Hi brandon artisan president of champion strategies, reminding you that this coming wednesday october, the 26th at 12 noon.

There will be no hardison’s tips live.
We are coming very close to the last quarter of the year and i need to sit down with the team and see how we’re going to finish up the year.
So the only time it seems like everybody can get together is the time that i really wanted to say something to you, but hey cannot do it this wednesday, so there will be.

No artisans tips live for this coming august, the 26th at 12 p.
We will be back with some other special guests just to let you know this one see we will not be there.

I thank everyone.

Who’s been tuning in and viewing we’ve been giving you cross-sections of everything from finance to service to hr.

You name it anything.
That is there.

We want to help you out and if the tips have been helping you out, we do thank you so once again, brandon hardison president champion strategy for artisans tips no show this coming wednesday.
At 12 o’clock live.

We will be busy uh getting prepared for the end of the year and as always in parting, you go out there and make a champion day.

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