I love it man, you could make some of the best answers.

I love you russ now, let’s say something you do man you’re awesome man, though it is true.
You are a direct reflection.
You are a direct of every influence that you’ve had of the moments right and it’s so true.

Much like right now, you’re influencing me, there’s going to be ways that i do things differently, because i’m listening to what you’re saying you know and it’s it’s crazy to say that i it’s it’s neat that you’re talking about the 15 minutes today for reading books.
You know, i know this, is it’s just a small section, what you said, but folks, i don’t know if you guys heard that 15 minutes a day is not as easy as it sounds.
It really isn’t.

You know trust me believe i’m not the biggest reader, but i do read, and i know that 15 minutes a day sometimes doesn’t happen, even though i plan it, i have it written down in my in my book.
I have it written down everywhere right, you know, and it’s and it’s funny to say 15, because that’s about what i write.
I write 15 minutes every 15 minutes read 15 minutes and i have plenty of books that i’m absolutely in love with, but then there’s times that life happens.

Sometimes i want to hang out my wife a little longer.

Sometimes i don’t.
I want to watch show that i’m watching, which i should be reading a book instead, but but so when you and you’ll realize that so folks, when you have reasons and you’ve come up with these excuses of like why, why am i not growing it’s because you’re, Not putting that 15 minutes in, i promise you know it’s like he said.

If you truly do that, every single day, you will see leaps and bounds of growth, it’s unbelievable by reading stuff, that is informational.
That will help that are patterns to help you grow like like you’re talking, there’s so many books out there that you can read that are just powerful and there’s more books coming out every single year, and i absolutely feel so lucky that i’m in a world where There is that type of knowledge out there, where there’s people out there trying to share that type of knowledge.

So i want to gather as much of it as possible.

That’s why we do this.
The show we have people like you on the show.
I am just soaking in knowledge right now, i’m soaking in all this stuff, and i know that you are too when you watch them and when you have a conversation, it’s always two things going on: you’re teaching and you’re learning.

You know – and i love that you’re doing that, and it’s it’s really exciting to uh, to see that you know you bro, you brought up a few names there, and i know that you know you.
You talked about an author, you talked about this and i’m really glad you brought those names up.
You know when i i for me i could talk about.

If somebody asked me that question i could probably bring up ten names, you know to include authors, you know, people that are, you know, associated with this career field and then there’s also people that i’m very close with that.
I would put in that list.
You know it’s hard to name one person it’s like when someone goes up and wins an award, you can’t just think one person right.

You know you want to thank everybody and the music comes on right.
So but you know it’s it’s nice that you brought up a few people, but then you also explain why those people are important or how any type of information from reading a book or doing those types of things can be so powerful for somebody in a growth Mode, so yes, that’s an incredible book.
It’s actually a book that i gave our salesperson brand new to the business lamar right, so he’s just come in we’ve.

Just trained him up he’s starting to have success, he’s leaving the floor right and when you start to leave the floor inside of the car business and you’re starting to have this great growth and you’re.
Oh man, i’ve got all these appointments.
Man, i’m selling all these cars, i’m making more money than i ever knew.

What to do with right.
There has to be a level of of uh camaraderie that you start to build seeds that you sow to where people don’t hate you, as you rise up right.
So i was like okay, i got ta go find this real quick.

It wasn’t gon na be ordered before amazon.
So i ran my wife all throughout uh, barnes and noble were sitting there looking all over the place and what little spot there was how to win.

Friends, this is that that’s what i was looking for, so that was inside of his inside of his christmas present.

He got to actually open it yesterday, um, but you said something else there again, that’s an incredible book.
Folks, don’t go read that um.
Of course, not all books point to exactly the situation that you need fixing in, but that is an incredible book.

If you want to make sure that you put your verbiage in place to make sure that you win the friends that are going to help, you raise raise yourself up where you need to go right, trying to if you’re, if you’re, a car, guy and you’re growing Inside of your car business, make sure that you let some of your people split your deals inside of the floor, make sure that you sprinkle out some of your appointments and i’m just giving that tip to you for those of you that are setting more appointments than You can physically deal with don’t be greedy, let some of your other salespeople.
Let other people work that job for you, um and you’ll notice.
How excited people will be when you get to have a customer when they’re then cheering you on, because they get to take a part inside of your success? It’s so key that you utilize those tools but there’s something else that you did say about not growing and how intentional you were about what you put in folks.

If you find yourself not growing, it’s because you’re not sewing it’s impossible for you to grow something.
If you don’t sow a seat, okay and when you’re putting things that are inside of you that are positive, that are uplifting that are putting you moving in the right direction.
You want your walk of faith right, you’re, making sure to get the word in you you’re, making sure that the right thoughts about yourself are being understood and – and that’s where there’s a renewing of the mind.

You can only be transformed by the renewing of your mind and when your mind starts to see yourself differently, a child that believes that they’re not loved, starts to be loved.
They act differently.
I mean you can see the evidence in a dog right if a dog is neglected, treated, wrong, abused and then all of a sudden starts to receive love.

Their response is different.
A lot of times people aren’t acting out of um just their personality.
I believe that innately, we are designed to be good.

We all have the same creator and he designed us in his image, but we get to thinking bad thoughts and cliche thoughts, especially in the car business.

A lot of people already have a cliche up for or premeditated thoughts about what car guys are, whether you’re a mechanic you’re a thief if you’re a salesperson, you’re a thief, you’re trying to work them, you’re, trying to steal from them you’re trying to trying to get Underhanded with them yeah and anybody that does this doesn’t mean that’s a part of wanting to help.

You know and that’s the whole point of the car guy coffee podcast is for us to change that.
You know, and we have guests come on and show that this world is not like that, that car people out there don’t get me wrong folks, we do make profit and we’re here to make profit but everybody’s making profit.
That’s how this world turns that’s right.

You know so, if you’re in your business you’re not supposed to lose money, you’re supposed to make profit now, there’s a difference between profit and ripping people off right, there’s difference between profit and lying to people to make money, because that will not last there’s.
This thing called, you know, longevity and longevity only occurs is if you do the right thing over and over and over longevity of growth, constant growth, you have to do the right thing constantly be looking for improvements and constantly going to that room.
That’s the biggest room in the world room for improvement.

It’s going to be the best version of yourself, your business or whatever it is.
You know so kudos to you, man, you’re speaking, all the right language.
I know that you’re educating yourself.

I could tell that you’re on the right path and have been for a very long time.

I’m so glad we crossed paths, i’m so thankful for that you know um.
We do have somebody that wants to ask a question, though we have terry torlon good friend of mine, terry says we are familiar with the service drive.

How do you see the transition to a sales drive going forward? It’s a good question.
A sales drive yeah.
I don’t, i think i need a a little bit more detail on that me too.

I was kind of curious about that.
I didn’t know, maybe you understood what he was meaning.

So obviously you know we’re familiar with the service drive right.

What do you mean by sales drive terry, throw that back in there explain that question a little bit more, but i do appreciate the question terry.
Thank you.
It says when he says love it.

If you’re not growing, it’s because you’re not selling it.
That’s right! That’s right, then we got oh, we got tko up in here.
What’s going on tina, hope, you’re doing good and then, let’s see we have there, he is not a bad word service contracts, product, warranties parts on etc.

Okay, he’s adding adding to the question he’s trying to line line that in there well we’ll see if we can tie that in together.

Terry, if you can put that along to one big question, but you got something for that.

Mr russell! No, i was gon na.

I was gon na instead of you leaving.
I was gon na uh attempt to take control and lead you down a different path, but i’m not gon na.
Do that go ahead.

Why not? There are some rabbit trail followers over here.
So this is a great conversation since we started early, let’s, let’s continue having fun with that.
Do you have a question as far as no? No, maybe this might allude a little bit to what he was asking so uh, the most valuable commodity that everybody has.

Is time and you can’t get that back anything else, you know you can you can work around the time you can’t get back so that that that’s the inherent problem, the stuff that we do is a big time factor.
Everybody knows that the website 98 of the people are going to hit your website before they ever convert.
You know chat come in whatever the case may be, so you have to make it enticing for them.

Uh now they’ve done a great job on the variable side, but once again they haven’t done it on the fixed side.

So the problems and challenges that that the fix drive there’s a lot of phenomenal products out there.
You all have to agree everybody for variable and for fix, but for the all the products that are out there for fix and they probably work beautifully, but here’s what happens.

Somebody has to manage it uh.
You know 15 20 minutes a day or two or three hours a week or something in order for it to really produce the results that they were pitched on of of this wonderful product and, like i said most of them probably are some of them are not Some of them are smoking mirrors, but most probably are really good.
The problem is the time their phone is blowing up, their office phone is blowing up.

They got a service rider in there.

They got a heat case standing out there.
They got the boss on his way down, you know it’s just they don’t they understand.

They need to have these types of the customers.
Love specials, you think about email marketing when you’re, when you’re marketing customers, particularly with new and used vehicles, a lot of times, they’ll opt out.
I don’t know too many people that opt out when they get service specials.

You know – and we know that the vast majority but 75 of all people – that roll into the service drive are there for oil changes.

So we want to.
We want to educate the customers, we want to help.

The service department fix stops, do what they do best and that is to take care of their customers in a timely manner, but they’re not making money off.
One-Line oil changes.
You know 58 of all, ro’s are one-liners, they make their money on premium services, not on oil changes on flushes and alignments, and i was going to say tires: they don’t make money on tires, but they stay in the game.

Batteries and you know all whether they use bg or winds, or they do it internally or whatever the case may be.
So it’s really important that someone out there fills this niche and they have not really done that on the marketing side on the website.

They understand but they’re, not marketing, people they’re service people, they want to get people in, they want to get people out and they want to create additional lines per row.

That’s what we’re about helping them do and they don’t have to manage it.

That’s a quick, condensed version because inside of fixed ops – and this is where sales people or the front end of most dealerships can get insensitive um.

Is that the only ones that are literally selling time, because i don’t sales people say man, time is money.

I mean i need to be doing this because time is money right.

You can get the complaints all the time, but the only one actually selling time are the guys with wrenches they’re, the ones that are actually charging for time right and each process that happens to a vehicle has a calculated amount of time.
That applies to that, and so when, when dealing with trying to handle marketing well man i’m taking away from what hours i have scheduled in the back this mechanic.

That’s here this job that has to get done all of those cars that have to make it back.
In there right all of those time, things are being sold, those time slots are being sold, and it’s so important that you do team up with people that know how to expedite your time, get your service department into a marketable place quickly, so that you’re, not spending More time doing the things that aren’t actually paying you, but it is that you’re actually doing something uh that is intentional on putting those customers in front of you because you’re right, the oil changes i mean you usually, those are sold for cost, have them in there Because you can usually find out that there’s something else, that’s coming up! That’s going to be a problem in the car.
Here’s a suggestion! This is what you need to be sold.

You know when walking the kids through a service, drive and saying okay.
This is what’s going to happen, they’re going to say this is what’s going on with your filter recommend this recommends that right, let them understand how this process is going to go, because it has to be a process right.
If you don’t present that air filter 100 of the time you’re going to be affected by that that profit center, that says hey this air filter does actually make us some money if we, but if we don’t present it because you know the customer is in a Rush, they don’t want to hear it, but then, when people see that air filter which somehow magically i mean you can get an air filter last week and then somehow, when that air filter gets presented to you, it’s gon na just dump out leaves and i’ll be.

Like man, it’s not there’s not even been leaves around.
Where did these leaves come from they’re in my air filter, but these are key things that have to be presented and as long as the front end honors.
What the with the back end is doing, and everybody respects everybody’s time you can have a better cohesion and profit center inside of the entire store, so glad that you brought all that up – and it’s true, you know, there’s if the whole store is working together.

It’s it’s a beautiful, beautiful machine.
I don’t know if anyone’s ever been to a dealership where the front and back are like smooth as a whistle you know, they’re just boom boom boom they’re helping each other out.
They know who’s each other’s clients are, you know like they know that mr johnson is bobby’s customer up front exactly, and vice versa, like when, when bobby’s customer shows up it goes to tom in the back right, and it’s there’s something beautiful about that relationship that gets Built up matter of fact, most good dealerships, most good sales people – they walk their self, their customers that they sell sold into the back, introduce them to their service rep introduced into the service department.

Maybe even the mechanic, that’s probably going to work on the car.

You know it’s really all about if you think about it’s about information and both of you alluded and touched on a couple things from the technician side to upsell in to the loop.

You know the express lane to the writers to all all the different things.

That’s going on, but but the stuff that we’re addressing, for example, which everybody knows is important, customers, don’t even know the difference between a conventional semi-synthetic or full synthetic oil change that they don’t understand.
They don’t understand another thing: service departments, don’t quite comprehend, is that for every franchise dealer, there’s 16 non-franchise entities that are jockeying and vying for that same business.
Yes hundred stone pep boys, christian brothers, ntb costco walmart, you name it they’re 16 of those, and they know the dealerships have been sleeping at the wheel until now, they’re starting to wake up and realize that there’s a huge missed opportunity, they still do what they do Back there, but it’s about educating the customer about things that are important on their vehicle and it’s not just about oil change and rotating balance.

It’s not just about that uh, it’s about so much more, but they don’t really have that kind of exposure online.
This is the stuff that fixed ops, marketing is revolutionizing, that’s that’s awesome, and that would lead into uh fourth question that we have here, which would be um.
What is it that you would tell a dealer right now? What i mean? What would be the key piece that you would tell the dealer right now that they have to focus on concerning their fixed operations, especially since there are all of these other vendors that are able to service the customer.

Customer is standing in there with a ken, terry coupon, a pet voice, coupon and you’re charging them.
You know triple what an oil change is they’re already, not trusting you just because they’re getting the flyers in the mail from these other vendors.
This would be the one key thing you would say to anybody on this approach inside of their fixed stocks market.

Well i mean it all depends on on what the dealers actually focusing on.
I i really tend to think because of it the educational part of what we do, that a dealership is every bit as competitive, except you have more uh advantages at a franchise dealer than say a jiffy lube, or something like that.

Actually, i know people that pay more in a jiffy lube for a conventional oil change than they do from the toyota dealership down the street.
But they don’t know that and customers tend to think that.
So it’s it’s a huge education, but i’d say the biggest thing.

If someone who is contemplating when we’re talking about their website is something that saves them an enormous amount of time, because any time that i’m talking to a dealer – because i i ran stores uh for the last several years before i got out – it’s like all – they Really care about is three things: what is it, what does it do and what’s in it for me, tell me what those things are and if it, if you don’t have to remember another username and password that already have 15 of and only three or four actually Can even remember how to log into let alone use the tool or whatever it is so there’s no user names, there’s no passwords.
You don’t have to manage anything now their ears start to perk up.
They say, okay.

Well, tell me tell me more about this.
I got to see this and then, of course, when they see it, it’s all over.
That’s right! It’s yeah man.

That’s that’s! That’s absolutely awesome! You know, and i i think that the uh i love in your right.

You know and not to you know touching back a couple of minutes ago, but you’re talking about like how the you know the whole auto dealerships are starting to catch up with all these places.
Like you know, the sam’s clubs and all these places that do all these little services that are discounted, right and they’re in there, but they advertise they do all those things that they’re supposed to do.

They have when you walk in.
You know where it’s at you know where their shop is.
You know all this type of stuff, so it’s really a big deal that you know that service departments and dealerships are starting to catch up to that understand that educating their clients, i think it’s smart.

I love that you use that word.
You got ta, educate them and because, when people are ignorant of things, they don’t want to deal with it, but when they become educated, just like when you start anything new, when you learn something when you first learn it you’re kind of like.
Oh, i’m so taken back it’s just too much, but then once you learn, you realize it’s not as bad as you thought.

Then you learn more.
Then you become a professional it right, yeah and and that’s exactly what it is.
As a customer as a customers, most customers because of the way they were treated or or how they feel like they’re, getting jobs, they’re, not educated, they just hear what their parents talked about from 20 years ago.

They hear what their grandparents said.
You want to deal with yourself well in today’s world, it’s different and so you’ve got to educate.
So when you get educated, it doesn’t become foreign anymore.

It’s a lot easier for you to go to a service department.
Trust them understand what you need for your vehicle.
Why it’s important to have those taken up to your vehicle yeah in saying all that uh, the best way to probably do that which the the fixed side has uh uh pale dismally at is there? Is there either static coupons that you can’t do anything with or you can only print them or you might be able to schedule service uh that that that’s all old out the window stuff lit they’re on your website right now you got one shot to entice them And pull them in, i don’t care if it’s on the variable side, if it’s on the fixed side, you got one shot.

It’s gon na leave an impression.
Now, when you got something on there, it’s extended aesthetically, very pleasing and beautiful and draws you right in, and every coupon has an embedded video in it that you can watch right inside the coupon that that adds to it talks about the advantage benefits of doing business.
At that franchise dealer with certified technicians now you’re educating the customer.

So what do you have now is the education process? You got a tool for your riders to use to send to your customers either on their way to an appointment or out in the waiting room about a radiator flush or a a brake flush or tires or brakes or like whatever it is customers.
Don’t know they.
Don’t they don’t know and and advisors bless their heart, he or she.

They don’t have necessarily the time or the education to actually explain and upsell they’re, just getting people in getting people out.
So let let something else help you do the heavy lifting.
Let’s face it.

They got all the video stuff that you need on bearable.
Have you ever seen it on the fixed side? Have you ever seen video coupons on the fixed side that have six calls to action for the consumer, rather right there inside of that coupon? It’s it’s just.
This is the future.

The future is now that’s right, that’s uh! I love it.
An approach that people um are starting to find out now.
Is that or the approach that people are starting to use now is making sure that video is part of the content.

That is that you can have an understanding and interpret it me, i’m a visual learner right.
I i still.
If there’s pictures on the menu nine times out of ten, i am picking out a picture.

That’s on the menu and saying i want it to look like the picture.
Well, what kind of size whatever’s in the picture right? I want all of that inside on my plate.
You know so that, but that’s something that that i i haven’t agreed, especially somebody that doesn’t know what they’re doing i mean i i i take it like, like the dad that i am.

I don’t want my kids to to to go through things without at least having a little bit of a guide to them, and so that’s why i would go for the ride with my sons through the service driver.

My daughters, uh through the service drive make sure that they know how to do that and operate it for themselves, but if they don’t have that, if they don’t have somebody to let them know how easy breezy this process is going to be what to expect what It’s going to look like i mean i don’t cook anything without watching a youtube.
Video now yeah i mean, and so it used to be looking at the old recipes, but now it’s i got ta watch a quick video right now.

It’s the same thing uh on on the dealerships website.
If they have it some of them do you can certainly read about this particular service or you can watch a video.
That’s that has tremendous call to action while you’re there watching the short little video and then you can hear and and see and read all at the same time, and it leaves an indelible implant on what your next move is going to be some static.

There’s! No doubt you know it’s, i love that you know what we’re talking about here.
It’s it’s! It’s so important that you know you understand that your your client is not you.

Your client doesn’t think the way you do.
They don’t have the knowledge that you have in your head.

They have their own life going on right.

Everything is so they believe and what the biggest problem i think with service and it’s it’s a generic term because most people and i know for me – i’m only 42 years old but in my life i always believe that sometimes i take something: they’re, not fixing the Right thing: they’re not listening to what i say: they’re, not edu, so it’s nice to know that if you can get educated and you find a dealership that seems like they know what they’re talking about.
They have all these videos and that shows validation to people.

Perception is huge, so your perception of the dealership or of the service department or whatever it is is, is like man.

They have their behind times.
They don’t really know what they’re talking about everyone, but before you can have that perception of look.
We have informational videos.

We have we have uh educated technicians working in this in the service department that know exactly how these cars work, because they are updated on all the newest type of technology.
For these cars they understand the new ways to pick.

They have all the right tools.

Well, whatever it is, that directly affects the variable side of things too.

You know so i know that when you’re on a site, you got to consider you guys when you’re online, looking uh, like all consumers, you know just you you, you start searching and if you can’t pull down what you’re looking for by the third click, that’s right! The numbers are astronomical of people exiting uh on that.

Fifth grade: it’s horrible, so you got ta serve it up.
You got ta, get you got ta you got ta involve them.

You got ta, you got, ta touch all the senses as many as you can in order to get that conversion uh whatever that may be a text, an email, a print schedule, service, a call uh, whatever absolutely having the the like.
You said the aesthetically pleasing it has to make sure that it does.
Yes, you can always tell the difference between a service shop, where customers are able to look into the service stock and not right when, when like say that this was an entire window and you’re getting your cup of coffee and your car is in the back and You’re just sitting there watching them do stuff right.

You can tell the difference between the actual service department.
That knows that the customer is able to see them and watching them just how clean it is, how the process is done right, even how the uniforms are of the store right.
All of those things that the customer gets to see is what is what makes them more engaging with you, the more that and transparency would be the word i would say, of the the new marketing word of the year right, where people can see what’s happening.

People are concerned about what it is that they don’t know and the more that that we keep playing the poker game with the customer of aha.
We got, we got the cards to hold and you don’t know what’s going on, so we get to say things that you don’t get a customer is like wait a minute hold on.

I know you know my kids are going to google it they’re going to youtube it they’re, going to try to figure all that stuff out so that they kind of know what’s happening because there’s still the stigma of no trust out there yeah you brought up a Good point about the google, so we’ve evolved so much being a technology company from january 7th to today that what we’ve developed uh now that and alluding back to charity.

When we first started this, it worked she every day, there’s something i don’t care.
If it’s on twitter, facebook or linkedin and other avenues or hooking me up with you guys, which has been a tremendous experience and you guys are uh, you know very passionate and full of enthusiasm.
I really enjoy it, but you know we uh, we’ve developed things to a point where now uh and people have to sit back bill.

I don’t really think i understand we have a full-blown service website inside of your existing dealer’s website with built-in seo and google.
My business daily drips your uh, your gmb, it’s just phenomenal phenomenal technology and you know covet is you know, we’re really blessed that we got 117 118 stores in 11 and a half months, but 2021 kd bar the door, because it’s gon na explode people are starting To see through conversations with you guys and what you’re doing and what you’re practicing and what you’re preaching and all the people you work with.
Uh people are hungry for that kind of information, because it’s the same old same old.

When you go to a dealer’s website.
You’re looking for some kind of coupons or something maybe there’s only three or four coupons on there, you can’t do anything with it.
There’s no real educational value, there’s no real aesthetics, they’re exiting out most people, don’t even most people don’t even track.

There’s a handful of dealers in the country to probably tell you what their service and parts coupons actually convert at and it’s around three to five percent: the average person that uses our product that manages nothing.
Twenty percent conversion rates minimum.
That’s wrong! That’s huge yeah! That’s! Like 10 times in it, you know you just grant cardone that bad boy, so so what i can say is that you obviously know what you’re talking about.

I love your numbers, you’re, very passionate and you’re.
Right to me, it’s logical what you’re saying, because it makes sense the more information you give, the more educated they are, the more the easier it is to be able to get a website.
The more information that you have on there to work.

It’s specific for that type of business, for your back side of the dealership.
Like i love you, so you have a dealership website inside of a website for them right, it’s huge and it will change things any people our eyes are opening and the more education we give them the better.
You know, i love that you said information, because information is huge right now.

I think that’s where people are going to make money over the next 30 years.
The information age is gigantic.
The reason why it’s so big folks and and maybe i’m wrong is because now that the access of information is right here, everybody wants to know you remember there was a time i don’t know who knows right, you just be like who knows now it’s like.

Oh, i know hold on siri.
What is this right? What is this google search this whatever it is? You have it right here now, so, whatever that you want, you can pull up so, if you’re in the service game, if you’re in the sales game, if you’re in any type of game that has to do with customer service customers and you’re, not doing what you’re Supposed to do by giving them as much information educating your clients by not showing them the best way to do it by not having something.
That’s aesthetically, pleasing to their eyes, to where they can hear something that they want.

They need to hear and see something they need to see to be able to do something with what they’re trying to do then you’re not doing it if you’re, just hoping that stuff happens, that they just happen to show up at your store happen to show up At your service department with these old-ass piece of paper, like you know, coupons that the 30 oil change i mean.
What are you doing? There you’re, not you’re you’re you’re, wasting money, you’re you’re gon na get like you said that one to three percent of people showing up using that or you can step it up a little bit.
Do the right thing? Look for the long game, educate, inform your customers.

Exactly all they want to do is come to the person who told them the truth, the person who made it easy for them in the beginning, because guess what happens once this information game becomes common across the world? The ones they feel the most comfortable with because everybody will do it everybody’s going to end up doing it.

So if you want to do it, do it now, but do it right and make sure that your customers are always getting that in front of them.

Make sure they always know who you are what you do and how to get a hold of you.

You know i that’s great stuff, i i i know we’re about out of time unless you’re going to give us another hour now, i’m just kidding uh, but one of my mentors told me a long time ago.
He said russell.
An opportunity is not an opportunity when everybody thinks it’s an opportunity, they’ve already missed it.

That’s that’s exactly what i’m saying: that’s and you’re right and that’s the thing.
It happens every single day, but it’s, but it’s never too late.
If you start now, no matter where you’re at to start right now today now boom and and if you do it now, it’s the best time you can’t.

If you do this, don’t well i’ll, wait till i get this.
Do it now at least start informing, educating yourself on how to do it at least work towards it right now, do not waste time folks make sure you guys keep doing that folks, i got a good question for you.

I know we rambled about that for a while.

I love it.
I can keep going on and on and on about that type of stuff, because it is true information educating, you know doing all this stuff, turning a profit being a innovator being all that stuff is so important and you’re doing it.

Russ – and i appreciate that hollywood, but the fifth question: i’m gon na ask you today and it’s it’s about your greatest reward.

You know, we’ve all been through this business.
We’ve done some amazing stuff in life.

Even you know not necessarily just business but there’s so many things that from doing the right thing from becoming more of a forward thinker, doing all this stuff.
What has been the greatest reward for you out of all the stuff that you’ve done uh get giving back or working with people who really want it uh? You know you, we’ve heard the old adage.
You can uh, you know, bring a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

Well, that’s true! In life.
I think i think that most people would like to change but uh, to not force anything on anybody when they’re ready when the teacher’s ready the student will appear and when the student’s ready, the teacher will appear.
It’s just so important.

I work with people every single day of my life, not just about recovery, but about life skills uh, how to how to be a a a good husband, how to be a good father, how to be a good son.
What what? What is involved in that a contributing member of society, so i want to talk about the.
Why that you started the whole program with okay, okay, it is people why why? No, it’s all about the! Why, when people don’t have a big, why or let’s say somebody gets really excited about something they’re doing well, you know it builds a tremendous amount of enthusiasm right it does.

They get all excited about the? Why or whatever in that moment and that enthusiasm excitement breeds action right they get into action, they’re doing whatever it takes and what then they get the results.
You always reap what you sow, it’s, never the opposite.
You always reap what you sow, but if their, why isn’t big enough then? The enthusiasm level over here drops the action, isn’t what it once was: the results decline and you start to spiral down and then somebody comes along and helps you find out what your.

Why is again so it’s not about the what and how it’s always about the? Why? Oh, it’s no doubt and i and i agree with that – the y has been a motivational force in my whole life.
You know, and since i’ve had my son, that became a big.
Why, for me you know um, i was, i always had wise.

I always wanted things i was like.
I want to do this.
I want to have this, but my: why became super important, like you said, a big? Why, like? Why am i going to go to work today? Why do i not want to call in today? Why do i – because i need to do this for my son? I need to show him what this person you know.

That’s how i was my.
Why has changed and i’ve found different wives throughout my life.
Don’t get me wrong, my sons are still a big part.

My family is a big part of my wife, but i have so many goals in my life and i find wise all the time now right, wise down.
I do daily journaling.
I do all this stuff that just kind of stay focused on.

I keep my gratitude.
Going i do all those things we got ta.
We got ta, be really careful uh about this right here, so so all day, long that chatter right is going on non-stop.

The chatter is going on, and people think that they’re just victims of this good chatter, bad chat or whatever it is – and that’s not the case – you’re actually the orchestrator behind that watching that chatter and you direct where that chatter goes and what happens.

But you got to be careful because when those thoughts and you formulate them into words – and you put them out there – you can’t take them back.
That’s right once you put it out there in the universe, it’s it’s over, you can’t take it back and if you’re not careful and you act on and react to your emotionally distraught state at that moment, the consequences are really dire and you’re also gon na reap The results of those actions as well so think feel and act man great folks.

I hope you guys heard that yeah, because emotion is a very big part of every human being.
You know we a lot of us wear our emotions on our sleeves.
You know the key is: is being able to control those emotions.

Think about what you’re going to react because, like you said one bad reaction of you doing, the thing can completely take down everything that you’ve been trying to build.
It really can you know they think about people like papa john.

You know build up that whole empire, the papa john pizza empire.

Then he said one thing that he should have never said completely ruined him.

Don’t get me wrong.
The guy is going to probably end up he’s still fine, but he’s not in papa john.

No more right he’s not everybody was in love with, and everybody was all oh man, what a great guy, what an amazing person now.
No one ever really talks about him.
Jack’s got that now right.

So that being said, it’s very important to make sure you do those things.
That was a great tip.

You guys are awesome, and i appreciate you uh once again having me on and uh, and the fact that i got to talk a little bit about uh, what we’re doing and where we’re going.

And if anybody has any questions, i’m sure they know.

They’ll know how to get in touch with me: what’s the best way to get in touch with you by the way uh just just call myself, which is uh 903-819-5253 or you can email me at russell with 2s’s and 2l’s at fixed ops, marketing.
com awesome, guys, gals.

All you solutionaries that are out there as you, you complete this cup and we’re at the just about the end of ours.

So it’s important that you put something back into it right, it’s very important that we don’t leave it just at this.
There were so many great nuggets that were dropped throughout this entire brew um and you you keyed on something, and i want to kind of finish where you started on your – why you know it was.

It was building this walk this this this new understanding inside of your thinking from within outward, and it’s not what goes in you that defiles you it’s! What comes out of you? So what i mean there’s a lot of negative and there’s a lot of bad and those people that are slower to speak and when they do speak, they speak intentionally.

They do give the right information.
They do speak things that are uplifting that which comes out of you is what defiles you if it’s negative, but it also brings life.

You have discussed your why you’ve discussed your greatest reward.

We’ve understood the why a customer is only showing up to your website because they have a problem they’re only taking the upgrade to that service package right of whatever case scenario, because there’s a why behind it, they want their car to operate better.

Why? Because it’s going to save the money, why? Why is that important? Because i only make songs all of these y’s all connect together, and it is so key that you have a an approach to your marketing that helps a person understand why they need it? Why? It’s important and why they need to do business with you and i’m so thankful that you, you are a solutionary.

That’s bringing these solutions to dealers so excited that 2020 has been a blessed year for you, i’m so happy for you, i’m so excited 2021 is going to be hey.

You guys list, i’m just you guys are going to be so blessed in 2021.
I’m just putting it out there see that’s good good, stuff, good karma and we and we’re all going to be on a journey together because we’re all in frequency right now we’re all in that growth frequency.

We all understand that this is an opportunity for all of us to do more, to be to be good role, models for the world of the car business and for people i mean after all, isn’t it isn’t it really about the journey? It’s never about the destination? That’s it man always trouble because we all get to our destination and we go.
Oh man, i want to go it’s over.
I want to go.

I want to go to this other island now right all right, let’s go, but it’s also the company that you keep when you go there, so it is it’s it’s so much better to be on top of the mountain with a lot of people instead of by Yourself, it’s nothing worse than being by yourself so grow with people help other people grow, educate people folks fix up marketing, make sure you go check them out.
They are doing some amazing stuff.
I know you guys all heard the little tidbits you see how educated he is about this product about what he’s doing he’s talking about service departments.

He’s talking about sales department, he’s talking about everything integrating together and working to become the best that you can possibly be be the best service department that you can be.
You know what i don’t care.
What arm you have behind your back? What your owner’s doing, there’s something that you can do to inform your customers there’s something that you can do is be better than you were yesterday.

There’s something that you can’t there’s always something you can do folks so make sure you’re always trying to be the best.

If you can, if you’re doing that, you will be the best give it 365 days, you’ll be surprised how far you’ll come.

That’s right.

I can tell you that right now, man, i’m so honored – to have you here this morning.
Really i am guys thank.
This is lou ramirez, the car guy.

This is fred linard’s, the sub prime hero, and we have been brewing solutions on the far guy coffee podcast with russell hollywood.
If you don’t know about him or you don’t have any of that inside of your cup, you need to go, get something eventually, sized folks get you a betsy.
Thank you so much everybody for joining us.

That’s throwing a comment in there.
Thank you so much.

Thank you so much everyone else.
We love you all make sure that you forgive focus fly and keep growing.
You .

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