and they’re going to want to come back sooner to see you so always remember that staying Customers stay real with them.

Stay live with them, stay engaged and engage in many different ways.
I’ve heard people say male is dead.
Male was my most effective form of marketing.

Okay, I have only been out of car sales actually on a lot making commissions for two months, so that was how I gained most of my business was with letters postcards things like that.
Think about it.
Do you want your plumber, calling you and saying hey? Do you need any plumbing work done, but guess what? If you get a postcard from your plumber, and it says we’ve got a ten percent off special and there’s that leaky sink upstairs in the bathroom that nobody uses.

Are you going to remember him and maybe call him because you got that card, or you heard your neighbor complaining about how they’ve got the leaky sink in the basement? Are you going to hand them over that postcard or hand them text them forward them? Your plumbers contact information.
Absolutely you are, you need to stay in front of people, and let people remember that you’re there don’t just assume that our customers know where we work that we’re still there believe me a lot of the car sales people they dealt with in the past.
They came to get their first, oil change and Billy was gone and sally was out of there or they came back two years later and yeah we’re here to see uh.

You know Johnny Jones, Oh Johnny’s, no longer with us he’s been gone for about a year.
They’ve dealt with that in the past, so let people know you’re still there.
Let people know you’re around give people a gimmick, okay, give them something that makes them want to call you, or at least refer you, hey, we’re having a huge st.

Patrick’s Day.
Hey we’re having a Mother’s Day, sale, hey, we’re having Father’s Day sale, we’re having an Easter sale, we’re having a halloween sale.

You can use a sale every month at least get the customers excited, because when car conversation comes up, those customers will say yeah.
My guy nowell walsh just sent me a letter just sent me a postcard saying that there is a st.
Patrick’s Day sale going on over here at ABC Motors.

Let them know create an urgency, create a hype say that you’re going to be giving vendor discounts say that you’re going to be giving a family cost on used cars give them something of value.
How do you Cole’s got so big? Okay? They said that their pants were eighty dollars and they say that they’re fifty or sixty percent off, and then they send you a coupon in the mail that says you get another thirty percent off, so you’re getting eighty percent.
Seventy percent sixty percent.

Whatever the case is off these pants, that really should have only been thirty dollars to begin with, so you’re really paying market value because they roped you in and think of how many people went there just for the simple fact that they had an assumed value and Assumed deal, they had a perception and they were getting a value.
They got that thirty percent coupon, i noticed this – is close.
Business has gone down.

We always seem to get a 30-percent coupon.
They feel like wow, I’m getting the very best deal that I can get now.
You can get the same pants at Macy’s for better pants for sixty dollars, right from the get-go and they’re going to last you three times as long.

So it’s a perceived value, a perceived deal, it’s the perception so right in the perception of your customers, keep in front of your customers and let them know that you were still there don’t ever assume with customers.
Someone once told me, you’ve, probably heard it before assume, makes an ass out of you and me look at it.
A SS um II asked you me at the use, profanity but think about it, so never assume something that my finance manager used to tell me.

Don’t expect inspect when you send the car back to get the bedliner put in the truck go back there don’t be overbearing, don’t hang over their back but make sure the job is getting done.
Follow up with them.
Don’t expect inspect same thing when you sign something out to a third-party get a remote start put in get a aftermarket, sound system put in get a rust-proof and get a rhino liner, whatever whatever it is, whatever market you’re in follow up with them, give them a Deadline, don’t assume because guess what I was on the phone today with my with my social guy – am I and I’m going to get on the phone right after this with my social guy, in my IT guy and well, I thought so and so is doing this.

Well, I thought so so was doing this where you just have to do this, I said: listen, I hate technology.
I know i’m on social media lot.
I you know, I know how to email – and I know all the basics of how to do stuff.

I basically do it all from my iphone, which is recording me right now, but I don’t want to figure all this stuff out like that’s.
Why I bring people on think of how your car customers feel all oh well, it was supposed to be done at three, but it did well do they care yeah.
We send it over here to rhino linings, and you know for the spray in bed liner and was supposed to be done at three.

They don’t care.
They just know that it’s four o’clock they’re supposed to pick up their new truck.
They just pay forty eight thousand dollars for, and it’s not ready.

Now they have to wait.
They’ve got things.
I’ve got to do.

Oh we’ll, just pick up your kids in the loaner car.
I gave you and come back later.
That’s an inconvenience that is upon you.

They don’t care that the other company, your vendor, that you chose that you sent it out to they, don’t want to hear that story so be the first line, the last line and the only line of defense try and set up service appointments for your customers.
Now I know when you get the high numbers of volume, and I know how it is, especially when you’ve been at a store like I was at for 11 years and you sold 25 hundred cars there.
I know what it’s like to have all those customers and there’s only so much service you can give, but when you’re in the building give as much as you can and always give as much as you can to a customer chandling, I think I posted it.

He sent me a text message how he put a deal together of a customer that he just spent that extra five minutes just that extra five minutes to follow up with that customer and – and he put a car deal out of it.
But I talked about that on the last life is spent five extra minutes with the customer spent five more minutes, building that relationship building that rapport and doing a true needs and wants assessment.
What we need to find out is what convenience, as a customer looking for like when I bring on a social person, it’s because it’s hard for me for all these social forums to be active, to make sure that I’m not missing anything to be completely engaged.

I need him to do a lot of the other stuff that just drives me crazy.
As far as the posting to follow up, and all that – that’s always me, but I need somebody else to do a lot of this.
A lot of the branding a lot of the art.

So when you get to a point, you need to start learning to delegate, and I was not great at that early in my career, because I wanted to be the first line.

The only line of defense, but you need to delegate and how you delegate is.
You have people feel important about them, helping you and how that’s a success to you as success to the customer, a success to them, and it is success to the store.

That’s what you call culture.
You need to get everybody to do what they’re paid to do.
What they’re capable to do get them on your page, especially as you grow with sales.

I talked to Jason stat.
Today we talked for about 15-20 minutes.
The guy is a horse.

If you aren’t following on facebook, like think he’s at 5,000 friends, but you can at least follow him and he post mostly pictures of his kids and his sales.
But the guy is a horse.
When I was on the phone with him for 15 or 20 minutes.

He was calling dealers to buy used cars.
He was calling the customer giving them prices.
He was following up letting people know that their bed liner was in.

He was setting up appointments while he was on the phone with me and it didn’t bother me because he did it in such a technique in a technical manner and the guys just real and we talked and then he’s like man there’s no rocket science to it.
If you got ten customers there on the showroom, you just got to go up to him every five minutes and let them know what’s going on.
I just shot 90 videos from my virtual training and that’s exactly what I talked about.

There is when you have customers, don’t go, hang out with the manager if you’ve got a tower or in their office or, and the finance department talk baseball nap, while you’re waiting for an approval and leave them sitting at your desk with three kids who are hungry? Who just planned on coming into a plan on looking, but you did such a good job.
You’ve got them in the buying mode and leave them there for an hour and a half while you’re waiting for the approval.
They feel neglected that hour and a half is like kids time.

It feels like four hours.
They’re wondering am I getting approved.
I know we’ve got an 800 score, but did we get hacked and something like this happened? What’s going on, you need to keep your customers engaged.

You need to stay on top of your customers.

Jones, hey your deals and finance were a little bit backed up today’s the last day of the month.
So, as you can see, we’re super busy.
So your deal is coming up I’ll stay with you as quick as possible.

Can I get you a pop of water, a coffee.
You can go see the girls at the front desk.
They can get your tokens.

Here’s a couple bucks.
Let me get you a pop.
Let go check on this delivery.

Let me do this, keep them in tuned, stay engaged them keep them in the know of the process.

They need to know.
What’s going on, you can’t just leave them there, like, like stale meat, like oh I’ve, gotten the sale, because that’s what customers assume customers assume that once you make that handshake and how often have you done that? How often have you bought something, and you made that handshake and all of a sudden, it’s like they don’t care.

You know it was.
It was funny that I talked about this in a couple videos, but as a family, we just joined the gym and sits close its local.
It wasn’t the highest price and it was another Jam, a competitor that was further away.

That was cheaper.
That was kept advertising to be sending me postcards.
They got me thinking.

I’ve got the home gym in my office, but I need to get out.
I need a network.

More i’ve got a home office, it’s not connected to the home, but it’s on the whole premises and it’s like I need to get out because I’ll go two or three days when I’m just in my office and it’s like I’ll go crazy.
It’s like I’m out of town or at home and it’s hard to stay focused, and so they sent me that and they gave us like a week free trial and I traveled for a week and then we came back and we signed up.
But it was like ultimately, once we signed up, it was like they didn’t.

They didn’t paint her to us as much, not that we need that, but it was just so obvious right, like my wife, shaking her head yeah like they’re, oh hi, mr.
Walsh, look a little Knoll he’s so cute.

Today we go this outfit.
Is he going into the daycare today is Grace taking her her certification, class, yeah, uh and then the second we join is just like beep, you know, give me your card.
Beep beep have a nice workout, you know, so you that’s.

What customers are expecting.
Customers are expecting you to get the sale and be their best friend yeah.
That’s a great idea.

You look great in that car.
I, like those shoes, that’s really cool! That’s my favorite song too.
Oh I’ve got an iphone.

All of these rapport building relationship, building tips, and then you get the car selling you’re like see ya, and then you they never hear from you again.
That’s part of why we get the bad name.

The bad vibe you’ve got to stay engaged in them.
You’ve got a kind of a pattern yourself after an insurance agent, now an insurance agent, i always said they’ve got a lot easier than car salespeople in a lot of ways because they just send you a bill or they hit your credit card every month or every Six months, or once a year to where is like, I did all leasing, so i got my same customers back.
I did two year leases mostly.

I would get him out in 18 months, but i have to still work the deal I to still tell him.
I still had to create value.
I still had to do a dynamite presentation.

I still had to stay engaged and all that not that’s a bad thing that that was my job.
That was what I was paid to do and that’s what our job role is, but you want to get them to want to come back to you to want to find you to remember you to want to refer you, you don’t just want to assume that they Are going to come back to you because they bought one? I remember that when i first started selling, then as I calm getting some car sales will be automatic car sales.
It’s not not if you don’t stay in front of them out.

If you don’t stay engaged, not if you don’t add value to them, not if you don’t help them out, customers want a professional that actually adds value.
Like I said I had, I had my social guy on and I’m like you know, I’m getting excuses and not solutions and I’m paying for solutions like I’m paying, I’m I’m the employer.
So I just want things done.

I don’t want to go through the pain and my wife shaking her head, because she hurt me and I got a little heated and yeah.
I can be that guy and believe me did a great job and he’s done a great job and we’re moving forward.
But we need to offer solutions to our customers and give them a reason why things aren’t working out.

Okay, give them a reason.
Why is taking longer for the delivery? Why prep is taking longer why they’ve got to wait longer to go into finance? Why they’ve got to do this? Why they’ve got to do that? We need to give them reasons.
Why that they understand, because you know when somebody’s like so how much longer then they aren’t sold when they’re like okay, yeah, that’s cool another thing, Jason Sapp said he does, and I would do it too.

I do it in a different way when he does is he’s in a small town, 2,300 people.
He has a credit with the local restaurant, so he says: hey folks, it’s going to be longer than we expected we’re super busy today.
Do me a favor go over to this restaurant they’ve got the best food in town.

I’ve got an account there.
Just have them call me all.
Ok everything, the meals on me by the time you get done, we should have everything all set.

What i would do is I’ve sent them to the restaurant and I would either have gift cards.
This is where I’d eat a lot and everything to which, therefore, I got good service and I sold all the employees and it was, it was almost too good.
I spent a lot of time there but um.

You know, hey folks, go here.
Do this: here’s my twenty percent off card, um, I’ll pay for your meal and your first drink or by appetizers and drinks, or just get a meal and I’ll take care of it.
Bring the receipt back to me and I’ll get you some petty cash.

You know give them something to do, and always, if you’re doing that, put them in a car off your lot, because the last thing you want them to do is getting a little bit of buyer’s remorse and we were on the strip.

There was like 20 dealerships there, but getting a little bit of buyer’s remorse and let’s just slide into that Chevy store because remember.
We saw that commercial and we’re going to pay 549 for this f 150 on the lease and that Chevy commercial said that they were 229 90.

It’s going to probably be more than that, but maybe it’s less that’s the last thing you want them to do.
Take this vehicle, and also the vehicle that you have them thrive, is that as nice as the vehicle you’re selling them it’s not as new as the vehicle you’re selling them, and it has gas.

So remember that not as nice, not as new.
It has gas, because I’ve seen so many people do this when we were on a used car lot, they’re coming by a neon and they’d have to bring it back for some service or to get something mad at a moon, roof or radio.
This is back in the early 2000s and my good friend he would always do this.

He put him in like the nicest huge car that we had on a lot.

He put them in in a mobile guess what or Mercedes, or what have you guess what, when they get back in that neon? Guess what they’re going to pick that neon apart all the sudden that car that they were all excited to buy, they could budget.
For that they can afford not all a sudden they don’t like it, so remember, never put them in something nicer than what they’re getting and always put them in.

Something fits gives pop company policy.
You can’t do it, but it is the term that the car term divorced them, and another thing I want to get away from in this business is using car terms, especially in front of customers.
We don’t need to say: oh yeah, mrs.

I got you three years ago as a phone up: okay, a phone up like what does the customer think that is the correct way to say it would be.
Oh yeah, mrs.

Walsh, because I would get this all the time.
How do we ever meet? Oh yeah, mrs.
Walsh, I got you, you were an incoming phone call.

You were you’re on a torus and I ended up flipping into a fusion because where I ended up, switching you to a fusion one of another one you don’t want to use is flipping.

You to a fusion because it was the size you needed.

It was more in line with your budget, so stay away from that stay away from calling it the box.
Okay, we don’t need to call it.
The box.

Customers don’t need to refer to the finance department.
Is the box almost sounds like a prison um? You know, I talked the other day.
Don’t call a trade in a sled um, don’t call them a phone up, don’t say we got you done.

I work with this guy in great news.
We got you done.
What does that mean? We got you done, no, the correct way to say it is we got.

You approved great news folks, we got you approved and if they’re, if the credit, the last thing you want to do, never lie.
But the last thing you want to do is tell people that they are approved because thing now, all of a sudden they can go, look at anything.
They can call it all over before they’re kind of scared.

In this I’m not saying you need to hold people down, but we need to control the deal so when you get people approved and they have AP credit.
How often have you said? Hey folks, i got you approved miracle here.
My finance manager worked his tail off.

When can you come in? Oh well, let me talk to my wife.
Then they might call you or you’ve got a call back then, when they don’t call you in 15 minutes like they said you got a call back.
You know you know they’re shopping around yeah, we should be there at five-thirty, then they don’t show up 5.

Now it’s six.
Now, 6.

You don’t tell people they’re approved.
You say we have a conditioned approval.

What that means is, if you meet all the conditions, I believe we can finally get you approved.

So I need this this this and this conditioned approval any anything, any questions flying in Nazi na ok.
So I wanted to do a question to answer.

I guess I didn’t get enough enough preliminary out there to get any questions, but I did try and share some nuggets with you today.
They could be taken right to market that can be taken right now, right to your phone right.
Setting appts put it right.

Your procedure put it right in your process and will make you money so once again is always appreciate everybody who tuned in no Walsh gunslinger conquer what you chase, I’m out.

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