but do me i’m going to take care of these rugrats? I got you, you know what i mean and so um you know it’s pretty crazy.

It’s pretty crazy um! So that’s i just i just wan na back to what i was saying, though, is that you know just just like.
I was saying understand your: why don’t ever look at the likes? Don’t look at the views? Don’t look at any of it just do it just be you be pure about it.
You don’t have to be anybody, you don’t have to be the subprime, you don’t have to be the you know the you don’t have to be any of us right.

Just do you, you want to talk about fishing, talk about fishing and integrate it with if you’re integrated with a car guy.

You know what i mean uh, if you, if you like baking, all right cool, you know, be a baker and talk about cars.
At the same time i mean there’s so many things that people haven’t done.

You know, let me just do it uh, but my biggest thing is selling cars like candy bars, but my my business is is really called exposure, truth and and that’s my llc and all that other good stuff, but that’s really what it comes down to.

It’s really just exposing who you are as truthful as possible and not being anyone else, but yourself and and you’ll end up winning you’ll end up winning.
If you just be yourself, 100 percent right there guys all your solutions.

Are you feeling the fire like it’s? Like? All of a sudden you’re like man i got to be – i got to be on – i got to be on for this.
I got to be on for that, but definitely i got a little.
I got intimidated.

What is this? It’s a fun app to project out there actually inside of the club uh what it is that you have for people, it’s yeah, going into a room again and saying: hey: does somebody have a solution? It’s like the place where all of the conventions showed up now.
Everybody’s jumping in from the room saying who’s in here, who’s talking all right.
Let me go over here, who’s in here who’s talking, let me get out of here.

You know, and and that’s kind of the culture that that is jumping in there and big speakers finding their place uh to actually get their message out there.
There’s content that’s available, it’s the way of the future.
I 100 believe uh speaking of and just trying to tie everything that you just said and said together, um and just putting kind of a thread through it.

As we keep going through, the five lineup is see putting out the content in the early stages.
Is one thing that’s the key yeah you know i wouldn’t guess it would just be out there right and be consistent about it and be the best version of you at the moment right, no matter what you’re, not we’re, always talking of what it is that you Are – and it’s in and trying to be everybody’s trying to improve, so our culture is, keep growing right.
The way that you do, that is you forgive any of the times that you fail to continue growing and you actually forgive anybody that gets in your way.

If that isn’t something that you’re you’re tied up with you can continue to upgrade.
You continue to get yourself to the to the actual delivery line, which is the gold single car, which is the goal for every single uh grain of co or uh coffee bean, which is the goal for every single candy bar right.

Every single one of them wants to get to the end of the assembly line and be presented as the best product, and, as you continue that progression you upgrade update.

You find the way you get a little bit better.
You find the way to make yourself just tweak a little more.
You pay attention to a couple tools.

You listen to a few people.

The product gets put out there and then you can present it with a protection appearance package, just like our brother’s, an exo boss.
Right, go ahead: ! So you upgrade your appearances.

Hey you got! You got some of the best transitions.
I’ve ever seen in the game player, trying to make sure that that everybody sees themselves in an upgraded form.
But as you make that presentation, you protect it right and you are conscious about your presentation, yeah right, so people believe in the message and you find the way to make your message uh more crisp in the way that you deliver it.

Ultimately, the message is the same, and this is why we don’t care about how many likes we see if we see one hallelujah.
Thank you we’re so glad that somebody received the message.
We’re so glad that somebody was thinking was connecting with the message, but ultimately we just we’ve designed this to be a conversation that we enjoy to have.

You know about things that we enjoy talking about.
It’s all started from a pure and prepared upgrades that we need to right just like the upgrades on a phone, but we did this entire studio was all set up with iphones right.
We we got these phones to be the upgrade.

This is like babe.
I got ta upgrade because i need it for targeting.

I got it, i need a paper.

I got it , that’s exactly where we were right, and so we slowly added a little here, add a little there um we and we’re trying to continue to grow in leaps and bounds.
I don’t think that we ever get to the spot where we’re done saying you know what we could be a little better if we did this and we’re trying to keep doing that and that’s what makes us try to be those that are elite.
That’s what makes us think out of the box right and speaking out of the box all about having the tools in business, okay, so car guys cargos, listen, i’m just so excited to get the question from uh.

What brought me into the car business uh before i got into the car business, i was actually managing golf courses.

I was part of american golf and um.
You know.

Majority of the members in in the uh in the golf club, where were in the men’s club were, were all car guys gm’s owners, uh sales managers, sales guys that type of stuff.
This was back in when the uh, the housing crisis happened.

Uh pretty much american golf then sold majority of all their golf courses and when that time was happening, my uh one of one of the members came up to me was an owner for a nissan dealership.

Said: hey, look um.
You know, i know you just got it.
You just had your first kid uh.

I really love.
You know playing golf with you that type of stuff.
I want you to try out selling cars.

I was like no.
I don’t know about that.
I don’t know anything about the car business he was like.

Well, let me just show you one of the vouchers that one of the sales guys just made and it was like a 2500 uh voucher and i said, are you serious he’s like i’m dead serious? So he said all right come on down, so i went and i started at a nissan dealership and if you know anything in the west, in san diego or in the west coast area uh in san diego there’s about seven nissan dealerships, six of them are owned By one um, one group called masti nissan and i actually worked at the other nissan dealership.
That was not a mossy store and um and it was crazy.
You know before i even got to sell cars.

I love.
I love telling the story, because it’s it’s uh.
It’s part of the truth, and it’s part of it’s just it’s it’s it’s pretty dope um.

I i didn’t get to sell cars for about three weeks almost a month, the sales manager wouldn’t, let me even talk to a customer, and he he was.
He was very regiment.
Uh basically told me before you even talk to a customer.

I need you, i need to make sure you’re not a show a car, because that’s where it comes down to it.

This is where you make all your money.
It’s show time you got to know how to show a car, so i spent three weeks literally doing a walking around doing ghost ride the whip.

Literally talking to myself, everyone thought it was crazy, because i was talking to myself popping the hoods opening the doors going.
Like this to inside you know, oh it smells so good.
I was literally it looked like i was on crack.

It was really really bad.
So you know i was out training one day and a filipino customer came in.
It was a filipino family right, i’m filipino.

They came in and uh the husband was looking at trucks, and i only knew one truck uh.
That was on the lot.
It was a nissan titan lifted and that’s the only reason why i knew that they were selling nissan titans because they had this one.

That was like kind of like on that ramp, but it had all the lit kids had all the good stuff on it and it had about like a 15 000 markup because of the lift kit and uh.
You know i was talking to the filipino family and i was like look.

You know i’m brand new to the game.

I don’t know much about it.
I don’t even know what the process is, but you know let me let me go get someone that can help.
You they’re like no, no, no! No! No! No.

We want you to help us because you’re filipino, we trust you you stay with us uh.
You just help us with the process.
We want to just drive it.

You know it was just simple: filipino stuff i drove them came back talked to the man fisher.
That was helping me.
He said, okay, i just want you to show these numbers, and – and this is what the payment be – that’s it don’t look at anything else, john to show them.

This is the payment.
This is what it’s going to cost, though this is how much money down and just say that just say that i saw a 3 500 voucher off that one deal and i was hooked.
I couldn’t believe it.

It was more money than i was like.
I brought that over.
I said how do you look at this [ __ ], one car? If i sell kennedy’s yeah dude, i didn’t know that that’s not what all of them were.

I saw that 100 but yeah.
That’s i mean that’s how i got in the game.

I literally it was my chance.

It was, i didn’t grow up.
I didn’t have mentors that you know or anything like that.
It was just kind of like fell in my lap type of deal, and i think that’s like most.

That’s like the story for most guys in the car game.
They kind of just fell into it right.

It was kind of like that in between job.

So i can find that other job that i really want to do right, but just like any car guy, that’s been in the game for a while.
They saw that first voucher and they were stuck so i always tell younger cats.
I was like yo um.

I hope you never make a pound or your first deal, because if you make that pounding you’re up for life, son and they’re like what are you talking about bam, hooked 10 years later doing the same thing, it’s definitely something that you get addicted to no doubt About it and and it’s it is that first blood, it’s oh delicious! It’s something about that.
I got very much.
You know, you’re, that’s a good story! Man, you know golf, that’s pretty cool, you know being able to work somewhere like that.

I could imagine.
I probably would i have to work here for a long time.
This is nice, but when things change you got to make that happen.

You know, and then you came into a business that you were natural at and that’s the thing you yeah: that’s why that guy reached out to you when he’s playing golf because conversation probably the way you talk, [ __ ], when you’re playing golf.
If i was like it was probably like okay, this dude this dude, this dude’s a car guy.
Naturally he already is.

He just doesn’t know you, oh yeah.
Oh absolutely: we’ve had those conversations, people, man, dude, are you in the car business because you speak like car game all day right.
So you know that different, hey speaking of that you know getting into the business, and you know you’re growing up you when you talked about mentors.

You talked about this, you know getting into it.
You didn’t have one, but while you were in, i know you have, who was probably your greatest mentor since you’ve been in the business uh greatest mentor since i’ve been in the car business? Yes, uh greatest, okay, the greatest well, it’s kind of a two-fold, because it’s a father and it’s done.


It was a popular son and uh.
It’s the alfaro family uh, which, after this i’m probably gon na tag him and let him know i shouted him out, but the um he was my first general sales manager.
His name was walter, alfaro senior and his son, who is the desk manager? His his name is walter, walter, alfaro, jr right walter antonio.

He actually works for uh.
He actually works now for ship digital and then the um, and then the the father works for a chrysler, jeep dodge door out in uh in vegas, now uh and um greatest mentors i’ve ever had in my life.
They were the ones that literally molded me uh, to who i am today as far as being as far as uh, you know a professional in the car business, understanding that you know as long as you stay, who you are you’re gon na win every single time.

Uh always did me the right way.

Uh, you know actually moved me from san diego santa barbara.
I don’t know if you know that type of hall, but that’s literally like a four or five hour drive.

So i literally up uprooted my whole family and moved out to santa barbara and uh, because i just believed in him so much i mean he gave me every opportunity, from sales guy to internet guy, to finance guy uh to closer to g uh, to a sales Manager to a gsm to get to eventually gm, so he has done everything that family is probably the dopest car people that family i mean it’s, it’s the father and then he has one two uh one, two two of his sons, two out of his um except Two, oh no three, three out of his four sons are in the car game as well, so complete car family.
So it’s not just one mentor.
I honestly believe it’s the father and the oldest son and uh.

I always i always give them praise they’re literally like family.

They know my kids, they babysit my kids when they knew.
I had a bell um, you know the the wife and everything it was it was it they’re, just dope um i and i always give them credit from until the day i die um when it comes down to it so yeah they’re dope.

That’s really awesome to be able to have people like that.
You know and a lot of times that’s what it comes down to um, finding somebody and that’s why surrounding yourself with the right people yeah, it can make all the difference in the business.
You know i’ve been to dealerships where i walked in, and i could tell that you know i feel bad for any rookie that ever goes into this tour because you’re, like man, this isn’t a place to really cultivate, really good car people, because, right now this store Is asleep so if you’re, the top guy you don’t even – and i can imagine the managers – probably don’t do any training.

You know it’s so much so much craziness going on out there, so so finding the right fit and actually being.
There is almost like right time.
Right place yeah, it’s such a golden feeling to have and to have people like that, especially when you have a father and his older son, when you could have people like that, being mentors to you and be family.

Oh yeah, before it becomes family, becomes like yeah yeah and just it’s all frequency man.

It’s all about that level, we’re all on when you’re all trying to go somewhere and try to reach the peak of a mountain.
It’s so much better to be there with a group of people instead of just with yourself, so it’s why it’s good to have mentors that are like that.

Absolutely you know you fast forward to 2021, like you know, especially this being the digital era, and everything like that.
You know, um, you know anytime.
I have never.

I probably have never said no to anyone when they reached out.
You know i give them my cell phone, i give them my email, you know this, you guys call.
I i never i never say no, and – and a lot of it has to do is fast forward to 2021, when people are looking for people to follow.

You know what i mean like and really learn the game you.
You can literally learn this game really fast.

If you just search in linkedin you research on instagram, you know all these different platforms just find them and then just listen to what they have to say.

But at a certain point, even after you listen to what they say, you got to execute what they’re saying you see them saying like you got ta we i can give and i’ve i’ve actually told some people that, after a certain period of time, i’m like are You are you doing what i’m telling you to do like i’m, giving you the blueprint.
Just do that.
You know just do that.

I promise you.

I promise you that’s gon na work and and um.
You know there’s there’s at certain points where i have to cut people off and just say: hey look.

I love you brother, but until you execute nothing i say is gon na help you nothing.
It doesn’t do anything.
It’s just words at this point right.

You know.
So um 2021.
I hope for a lot of the newcomers or even if you’ve been in the game for a while, you know just go, find those people go find those relationships.

You know there’s a lot of guys out in gals out on this linkedin world and social media world that are so willing to help.
You just got to be willing to just just ask knock on the door or in this case ping somebody right and say hey.
I need some love.

How do you do it show me show me the recipe.

How do you make selling cars like candy bars? I want to make my own thing: okay, cool.
Let’s go, let’s rock with it, i’m down it’s and that’s the thing.

It’s people, like you, people like the people that we surround ourselves with everyone that you’ve seen in our opening video every one of those people that you reach out to them, and you ask a question: they will answer.
If you don’t absolutely, if you want them to come on, if your up and coming podcast like i was, i remember when el patron said: yes, it was a big deal.
You know it’s like it was like glenn lundy coming on a show was a big deal to me.

I mean you know it was like, but as we do it you, it becomes.
It’s it’s a it’s a beautiful thing and you have to you have to find these people you have to reach out.
You have to ask it’s just like you said, don’t say no, i will never say no.

I have people who reach out to me all the time.

Hey man i’m trying to get a finance job.
I’ve helped people get better at their interviews.

What you know what to expect and what kind of days feel i’m cool as crazy as it sounds.
I would go to the my dealership right next door to me and teach everything they want to know because – and i would do that now – you know: why does that hurt? Just because not it’s just because i think that it would help the more this business gets to, where everybody’s doing the right thing, the easier it will become because right now they hate us so 100 change that which is a tall task.

But i believe it’s possible and i’m only 40 to 41 41.

Here’s the reality, though, if you really think about it, you know because there’s some people that are out there that don’t want to give the the secret sauce.

You know what i mean: let’s, let’s just be real, there’s so much money out there for everybody to eat like reality, reality there’s so much money out there, the only dealership throughout in in the united states.
I think it’s like over five four five thousand dealership there’s so many dealerships right like it’s uncanny like there’s so many sales people so dude chill out.
It’s all good.

So you know some people are like hey, don’t tell all the secrets! Why not that’s right? Yes, why wouldn’t i because here’s some because here’s some here’s the reality, though sometimes right, even if i give them the blueprint, even if i give them the secrets.

Yes, that’s you’re telling it.
I will tell that come on and don’t get mad at me, tony molito, but i have said that i have said that about subprime finance.

I’ve said about all this stuff, i’m like i don’t.
I could tell people everything that doesn’t mean they’re going to do it.

You could take a horse to water they’re not going to drink it unless they want to, and they need it exactly absolutely need to, and they want to.

If they, if they a lot of them, they may even do it for a moment.
They might even take one sip, but then they done and they and they yeah.
That’s the craziest thing.

They even taste how great that water is.

They know how it’s going to plunge, keep them from getting these little cramps like i’ve been getting tonight.

You know they do it does all that for them, but yet they refuse to keep drinking that water they’d rather suffer fully.

Instead of be the best person they could possibly be.
You know in you’re preaching some great work.

Yeah i mean it’s like people.

People, like you know they they they want this lifestyle, they want, they want to make all the money and then once they hit that one obstacle and they see how difficult it is.

They all run away.
You know, and i tell those people that run away – i’m like you didn’t want it.

He really didn’t want it.

So it you know it is what it is.
You know i pray for you, you know find what you’re looking for you know right connecting.

You really want it.
If you really want it, you can have it.
Yes, it’s all out there.

That’s the key.
It’s like you, said: there’s it’s there as much as people say: oh there’s, no money, no there’s money everywhere, yeah and it’s like and you know, and it’s if you do something, you really love and you do it with all your passion and you go after it.
The money like we talk about it doesn’t really even matter anymore.

It doesn’t because it comes because you expect things to happen because you’re doing it right, the the old saying of the more you give the more you get 100 percent.


Would you ever come back yeah exactly you have to do it selflessly? Don’t get me wrong? I know i got bills that i got to pay.
I got these things, don’t get me wrong, but i don’t worry about them and i don’t ex give to expect to get something right, because i love giving and because i love giving i get a whole bunch.

I get everything i need to live and have and grow and be what i need to be.

You know i’ve been we’ve been so blessed all year, long 2020.
When i watch a video, i feel you on that man yeah! That’s where 2020 was a great year.
Bro, it was phenomenal phenomenal year, unbelievable, so one of the best ones – and you know don’t get me wrong and i’m not trying to make light – and i’ve said this before of the people who suffered this year.

The people who done this but the people who put the work in this past year, i promise you.

You saw your seas that you planted you’re gon na whoo you’re gon na help me out 2020 literally 2020 literally exposed uh exposed who really wanted it and who didn’t that’s what it did.
You know what i mean: that’s the reality.

It really uh exposed that truth.
When it came down to it right, did you really want or not you know, did you use this time? You know not working as a vacation or did you use it? Did you use this time to literally learn a new craft or learn something new that you’ve always wanted to do man? I i built it.
I built a barn door for my wife, you know what i mean like that was dope.

I got the power tools started.
Only [ __ ] around the house started doing things right that was cool and then and then just for for things that i’ve always put on the back burner.

As far as you know, as far as um cameras and editing and that type of stuff really getting into it really having the time because i we all have the time – let’s just be real yeah, we all we all have the same exact time, because no one Was doing anything right and so the ones that actually stayed focused and and started to do things that were meaningful and and that they can use down the road.

This is the result.

2020 was phenomenal.
Yes, you know super phenomenal one of my favorite things about last year.

2020 was the fact that we did have that much time and not just for work, but for our families.
You know in this country.
We spend a lot of time working yes, so to be able to do like a double dip one year.

Oh no! It’s no doubt that’s your best year for me.
That’s why i keep saying i can’t i don’t want to see you.
I mean it sounds like i’m bragging, but 2020 was done.

Oh there’s, no, it’s even funnier, you know.
What’s even funnier is like when i’m when i’m on zone meetings or google meet meetings, and i have my one-year-old on my lap and i’m talking to the ceo or a gm at a dealership and he’s sitting on my lap and they don’t care they get it.

You know what i mean it stop people, it’s all good.

You know look.
We are talking about some incredible things, car guys cargos.
I want to make sure that you hear all of the things that are being dropped if we were sitting in the clubhouse – and you were looking at a couple of faces – have their halo around them talking right, these would be the nuggets that are dropping okay.

These would be [ Laughter, ], okay, and so since you have so many, these are great.
These are the bite size selling cars like candy bars packages with the car guy quarterly flow, but the truth is – and the word is that he gives seed to the sower.
You cannot be sowing seeds if you don’t have them.

You cannot be growing things.
If you don’t have the seeds, those seeds have to pass through your hand in order for you to lay the seeds to see the harvest to see grow into something so that you have something else to give someone else.
It’s never really for you, the the again.

The commodities are, are just the thing we are still the people and ultimately, the people are going to find a way to grow and we are designed to grow as a great garden together and all of the assembly of us pouring into each other only makes our Life brighter it is better to give than receive because it feels better to give than receive it’s, not just because it’s a nicer thing to do it’s, because it feels amazing.

It feels awesome to help.
Somebody feels awesome to see somebody blow because you deposited something inside of them with a whole heart of honesty and of truth and of love.

Now, here’s the other thing just like we’re saying these, these these things that are out there.
These tools that are out there for people is just like the truth.
In anything, the word says that if a person diligently seeks truth, they’re gon na find it yup.

So if you go to look for it, you’re going to find it so that that’s an intentional thing: okay, listen! We’ve! We found a way to make the commodities that we have as simple as possible to get into your hands and the competition that we’re in is not with each other.
It’s with every other message that says not to buy from a sales guy on any level on any product.

Nobody trusts the sales guy, because the stigma is so real that it’s taking knights and warriors to stand up and say: look we don’t look like them.

We don’t talk like them, but we know what it is that you want and at heart we want to help you now: listen we’re breaking an old model, there’s a new way and everything moves i mean you can get toilet paper sent to your house, buy a Drone in some cities – and you can never have to leave the house and have five-star dining show up to your doorstep.
Every single night of of your life, okay and the coffee, the quality of coffee for car, guys and car guys that are drinking car guy coffee is, is a pristine, good quality coffee.
It’s not no model, just like the good car guys and car guys.

We’ve been with, but we’re trying to find a way to help simplify on a bigger level to get it to you, because some people need to get it into a k-cup, because that’s the way that they take it in right.
That’s the way that it’s digested, but at the end of the day you still that simple process, you still got to put it in there you got to close it.

You got to push the button.

You got to give it a little bit of time and your coffee is gon na be ready, okay, but you still have to do the assembly line.
You still got ta.
Take that commodity and put it there there’s so many steps that get it right there in front of you, but you still got ta push start.

You still got ta brew.
You still got to be intentional and that’s something that again it doesn’t matter how easy it is to get the thing you if you want it, that’s when you’re going to really get it.
So when you want it more than you don’t uh want what it is that you have that’s when you’re going to achieve the greatness.

That you’re looking for.
I appreciate everything you guys are saying all right.
Okay, so inside of that again, as as everybody is doing, the upgrade right – let’s not be cheap about it because there’s a payment that that’s made, there’s sacrifices that get done.

There’s they get you take on the chin, you’re taking the gun, you’re, taking the wallet right.
You there’s so many things that that happen to help to try to impede you from growing and that’s why it’s a deliberate thing and we’ll try to encourage everybody.

Listen we’re flying so sometimes when you fly, you feel turbulence but allow the announcement that you’re feeling turbulence be that you are flying that you are doing some big stuff up in the air.

Above all of the the things that are down below and look scary, when you’re down on the ground level, you fly to higher levels, you experience turbulence, deal with it and keep flying, keep adjusting right absolutely on the chin.
So what type of turbulence? I guess i would say what would be the hardest lesson that you’ve had to learn: um inside of your uh growth process, uh, to going from making your first video to you know being sought after by michelin right now, oh jeez.
What is the first turbulence? I would say yeah the biggest lesson uh.

The biggest lesson is: is this being patient with everything uh, you know being a car guy and we all are car guys or car gals that’d be uh politically correct, but the the the difficult part for us is that we’re we’re impatient.
We just are you know what i mean we want that instantaneous high.

We want our pheromones to just go right.

We just want that instant gratification and and understanding that this game content, game, podcast game live game all these games.

It takes time to build them right and, and that’s the difficult part you know it’s the consistency of doing it um and even when you fall back, you got to get back in the game and just keep going so you know the biggest thing for me.
Was you know having a big family, um and and the most difficult part for me, while doing videos and being a family guy was just balance? It’s just a work-life balance, type of thing, uh being patient with it um understanding that there is a there is a shining star, that’s gon na happen, um uh and understand, and always you know humbling myself as far as understand.

Why i’m doing this in the first place? Right? That’s always that’s always the hardest part, because we get so fixated on on on building this stuff that you know, let’s just be real.
We all want to do something with it right like, for example, you guys are you’re doing something, hopefully, one day, you’re thinking even bigger on a bigger scale than just this right.

Maybe it can be something even bigger.

You know what i mean, but at this moment in time you can’t think that it’s going to be bigger, you got to think okay, we got to do this episode per time and then, when that opportunity hits, let’s just take advantage of it, but the biggest thing For me for turbulence wise with work, life, balance and being patient with whatever the results are um.
I never knew i never.
In my head set out a goal of saying i want to be a keynote speaker.

I never set that goal right and for some reason it happened um.

I never thought that you know making that video would fly me to toronto, canada, to visit jason harris or new york city to visit el patron uh or going up and down.
You know, california and being a uh.

You know a uh, a trainer for some dealerships for social media and content and internet and all that other good stuff and teaching process.

I never thought of that stuff right.
It was just.

It just fell into my lap because of what i was doing so um the biggest thing again.
It was just patience and and trying to find that work-life balance.
I still don’t think i have the work-life balance down back.

I don’t think i ever will um only because of because how driven i am uh, it’s kind of one of those things where you know.
I just pray that my wife understands.
My kids understand that when i’m i’m up till two three four o’clock in the morning – and they want me to tuck them in – but i’m out here grinding and doing what i need to do – then i’m doing it for them so uh that that’s the biggest thing.

That’s the turbulence for me and i think that’s a big turbulence for a lot of people right is that patience right um, i would say money was one of the one of those things right because you’re doing this stuff right i mean i was i was when I was a sales manager, gsm selling cars.
I mean i was.
I was pumping out 200k.

You know 225k a year right, just doing that, and then i left it all alone, because i wanted to spend more time with my family.

That was the reality right.
I mean my wife had something to do with it.

I mean she nagged me, you know quite a few times and you know and she throw she threw.
The d word out.
We all know that is not that d.

The other d right she that word out and was just like.
I was like all right all right: let’s, let’s do something else, but what i found is that it uh it was.
It was actually one of the biggest blessings and now i’m making twofold.

So it is what it is you know so, but there’s a lot of things to learn from it, and patience was one of the biggest things and i hope that whoever’s trying to do this game.
Please please understand it’s not going to happen overnight.

You know don’t try to make, don’t don’t don’t be searching for that viral video don’t be searching for that um.

You know that that that one time big hit, you know what i mean that pounder we like to call it that lay down.
Don’t look for that when you’re getting into something for that you know so.
Patience is the game, and that was the most difficult thing.

I i’ve gotten hit a couple times where i wasn’t patient, because that’s the car guy in us right.
That’s i wanted it now.

You know now, i’m treating now i’m treating this game like real estate.

You know like a realtor, they don’t have a deal for like two years, but when they get that one deal bam back in the game back in the game.

Everything’s, good, hey! Exactly! That’s something about the there is you know that that car deal can do it too, though man, everyone swallowed you having a bad week.

It’s like that.

One banger bam, i’m back baby, bing, bong, hello! That’s why i love the car game you could be.

You could be in the middle of the month with no cars out next thing.
You know you got a string of like four or five pounders just come through you’re, just like oh, we going on vacation you .

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